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THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY Vol. 1 No. 10 July 25, 2013 18 Av 5773 Distributed every other week Mazal Tov to Rabbis David Lau Yitzhak Yosef Upon Their Election as Israels


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We Hold The Keys to the Best Front Doors in Town 736 Mildred St, Teaneck 990,000 688 Forest Ave, Teaneck 444,900 2016923700 4 July 25, 2013 18 Av 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHL

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6 July 25, 2013 18 Av 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

INTERNATIONAL NEWS When Secrecy Fails The European Courts, Iran and the Bomb From Combined Services F or years now, the U.S. and its European counterparts have been placing sanctions on those who h

EDITORIAL THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CoFoundersCoPublishers Mark Mendy Schwartz Moshe Kinderlehrer Editor Jeanette Friedman Contributing Editor Nina Glick Advertising Director Yaakov Serle Sale

NEWS As Hillel Names Fingerhut New CEO, How Open Should Hillels Tent Be By Maxine F or 90 years, Hillel The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life has provided what many call a tent welcom

ISRAEL Water Wars In Middle East by Jeanette Friedman and combined services T he Jerusalem Post reports that Israel has adhered to, and even gone beyond, the water supply guidelines of the 1995 Osl

MIDDLE EAST PA Official EU Judea and Samaria Guidelines Harm Palestinians, Too By Daniel Siryoti, Shlomo Cesana and Hezi Sternlicht Israel HayomA senior Palestinian Authority official confirmed to Is

NEWS Why I Resigned From Claims Conference Board And Why You Should Care Holocaust Restitution Group Must Have Sterling Reputation By Samuel Norich This article first appeared on The Forward blog. R

ISRAEL NEWS BRIEFS Christian Leaders Set to Complete 13Month Educational Program on Judaism The American Jewish Committee AJC and the Shalom Hartman Institute have partnered together on a soon

US NEWS BRIEFS Kerry There Is A Basis for Talks TIP Secretary of State John Kerry announced last week that Israel and the Palestinian Authority had established a basis for returning to peace talks, a

WORLD NEWS BRIEFS Iran Instigating SunniShiite Confrontation TIP Arab media outlets are reporting on growing regional fears that Iran is seeking to ethnically alter the landscape of the Middle East,

NEWS WORLD NEWS BRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 15 Sphinx Paws Statue Found In Israel This sphinx fragment was found by archaeologists with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during excava

LOCAL NEWS Camp Simcha Trips the Lights Fantastic on Bway and Times Square N ew YorkNearly 500 campers and staff and medical personnel from Camp Simcha, an overnight camp for children and teens wit

LOCAL NEWS Leonard Grunstein Joins Bernard Revel Graduate School Board High Holiday Seats Cost dropped at the Teaneck Jewish Center By Estee Kahn N ew YorkLeonard Grunstein, Esq. of Teaneck, NJ, is

LOCAL NEWS Enroll America Mobilizing Locally to Promote New Health Insurance Marketplace for Individuals By Bracha Schwartz L eonia, NJAs part of The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, adults over

LOCAL NEWS OHEL Welcomes Rabbi Jeremy Donath to Its Bergen County Team By Jeremy Pasternak O HEL Childrens Home and Family Services is proud to welcome Rabbi Jeremy Donath to their family, as OHELs

LOCAL NEWS Forced to the Table After Five Years CONTINUED FROM P. 1 officials claiming Kerry promised them in writing that the talks would be conducted based on the 1967 lines, which Israel has den

DIVREI TORAH Discipline and Suffering s a parent, grandparent, and psychologist, I am often considered to be something of an expert on parenting and childrearing. In that capacity, I have frequently

KIRUV Kiruv in Riga By Roy S. Neuberger few months ago,my wife and I went, under the auspices of Shvut Ami, the Russian outreach organization, to visit our brothers and sisters still living in the on

DIVREI TORAH BT Forum The Real Meaning of Tznius BT Forum only in the Jewish Link of Bergen County. Its for FFBs too a refresher or a different view from the one you grew up with. Since JLBCs inaugu

CHINUCH A Zaidie Writes to a Rebbe The following letter was given to JLBCto print because its author, a frum Jew, believes we must monitor and be fully aware of some of the lessons our children are b

