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NEWSLETTER OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Volume 37 September 2013 Number 3 CLTA Home Page For the electronic version of this newsletter and news updates before the

CHINESE LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION CLTA HEADQUARTERS Chinese Language Teachers Association CLTA Headquarters Department of Foreign Languages and Literature University of WisconsinMilwaukee PO Box 4

Table of Contents CLTA ANNUAL MEETING PROGRAM ........................................................................................ 5 ANNOUNCEMENTS .................................................

CMU Pinyin Tutor ............................................................................................................... 43 ...................................................................

CLTA ANNUAL MEETING PROGRAM 2013 CLTA Annual Meeting Program November 2224, 2013 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida httpcltaus.orgmeeting Theme New Spaces,

FRIDAY, November 22, 2013 1000am 1100pm Exhibition Hall Open CLTA Booth 323 1100am 1200am Session 1.1, Room 101A, Orange County Convention Center Pedagogical applications of Chinese linguistics res

Chair Binbin Yang, University of California, Davis Presenta o Using Online Media Monitoring Tools to Develop a Media Chinese Course tions Weibing Ye, Williams College o CFL Learners Online Communicati

o Using ODA to Enhance Cultural Awareness in Language Teaching Zhenlin Qiao, Defense Language Institute 1210pm 110pm Session 2.3, Room 102A, Orange County Convention Center Curriculum Development Cha

This panel explores pedagogical innovations for Mandarin heritage learners at various levels. It will 1 address proficiency placement and articulation among language programs, 2 investigate theories a

The presentations will address the issues of applying ACTFL integrated performance assessments in highschool Chinese classrooms, designing oral taskbased performance assessments in college Chinese cla

Culture in Chinese Curriculum Chair ShengHsun Lee, Northern Arizona University Presenta o Eating as embodied social practice Toward Chinese ways of taste. ShengHsun Lee, Northern Arizona University ti

Teaching Chinese as a second language is a specialized profession which requires teachers to be equipped with required knowledge and readiness teaching skills. This panel proposes that linguistics, cu

500pm 600pm Session 6.2, Room 101B, Orange County Convention Center Chinese Assessment Chair Shuhui Su, Grove City College Presenta o Computerized Dynamic Assessment of L2 Chinese Listening Comprehen

o To Engage Students in Text Making Via the Internet A TaskBased Backward Design Ying Petersen, UC Irvine 615pm 715pm Session 7.1, Room 101A, Orange County Convention Center Evaluation of Chinese Cla

Presenter Helen H. Shen, The University of Iowa 630pm 830pm CLTA Workshop 2, Salon 15, Rosen Centre Hotel Title Teaching Strategies to Enhance Chinese Language Learning for Beginners Description See

SATURDAY, November 23, 2013 800am 900am Session 9.1, Room 101A, Orange County Convention Center Incorporating Mobile Technology and Social Networks in Chinese Writing Instruction This panel focuses o

This session introduces instructional methods that help students memorize, perceive, and produce tones, and identifies three effective pedagogical tonal methods. Presentations include 1 Teaching Tones

o Xin Jiang, Beijing Language and Culture University o Yun Xiao, Bryant University 1000am 1100am Session 10.3, Room 102A, Orange County Convention Center Effective and Innovative Approaches in Teach

o Qiuyu Wang, Northwestern University o Chunyan Ma, Zhejiang University 1115am 1215pm Session 11.2, Room 101B, Orange County Convention Center Developing Learning and Teaching Skills Through Mobile D

Chair Jie Zhu, Arizona State University Presenters o Jie Zhu, Arizona State University o Spring Madeline, Arizona State University o Jinglin Chen, Arizona State University 1230pm 145pm, SATURDAY CLTA

200pm 300pm Session 12.4, Room 102B, Orange County Convention Center Three Perspectives on Online Assessment of Performing Chinese Culture After a general introduction, Galal Walker will talk about A

The three presentations will focus on how to use authentic materials to teach the traditional and contemporary cultures of China, while aiming to effectively cultivate and assess students cultural ana

Knowledge of collocations is essential for language learners to achieve nativelike fluency and proficiency. This session proposes innovative instructional design to incorporate collocations in Chinese

Promote an Effective L2 Learning by Consciousnessraising to Mulitlinguistic Variations in English and Chinese To develop linguistic competence, L2 learners must have direct access to authentic multile

This session examines grammar acquisition in the studyabroad context. Study 1 explores how American students socialize using affective Mandarin sentencefinal particles. Study 2 is a corpus study inves

o Chen Gao, New York University o Xiaohong Hou, New York University 1000am 1100am Session 16.2, Room 101B, Orange County Convention Center Google Docs, Drive, and Voice Google Your Way to Language Pr

o Hong Li, Emory University o Xiaoliang Li, Georgia Institute of Technology 1115am 1215pm Session 17.1, Room 101A, Orange County Convention Center Between Brush and Brain A Calligraphized Modality of

This panel consists of empirical studies addressing the challenges of teaching characters in lowerlevel Chinese classes. The first two studies investigate the effects of delayedimmediate learning on a

ANNOUNCEMENTS Chinese Language Teachers Association of California CLTAC 2014 Spring Conference CALL FOR PROPOSAL The CLTAC 2014 Spring Conference Organizing Committee invites submission of proposals

CLTAC treasurer, P.O. Box 5661, Monterey, CA 93944 Late or onsite registration fee is 30 for members and 40 for nonmembers. The registration fee is waived for presenters, although they must register.

Submission method send two copies one anonymous and one with name, institution, and email address to Notice of travel assistance if funded and requested March 1, 2014 For more inf

conference and to appear in its proceedings. The same paper submitted to previous IACL conferences should not be resubmitted. Submission Method Email Submission Please submit both the abstract and the

NEWS OF THE FIELD 16 1620136 12 36 2013615 2013 2013617 Neuberger Hall 50 2007 235 280 33

61718 619 620 K8 2013621 Bellevue 623 624 625 6 26 12 PYPPMP 627 4302013 Kevin Reynolds Reynolds 34

Reynolds CHINESE TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM Teachers College, Columbia University Accepting applications HSK CHINESE TEACHER EDUCATION Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, is a

POSITIONS Chinese Language Instructors Needed, Arlington, VA Global Language Translation, Inc. is an awardwinning company providing language instructors to government agencies and others in the Washin

student strengths, weaknesses andor problems a student may be experiencing in the classroom. Collaborate with other staff in evaluating individual student problems, approach to instructional units, an

tion is part of the privately funded PULSE Part ly funded PULSE Partnership for Unparalleled leled Local Scholastic Excellence initiative and tive and will be jointly governed by DCSD and erned by DCS

quire a second language in a fun and effortless manner, much like the way they learned their first language. Our classes are small and highly interactive, our native speaking teachers immerse our stud

plications is October 15. All application materials must be submitted at Instructor of Mandarin Chinese, River Falls, WI MinneapolisSt. Paul metro area The University of WisconsinRi

who desire to use authentic materials to improve their Chinese. Michelle Fu, Heritage Language Journal Available Now ISBN 9780887274350 Publisher Cheng Tsui Trim Size 8.5 x 11 Format Paperback Pages

skills and the ability to read full novels and newspapers in Chinese. It consists of forty readings, graded on the basis of complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. These readings present a range

TECHNOLOGY FOR EDUCATION Integrated Chinese Enhanced eBook For more information on the Integrated Chinese series and Cheng Tsuis many other technologybased products, please visit

HSK 1. 3000 6000 HSK 2. 6 3. 4. HSK YCT 44




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