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Inaugural Annual Guide to Bergen County Coming Fall 2014 To have your business or organization featured, email OF BERGEN COUNTY September 4, 2014 9 Elul 5774 Issue 47 www.jewis

MEAT worth SERVING your family deserves the best Quality is always on the menu at Glatt Express Whether youre hosting family dinner or entertaining guests, our high quality cuts are worth serving ever

Express Yourself for free Bring this page into walk out with the entire recipe Recipes, tips Kosher foodie inspiration from Glatt Express Fine French Dining September means cardigans, apples hone

TABLE OF CONTENTS Intl. National News ........ Starting on page 4 Local News ................ Starting on page 19 Editorial Letters to the Editor.....Page 28 Divrei Torah Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb..

A Special Rosh Hashana Message from Dear Friends, Where would you turn If your child, a rambunctious, happy, intelligent boy, was in a terrible car accident, leaving him with severe physical and cogn

High Holiday Menu 2014 Glatt Kosher TakeOut QTY PRICE LB. QTY 13,99 11,99 12,99 12,99 15,99 14,99 12,99 19.99 14,99 12,99 10,99 12,99 22,99 22,99 22,99 21,99 19,99 24,99 12,99 10,99 10,99 10,99 6,99 7

OWN REAL ESTATE IN ISRAEL THE GETTER GROUP represents your best interests in Israeli real estate through our holistic approach to property transactions, including BUYERS BROKERAGE comprehensive proper

NEWS ISIS Executes American Israeli Journalist Steven Sotloff CONTINUED FROM P. 1 The beheading, according to ISIS, was a reprisal for U.S. air strikes in Iraq, and the image is authentic, U.S. Natio

NEWS Report ISIS Planning Biological Attack By Gal Cohen laptop found in the northern region of Idlib in Syria raises concerns among intelligence officials in the Middle East

JUS RELEA T SED Checkup Party 2 volume set on the Moadim, in English 2 Volume Set on Pesach, Shavuous, Bein Hametzorim, Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh Sunday, September 7, 850 am to 1 pm 24.95 , ,

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NEWS Lapid Calls for PreDonor Conference in Middle East By Anne Phyllis Pinzow O n Sunday morning, Israels finance minister, Yair Lapid, a member of the Security Cabinet and head of the Yesh Atid p

NEWS Lapid Calls for PreDonor Conference in Middle East CONTINUED FROM P. 12 Lapid said, The IDF needs to restock and we will not spare one shekel when it comes to the security of the soldiers and th

ANALYSIS Bennett Emerges from Gaza Conflict as Clear Winner CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Although he didnt spare his harsh criticism of the weakness of the prime minister and defense minister toward Hamas dur

NEWS Battle for Mosul Dam A New Age of Water Wars Beckons By Jonathan Bridge Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at University of Liverpool E xactly a year ago, the world was wrestling with the p

NEWS Palestinian Authority Blasts Hamas for Provoking Israeli Retaliation By Omri CerenThe L ast week, top figures from the U.S.backed Palestinian Authority PA recently lashed out against

NEWS 200 Celebrities Sign a Petition in Support of Israel By Lisa Matkowsky I ts trendier for celebrities to express anger about the Palestinian situation in the Gaza conflict than to support, or e

NEWS Congregation Rinat Yisrael to Present Sept. 14 Panel Discussion on Sex Abuse Prevention By Lisa Matkowsky C ongregation Rinat Yisraels Adult Education Program will host a panel discussion enti

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LOCAL NEWS Campaign for AFMDA Kicks Off with Rabbi Weil Event Goal is 100K T eaneckAs a private citizen, Elie Y. Katz, Teanecks Deputy Mayor, a lifelong Teaneck resident and business owner, has estab

NEWS Congregation Rinat Yisrael to Present Panel Discussion on Sex Abuse Prevention CONTINUED FROM P. 18 spiritual advisor at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University since

LOCAL NEWS Lamdeinu Launches Fall Semester of Learning By Sara Kosowsky Gross T eaneckThe fall semester of Lamdeinu, the new center in Teaneck for adult Jewish learning, begins September 8, and the

LOCAL NEWS Digital Impressionist Watercolorists Show Collection at TGS J ohn Kopp, Digital Impressionist artist, has matched aesthetic thinking and expressions with great creative accomplishment. Le

Not just a gym, A Family Wellness Center KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades SAVE 150 fitness center FULL COURT basketball AND racquetball COURTS outdoor tennis COURTS INDOOR AND OUTDOOR aquatics center W

LOCAL NEWS Annual Fair Lawn BBQ Becomes Israel Fundraiser By Oren Oppenheim F air Lawn The Fair Lawn Jewish Community recently held its annual barbecue for young families. Over 150 people attended.

