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Happy Chanukah Chag Urim Sameach Linking Bergen, Essex Union Counties Issue 61 SunThurs 1130am10pm Fri 1130am230pm Sat Closed Go for Pizza JEWISH LINK December 18, 2014 December 5775 26 Kislev,

VOTE FOR THE BEST COFFEE Vote Here Two Ways To Vote 1. Bring this ad in to Lazy Bean by Dec. 25th with your vote 2. Visit us on Facebook to Share Like the coffees we picked SMORIAH LATTE BUBBIES NA

WANT TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS SHOP GLATT EXPRESS. Our foods have been leaving a great impression for over 30 years. With fresh meats worth serving, handpicked produce worth tasting and gourmet foods wor

NEWS UN Irans IsraelGenocide Threats Totally Unacceptable By Mark LangfanArutz7 Adama Dieng, UN Special Adviser to the SecretaryGeneral on Prevention of Genocide, on Tuesday emphatically stated that

kah u an Ch y pp Ha A lot of pieces come together to help you heal. Medicine is just one of them. Thats why we make sure your spiritual needs are met, with services such as Kosher meals for patients

2015 BOCA RATON, FLORIDA PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Boca Raton Resort PGA National Resort A Waldorf Astoria Resort Gorgeous Private Beach Interesting, Thoughtprovoking Lectures by dynamic speakers 2

7 O Da pen LA ys a W TE H O ee k UR S Need a Doctor Just WalkIn See a Board Certified Physician within minutes o Appointments Needed Adults Children XRay clinical laboratory onsite Lower CoPay t

LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHERS Presenting the First Edition of The Jewish Link of New Jersey With this weeks edition of the Jewish Link, we take a step forward in our short history by growing our paper t

NEWS IDF Investigating How Secret Material Got Online Senior officers furious over major security leak. Highly classified video documenting intelligence debriefing ends up on internet. By Gal Cohenww

NEWS Moodys Election Puts Israels Rating at Risk CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Moodys estimates that the defense budget will grow in the coming year and concludes that Israel will need more consistent fiscal p

NEWS Netanyahu Too Many in Europe Have Learned Nothing From Holocaust Israeli PM responds to European courts decision to take Hamas off terror list on technicality i24newsIsraeli Prime Minister Benja

NEWS Is a Turkish Spring Coming Turkey Arrests Editor of Top Newspaper 30 Opposition Voices TheTower.orgIn a crackdown against domestic opposition, the Islamist government of Turkish President Recep

NEWS Palestinians Flee Hamas, Ask Israel to Imprison Them Palestinian youths prefer to spend time in Israeli prison than to live in the Hamascontrolled Gaza Strip By Khaled Abu Toamehwww.gatestoneins

NEWS Helmsley Trust Announces 11m in Grants to Israel Related Groups www.ejewishphilanthropy.orgThe Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has announced more than 11.3 million in grants to s

NEWS Jewish Center of Teaneck accepts Heichal HaTorahs Proposal CONTINUED FROM P. 1 he and the JCoT board mutually agreed that the congregation could no longer afford his salary. In order to maintain

LOCAL NEWS 500 Attend Project Ezrah Gala TeaneckProject Ezrah celebrated 13 years of Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Need at a gala dinner reception this past motzoei Shabbos. Over 500 guests enjoyed

LOCAL NEWS Public Service is Key to Cities Englewoods Michael Wildes Meets YU Dems By Rivka Hia Washington HeightsFormer mayor of Englewood, Michael Wildes joined the Yeshiva University College Democ

LOCAL NEWS YUs Gottesman Library to Get Makeover New YorkThanks to a generous donation from David S. Gottesman, former chairman of the YU Board of Trustees, and his wife, Ruth, The Mendel Gottesman L

LOCAL NEWS Drishas Winter Week to Explore Light, Dreams, and a Proper Container Chanukah and Chassidut By Wendy Amsellem New YorkChanukah, a relatively minor holiday in rabbinic literature, is a cent

LOCAL NEWS The Fabric of Life Art Show at Kaplen JCC TenaflyThe Fabric of Life exhibition will be on display at the Waltuch Gallery of the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, January 528, with a special ope

NEWS Young Israel Youth Initiative Takes Hold As it continues working to enhance youth programming in synagogues across the United States, the National Council of Young Israel NCYI recently unveiled

