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Ecclesiastic Art Glass at Bovard Studio Ron Bovard

T he C reative W ork THE CREATIVE WORK PRESENTED in this book is the result of the skill and craftsmanship of the entire team here at Bovard Studio both past and present. I especially would like to ac

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Copyright and Credits AUTHOR Ron Bovard PROJECT MANAGER Carole Wardell LAYOUT TYPOGRAPHY Randy Wardell Esteban Luna Christine Arleij Cover Sndor Fehr Eleanor Jessup Windows For The Soul Revised an

A D esire T o S hare THIS BOOK IS THE RESULT of an innate desire to share my art, my craft and some of my spiritual insights and impressions. I share my knowledge on the creation of art, execution of

Christ in Gethsemane, window designed for the First Presbyterian Church in DeLand, Florida. Jesus in the Temple, window designed for the First Presbyterian Church in DeLand, Florida. The Good Shephe

1 D ivine I llumination SUNDAY MORNING, a youth fidgets in the cold hard pew. He stares off into space as a flickering beam of deep mysterious light penetrates his consciousness. Thoughts of heaven a

Reid Memorial Presbyterian Above Detail of The Temple Priests from Tiffany Studios Great Chapel window at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Indiana. Restored by Bovard Studio. Above Detai

As if by mystical intervention he notices one last window. This time he sees the peaceful, loving face and gentle hand of Christ Knocking at the Door. The choice of eternal life, is the choice of this

2 THE STORY OF BOVARD STUDIO O ur A rtists and C raftspeople Bovard Studio has grown from just myself to a staff of over 70 employees. Our artists and craftspeople embody some of the finest talent o

One of the primary motivations behind Bovard Studios development of our Life of Christ scenes and Religious Symbol Medallions see pages 20 to 24, was to create a training program for our new artists t

traditional. My circumstantial observation is that the vast majority of artists graduating from art schools in the United States are contemporary artists, yet contemporary art comprises only 10 of the

As fate would have it by January of 1986 I had hit rock bottom financially. The next time this representative called to make the same request again, I said yes. With much urgency in his voice he infor

new phase of business. Architectural glass was the most fulfilling thing I had ever been involved in and I am proud to say that we have been growing ever since. One of the most important realities an

3 T he L ove of a M other whose life was spent in vocation, blissful duty to God, self and mankind is accepting of his fate. Better is life spent performing ones own vocation, no matter how lowly, th

Denise Memorial 3 Stained glass portraits details of Denises three young daughters T hose gifted artists who are fortunate enough to work in this translucent medium of stained glass share a spe

Denise Memorial W during the hen the clientartist trust relationship is in place, artistic license is granted to the artist to make changes and refinements process of designing, developing, and b

4 HANDPAINTED MEDALLIONS, BORDERS AND ROSETTES R eligious M edallions HANDPAINTED MEDALLIONS, BORDERS AND ROSETTES Stained and decorative glass suffered a steep decline in public interest from the mi

HandPainted Medallions During the 1970s, proponents and neophyte crafters were attracted to this ageold art form and the revival was truly underway. Small art glass studios were established and artist

HandPainted Medallions Jesus Knocking with an optional painted border cluster set. Blessing the Children Ascension Baptism Resurrection at the Tomb Madonna and Child Jesus Walking on the Water

HandPainted Medallions Nativity Feeding the Multitude The Last Supper Head of Christ Crucifi xion Annunciation The Ten Commandments Daniel and the Lions Noahs Ark they can be incorporated in

Borders and Rosettes BORDERS are painted with tracing black pigment that is kilnfired onto a colored background glass. These components were used extensively in older liturgical and domestic stained g

Sacred Heart Church Left New building addition at The Sacred Heart Church, Boulder, Colorado, showing the location of new stained glass windows commissioned to match the style of their original window

5 G ods C hallenge F A I T H shakes the ancient bedrock under the new brick building of the United Methodist Church in Hamilton, Illinois. Lightning illuminates the dark evening sky as primal forces

The entrance lobby at United Methodist Church showing some of the modified windows incorporated into the new building. A new challenge has arrived for the forever faithful and like the Phoenix this ch

Trinity Episcopal 6 I ncorporating H istoric G lass SALVAGING HISTORY These chapel windows in the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Davenport, Iowa, incorporates salvaged stained glass sections into

Trinity Episcopal The next step was to disassemble the antique stained glass panels. Our goal was to preserve as much of the original glass design in the antique windows as possible. We laid the origi

Bethany Lutheran 7 W e H ave O ur O wn A rtist OUR COMMITTEE HAS AN ARTIST Digital rendering created by Bovard artists of a window based on a design submitted by David Wohlrab. several times per y

