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NEWSLETTER OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATIONUSA Volume 41 September 2017 Number 3 Chinese Language Teachers AssociationUSA CLTA Newsletter Archive httpnewslet

HEADQUARTERS CLTA Headquarters University of Vermont Dept. of Asian Languages and Literatures 479 Main Street Burlington, VT 05405 Journal Editor Janet Z. Xing Modern Classical Languages Western Wa

Table of Contents Announcements ............................................................................................................... 5 Sessions Organized by the CLTAUSA ...................

Director, Instructional PD Resource Development Asian Languages New York, NY ............... 34 Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Kalamazoo, Michigan ...........................................

Announcements Sessions Organized by the CLTAUSA 2017 ACTFL Annual Convention World Expo MusicCityCenter,Nashville,TNonNovember1719 FRIDAY,November17,2017 1000am 500am CLTA Booth 1340 1100am12

QingyuYang UniversityofRhodeIsland 1200pm115pmLunchBreak 115pm215pmConcurrentSessions Room103ACanFirstLevelLearnersWriteStoryBookinChineseHow,WhatandWhy 1289 Thispanelpresentationprovidesanana

LuoyiCai UniversityofVirginia Room103BScaffoldingandtheDevelopmentofAdvancedChinese 2933 InlightoftheVygotskianapproachtosecondlanguageacquisitionDonato1994,the OutputHypothesisSwain1995,2005and

NansongHuang UniversityofSouthernCalifornia BaozhangHe CollegeoftheHolyCross WenzeHu USNavalAcademy 500pm600pmConcurrentSessions Room103AInnovativeApproachestoTeachingMediaChineseChinese

1512 3005 3016 Room103BAtentativeguidanceforbridgingTBItheoryandpractice 3148 Thispanelproposesguidanceforexamining,justifying,andimprovingtaskbased instructionTBIinpractice,builtuponthreestudie

XueyinShao 2666 InnovativeStrategiesApplyingAutomatedEssayScoringforCSLCFLbeginner YaotingSung NationalTaiwanNormalUniversity JiaFei Hong NationalTaiwanNormalUniversity TaoHsinChang Natio

XueMa GeorgetownUniversity 1941 ChineseL2TeachersUseofFormFocusedInstructioninClassroom CaolimengWuxiha 2420 ACurriculumDesignforBusinessChinese JunWang CarthageCollege 1230pm145pmLunchBrea

2766 Thissessioninvestigatesthediscrepancybetweenlanguageproficiencyandcultural competenceamongadvancedstudentsofChineseasaForeignLanguageCFL,examinestheir perceptionsofculturallyloadedexpressions,an

DerlinChao HunterCollege BoHao HunterCollege BingYingHu HunterCollege Room103CReflectionsonCFLCurriculumDesigntoMeetthe21stCenturyRequirements 1635 ThisPanelcoversthreepresentationsthata

StellaKwoh UniversityofCalifornia,Berkeley 9001000ExhibitHallVisitFreeTimewCoffee 1000am1100amConcurrentSessions Room103AContentbasedInstructioncurriculumdesignandpedagogicalapplications 2839

PingQiu UniversityofDenver YuhuaHuang PurdueUniversity Room103BUsingTelecollaborativeModulesinChineseMixedHeritageL2Courses 2430 Howcaninstructorscreateeffectivemodulesforworkingwithinternat

common theme. The papers can be related to empirical studies, or to explore issues between theory and practice, or both. Each panel must have a representative submitting a proposal, which should inclu

Conference Theme Chinese Linguistics From the field, from the lab, and from the armchair Traditional Chinese linguistic research has primarily focused on descriptive and theoretical inquiry within a

5 Upload the PDF file of your abstract by using Choose File where paper on EasyChair actually means abstract for our purpose. The Fifth International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse 5th I

3 Do NOT include your name or institutional affiliation in the proposal since all proposals will be anonymously reviewed. 4 Only one abstract from each person will be considered. Multiple submissions

201842728 Patricia Duff 20 1 2 1 1000 500 XX 2 20171212359 2018126 4080 2018216 400 800 , Cedar Rapids Iowa City The 3rd Online Chinese

You are cordially invited to submit a proposal for an Inperson Presentation or a Virtual Presentation. Proposal Submission Deadline 1159 p.m. 9102017, Eastern Standard Time Acceptance Notification I

The main format of this conference is panel presentation. We welcome both panel or individual proposals on but not limited to the subthemes listed above. Panel proposals should include both the overar

proposed for publication with Springer International Publishing AG, under its series of Chinese Language Learning Sciences httpwww.springer.comseries13176. As you are undoubtedly aware of, CSP as a fi

Criteria for award selection primarily consist of the following 1. Rationale of Project. What is the need for the project and in what way would the current project make teaching more effective 2. Inno

will be announced and Awards presented at the CLTA Annual Meeting. The names of winners will also be reported in the January issue of the CLTA Newsletter and on this web page. Zhijun Wang CoChair of t

Dooley 300 51200 26

618 2019 2019 CLTA Special Interest Group SIG CLTA launched its Special Interest Groups SIG project in 2016 in order to encourage CLTA members with common interests to form academic communities, exc

BeavertonA CLTAORPSU Learning Design 5 Step Planning 201617 CLTAUS 82 Portland State University 28

Positions Associate Teaching Professor Chinese Language Coordinator Washington, DC The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Georgetown University invites applications for one nontenuretr

Culture and the Department can be found at Inquiries about the search may be directed to Professor Xiaoshan Yang, chair of the search committee, at The University of

Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Candidates selected for interviews will be notified in October and November 2017. We intend to fill the position by December 2017. The position will

Middlebury College is a toptier liberal arts college with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in faculty teaching and research. An Equal Opportunity Employer, the College is committed to hiring a

Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. This appointment is renewable contingent on departmental teaching needs. Requirements include an MA or above in secondlanguage pedagogy, Chin

Schools to offer Chinese language, and approximately half of our students are enrolled in Chinese classes. The successful applicant for this position must be committed to teaching classes at both the

Responsible for ensuring pedagogical alignment and editorial style consistency throughout the resources and products. RESPONSIBILITIES Manage content development and production of new and revision of

revisions to existing product, piloting, including participants manuals, leaders notes and leaders presentation. Manage piloting of instructional resources PD Workshops and products, including inform

College Board is committed to diversity in the workplace and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The College Board participates in EVerify, a service of DHS and SSA, where required. Requirements Desired

BookNews MasterworksChineseCompanion ExpressiveLiteracythroughReadingandComposition CompiledByQinHongAnderson PublishedbyChengTsui CoreChineseSimplifiedandTraditional MasterworksChineseCompan

Beyond the Basic, 2nd Edition BeyondtheBasics,2ndEdition CommunicativeChineseforIntermediateandAdvancedLearners ByJianhuaBai,JuyuSung,andJanetZhiqunXing PublishedbyChengTsui CoreChineseSimplifie

ADVERTISEMENTS Cheng Tsui Available March 2018 Explorations in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language A Celebration of the Lifetime Achievements of Taochung Ted Yao Edited by Yang XiaoDesai, Ka F.

School of Chinese Studies 41

The Dragon Trip 42

The HopkinsNanjing Center The HopkinsNanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies The HopkinsNanjing Center HNC is a unique SinoAmerican program educating top international graduate students in Ch

Chinese fiction books A new series A New Series of Chinese Fiction Books for English Speaking Students of All Ages Imagin8 Press is pleased to invite CLTA members to use a wonderful new series of boo

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