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curiosity The Magazine suMMer 2015 passion

contents 4 7 Curious I Wander Throughout the feature story, look for the poem written by Kaylyn Winters, Class of 2017 Setting the ConditionS for CurioSity and PaSSion Head of School, Dr. Brett Jacobs

the Universit y of alaBama virGinia Poly technic institUte and state Universit y vanderBilt Universit y Belmont Universit y Universit y of GeorGia Boston Universit y Universit y of california, ir

desIgn puR pOse cultuR e R esults Curiosity and passion drive learning. It is a fundamental design principle in the Mount Vernon Continuum. A Dr. Brett JacoBsen, HeaD of scHool t Mount Vernon, we

MeSSage froM the head of School Recently, our Preschool achieved a remarkable accreditation credential from the National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC. Head of Preschool, Kel

Costa Rica, New York, Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, France, Honduras, Peru, and South Africa. The Innovation Diploma, launched during the 20142015 school year, is a unique plan of study. In a rich,

MeSSage froM the head of School This coming summer, four innovation not renovation projects will unfold on the Founders Campus, in preparation for the 20152016 school year 1 The hallway in the Acti

On the Glenn Campus, reimagining current spaces has been supported by two prestigious foundations the Dobbs Foundation and the Goizueta Foundation. The Middle School Academic Building MSAB, home to g

MeSSage froM the head of School discovery. The funding will support a director to oversee the program, a research and development phase, construction of renovation, installation of new equipment and

A PASSION TO DISCOVER INTERIM 2015 ITA Benvenuti a italia over the course of one week, more than 270 Upper school students broadened their reach, scope, knowledge, relationships, passion, and impact

interiM terM 2015 PuRa viDa COSta RiCa new YORk CitY NyC Absorbing Broadways magnificence in Times Square. Savoring the culture of Columbia, NYU, Pace, Parsons, and Fordham through admissions and s

Sf San FRanCiSCO Engaging innovation and entrepreneurship. Touring technological startups. Encountering executives at Facebook, IDEO, and other business giants. Immersion in d. School at Stanford Uni

MviMPaCt 138 scoops of gelato eaten in italy and 166,000 steps walked 66 miles 7 Silicon Valley companies visited in 5 days, including facebook and ideo interiM terM 2015 40 att TOTAL inTERnShipS

Curiosity passion Drive learning w h At t h e e x p e r t s s Ay interest is a psychological state of engagement, experienced in the moment, and also a predisposition to engage repeatedly with particu

featUre the Magazine Summer 2015 12

A YeArLong Pursuit of PAssion upper school iproject By holly chesser, english literature teacher yearlong iProject. The iProject challenges students to adopt a growth mindset, make meaningful connect

Curious, I Wander, A Poem by kaylyn Winters class of 2017 My feet follow blindly in the path of my closed eyes, arms extended out by my sides. Spinning, spinning, spinning, my mind in the dark.

Given balloons and several recyclable odds and ends, they engineered mini vehicles. Creating the framework to withstand speed and force, while shaping wheels and building axles to connect them, studen

reaching, grasping, trying, forward, backward, out. My heart beats softly, to the rhythm of my steps, setting steady pattern in strange and unsure rest. My imagination flows, painting vibrant lig

scALing UP OUT side i liked handson building. it was not just watching other people do the work we were in the moment. the electric tools were fun. i learned to not get frustrated with myself. hun

depth takes shape in darkness, no resistance, lack of fight. the freedom of my form, leads to restless stumble. reaching, grasping, searching, an adventure worth a tumble. Something different, f

stArting with questions, ending with more is that bigger than me N aturally Kindergarteners start with questions. Lots of questions, giving them a voice, immediately. As students in the K space beg

Wishing, hoping, wondering, with room for so much more. the mark by featUre Demonstrating scale to bring these questions to life, the students then created a 15footlong North American alligator an

the bAbY Project the national association for the education of young children naeyc is the nations leading organization of early childhood professionals. to earn naeyc accreditation, mount vernons Pre

which i follow, a question worth a try. the path i follow forward, new by my design. i follow pace by questions, my mind in restless wander. the things i see through my time make the world mine

OPENINg A NEw lENS s urrounded by faculty, family, and friends, Mount Vernons eighth graduating class, the Class of 2015, culminated and celebrated their high school experience through Commencement. A

