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The Magazine winTer 2015 realworld ready 1

contents 4 from the head of school Dr. Brett Jacobsen shares how Twitter, a simple, digital platform, is making the world smaller and increasing conversations. With a rapid exchange of information, th

All students in grades 14 walked into new, interactive and flexible spaces in the fall of 2014. 28 shaping our stories Profiles of three outstanding seniors. 32 MV outcoMes News from Mount Vernon

Twitter Atlanta Tech Village ATLTechVillage Discover your passionpurpose, build an inspired team, win more business. Join us 123 Whats your WHY workshop atlantatechvillage.comeventsu

message from The head of school Molly Collier mollykcollier We love rolling the balls down the ramps We like adjusting them to see what will happen. mvlittles The ImpacT of 140 characTers By Dr. Br

This year and over the next several years, I am traveling to various colleges and universities, meeting directly with deans of college admissions. Understanding the strategic direction of each univers

message from The head of school throughout the country are asking strategic questions about the future of learning. For example, Stanford Universitys recent strategic plan initiative entitled the Sta

mvAdvantage Mount Vernon Upper School students have an undeniable advantage ... or two. Because I have worked on the other side of the admission desk at Emory University, I bring unique experience t

InsIde The counselors offIce admissions processes to better assess a students preparation for college and life. Furthermore, an increasing number of colleges are completely abandoning the standardize

The fouryeAr plAn Together, Mrs. McCubbin and Mrs. Ambler are a powerful and experienced team, keeping students focused and organized, positioning them for success. In an effort to best prepare Mount

InsIde The counselors offIce MV Influencers Year four grade 12 senior Game time. Complete applications, write essays, visit more campuses and stay close to Mrs. McCubbin and Mrs. Ambler. August Str

realworld ready In G T r AMeW e f O H r K fO BuIlD r lIfe T A DA I D PT 12 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School R S U AD PT O P

feature realWorld ready At Mount Vernon, we have a great responsibility. A privilege. We have an opportunity to lead, encourage, develop, guide, advise, urge, teach and help shape hundreds of student

empaThy engIneerIng Making a RealWorld Impact W hen Mount Vernon students in grades 1012 registered for TJ Edwards new Technology, Engineering and Design class this year they had no idea the skill

feature ReAlWoRld ReAdy i think it is really great being partnered with this school because the teacher is exposing these students to so many different things in this project. They are designing, eng

InnovaTIon dIploma The Ultimate College Prep Course By Kaylyn Winters, Class of 2017 The answers arent just blatantly handed to us. We work through the issues by collaborating, trying, pursuing and f

feature realWorld ready design thinking approach, which is enthusiastically embraced by the School. We carve out time and space to make things happen. Aside from the usual core subjects, our cohort o

busIness hands on o Atlanta Industry Leaders and Students Take On RealWorld Readiness ne of the boldest ways Mount Vernon prepares students for life beyond school is the Council on Innovation. Duri

ThouGhTs on ThE coi E xPEriEncE I had to keep reminding myself that the person sitting across from me was only a ninth grader. she presented herself as well as an adult. I am blown away with the conf

What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing. ArisToTlE Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. BEnJAmin frAnKlin Learning Demonstrations A demonstration of learni

learnIng demonsTraTIons MVPS Preschoolers have a special place where they can explore, discover and learn, in the Discovery Lab. With deep and natural curiosity around scientific concepts and the nat

lower school Learning Demands Interactive and Flexible Spaces I lIke MV Influencers DirecTor of MeDiA MAker ProgrAMs Working with Mary Cantwell, Mount Vernons design Thinking director, and the Sch

learnIng demonsTraTIons I wIsh In order to make sense of a social issue by understanding why some trash is passed over and left untouched, Mrs. Kings class created their own design thinking challeng

Middle school Relationships are Foundational for Learning As the Middle School has embraced collaboration through the 11 Chromebook program, teachers, administrators and parents also recognize the imp

learnIng demonsTraTIons last fall Middle School students joined a national movement to erase Meanness and were challenged to consider how one specific act of kindness might impact the life of someone

uPPer school Empathy Influences Learning MV Influencers holly chesser uPPer scHool englisH TeAcHer AnD HeAD of grADe 12 People who know me say I continually engage with the world by observing, aski

learnIng demonsTraTIons Upper School students conducted a random act of kindness to transform someones christmas. The students in chapel took up a collection to bestow on an unsuspecting stranger. Wh

MV Influencers hank Kunath grADes 712 ArT TeAcHer I often remind students that the art they create is an extension of their personalities. My hope is that their expectations always remain high and t

sHAPing our sTories Dillon Briggs artist, athlete, architectural designer only just discovering his artistic gift during his freshman year, dillon began spending all his free time in the Schools art