NEWS Holocaust Child Survivors Make Their Case in Berlin By Greg Schneider Executive Vice President, Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany ehind the historical faade in Oranienburgerst

FEATURE Building Bridges and Promoting a Legacy of Unity By Ayala Young I n the 18 days between the kidnapping of Eyal Yifrach, GilAd Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel and the revelation of their untimely

EDITORIAL Lets Walk an Extra Mile This Sunday I n a time of great unrest throughout the Middle East, with the tides rising against Jews in so many places, its even more important to live in unity wit

DVAR TORAH The Duty of Civilians in War By Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb t seems that war is one of the most common of all human activities. Study history of the human race, and you will not find many yea

MAGGID OF BERGENFIELD Ki Teitzei When Chezki Met Fayge By Larry Stiefel nce in the town of Hoboken there lived a boy named Chezki who was bad at dating. It wasnt so much that Chezki was bad at the da

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NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Sterling Silver Bubbie By Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick e had the honor of attending a very special wedding on Sunday night. The event took place in Los Angeles and we were p

POLITICAL PONDERINGS The Man Without a Plan By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. t now looks like the Al Qaeda threat to the world has been supplanted by an entity that poses greater peril than Osama Bin Laden

NEWS Presents Shiurim on Elul and Sports By Elizabeth Kratz B ergenfieldOn Sunday, September 14, will present two shiurim at Congregation Beth Abraham. At 8 p.m., Rabbi Ma

MEACHOREI HAPARGOD Lessons for Elul, Courtesy of Summer Camp By Robert Katz fter nine years as a camper and counselor at Massad Bet of blessed memory, and one year as the Program Director of Camp Mes

LOCAL NEWS Camp Shalom and East Ramapo May Pool Resources CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Klein said that Camp Shalom, hearing of this, suggested the possibility of donating the pools to the school, but nothing

NEWS Islamic States Crimes Are Genocide By Michael Bohlander Chair in Comparative and International Criminal law at Durham University fter capturing various major Iraqi cities and towns, attacking th

NEWS Islamic States Crimes Are Genocide CONTINUED FROM P. 37 most likely the ICC. This is a pressing task, of course, in order to avoid loss, deterioration or contamination of evidence. Still, given

HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Will You Be My Honey By Gail Hochman s Rosh Hashanah approaches, we pray for a safe year, and to help with a sweet year read ahead... A Susies Honey Cake Ingredients 2 cups flour We Say Yes Hondas Community Available Serving 1000 SUNDAY , our vice Available er S OVER SATURDAY e ur convenienc for yo Come and See Us Today Jerseys Honda Dealer. Two Conve

Inaugural Health Fitness Section First Issue of Every Month ALS Treatment By Abigail Klein Leichman I srael 21CAs the Ice Bucket Challenge raises millions for research into amyotrophic lateral sc

HEALTH AND FITNESS Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health Opens Locally R utherfordIts that time of year when families are preparing their children for another year of school, with hop

HEALTH AND FITNESS Back to School with Allergies and Asthma By Dr. Debora K. Geller s children, parents, and teachers prepare to return to the classroom, it is important to remember that children wit

HEALTH AND FITNESS Whey Good News for Diabetics By Israel21C Staff B odybuilders ingest buckets of whey protein powder to bulk up their muscle mass. But researchers from Israel have found a new blo

HEALTH AND FITNESS The Truth Behind No Pain No Gain By Yair Klyman widespread trend circulating in the fitness world is the notion that the only way to achieve fitness results is by making yourself p

HEALTH AND FITNESS No Pain, Lots of Gain By Wesley Powell R emember the old saying No Pain, no gain For most folks, this refers to that burning sensation that comes with a hard workout that usually

HEALTH FITNESS The Power of Love By Laura Turk ewish tradition is replete with sources that speak about the primacy of the marital relationship. From the very beginning of Sefer Breishis, immediatel

HEALTH AND FITNESS Daras Wedding The Way Celebrations Should Be By Temimah Zucker T wice a year I embark on a trip to Israel. Generally these trips are planned with speaking events and specific act

FIRST PERSON Perspective is Power By Debbie Pfeiffer s a hospital chaplain, I respond to many emergency cases in addition to visiting the patients on the list I am assigned. The list contains the per

PARENTING In Between the Resting Phase By Sarah Abenaim he first time I had a friend sleep over in high school after years of not being allowed to have sleepover company, I remember being nervous tha

ARCHAEOLOGY 4000YearOld Wine Cellar Reveals Wild Nights of the Canaanites By Karlena TomcBarbosa T he discovery of a 4,000yearold wine cellar in Israel has provided the best direct evidence yet of

OSEH MAASEH BEREISHIS Close Encounters with Primordial Soup By Ian Wright Professor of Planetary Sciences at The Open University T here is much excitement about Rosetta at the moment. The European