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Passover 2015 in Orlando, FL Elegantlyappointed Waldorf Astoria Guest Rooms Featured Scholars in Residence including Rabbi Mark 3 Daily Gourmet Glatt Kosher Meals along with D

LOCAL NEWS Moriah Celebrates 50th Anniversary The Moriah School Englewood, NJ, one of the nations premier Jewish Day Schools educating more than 800 students across Bergen County, will be hosting its

LOCAL NEWS Millions for Holocaust Survivor Home Care NJ Agencies Get 6.5M, a 127 Increase By Helen Weiss Pincus Bergen CountyAs the victims of Nazi brutality age, their numbers decrease, but the cost

NEWS Pres. George W. Bush Accepts Honorary Degree at YUs 90th Chanukah Convocation New YorkFormer President George W. Bush was the special guest and keynote speaker at Yeshiva Universitys 90th Annual

LOCAL NEWS YU Trains Rabbis to be Supermen Against Child Abuse New Yeshiva University course will give rabbis the tools to erase child abuse from their communities By Arutz Sheva Staff Yeshiva Univer

DVAR TORAH Yosefs Enduring Chanukah Message By Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler Just last week I brought my car in for an oil change. I asked the gentleman helping me how long it would take for my car to be se

JOIN DAF HAYOMI BHALACHA, AND MASTER THE HALACHOS OF DAILY LIVING . ... , , ... Thousands worldwide are joined together and have Now its easier than ever t


POLITICAL PONDERINGS The GOP Presidential Wannabes By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. To a certain extent, running for President of the United States is a glorified popularity contest. As we know, it is not

OPED An Unsettling Jewish Environment By Steven Windmueller, At times over the past number of years a McCarthylike atmosphere has existed within the Jewish world. An envi

PROFILE Rabbi Elie Mischel A Vision for the Future By Jill Kirsch LivingstonRabbi Elie Mischel has warmth, an engaging smile, and an inviting manner. He is young, energetic, and welcoming and, right

WE ARE NOW OPEN limit 8 douts per coustomer. while suplies lest DONUTS FOR JUST 8 MON. FRIDAY SUNDAY 800 AM 700 am 8 days of chanuka 8 kinds of donuts 1 FREE COFFEE TILL 1000AM More than jus

THE SEPHARDIC CORNER Hacham Ovadia Yosef ztl The Most Accomplished Rav of Recent Generations Part III By Rabbi Haim Jachter Rav of Congregation Shaarei Orah, the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck Thi

B E R G E N C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E More students graduate from Bergen than any other NJ twoyear school. Bergen is home to the No.1 tutoring center in the U.S. As the regions leading hea

THE SEPHARDIC CORNER Hacham Ovadia Yosef ztl The Most Accomplished Rav of Recent Generations Part III CONTINUED FROM P. 34 Jewish identity entirely in the course of a few generations. However, in mos

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CHINUCH Standards and Measurement Tools for Jewish Education By Wallace Greene We are justly proud of the education that our children receive in the many day schools in Northern New Jersey. In fact,

THE HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That By Gail Hochman When cleaning out your freezer, its a great idea to keep a freezer inventory sheet on the front door of the freezer.

CHESED The Ultimate Chesed Shel Emet By Larry Bernstein Chesed Shel Emet, a true act of kindness, is what the Hebrew Free Burial Association HFBA specializes in. HFBA has had the same mission since i

REFLECTIONS When Books Become Vegetables By Rabbi Elie Mischel With lofty ambition and highminded intentions, I erect small libraries of books upon my night table, eagerly anticipating the vacation I

HEALTH AND FITNESS JudgmentFree Zone By Temimah Zucker There is a joke often told within my family about the ugly green sweater I used to wear. In the throes of my eating disorder I ceased to care ab

HEALTH AND FITNESS The Perfect Smile Implants, Crowns and Veneers Having the perfect smile requires three elements teeth that are in alignment, teeth that are white in color and bright, and teeth tha

HEALTH AND FITNESS 21st Century Dentistry Dental Emergencies By Dr. Herbert Schneider Dr. Rachel Jacobs Its a bright sunny day and you decide to go for a bike ride. Pedaling along, your bike hits a

HEALTH AND MEDICINE A New Way to Track Parkinsons Disease Israel21cIntels advanced analytics team in Israel has built the heart of a new device to collect, analyze, and transmit a wealth of symptom d

HEALTH AND FITNESS Cogito Ergo Sentio By Shoval GurAryeh, Ph.D. There is much emotional suffering in the world such as depression and anxiety and, as a clinical psychologist, I help people find their