David Wohlrabs figurative design, titled Soli Deo Gloria, has a dynamic style that can be described as contemporary elegance with a classical feel. Final installation showing the window above the ent

West Angeles Cathedral 8 A Monumental Project WEST ANGELES CATHEDRAL PROJECT the stained glass for this monumental project was one of Bovard Studios greatest challenges. Not only did we have to desi

West Angeles Cathedral A collage of renderings showing various exterior views and window details of the approved design titled The Holy Spirit for the West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles, Californi

West Angeles Cathedral We spent a long day reviewing the numerous design options that were the fruit of months of intense focus by the Bovard Studio design team and Mrs. Blake. It was after dark and w

West Angeles Cathedral Above The right side view of the completed tower windows. There was another serious consideration as well. The sheer size of this project would need a massive amount of glass

West Angeles Cathedral The steeple tower alone was 10 3.0 m wide by 108 32.9m high. The clerestory horizontal band of stained glass was 8 2.4m high by 653 199m wide more than the length of two footbal

West Angeles Cathedral Chapter 8 West Angeles Cathedral Project 37

West Angeles Cathedral Translucent colored stained glass a.k.a. cathedral glass tends to appear as dark negative space during daylight hours, when viewed from the outside in reflected light. On the ot

West Angeles Cathedral Left This is the spectacular view looking upward from inside the steeple tower. The photo on the previous page shows the steeple tower vestibule where the photographer stood to

West Angeles Cathedral approved our use of this combination of products to meet earthquake codes. We were ready to go and everything looked great until the architect informed us that the basic stained

West Angeles Cathedral half the size as those we were required to fabricate. This solution was unacceptable. We were faced with construction deadlines that carried severe penalties and liabilities for

9 CREATING STAINED GLASS WINDOWS AN OVERVIEW DESIGN DEVELOPMENT The first step in creating a stained glass window is to determine the desire of the church congregation, usually through consultation w

9 ASSEMBLY AND FABRICATION After every glass component has been cut, shaped, and painted it is time to assemble or lead up the stained glass window. Usually the designer will make one final inspection

10 N ew S tained G lass W indows P R O C E S S D E S I G N D E V E L O P M E N T a new stained glass window, the first and most important step is to listen carefully to the clients request. Of course

Computer Aided Design In the not too distant past we would render our design proposal as a watercolor painting or use colored dyes on transparent film to illustrate our concept for the clients approv

Transmitted Light The client may also need some guidance to help them understand the unique nature of stained glass as a transmitted light medium. If you look at a stained glass window in reflected li

Proposal Rendering This brings us back to the rendering. A proposal rendered on paper, by its very nature, is presented in a medium of reflected light. At best, it can only give the client an indicati

11 G L A S S S E L E C T I O N A N D F A B R I C A T I O N C olors Fabrication WHEN THE CLIENT AND ARTIST have settled on a design, the project is scheduled and fullsize measurements and templates a

Glass Selection GLASS SELECTION One of the most significant stages in the creation of a stained glass window is glass selection. We literally have thousands, close to 4,000 different colors, textures

Glass Cutting GLASS CUTTING AND SHAPING Once the glass selection has been finalized and the fullsize drawing is complete, it is time to select the actual glass sheets that will be cut into the compone

Glass Painting GLASS PAINTING While not all stained glass windows have painted details, a large percentage of ecclesiastic window designs do require some painting to define border andor background det

Painting Inspection When painting a figurative piece, the first applied layer of paint consists of the tracing lines, usually black, applied with a sable tracing brush. After the tracing lines have b

Lead Assembly ASSEMBLY OR LEADINGUP THE WINDOW Now the fabrication craftsperson takes over to assemble the stained glass window. The glass components are placed on the assembly bench and arranged on t

Cementing CEMENTING AND CLEANING The assembled window is now ready to be cemented. This important process will stiffen and strengthen the leaded panels, making them weather tight, and adding an aesthe

Safety Environment SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT IN THE STAINED GLASS STUDIO Public concern over the safety of working with lead and the effects of lead in the environment has resulted in strict government

Safety Environment Now the lead dust goes into the water. However, you cannot simply discard lead contaminated water by letting it go down the drain. The EPAs requires a license to process contaminat

12 B utterfly D reams T ake F light Roman Catholic Church, Des Moines, Iowa is a simple cinder block structure that was built the 1960s. It has long straight walls and steel framed windows that run ho

