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Special Needs Issue See Pg 41 Linking Bergen, Essex Union Counties Fashion Link Pg 64 Issue 118 JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY By Elizabeth Kratz TeaneckOnly in Teaneck does a Muslim member of the commu

SPECIALS GOURMET FOODS Meatloaf w Caramelized Onion 1 lb Mashed Potato FREE BIG GAME Extended Hours Monday, Feb 8th Open Until 7 PM Tuesday, Feb. 9th Open Until 8 PM February 14th to February 19t

is mastered. Choicest of cuts. Trimmed to perfection. Made to order. Weve perfected the art of quality Kosher meats for over 30 years. Mastered over generations, proven in taste. Others merely butcher

WORLD NEWS BRIEFS Fatality in Crane Collapse Identified as Orthodox Jew Arutz Sheva The only fatality in a crane collapse that took place in New York City on Friday has been identified as an Orthodox

F I R ST T I M E I N B E RG E N C O U N T Y Presents COMMUNICATION. LEADERSHIP. SUCCESS. UNLOCK THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS with Stephen Coveys world famous 7 Habits course. 5 Sessions starting March

WORLD NEWS BRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 Iran Reportedly Hacks Former IDF Chiefs Computer Iranian hackers have reportedly managed to hack into a private computer used by a former Israel Defense

T OU LD Y SO ODA ST R T E MO AL GIST E R THE AMERICAN ISRAEL PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Invites you to a conversation with Wednesday, May 18th Join the most important single day of advocacy for stron

EDITORIAL JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz Associate PublisherEditor Elizabeth Kratz Associate Editor Phil Jacobs Founding Partner, Jewish Link

OPED International Peace Conference Would Endanger Israel By Stephen M. Frances announcement that it will try to convene an international conference to resolve the IsraeliPalestinian co

COMMENTARY From the DeskEr, Shtenderof a Shana Aleph Talmid By Maury Rosenfeld Firstly, I really must say how impressive it is to see a high school senior who feels so passionately about an idea that

WORLD NEWS Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies Spains Jews, Once Expelled, Now Embraced A law passed last October grants Spanish citizenship to all descendants of Spanish Jews who apply fo

WORLD NEWS Modern Orthodox Education Caught Between...Modern and Orthodox By Maayan When the Pew Research Center published its muchdiscussed survey of American Jews in 2013, the f

WORLD NEWS Spains Jews, Once Expelled, Now Embraced CONTINUED FROM P. 11 the century. At one point he brought his fathers passport to the embassy. It has never been returned. In a poetic twist of his

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Redeeming Hadar A Family Wants to Bury Its Son By Anne Phyllis Pinzow If you... Aspire to begin a career in community leadership within 5 years Are between 2530 years old this comin

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Redeeming Hadar A Family Wants to Bury Its Son CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Meanwhile, the Goldins, accompanied by Israels ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, were granted

NATIONAL NEWS Ambassador Philip Murphy Visits Teaneck Explores Run for Governor By Elizabeth Kratz Teaneck Its not every day that a former U.S. ambassador visits The Jewish Link offices. In fact, it

NATIONAL NEWS Ambassador Philip Murphy Visits Teaneck Explores Run for Governor CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE were reportedly political activists who volunteered for John F. Kennedy, his father worked

COMMUNITY NEWS A Teaneck Friendship Based on Shared Goals, Mutual Respect and Responsible Development CONTINUED FROM P. 1 ed in the Islamic and Jewish traditions, said Hameeduddin. I am proud to have

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM February 11, 2016 2 Adar I, 5776 19


COMMUNITY NEWS Teanecks Shaarei Orah Presents an Evening About Agunot, on Film and in Life By Bracha Schwartz Gett The Trial of Viviane Amsalem will be shown Motzei Shabbos, February 27, at Congregat

COMMUNITY NEWS Kehilat Kesher Celebrates Shul Chanukat HaBayit With Ribbon Cutting By Robin Tare After years of planning, fundraising and moving from one temporary space to another, Kehilat Kesher, t

COMMUNITY NEWS NORPAC Hosts Rep. Ileana RosLehtinen in Teaneck On January 31, Drs. Mort and Esther Fridman hosted Congresswoman Ileana RosLehtinen RFL in their home for a NORPAC event. RosLehtinen ch

