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FASHION LINK Starting on Page 63 Issue 189 Happy Birthday Elie Y. Katz Eli July 16 61 Linking Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Passaic Union Counties JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY July 13, 2017 19 Tamuz, 5



WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Netanyahu, Greenblatt Meet to Discuss Trump Plans for Peace Process TPS Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt and Ambassador David Friedma

Summ er Sna pshots Follo sea w Us o n sons ofcli instagra in yo chan ur sum fton and m mer ce to phot tag us be fe os fo atur and ra ed in on so our A cial m ds edia 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

Yeshivat Shaalvim and Congregation Beth Abraham present The Bergenfield 9 Days Learning Program July 24 to August 2 Morning Schedule 815am Shacharit 900am to 915am Case Studies in Halacha Followed

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 and villages, which frequently failed to pay their bills. Steinitz said the substation is a winwin situation since it will provide consistent electricity for Pal

EDITORIAL The Blacklist and the Spirit of the Three Weeks This past week, we observed the fast of Shiva Asar BTammuz, commemorating the day that Roman legions broke through the walls of Jerusalem. In

OPED Biased Textbooks Turning Young Americans Against Israel, Research Shows By Rafael WashingtonAntiIsrael bias in the textbooks used by many American high schools may be to blame for

OPED Biased Textbooks Turning Young Americans Against Israel CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE plained about a passage from the Notebook accusing Israel of torturing and murdering hundreds of Palestinian

APPLY NOW FOR FALL 2017 ATTEND A JULY OPEN HOUSE Yeshaya Lieber, LMSW Touro College Graduate School of Social Work Clinical Director, Diamond Program Preschool social worker, HAFTR Associate therapis

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Israels Chief Rabbi There Is No Blacklist CONTINUED FROM P. 1 The Jewish Link obtained a second letter, sent by Rabbi Moshe Dagan, director of the Chief Rabbinates office, to Rabbi R

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Town Council Hears Grievances on the Greenbelt By Miri Wagner On Thursday, June 6, the Township of Teaneck held a town council meeting to discuss various topics however, the mo

SHAARE ZEDEK MEDICAL CENTER HAS EARNED JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONALS GOLD SEAL OF APPROVAL Outstanding. Amazing. Phenomenal. Following two years of examining more than 1,200 aspects of its medical c

COMMUNITY NEWS NCSY Summer Girls Learning Initiative Returns for Another Inspiring Summer By Chani Shulman On Thursday, June 29, at 715, despite the fact that it is usually closed at that hour, the L

16 July 13, 2017 19 Tamuz, 5777 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS Walking the March of Hope With the Girls of Camp Simcha By JLNJ Staff Cancer is a devastating illness, but when it strikes a child, the blow is immeasurably harder. How do you explain

COMMUNITY NEWS RIETSFerkauf Joint Mental Health Counseling Program Graduates First Cohort By JLNJ Staff A pioneering joint mental health counseling program offered to students in Yeshiva Universitys

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM July 13, 2017 19 Tamuz, 5777 19

COMMUNITY NEWS Shalva Celebrates NJ Student Volunteers By JLNJ Staff Shalva, an Israeli association for the care and inclusion of children with disabilities, had a number of extremely devoted volunte

COMMUNITY NEWS SINAI Schools Wins Multiple Awards in Two International Film Competitions By JLNJ Staff SINAI Schools has won multiple prestigious Awards of Excellence from The Accolade Global Film Co

COMMUNITY NEWS Love Goes Out the Window When Theres Nothing to Eat By Susan G. Alpert Project Ezrah created a new program, The Aisle A Path Toward Financial Fidelity, specifically to recognize and ad

COMMUNITY NEWS LChaim Global Community Nine Days Shidduch Event Creating New Lives By Pearl Markovitz Growing up in Sunnyside, Queens, in the 1950s, most of my friends were children of Holocaust surv

COMMUNITY NEWS Passaic Resident Presents at International Chaos Theory Conference By JLNJ Staff In June, Passaic resident Yitzchak Shmalo presented original research at a key international conference

COMMUNITY NEWS A Teerific Day Golfing with OHEL By JLNJ Staff A beautiful summer morning at Fresh Meadow Country Club in Lake Success, New York, beheld the 13th Annual OHEL Childrens Home and Family

COMMUNITY NEWS Touro School of Social Work Recognizes and Celebrates Achievements By JLNJ Staff The Touro College Graduate School of Social Work celebrated the Class of 2017 for its triumphs, challen

COMMUNITY NEWS Rabbi Larry Rothwachs Will Lead Daf Hashovua National Siyum By Shmuel Landesman On Sunday, July 16, the Daf Hashovua National Siyum on Maseches Beitza will take place at 715 p.m. at Oh

PASSAIC COMMUNITY NEWS Eric Eliezer Levenson Center for Hope Is Dedicated in PassaicClifton By JLNJ Staff Eric is one of us and will remain one of us. All of those who will find solace and support wi