13 S tructural R einforcing R E I N F O R C I N G was discussed in an earlier chapter during the designing process see page 48. The designer made some calculations and limited the individual sections

Reinforcing Lead is a very soft metal providing the flexibility that enables the fabricator to easily shape the lead came strips to fit around the curves and bends in the windows design. Unfortunately

14 P rotective C overing C O V E R I N G in a church or temple are intended to artistically illuminate, beautify and spiritually uplift the interior space while also forming an integral component of

Protective Covering A properly designed and installed exterior glazing system will create an effective barrier to prevent cold air drafts and rain leakage. In addition it will reduce the consequence o

Protective Covering So what can be done The solution, to eliminate both the moisture and heat build up in the closed space between stained glass window and a protective glazing is actually quite simpl

Protective Covering consideration is the choice of glazing material. There are several types of materials available for protective glazing systems for stained glass windows, they are standard float gl

Protective Covering LOWE COATED FLOAT GLASS When standard float glass is selected as the exterior glazing its important to be aware of a special type of glass called LowE that is fast becoming a popul

Protective Covering Typically, the most immediate failure is in the LowE glass itself. This glass can get very hot due to its exposure to the solar energy, however the portion of the LowE glass that i

15 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR A LONG LASTING WINDOW E ssential E lements and fabricated leaded glass window has several elements that are essential. A professionally designed, structurally fabricated, an

sag or bulge out of a flat plane it becomes weak and will tend to bulge more and more until the lateral pressure on the glass causes it to break. The smaller the stained glass component parts, the clo

Plum Street Temple 16 P lum S treet T emple and republican laws of this Country are based upon universal toleration giving to every citizen and sojourner the right to worship according to the dictat

Plum Street Temple see page 68 is now designated a National Historic Landmark. Bovard Studio restored all 71 stained glass windows, thereby preserving these unique historic windows for future generati

Baker Chapel 17 A n E nglish Country C hapel BAKER UNIVERSITY CHAPEL, BALDWIN, KANSAS An historic English chapel was moved stone by stone from its rural setting in England to the campus of Baker Univ

Baker Chapel This historic English chapel was moved from its rural setting in England to the campus of Baker University. The chancel windows above were restored by Bovard Studio and are exquisite exa

St. Benedict the Moor 18 A T apestry O f I nspirations THE WINDOW COMMITTEE at St. Benedict the Moor Roman Catholic Church was searching for a studio to design and fabricate 14 stained glass windows

St. Benedict the Moor Father Tandohs original Stations of the Cross artwork shown on opposite page at the upper left came from his heart and soul. The stained glass panels based on his art communicate

Waioli Huiia Church 19 WAIOLI HUIIA CHURCH C ategory 4 H urricane I niki sits at the old Mission founded in 1834 on Kauai, in the heart of Hanalei. On September 11, 1992 at 330 p.m. HST, hurricane I

Waioli Huiia Church House and Mission Hall were fully restored that same year. The church has enjoyed an uninterrupted succession of services since 1834, first as a Congregational Church and since 195

20 CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF LEADED GLASS WINDOWS C leaning Maintenance stained glass windows do not show dirt and grime as readily as a clear glass window does. However, there is a course of acti

Stained glass windows should be washed using a soft cotton cloth and a pH neutral cleaning solution mixed with distilled water. An excellent product is Triton X100, a professional quality, nonionic de

In addition to an occasional cleaning, the steel reinforcing system needs to be checked periodically to ensure it remains attached to the windows lead matrix. As leaded glass windows age, normal expan

21 Faceted Glass F aceted T iles O f G lass French for tiles of glass also called faceted glass windows, use one inch 2.5 cm thick slabs of glass, cut into the desired shapes then selectively facete

Faceted Glass While a protective covering is not required for faceted glass, many architects specify a bronze or tinted sheet of exterior glazing to minimize the impact of the faceted windows resin ma

Faceted Glass CARE AND MAINTENANCE Properly formulated and fabricated faceted glass windows, made with an epoxy matrix, should require no maintenance other than repairing loose glaziers putty or const

22 S t. P eters C hurch I n R uins was a neighborhood of Irish immigrants. On July 4, 1886, they celebrated our nations birthday by dedicating the just completed St. Peters Church. As you enter throu

The Mission District suddenly felt empty and devoid of vitality the morning after the fire. But St. Peters now a 97 Latino parish like San Francisco herself after the earthquake and fire of 1906, soon

First Congregational Church 23 O ur C hallenge A BONA FIDE ARTISTIC CHALLENGE of Kenosha, Wisconsin already had two original Tiffany windows. What they were looking for was a new stained glass windo