COMMUNITY NEWS A Journey of Learning Is Not Over By Zachary Orenshein Editors Note This essay was written and delivered at the JYEP Hebrew School Annual Scholarship Breakfast this past Sunday by Zach

COMMUNITY NEWS Shlock Rock to Play in Fair Lawn on 30th Anniversary Tour By Oren Oppenheim Fair LawnThe quintessential Jewish rock band is coming back to the United States, with a stop at Congregatio

26 February 11, 2016 2 Adar I, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Municipal Budget Introduced With Tax Increase By Aliza Chasan Teaneck residents could see a municipal tax hike to support the towns 2016 budget. Township Manager William Brough

COMMUNITY NEWS JFS Cafe Europa A Haven for Holocaust Survivors Sitting in the social hall of Beth Shalom on a recent Wednesday afternoon, Ruth Aach was surrounded by friends who shared a similar sto

Lose 510 Of Your Weight In Just 10 Days Steven Y. Szklarz CSP Before 21 Years Old If You Weigh 120 lbs. 150 lbs. 170 lbs. 190 lbs. 210 lbs. 230 lbs. 250 lbs. 300 lbs. You Will Lose 6 12 lbs. 7.5 1

COMMUNITY NEWS Frischs Annual Dinner Celebrates Schools Deep Communal Roots school year. Rarely a week goes by in which another school from the U.S., Israel and Europe does not visit Frisch to tour t

COMMUNITY NEWS Frischs Annual Dinner Celebrates Schools Deep Communal Roots CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE portunities through exposure to renowned Jewish scholars of various disciplines, is going stro

Destinations Destinations By Yossi Zablocki experience the elegance at 2 pesach destinations COMMUNITY NEWS l waiting t since sold ou ist only 2016 at honors haven pesach novemb er The newe

COMMUNITY NEWS APRIL 22 APRIL 30, 2016 S TA M F O R D H I LT O N Robert Kraft to Keynote Yeshiva Universitys 85th Commencement Having already won four Vince Lombardi Trophies, Robert K. Kraft, owne

COMMUNITY NEWS Stern Students Join YU Israel Solidarity Mission By Pearl Markovitz The best ambassadors are eyewitnesses, those who have been there to tell the tale. With this in mind, Yeshiva Univer

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Bris Avrohom Marks Yahrzeit of Righteous Rebbetzin A special farbrengen was held on February 2 to mark the 28th yahrzeit of the righteous Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, obm, wife

DAF YOMI WITH RABBI REICHMAN Weekly Roundup Gittin 5460 By Rabbi Zev Reichman The learning is dedicated leiluy nishmas Menachem Mendel Ben Harav Yoel David Balk ah. This week we learned Gittin 5460.

SEPHARDIC CORNER Trees of Faith By Rabbi Haim Howard Jachter Trees in the desert Where would we find the atzei shitim acacia wood that Hashem tells us in Parshat Teruma are needed to build the Mishka

TEXT INSIGHTS An Insight Into the Shabbat Shacharit By Mitchell First Every Shabbat morning before the prayer Yishtabach, we recite the phrase lehodot, lehallel, leshabeach, lefaer, leromem, lehader,

EDUCATION Education The Great Jewish Unifier By Malcolm Hoenlein Over the course of the last year, the Jewish people have been tested a great deal, both as individuals and as a nation. While we have

BOOK REVIEW Reading In the Land of Armadillos Stories by Helen Maryles Shankman By Ranen OmerSherman When it comes to the literature of the Holocaust, there can sometimes appear to be a glut of ficti

SPECIAL NEEDSINCLUSION February Is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month By Pearl Markovitz For the past eight years, through the coordination of Greater MetroWest ABLE, the greater New Jers

42 February 11, 2016 2 Adar I, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

SPECIAL NEEDSINCLUSION Give Mom a Break Friendship Circle Provides Support for Moms By JLNJ Staff Sometimes a mom needs a night off, and its really nice when friends understand the challenges you face

SPECIAL NEEDSINCLUSION Be Strong, Be Strong, and We Will Be Strengthened Reflections on Running the Miami Half Marathon By David Fain Peri Finkelstein walked 1400 steps to finish the Miami Half Marath