Beautiful party rooms and tons of adventure for an unforgettable birthday Many party options to choose from book your party today Open daily from 330 800 Fridays 1 100 700 Sundays, No SchoolCamp Da

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS John Bartlett Challenges Representative Frelinghuysen for Congress By Dov Greenwood In what is already expected to be a heated congressional race, a new Democratic challen

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Members of Lindens Anshe Chesed Challenge Themselves in Rugged Maniac Race By Esti Ness On Sunday, July 9, 11 members of Lindens Jewish community ranging from teenagers to

DAF YOMI HIGHLIGHTS Bava Batra 165 and 167 By Rabbi Zev Reichman May these words of Torah serve as a merit leiluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, ah. This week we learned Bava Batr

SEPHARDIC CORNER Sephardic Imitation of Hashems Tefilla By Rabbi Haim Jachter On each and every day, Sephardic Jews recite a beautiful prayer . . , . in which we

TIMELY TORAH INSIGHTS Pinchas The Value of Constant Service By Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim While learning Parshas Pinchas, I noted the incredible actions of Pinchas in executing Kozbi and Zimri, which sav

A SHABBOS MESSAGE I Wont Do That By Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler Abba, we have a big problem my son told me anxiously a few weeks back. What now I thought. There is a dead squirrel in the backyard right ne

PERSONAL HISTORY An Eastward Flight From Poland 1941 with a big table and chairs around it. Plates and glasses were set on the table, with some food on the plates and drinks in Part IV continued the

CHESED KLAL YI S Maayanot Seniors Are Enlightened by Encounter Program By JLNJ Staff With college acceptance letters in hand and the whiff of graduation in the air, it can be difficult for 12th grad

THE ROAD TO ALIYAH Dr. Daniel and Reeni Pollack Take a Leap of Faith By Pearl Markovitz For Reeni Friedbauer and Dr. Daniel Pollack, all roads have led to Israel. Both grew up in homes imbued with a

CHINUCH Three Strategies of Successful Educational Videos By Tani Greengart Education is paramount in religious Judaism, and adults are perpetually searching for better ways to interest the younger g

Sponsored by BSYD Corp. Name Address The Essex, Middlesex, Passaic Union Counties Minyan Directory Info provided by and Dr. Yosi Fishkin Phone Website Rabbi Shacharit Mincha Maariv Maari

The Bergen County Minyan Directory Info Provided by and Dr. Yosi Fishkin Name BAIS MEDRASH OF BERGENFIELD BETH ABRAHAM OHR HATORAH GIANTS STADIUM MINCHA MINYAN Sponsored by BSYD Corp. Ple

APPRECIATIONS Fearless, Without Regret Celebrating the Life of Bracha Friedman Graber zl By Elizabeth Kratz TeaneckBracha lived more in 68 years than most people live in 120, her husband, Bernie Grab

THE ARTS The Womens Balcony A Loving Look at Jerusalems Kippah Sruga Orthodox Community By Susan L. Rosenbluth, There are some films that are so sweet, so loving and so r

HEALTH Defining Our Act By Carol Silver Elliott This past week I had the privilege of being in a fullday workshop that the Jewish Home Family sponsored. We brought in a man named Alex Kerten, author

HEALTH PROFILE SYNERGY HomeCare Provides Seniors With Help and Companionship CONTINUED FROM P. 1 reliable caregivers and establish a plan of care which included personal care, maintaining the house,

Daf Yomi Shiurim Teaneck Teaneck Congregation Beth Aaron MonThurs 945pm, Shabbos 1 hour and ten Congregation mincha minutes before Beth Aaron MonThurs 945pm Congregation Bnai Yeshurun Sun 700am,

MENTAL HEALTH OSFED and Why Labels Dont Matter By Temimah Zucker, LMSW This summer, I started teaching a graduatelevel course titled The Treatment of Eating Disorders. Teaching runs in my blood, and

Mother TO 34,000 CHILDREN OF ISRAEL Every mother understands the unique bond between a parent and a child. And as mothers, we would move heaven and earth to ensure that our children are safe, happy, a

THE NAVIDATERS How to Approach Your Spouse Regarding Marital Boundaries By Jennifer Mann, LCSW I got married around eight months ago to Shira. Shira is a wonderful girl and she is everything I had ho

ESTATE PLANNING The Estate Plan Phil Jackson Wishes He Had By Alec Borenstein Today has been a lovely day. In fact, Im having a hard time containing my smile right now. After three years of futility,

NEWS FROM ISRAEL YU Summer Camp Bridges Gap Between Israel and the Diaspora By JLNJ Staff JerusalemHighlighting its crucial role in the lives of Israeli youth at risk, Yeshiva Universitys Counterpoin

COACHING The Essence of Leadership By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff, PsyD This weeks parsha, in describing Moshes plea to Hashem about his immediate successor, details what true leadership looks like. Let the

UNGARBLEDTECH Barbecue With Batteries By Shneur J. Garb Summer is always an amazing time for families. Its always a challenge to find tech with summer themes. My sister was married last week, and one