First Congregational Church These two authentic Louis Tiffany and Company windows are installed in the nave of First Congregational Church of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The quality and luminance of the glas

First Congregational Church window drapery glass shimmers with all of the shadings of draped fabric in a robe or other draped garment. For the angels wings, we selected a herringbone textured glass t

First Congregational Church During this process our glass painters are sketching out full size drawings of the flesh faces, hands and feet areas of the new window and are planning how the plates are

Christ the King Abbey 24 A S mall B rotherhood AMID THE HILLS of north central Alabama, shrouded in early morning fog set ablaze by the afternoon sun, you will find the unassuming seat of the reign

Christ the King Abbey Interior view of Christ the King Abbey, note the circular window above the alter. who reverently showed my sons the monastery church, which was built using very sketchy plans c

Masonic Center 25 M asonic S ymbols in G lass MASONIC RETIREMENT CENTER, ARLINGTON, TEXAS The long curving Dallas style driveway and extended horizontal lines of the Masonic home for aged Masons, cal

Masonic Center This series of new windows were designed for The Masonic Retirement Center Chapel in Arlington, Texas. The colors and attributes of this organizations distinctive symbolism has conside

Eastern Symbols 26 5 000 Y ears of C ulture EASTERN VISIONS OF THE SOUL with its more than 5,000 year old Vedic culture has much to offer the West. Many of their ageold herbal formulas have been pro

Eastern Symbols Bovard Studio has had the good fortunate to be awarded a number of commissions to create stained glass windows for this timehonored traditional culture. There is no better way to expre

Tiffany Restoration 27 RESTORING AN ORIGINAL TIFFANY WINDOW The restoration of any historic window is a great responsibility for both the windows trustee and the contractor. The owner or trustee of t

Tiffany Restoration When prestigious works by distinguished artists such as a L.C. Tiffany, J. LaFarge, F.L. Wright or others needs to be restored, it may be advisable to engage the services of a prof

Tiffany Restoration stability prior to placing conservators tape on these surfaces. If the glass paint is unstable or the stability of the paint is in doubt, the painted side of the stained glass must

Tiffany Restoration fabricator how each plate is registered on the window during reassembly. Notes are taken of the size, profile and description of each lead came or copper foil area within the stain

Tiffany Restoration ensure no further damage is induced. For this reason it is necessary to consult an expert restoration specialist to determine the appropriate consolidation method for the particula

Tiffany Restoration Missing pieces of art glass can sometimes be closely matched from the more than 4,000 colors, densities and textures that are manufactured and available today. If a close match can

Tiffany Restoration The Tiffany window we are restoring here has complex plated sections that will require the fabricator to devise an assembly of lead cames to create a shape otherwise not available.

Tiffany Restoration remedy for this deficiency is to apply a second plate of clear glass to the border areas on the exterior side of the window, thereby doubling the strength of the borders. When fabr

Tiffany Restoration Whatever the reason it is our responsibility to correct the problem in the least intrusive way. Obviously these areas require additional structural engineering and one of the most

Tiffany Restoration It is a very gratifying experience to return a Tiffany or other historic stained glass window to its original appearance and condition. It is rewarding to witness the dramatic cont

28 T he S tained G lass D esign G allery on the following 52 pages presents a cross section of work taken from Bovard Studios portfolio. From simple to complex, abstract to representational, traditio

The Design Gallery Reference BB101 Reference BB102 Reference BB103 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 105

The Design Gallery Reference BB104 Reference BB105 Reference BB106 Reference BB107 Reference BB108 106 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB110 Reference BB111 Reference BB109 Reference BB112 Reference BB113 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 107

The Design Gallery Reference BB114 Reference BB115 Reference BB116 Reference BB117 108 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB119 Reference BB118 Reference BB130 Reference BB131 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 109

The Design Gallery Reference BB132 Reference BB134 Reference BB136 Reference BB137 110 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB133 Reference BB135 Reference BB137 Reference BB138 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 111

The Design Gallery Reference BB139 Reference BB140 112 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB141 Reference BB142 Reference BB143 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 113

The Design Gallery Reference BB144 Reference BB145 Reference BB146 Reference BB147 Reference BB148 Reference BB149 114 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB153 Reference BB154 Reference BB155 Reference BB150 Reference BB151 Reference BB152 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 115

The Design Gallery Reference BB156 Reference BB157 Reference BB158 116 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB159 Reference BB160 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 117

The Design Gallery Reference BB161 Reference BB162 118 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB163 Reference BB164 Reference BB165 Reference BB166 Reference BB167 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 119