SPECIAL NEEDSINCLUSION For Over 30 Years, SINAI Has Turned Disabilities Into Possibilities CONTINUED FROM P. 1 This years honorees include Rena and Jerry Barta, Heshy and Eve Feldman, Rabbi Steven an

SPECIAL NEEDSINCLUSION Inclusiveness Is Not Just PC, It Defines Us By Wallace Greene It seems as if special needs sensitivity has always been with us. Sadly, that was not the case in the past, and ev

DESTINATION KOSHER A Poconos Pesach Let me share a secret with you Theres something big happening in the Pocono Mountains. Shhhhh Dont try to guess, thats how rumors start Ill share the facts with yo

HUMOR Scholarships By Banji Latkin Ganchrow College, like life, is expensive. There are many ways to help pay for college. You can take out loans, you can have a bake sale, you can rob a convenience

HUMOR Lost in a Rack By Mordechai Schmutter Ive got to say, my brotherinlaws wedding is turning into a real hassle for me. Ive already mentioned that my wife wants me to lose weight for this wedding,

FEATURES The Dry Bones Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism By Susan L. Rosenbluth, The excerpted and printed with permission Yaakov Kirschen, the creator and genius beh

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM February 11, 2016 2 Adar I, 5776 51

MENTAL HEALTH Defending the Man Cave By Shoval GurAryeh, PhD Alright, I admit the title and picture are misleading. This article is really about both husbands and wives as well as anyone thinking of

TAX TIPS How to Deduct a Trip to Israel By Daniel Magence, CPA, Esq. The tax laws tend to be very confusing. If youve ever tried to read any of the Internal Revenue Code or the IRS regulations, you k

PERSONAL FINANCE Loan Management for Insurance Policies By Elozor M. Preil Most whole life insurance policies allow a policyowner to borrow against the contracts cash value. Much like a home equity l


PERSONAL ESSAY A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Las Vegas By Esther Kook I detoured to Philadelphia. How can we forget the recent lovely blizzard and the subsequent thousands of flights that were

FEATURES Fare Exchanges Two Civics Lessons on Wheels By Joseph Rotenberg Its Friday afternoon. Its wintertime. You work in Lower Manhattan and Shabbat is starting shortly after 4. How do you ensure y

SPOTLIGHT ISRAEL Seeking an Eclectic Bill of Learning Aaron Eckstein By Tzvi SilverJLNJ Israel This months Israel Spotlight interviewee is Aaron Eckstein. Aaron primarily grew up in Passaic and atten

COACHING Let Your Values Guide Your Family Life By Stephen Covey We all make thousands of decisions every day. Many of those decisions are based on habit. Thats the way Ive always done it. Some decis

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY The Settlement Good Life Comes to Tel Aviv By Orit Wine has long been considered a social lubricant, and its Nir Lavies hope that wine from his Har Bracha Win

FOOD WINE LINK KaycoKedem and Whole Foods to Provide New and Exclusive KosherforPassover Items Introduces dairyfree, glutenfree, organic and vegan selections for widerthanever assortment Shoppers loo


Table 11 1848 Winery 2nd Generation Cab 1848 Winery 2nd Generation CabMerlot 1848 Winery 5th Generation Cab Franc 1848 Winery 7th Generation Cabernet 1848 Winery Cabernet Special Reserve Alexander San

FASHION LINK OF NEW JERSEY The fallwinter collection of hats is currently on display, with the spring styles coming in a few weeks. Some popular styles include classic fedoras, berets, fascinators and

FASHION LINK Fashion as Art in The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum By Bracha Schwartz If you love fashion elegance and have warm, nostalgic feelings about late 20thcentury glamour, or you

SCHOOLS HeAtid PreK Gets Busy With Winter Crafts Advertising Intersects With Science at Yavneh One of the highlights of sixth felds engaging presentation made grade at Yavneh Academy is the the stud

SCHOOLS BPY Students Learn Important Lessons From MLK Ben Porat Yosef students commemorated Martin Luther King Day in meaningful ways. PreK students discussed and described similarities and differenc