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SCHMUTTER Back to Bed By Mordechai Schmutter I was in bed for most of this week, which isnt as awesome as it sounds. I blame my back. Ive had back problems on and off for a cou

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM July 13, 2017 19 Tamuz, 5777 55

Camp Hasc Presents its First annual baseball tournament 2017 July sunday 23 y monticello high school At 1000 Am ou need to be a pla t ye on d r make a t o 4 zl sponsor your favorite playe

BUSINESS PROFILE Social Media Guru 365 Social Media Isnt an Activity, Its an Investment By Miri Wagner Teaneck resident Chaim Kiss and his business partner Meir Jeret recently started a social media

BUSINESS PROFILE Its a Cinch CONTINUED FROM P. 1 useful community service with a loyal customer base. Brothers Ari and Josh Korman, CEO and COO respectively, manage the company full time. Cinch sta

BUSINESS PROFILE Its a Cinch CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE friend their milkman. We want to bring back the idea of a milkman rather, instead of being a milkman, well become peoples cinchmen, explain

MUSIC International Rap Icon Nissim Releases Official Fly Away Music Video and New Album From Israel to America, Nissim is making waves in the global hip hop scene with the release of his official Fl

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY How to Spice Up Your Nine Days Meals By Esti Ness Finding ways to keep meal options exciting is hard enough throughout the year, but The Nine Days poses a whole new kind

FOOD WINE LINK How to Spice Up Your Nine Days Meals CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Cheesy VegetableStuffed French Toast Cook Prep 30 minutes Serving 3 Ingredients 6 slices sandwich bread 2 e

FASHION LINK OF NEW JERSEY age 50 the majority of women have noticeably thinning hair. In addition, many women find it burdensome to keep up constantly with frequent visits to the salon to maintain th

FASHION LINK These Hips Dont LieFanny Packs Are Back the Block and Paula Abdul can have comeback tours, it stands to reason that other When someone says that fanny packs 90sstyle icons will return as

CAMPS LSNS Loves Under the Sea Week The campers at the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School Summer Program jumped right into summer with Under the Sea Week. The children enjoyed many fishy activities such as

CAMPS Peppy Purim Party Day Is a Hit at Camp 613 Camp 613s week two theme day was a throwback to Adar Peppy Purim Party Day, which was celebrated with costumes, mishloach manot, mask decorating and m

CAMPS Camp Summer Union Y Playland Is Awesome Chaverim Campers Love Their First Trip Camp Shalom Has a Busy Week Camp Shalom had so much fun at awesome America theme day last week The older girls di

SPORTS How to Train for an Ironman Part 2 By David Roher An Ironman Triathlon is 2.4 mile swim. 112 mile bike ride. 26.2 mile run. 140.6 miles in under 17 hours. What happens if it takes you more tha

SPORTS The Jewish Link and Gotham Burger Sportstars of the Week The Fantastic Four Four of Frischs graduating seniorscaptains Mark Abramovitz, RJ Fischer, Rafi Jacobs and Jake Lebovitchhave been key

CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED FACULTY POSITIONS Faculty Positions Available at YBH of Passaic Art Teacher Assistants lower grades Resource Room Teachers for General Studies Maternity Leave GS Sub Oct D

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Expanded Real Estate Sec on Sponsored by Approved Funding Best Time To Buy Best Time To Sell By Shmuel Shayowitz Life is all about timing. One would think in a societ

REAL ESTATE Upcoming Home Improvement How to Navigate Big Purchases and Make Wise Decisions BPT Are you planning an upcoming home improvement If so, you are not alone. Higherthanaverage renovation sp


EMES TRAVEL SPECIALIZING IN TRAVEL TO FROM IS ISRAEL Going to Israel fo Yeshiva or Seminary for Bringing your f family for a Simcha Want to visit W Book your travel needs through Emes Travel Email

REAL ESTATE Latest Deck Trend Monster Size, MegaLuxury BPT Move over mini the new trend in decking is anything but small. When it comes to the size of their decks, the majority of Americans feel big

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 1522 Sussex Road, Teaneck 599,000 V N Realty 2016923700 Move right in to this spacious 4bedroom Colonial in the prestigious West Englewood area of Teaneck. Gr

20012,000 SF of Prime Office Space available in Teaneck Glen Rock NJ FOR ALL YOUR HANDYMAN NEEDS HOME REPAIR, ELECTRIC, AND PLUMBING Call Moshe LuxuryModern Elevator Bldg with private parking lot.

REAL ESTATE OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY JULY 16, 2017 Address Price Description Freshly painted designer colors, gleaming hardwood floors, large Living RoomFireplace, Formal Dining Room, powder room and home o


A LWAY S M A K E S O U R B E E F. . . the cut Mmm A M E R I C A N B L AC K A N G U S B E E F SO JUICY, SO TENDER SO FLAVORFUL The kinda beef that makes you say...