The Design Gallery Reference BB168 Reference BB169 Reference BB170 Reference BB171 120 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB172 Reference BB173 Reference BB174 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 121

The Design Gallery Reference BB175 Reference BB176 Reference BB177 Reference BB178 Reference BB179 Reference BB180 122 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB181 Reference BB182 Reference BB183 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 123

The Design Gallery Reference BB184 Reference BB185 Reference BB186 Reference BB187 124 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB189 Reference BB188 Reference BB191 Reference BB190 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 125

The Design Gallery Reference BB192 Reference BB193 Reference BB194 126 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB195 Reference BB196 Reference BB197 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 127

The Design Gallery Creation Reference BB198 Reference BB199 Noahs Ark Reference BB200 Reference BB201 128 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Birth of Christ Reference BB202 Baptism of Christ Reference BB203 Crucifi xion Reference BB204 Resurrection Reference BB205 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 12

The Design Gallery Reference BB206 Reference BB207 Reference BB208 Reference BB209 130 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB210 Reference BB211 Reference BB212 Reference BB213 Reference BB214 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 131

The Design Gallery Reference BB215 Reference BB216 Reference BB217 Reference BB218 132 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB219 Reference BB220 Reference BB222 Reference BB221 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 133

The Design Gallery Reference BB224 Reference BB223 Reference BB225 Reference BB226 134 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB227 Reference BB228 Reference BB229 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 135

The Design Gallery Reference BB230 Reference BB231 Reference BB232 136 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB233 Reference BB234 Reference BB235 Reference BB236 Reference BB237 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 137

The Design Gallery 138 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery THE 14 STATIONS OF THE CROSS Reference B238 Chapter 28 The Stained Glass Design Gallery 139

29 T he F aceted G lass Design G allery DALLE DE VERRE French for tiles of glass is commonly referred to as faceted glass. It is an epoxyresin cast glass window that uses dalles slabs of glass that a

The Design Gallery Reference BB240 Reference BB242 Reference BB241 Chapter 29 The Faceted Glass Design Gallery 141

The Design Gallery Reference BB243 Reference BB244 Reference BB245 142 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB246 Reference BB247 Reference BB2048 Reference BB249 Chapter 29 The Faceted Glass Design Gallery 143

The Design Gallery Reference BB251 Reference BB250 Reference BB252 Reference BB253 144 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB254 Reference BB255 Chapter 29 The Faceted Glass Design Gallery 145

The Design Gallery Reference BB256 Reference BB257 Reference BB259 Reference BB258 146 W i n d o w s F o r T h e S o u l

The Design Gallery Reference BB260 Reference BB261 Reference BB262 Reference BB263 Reference BB264 Chapter 29 The Faceted Glass Design Gallery 147

30 T he R ose W indow D esign G allery is generally defined as a circular stained glass window with mullions and traceries that radiate from the centre. It is believed that the name Rose Window allud

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB265 Reference BB266 Reference BB267 Reference BB268 Reference BB269 Reference BB270 Reference BB271 Reference BB272 Reference BB273 Chapter 30 The Rose Windo

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB274 Reference BB275 Reference BB276 Reference BB277 Reference BB278 Reference BB279 Reference BB280 Reference BB281 Reference BB282 150 W i n d o w s F o r T

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB283 Reference BB284 Reference BB285 Reference BB286 Reference BB287 Reference BB288 Reference BB289 Reference BB290 Reference BB291 Chapter 30 The Rose Windo

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB292 Reference BB293 Reference BB294 Reference BB295 Reference BB296 Reference BB297 Reference BB298 Reference BB299 Reference BB300 152 W i n d o w s F o r T

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB301 Reference BB302 Reference BB303 Reference BB304 Reference BB305 Reference BB306 Reference BB307 Reference BB308 Reference BB309 Chapter 30 The Rose Windo

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB310 Reference BB311 Reference BB312 Reference BB313 Reference BB314 Reference BB315 Reference BB316 Reference BB317 Reference BB318 154 W i n d o w s F o r T

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB319 Reference BB320 Reference BB321 Reference BB322 Reference BB323 Reference BB324 Reference BB325 Reference BB326 Reference BB327 Chapter 30 The Rose Windo

Rose Window Gallery Reference BB328 Reference BB329 Reference BB330 Reference BB331 Reference BB332 Reference BB333 Reference BB334 Reference BB335 Reference BB336 156 W i n d o w s F o r T

A uthors J ournal of Ron Bovard has been exhibited at galleries and museums around the world, including the Carnegie Museum of Art. Bovard has had more than twentyfive oneman exhibits. Four of these w

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