SCHOOLS Columbia University Hosts Israeli Startup Career Fair By Jeremy Sacks On Friday, January 29, Columbia University students were presented with a unique opportunityan Israeli Startup Career Fai

SCHOOLS Rabbi Genack Presents to BPY Junior High Ben Porat Yosef junior high students completed their unit on kashrut with an informative and interesting presentation from Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO

SCHOOLS JKHA Nursery Students Noam Parents Join First Become Future Astronomers Graders for Tefillah Study The Yeshivat Noam first graders and their parents engaged in a meaningful night of learning

SPORTS When School Is Out CMEK Camp Is On What do you do with your kids when school is closed for Erev Yomtov, Chol Hamoed, or a national holiday For many, the CMEK schoolsout camps have been the got

SPORTS RKYHS Hires Genevieve Frisch JV Hockey Plays Gramatica As New Tennis coach Flawless Season Genevieve Gramatica enters her first season as the 2016 boys and girls head tennis coach at the Rae K

SPORTS Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week Dani Berlin The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize seventeenyearold Dani Berlin as this weeks Sportstar of the Week. The Br

SPORTS Yeshiva Middle School Sports Association Boys 8th Grade Basketball Division 1 Team Noam Yavneh RYNJ Moriah SAR Wins 9 7 6 4 2 Wins 10 7 4 3 0 Wins 9 5 4 3 1 Loss 1 2 4 6 8 Loss 0 3 6 7 10 Loss

SPORTS SCENES Kyra Fischer, Ayala Broide and Jodie Fishbein run for Yachad at the Miami Marthon. CREDIT LISA APPELBAUM Elior Holtzer shows Cougar pride at the Miami Marathon. CREDIT LISA APPELBAUM

COMMUNITY CALENDAR SHABBAT, FEBRUARY 1213 Singles Shabbaton Congregation Rinat Yisrael, 389 W Englewood Ave, Teaneck The Shidduch Project presents Shabbaton Royale Ages 2442 For Modern Orthodox Machmi

GEMACHS SIMCHAS Shtick for a Wedding Call Wendy at 6469962165 Centerpiece Gemach Cong Beth Aaron Please contact bethaaroncenterpiecegemach A C.H.A.I.N A Chesed and Inspirational Network A C

For Sale By Owner 8182621310 SH Rescue Offering convenient, quick and high quality Locksmith Services 1285 Hastings 1,275,000 New Construction in the heart of Teaneck. F

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY We spoke for over half an hour, some pleasantries, but mostly business. I can remember the dialogue almost verbatim because I played it over in my mind a few times. Mind

Professional Perspectives on Real Estate and Finance Are Open Houses still relevant today Barbara Susman Real Estate Agent at V N Realty 2016923700 Even in the age of soci

Ask the Realtor By Barbara Ostroth weather, plant flowers in front or in window boxes to add color. Keep the lawn mowed and raked. If your front steps are made of brick, make sure any loose ones are r

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 727 Dearborn St, Teaneck 975,000 Links Residental 201 9923600 201 9560208 6 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms Stunning renovated home in prime West Englewood location. Fir

REAL ESTATE Instant Coffee and Online Mortgages By Carl Guzman, CPA First question would you rather have fresh brewed coffee or Tasters Choice Many wouldnt mind Tasters Choice, but that being said, a


REAL ESTATE Five Smart Upgrades for the MostUsed Rooms in Your Home BPT Kitchens, bathrooms and but passive ventilation, a real plus in bedrooms are typically the rooms in any kitchens and baths. Ad

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Netanyas Charm By Gedaliah Borvick Netanya is an enchanting city that boasts spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and offers the slower pace and charm of a coastal town. Esta

SOLD 1002 Holly Ln, Cedar Grove 22 Rynda Rd, Maplewood 21Timber Dr, North Caldwell 17 Church St 13, South Orange 21 Belle Terre Rd, West Orange 65 Crestmount Rd, West Orange 26 Cummings Cir, West Oran

STORE HOURS SUN.TUES. 7AM9PM WED. 7AM10PM THURS. 7AM11PM FRI. 7AM1 HOURS BEFORE SUNDOWN SAT. CLOSED 42828 Sale Effective 2141621916 2 1 SquashPRODUCE Sign Up For Your Loyalty Card In Store Fine F