A TEENS PERSPECTIVE Writing for an Audience By Oren Oppenheim Theres been some controversy in our community lately surrounding some inflammatory writings that were put online and then removed. Thats

FEATURE FICTION Snow Job By Estelle Glass Esther positively adored snow days. Whenever bad weather was predicted, shed sleep fitfully, stumbling every few minutes to her daughters bedroom window that

Chanukah Link OF NEW JERSEY Chanukah LateNight Candles By Larry Stiefel The shuttle from Reagan International Airport to LaGuardia was packed, and Jonathan Birnbaum wondered how many other passengers

CHANUKAH HUMOR The Most Wonderful Time of the Year By Banji Latkin Ganchrow The holiday of lights and miracles is upon us. Oil that was supposed to burn for one night burned for eight nights the Macc

CHANUKAH HISTORY Why Did Antiochus Issue Decrees Against the Jews By Mitchell First One of the major questions that historians confront is understanding what motivated Antiochus Antiochus IV to issue

CHANUKAH MUSIC NJ Maccabeats Are All About That Neis By Elizabeth Kratz Its that special time of the year when the Maccabeats release their new song For the fourth year running, the Yeshiva Universit

CHANUKAH Chanukiot Shed Light on Past, Present, and Future By Deborah Fineblum As winter arrives and the days grow shorter, outdoor lighting is needed more during the Chanukah season th

CHANUKAH Defying They By Rabbi Dani Staum, LMSW Although the style has mostly shifted, it wasnt too long ago that threepiece suits were in vogue for men. Some vests had four buttons, some five, and s

CHANUKAH HUMOR You Scratch My Back By Mordechai Schmutter Chanukah is here, and its about time you gave some serious thought to buying gifts for people, because even if you personally dont believe in

CHANUKAH DELIGHTS Scrumptious Latkes to Light Up Your Palate By Steve Walz From sizzling potato latkes with cheddar cheese to tangy mozzarella cheese pizzas and delectable Muenster cheese toasts, the

CHANUKAH DELIGHTS How to Eat Chanukah Sufganiyot Without Guilt By Jamie The average Chanukah sufganiya jelly donut has between 300 and 400 calories of nearly pure oil and fat. In honor

CHANUKAH ChurchState Debate Still Rages, But Public Chanukah Menorahs Gain Wider Acceptance CONTINUED FROM P. 53 do whatever we can to display those menorahs. The public display of religious symbols

ISRAELI CHINUCH Haredim And Bedouin A Tale Of Two Communities Transformed By Vocational Education By Jacob Low enlistment rates in the Israel Defense Forces IDF. High rates of poverty.

FEATURES Are you a Feelings Family By Mark Staum, LCSW So is your family a Feelings Family In order to understand this term, lets consider the following example Mrs. Jones Sam, how was your day today

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FEATURE Why You Should Choose Your Airline Seat Carefully By Joseph Rotenberg In his 62 years Jack had traveled rather widely sightseeing trips to Europe, adventurous treks through the Yukon, the Alp

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FEATURES A Chandelier to Think About By David Weinstein During an intermission of services, our rabbi told a story of a little boy talking to an angel, who complained that in our days God doesnt make

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PERSONAL FINANCE A Good Time to Zero In on Debt Reduction By Elozor M. Preil Stamped in big bold letters on the envelope, the phrase ZERO INTEREST or PAY 0 catches your attention. You have just recei


UNGARBLEDTECH Moms Use IT and Web to Follow a Dream By Shneur Garb Two weeks ago, I wrote about building websites. Years ago, having an idea and concept took considerable investment, staff and resour

WINTER DAY TRIPS FamilyFriendly Ski Resort Features Kosher Ski Program By Chaim Davidson Tired of schlepping tuna fish sandwiches on day trips Do you love skiing or snowboarding in the fresh mountain

Sofer Stam Course The most comprehensive course Teaching all laws of Safrut for the writing Sefer Torah Tefilin Mezuzot, from the Mishna Brurah and Sefer Keset Hasofer, Intended for both Eshkenaz Ari

AN APPRECIATION Gil Marks and the Holy Stomach By Rabbi Meir Soloveichik reprinted with permission from Mosaic Magazine Gil Marks, famed Jewish food writer, author of several acclaimed cookbooks and

