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July 19, 2018 Published BiWeekly 7 Av, 5778 Issue 79 JEWISH LINK We do care Warm, Friendly Atmosphere Tailored for Children Local Riverdale Resident and Mother Preventative Treatment for all Ages

YOUR SPECIAL SIMCHA IN ULTIMATE LUXURY Hilton Westchesters lush woodland setting, modern elegance impeccable service make your special events into timeless memories. EXCLUSIVE AMENITIES LUXURIOUS AC

Warm, Friendly Atmosphere Tailored for Children Local Riverdale Resident and Mother Preventative Treatment for all Ages Sensitive Caring Office Team Sedation Available Parking Available Emergencies W

4 July 19, 2018 7 Av, 5778 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Balloon Carrying Firebomb From Gaza Hits Israeli Kindergarten on Monday, July 16, marking a new chapter in the Red Sea resort citys plans to attract snowbirds to enjoy its 360 annual

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS World Newsbriefs CONTINUED FROM P. 5 yahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and senior intelligence officials held security consultations with the IDF

COMMENTARY A FirstHand Account of Rocket Fire in Sderot By Zev Rosenberg I was sent the following story by my daughter, an IDF lone soldier combat medic serving north of Sderot. The author is a young

EDITORIAL Perhaps Its Time for Israel to Put an End to the Gaza Terror As we approach Tisha BAv and our solemn commemoration of the destruction of our two Holy Temples, we want to remind everyone tha

OPED Whatever Happened to the ADL The attack on Kavanaughs nomination to the Supreme Court is the latest instance of how Jonathan Greenblatt has turned the venerable antiSemitism watchdog into a part

COMMUNITY NEWSBRIEFS TEACH NYS Applauds City Councils Creation of Kosher and Halal School Lunch Program The newly adopted New York City budget for FY19 will include, for the first time, a program to p

COMMUNITY NEWS YINR Womens League Celebrates 30th Anniversary By Judy Berger On Tuesday, June 5, the Young Israel of New Rochelles Womens League held its annual dinner, celebrating the 30th anniversa

COMMUNITY NEWS Mayor DeBlasio Hosts Annual Jewish Heritage BBQ By Judy Berger On Tuesday, June 26, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio hosted the citys Jewish Heritage Reception at Gracie Mansion. This

Thinking of traveling The Updated 2018 2018 1 Available Here Pocket Guide UMAN FOR ROSH HASHANA fares starting at GROUP SPACE AVAILABLE TO 799 PROV ID ER Including all taxes and fuel surcharge

COMMUNITY NEWS Nishma Founder Reviews Survey Results at YINR derech. When he pressed them on which word was disturbing to them, there Mark Trencher, of West Hartwas an even split between ford, Connec

7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM July 19, 2018 7 Av, 5778 15

COMMUNITY NEWS YINR Rolls Out New Interactive Learning Initiative By Yvette Finkelstein The newly appointed limud committee of Young Israel of New Rochelle has begun an innovative, interactive learni

COMMUNITY NEWS YINR Shabbaton Features YU President Rabbi Ari Berman By Judy Berger On Shabbat Parshat Chukat, June 23, the Young Israel of New Rochelle and Yeshiva University presented a Shabbat Wit

DIVREI TORAH The Narrows By Rabbi David Walk Bein Hameitzarim 5778 Scylla and Charybdis, between a rock and a hard place, out of the frying pan into the fire, between the devil and the deep blue sea.

TISHA BAV Documentary Highlighting Plight of Wounded IDF Veterans to Be Shown on Tisha BAv Courtesy of Jerusalem U Following the international launch of the film When The Smoke Clears A Story of Brot

TISHA BAV Desperation, Despair and Doing Dealing With Devastation and Destruction By Sara Schapiro The Gemara in Gittin 56b tells a story about R. Yochanan ben Zakkai, the leader of the Jewish people

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Online Safety Tips From One of Israels Top CyberExperts Courtesy of BarIlan University Professor Yehuda Lindell is one of Israels leading scholars on the subject of cyber security. F

BOOKS Keeping the Faith By Ben Rothke Reviewing Torah From the Years of Wrath 19391943 The Historical Context of the Aish Kodesh by Henry Abramson. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Paperb


FUN GAMES RPM Raceway Opens Stamford, CT Racing Experience Courtesy of RPM Raceway RPM Raceway, Americas ultimate allelectric indoor karting and entertainment destination, has opened its authentic r

DESTINATION KOSHER Europe Travel Tips for Teens By Rachel Retter Right after seminary, my friend and I spent a week and a half touring cities in Italy and France. This article is not based on any exp

F OD W NE LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT Stunned About Starbucks StarK Rep Explains the Change By Rachel Kohn Kosherkeeping coffee drinkers shared confusion and dismay on social media last week

e hed th Publis ssue of First I Month Every THE HEALTH LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT 1 cup almond milk, unsweetened 2 peeled kiwis cup berries of choice 2 ice cubes 1. Blend all ingredients.

THE SIMCHA LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT Bridal Couples Are Creating New Wedding Trends By Candice Timmerman Todays wedding couples are updating treasured traditionsand adding some of their own

SCHOOLS Kinneret Shakespeare Societys Macbeth Receives Standing Ovation By Allyson Israel Last month, Kinneret Day School students, parents, staff, friends and family were treated to an outstanding p

CAMPS Camp 613 Starts Nine Days With a Mitzvah Camp 613 started the nine days on Friday by adding the mitzvah of challah making to our day. After discussing the importance of hafrashas challah, campe

SPORTS USC Gymnastics Moves to Larger Facility By Zach Marcus With few sportscamp options available to her sportsminded kids in her Riverdale neighborhood, Deena Diaz often had to travel to upstate N

SPORTS Escape From Alcatraz Race Day By David Roher I never sleep well the night before a race. Im too excited to sleep, yet for some reason, I slept well this time. Maybe it was that my body was on

REAL ESTATE Tips for Financing Your Next Home Improvement Project BPT Whether its transforming a fixerupper into your dream home or just giving a makeover to your kitchen or bathroom, home improvemen

REAL ESTATE Private Water Supply Systems By Vivian J. Oleen The vast majority of Americans receive potable water in their homes from municipal water supply systems. The remaining 15 percent of househ

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Whats in a Name By Gedaliah Borvick After the establishment of the state of Israel, municipal governments across the country created new Hebrew neighborhood names to replace existi

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