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Eldans Expressway By JLBC Staff B ecause customers arrive at the service counters of car rental agencies at Ben Gurion Airport after long and tiring journeys long flight, new tim

PERSONAL FINANCE The TBD Account Many Applications Part 2 By Elozor M. Preil Characteristics of an ideal TBD account financial professional who understands the philosophy of ToBeDetermined accumulat

LEGAL French Jewry at Risk What Can Be Done By Michael Wildes or centuries, France has had a complicated relationship with its Jewish citizens. Beginning in the Middle Ages, Frances Jewish population

RABBIS MUSINGS AMUSINGS Bullies and Anger Management By Rabbi Dani Staum any summers ago, when I was a camper, there was a camper in the bunk next door who was a bit of a bully. One day a few of my

SCHOOLS Teachers Teaching Teachers Professional Development at Maayanot By Pam Ennis O ver the course of the last few years, Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls has developed a sophisticated pro

A TEENS PERSPECTIVE Actually Relaxed By Oren Oppenheim here could be worse places to type this out than a block away from the Jersey Shore, where my family goes for a few days every summer. Our annua

FEATURE Then and Now By Estelle Glass July, 1972 lan knew that he would have no trouble falling asleep even if his room were hot and airless and the squirrels were playing tag on the roof. He didnt r

CHESED Kids of Courages Summer Adventure By Michelle Spira S an Diego, California was awash with neon yellow tshirts as nearly 500 members of Kids of Courage arrived for its annual nineday summer a

LOCAL NEWS From the Battlefield to the Beit Midrash N ew YorkOne night as Ethan Gipsman, a light machinegunner in the Israeli Defense Forces IDF from San Diego, California, stood guard over a group o

UNGARBLEDTECH Learning About Smartphones and More The Apple Tech Show Opens Sept. 9 By Shneur Garb gave up my beloved iPhone for a Galaxy s5 Gold because of what I do for a living. Now that I am usin

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SCHOOLS Maayanot Growth, Renovations Innovation By Elyse Hansford T eaneckWith five new stateoftheart classrooms, an expanded student lounge and a Special Services suite, Maayanot is ready to rece

SPORTS Krav Maga, TorahBased SelfDefense By Steve Gutlove JLBC Sports Editor ith the world seemingly going insane, selfdefense in general and Krav Maga in particular are hot topics these days. Krav

SPORTS TJSL Celebrates Soccerfest CONTINUED FROM P. 1 soccer tattoos and face painters, and a raffle featuring local merchants and shops including, Gotham Burger, Amarones Restaurant, and Modells. Th

SPORTS Jewish Hoops Whisperer a Secret Weapon for NBA stars Robert I dan Ravins friends chipped in to buy him a humble but lifechanging bar mitzvah gift a basketball hoop his father at

CAMP AND SPORTS SCENES Jonathan Gellis with his Moonraker teammates Noam Kinderlehrer, grade 6 YN, was a key part of the CMEK squad that won the middle division camp championship. Isabelle Nadritch

ISRAELI REAL ESTATE Ganei HaEla The Next Great Community for Olim R epresentatives of Ganei HaEla, a new community in Ramat Beit Shemesh, will be visiting New York and New Jersey next week to meet wi

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES 1657 Hanover St., Teaneck 369 Warwick Ave, Teaneck, NJ 980,000 80 x 120 property Vera Nechama 201 6923700 This unique Center Hall Colonial offers elegant ranch style livi

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES FOR SALE BY OWNER Overview Beautiful Englewood Home for Sale. East Hill Estate Section Ocean Front Condo For Sale. Beautiful Englewood Home for Sale East Hill Estate Sectio

The Largest Selection of Quality Sukkahs for over 25 Years U . S . A M A DE B EST Y E A R R O UND W ID EST Q UA LIT Y PR ICES SER V ICE SELECTIO N GEVUR AH MODUL AR Light weight and easy to


TRAVEL Travel to Israel via Europe By Phil Kestenbaum any people are enrolled in one or more frequent flyer programs. Most common plans are to get an airline credit card, the first year no fee, get t

ACHEINU Acheinu Enrolls 1,500 New Talmidim for Elul By Yosef Sosnow O n the outside it looks like a regular house in the town of Givat Zev, located just a couple of miles northwest of Yerushalayim.


Dining Guide shalom bombay Glatt Kosher Indian Cuisine 166 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666 2015305939 LUNCH HOURS SPECIALS COMING TO TEANECK AFTER PESACH 10 Off not valid for lu

OPED An IsraelPalestineJordan Economic Federation Can Advance Peace By Uri Translator Inga Michaeli S enior officials in Ramallah told AlMonitor that the Palestinian Authorit


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ISRAELI REAL ESTATE Who Has Your Best Interests in Mind By Shia Getter hat Im about to say will make some people very, very uncomfortable, especially those people who have purchased property with a r

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