SPECIAL NEEDS Lights and Laughter Celebrates LifeTowns Creation By Faygie Levy LivingstonThe room resembled an upscale comedy club, but it wasnt a Manhattan hangout. It was the Friendship Circles hom

SCHOOLS Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy Hosts Open House and Family Fun Day By Erica Rosenfeld LivingstonThe Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, New Jerseys only Modern Orthodox Jewish day school accredited

SCHOOLS Breuers to Host Preschool Open House By Rochel Alpert In order to attract new families from Teaneck and other areas to its school, Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch YRSRH in Washington Heig

SCHOOLS Moriah to Hold Alumni Reunion and Dedication The Moriah School Englewood, NJ, one of the nations premier Jewish Day Schools, educating more than 800 students across Bergen County, will be hos

CELEBRATING CHANUKAH Chanukah at Lubavitch on the Palisades School By Sonya Solomon Children at Lubavitch on the Palisades School celebrated Chanukah with parties, performances and trips around town

You are cordially invited to a Special Networking Event by the JEWISH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT a networking group and the Date Wednesday, January 14, 2015 Time 700 PM 930 PM Location Young Israel of Jam

SPORTS Moriah 7b Takes First Place By Zach Horowitz On December 14th, the 40 Noam 7th grade boys basketball team traveled to 30 Moriah in a battle for first place, which is what most fans believe wil

SPORTS MGBL 678 Girls Columbia Cardiology League Champs CONTINUED FROM P. 1 the week leading up to the semifinal game, Columbia Cardiology learned that Noa Berkowitz, their star center, would be unab

SPORTS SCENES Izzy Muss runs the offense for Frisch. AMANDA LEIFER. Benni Tuchman looks for an open teammate. AMANDA LEIFER. Noah Schechter with the rejection. AMANDA LEIFER. MGBL 4th and 5th grad

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REAL ESTATE 140 Chestnut Street Englewood 2,150,000. 8 BR 5.5 BA Anhalt Realty 2015683300 Grand old Historic Englewood home on 1.3 acres with many original details. Gracious entry foyer with 12 foot

REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE RATES PURCHASE OR REFINANCE Rate Ken Goffstein 800FIRST95 APR 30 year fixed 4.030 3.833 3.881 15 year fixed Points 0.000 0.161 0.000 3.99 3.750 3.875 Ken Goffstein 800FIRST95

REAL ESTATE How Can I Prepare For A Good Inspection By Martha Malkie Aaron Once youve completed the Attorney Review of your contract, your prospective purchasers will set up an appointment for a phys

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JOURNALISM A Scarce Commodity Trustworthy and Relevant Information By Thomas E. Patterson Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press at Harvard University This article is part of a series marking

SPECIAL NEEDS Yachad Helps Employees Shine CONTINUED FROM P. 72 Tsadok, who works five days a week, has a different coach each day, as do all the participants. And hes certainly a busy guy On Mondays

TRAVEL Luxury Pesach Experience Three Hours from NYC in Saratoga Springs with Mendy Vim Looking for a luxury Passover hotel experience less than three hours from NYC Pesach event planner Mendy Vim of

TECHNOLOGY IsraeliDeveloped TalkITT Gives New Voice to People With Speech Impairments By Maayan A little boy with autism says I love you and you understand it. Your grandfather is able t

10 Dining Guide OFF hool Every Saturday Night for High sc and University students 1383 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666 201 5307400 vahs z r mit re Ba mo and Tel 201836RIBS Email SmokeySmokeyJoe

COMMUNITY CALENDAR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18TH Community Wide Chanukah Youth Event 630PM 800PM Congregation Keter Torah 600 Roemer Avenue Featuring the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team. 10 per person 50 famil

LOCAL NEWS Newman Memorial at Bruriah Launches JEC Alumni Network CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Shlomis Peikes, Bruriahs associate principal and Newmans daughter, shared her mothers mission for the schoolto te

JEWISH HOME FAMILY LeadingAge NJ Honors Jewish Homes Charles P. Berkowitz Charles P. Berkowitz, who recently stepped down as JHFs president and CEO has received LeadingAge New Jerseys Presidents Awar

Business Professional Directory ActivitiesRecreation Dance Dance with Dassie 201 8363383 Martial Arts Rich Marinellis Kosher Karate 845 4996603 Spor

BUSINESS THE WINNING EDGE 2014 CONFERENCE Business Professionals Conference Meets in Fort Lee More than 160 business professionals attended Winning Edge 2014 Business Conference last week and have gi