Hannah Onley singersongwriter, spiritual leader After picking up a guitar at age 10, Hannah has yet to put it down. In fact, she picked up a pencil and paper, too and began writing her own music and

sHAPing our sTories George Gavalas wrestler, worshipper, worldclass leader Recognized as a top wrestler in GHSA Class 1A, George has developed not only physical muscle but academic muscle as well. on

mv outcomes cl Ass Of NEWS FROM ALUMNI cl Ass Of cl Ass Of Holly lane 11 Chandler Moses 11 lauren Taylor 11 As I finish my degree in Human Development and family science at the University of G

neWs from alumnI Learners Apply Knowledge to Make an Impact cl Ass Of Zack Cook 11 MVPS not only helped me develop the qualities and build the resum necessary to get into elite colleges, it also

20132014 Annual Report 34 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

annual report 20132014 MV Mind The Mount Vernon Fund The Mount Vernon Fund allows the School to say YES to the special touches that differentiate and elevate the learning experiences provided to the

The Mount Vernon Fund Visionary 25,000 and aboVe The CocaCola Company Mr. Jason Y. Crandall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kirk Harpole Lillian and Jimmy Maurin Deanne and David McDougall Dr. and Mrs. Zsolt P.

annual report 20132014 Debra and Andrew Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Mason H. McCarthy John T. McLeod Microsoft Nicole and Jeff Mills Norfolk Southern Northwest Radiology Consultants PC The Patnode Family

The Mount Vernon Fund Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Blair Emily Blevens and Anna Blevens The Bloodworth Family Trey Boden Maggie and Stan Boose Karen Cooper and John Boykin Ms. Elizabeth W. Bozzuto Ms. Margaret

annual report 20132014 Mr. and Mrs. Addison H. Meriwether, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Mark Merlin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mette Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Millard Ms. Judy Miller and Mr. Wayne Stradley Ms. LaTasha Mi

M V Fa M I l I e S 64 BoarD oF truSteeS 10 Fa C u lt Y 26 Georgia Tax Credit Program TAx DollARS REDiRECTED To MoUNT VERNoN PRESbYTERiAN SChool 500,000 450,000 414,239 400,000 414,239 Total amount

annual report 20132014 AnneBrown and Bo Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Adams Julie and Brad Allison Kelly and Andy Anderson The Andres Family Mr. Kevin M. Baldesare Julie and Jon Barber Debbie and Dav

Mustang Rally Derby Mustang 5,000 and aboVe The Durlacher Family The Fennell Family The France Family The Giardino Family Arrow Exterminators The Guyton Family The Hedrick Family Williams Benator

annual report 20132014 Gigis Cupcakes of Sandy Springs The Goodwyn Family David and Holly Green The Guttery Family The Hacketts The Hale Family Mara and Steve Hawn Jennifer and Brandon Hayes Stephon

Capital Projects 21st century 1,000,000 and aboVe innoVate 100,000 249,999 design 25,000 49,999 Margot and Robert Shuford Jay Singh and Gillian Sherbourne Michele and Steve Soteres Anne and Brett T

annual report 20132014 Michelle and Alan Rosenberg Becky and Jim Jarrell Elizabeth and Richard Jones Mr. and Mrs. Scott Keifer Lauren and Brad Koontz Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. Long Dr. Joe B. Martin and

Capital Projects Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Ann and Cliff Bargeron The Barnes Family Mr. and Mrs. Todd Barnes Ms. Deborah A. Bassett Megan and Andy Batcheller Tricia and Scott Baynton Kirs

annual report 20132014 Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Tudor Jennifer and Brian Turner Mr. and Mrs. Alex W. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Hanif Vanjaria Verizon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Brennan T. Vieira Brittney and Mat

Denim Diamonds T h e Be N e f i T The Mount Vernon Presbyterian School community gathered on October 26, 2014, for Denim Diamonds, The Benefit to support the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation. M

DENiM DiAMoNDS bENEFiT Mount Vernons Institute for Innovation accelerates the rate of the Schools growth on a local and national scale while providing students realworld opportunities to be innovato

The answers arent just blatantly handed to us. We work through the issues by collaborating, trying, pursuing and failing. Throughout the journey, we add our own twist on problem solving. Kaylyn Winte

471 Mount Vernon hwy, ne founders campus 510 Mount Vernon hwy, ne glenn campus atlanta, georgia 30328 404.252.3448 nonprofIT org u.s. posTage PAiD perMIT 8321 aTlanTa, ga sav