Class of 2015 Graduates and Destinations We want to change the world and be remembered for it. hannah ZenaS, Salutatorian Alex Alba the University of Georgia Laura Albornoz oglethorpe University Rya

their belt, this years graduates will attend 39 different universities in 16 states plus Canada this fall with a recordbreaking 74 percent leaving the state of Georgia. The one and only award given a

coMMenceMent 2015 Here We Stand Written composed By hannah onley, class of 2015 margaret White, class of 2016 look around at the faces youve met say goodbye to the ones you left The ones that you h

curiosity takes center stage ... at Microsoft aidan Brady Shaping our StorieS 27 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School throughout my life, curiosity has been the driving factor leading me to develop my p

ShaPing oUr StorieS audience members and thousands of others who watched the conference live online, including his fellow classmates. during the experience he spent considerable time with Microsofts

When Youre curious, You Find lots of interesting things to do anya Smithroman For rising junior anya Smithroman, curiosity is her passion. For her, learning doesnt just occur she makes it happen. in

ShaPing oUr StorieS English Awards cameron Bennett, Grade 9 Wells Maley, Grade 10 haley todd, Grade 11 hannah Zenas, Grade 12 Math Awards Megan lineau, Grade 9 aJ Whitney, Grade 10 derek liu, Grade 1

National Honor Society Cords alex alba George Gavalas harrison Jones Melanie lane daniel MarcuseGonzalez Sierra Middleton evelyn Sharkey Stacey She Johnnie Stupek Katherine Ward hunter Whitney Parker

ShaPing oUr StorieS at the upper Schools endofyear honors recognition ceremony, hunter was commended for his many accomplishments, not the least of which was winning one of the most prestigious award

scoring an astounding 2,000th career point on the basketball court and earning the honors of region Player of the year in volleyball and basketball, autumn Burnette begins her senior year at mount ver

highlight reel hIghlIghT REEl N e w s a N d a c c o m p li s h m e Nts f r o m m u sta N g ath leti c s MuSTANgS PlAy STRONg leading with heart, dedication, and effort, mvPs sets records across the

Varsity Track Field morgan lewis top ranked hurdler in region ahmir lee top ranked shotputter in region and 2nd in state also set a new mvPs record Middle School Track Boys team finished 3rd overa

highlight reel 2 0 1 5 m u sta N g ath leti c aw a r d s MV introductions TEAM VarsityFootball 78thFootball 56thFootball VarsityFootballCheer 78thFootballCheer 56thFootballCheer VarsityBoysCrossCount

the ARTS at MOUNT VERNON visual arts Class of 2021 ethan ray ethan ray made a special request to spend time in each other, they found common ground in art. With similar ideas, they think alike, but

the artS at MoUnt Vernon ingrained into my memory because i was so small and the images were so big and bright, and i remember the stories because of the paintings. this is why i am so passionate abo

performing arts Upper School Spring Musical Production cotton patch gospel Brought to the stage by a cast ranging from lower School students to upper School faculty, the cotton Patch Gospel is a story

the artS at MoUnt Vernon Middle School actors and actresses became Mole, rat, Mr. toad, and Mr. Badger. encouraged to interact with the despicable weasels on occasion, the audience enjoyed the format

41 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

MUStang rallY 2015 AllSChOOl AllDAy ore rides, more sponsors, and more FUN Mount Vernons fifth annual and largest fundraiser event of the year, the Mustang Rally was a raving success. Planning and o

in its fifth year we wanted to preserve some of the successful Mustang rally traditions, while creating some new ones. With new carnival attractions, a Kiss the Pig contest, and more teacher auction e

MUStang rallY 2015 the Magazine Summer 2015 44

Derby Day The Mustang Way since this was our familys first year at Mount Vernon, it was important to find a place that I could contribute to be a part of this great community. I jumped at the opport

derBY PartY 2015 It was a blast to plan the derby with such an amazing group of ladies. But more than anything, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this tradition and help celebrate the g

ThE ulTIMATE A TRANSfORMERS Thank you, lisa King and cindy coe t the end of the school year, and with mixed emotions, Dr. Jacobsen recognized both Lisa King and Cindy Coe for their combined 67 years

My year with Mrs. King 200809 Of all of my time in lower school Mrs. King was always my favorite She let us play games, helped us with school, taught us life skills and of course always had stuffed a

471 Mount Vernon Hwy, NE Founders Campus 510 Mount Vernon Hwy, NE Glenn Campus Atlanta, Georgia 30328 404.252.3448 NONPROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT 8321 ATLANTA, GA We