OPED Moshiach Did Not ArriveAgain By Jonathan Rosenblum reprinted with permission from Jewish Media Resources and the author pray that the above headline will supplant Dewey DefeatsTruman as the clas

OPED The Eleventh Commandment Thou Shalt Not Enable By Ari Weisbrot could not believe my eyes. I was a young prosecutor handling night court arraignments. Basically, I was formally accusing each defe

OPED A Response from WOW The High Road at the Western Wall By Shira Pruce O n July 7, 2013 Rosh Hodesh Av, I witnessed the police stand idly by while ultraOrthodox haredi extremists verbally and p

OPED Arab Christians Israel Only State Worth Fighting For By Ryan Jones, Israel Today rab Christian residents of Nazareth who proudly serve in the Israeli army and encourage their children to do the

FEATURES Children of the Underworld By Estelle Glass K ohelet teaches us that there is a time to remain silent and a time to speak. When Judy Brown was growing up in a Chassidic community in Boro P

of Keter Torah Five Star Caterers fine cuisine price convenient location Complimentary Party Planner Available For Your Event July 25, 2013 25 Av, 5773 31 great All inclusive weddings starting a

CHINUCH A New Yeshiva High School in Bergen County A Modest Proposal By Gershon Distenfeld Note The article contains the text of a recent email sent by Gershon Distenfeld to parents of 7th Graders in

CHINUCH Modern Orthodoxys Welcome Alternative By Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot The article ran previously in The Jewish Press, reprinted with permission n the last number of years there has been great medi

JEWISH HISTORY Judith IshKishor This Too Shall Pass By Shnayer Z. Leiman reprinted with permission from the author his too shall pass is an adage that has provided succor for many a person in distres

JEWISH HISTORY The Holocaust Messenger Who Confronted FDR By Rafael Medoff reprinted with permission of the author Jan Karski. Credit Courtesy of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. S

Dirshu Publishes 6th Volume of Mishna Berurah By Chaim Gold It is the best Yom Tov gift that I could have gotten That is the way one prominent talmid chacham expressed his joy at the release of Chelek

PARENTING I Dont Like My Kids Friends By Mark Staum, LCSW onsider the following exchange between Jack and his mother JackI would really like to go to Brians house for a sleepover. A few other kids in

PARENTING Camp By Banji Latkin Ganchrow did not go to sleep away camp. Well, truthfully, my parents sent me once. It was the summer after eighth grade, when apparently girls are at their very meanest

PARENTING Lying By Nancy Silberman Zwiebach ver the years, Ive frequently had occasion to consider the act of lying. I myself sometimes told lies when telling the truth was probably a better possibil

FINANCE The Greatest Wealth Transfer Ever Undone By Elozor M. Preil mericans born in the early 20th century who weathered the Great Depression, won World War II and birthed the Baby Boomers, have oft

BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION Back to School Addressing the Main Issues By Tova Gold I ts that time again Summer is winding down quicker than you can say, Are you ready for a heat wave and its almost time

SCHOOLS YU Undergrads Selected for Advanced Biomedical Research Program at Einstein N ew YorkEstee Robin of Fair Lawn, NJ, is one of 11 Yeshiva University undergraduates selected to participate in

OVER THE KOSHER KITCHEN SINK Summer Drinks and Frozen Treats By RayzelYaish he heat waves that happen in the summer always take us by surprise.We know that it was likely this hot at some point last s

SPORTS TBO 8U Team Closes Out Regular Season in 3rd Place, Playoffs Ahead By JLBC Sports Staff I n late May, thirty of Teaneck Baseball Organizations best players showed up at Clubhouse to try out

SCENES FROM OUR LOCAL CAMPS Winners From HotShots Hotshots Week 2 Basketball MVP Aaron Lubat Hotshots Week 2 Hockey MVP Ving Levy Hotshots Week 2 Middot Tovot Winners Ilan and Yoni Katz Scenes Fr

SPORTS Israeli Lacrosse Team to Forfeit Chance at Title Because of Shabbat By Eric Hal I sraeli womens lacrosse team member Sara Greenberg wields her stick. Credit Donna Pedersen. T

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Summer Decorating Boot Camp at Cake and Co. By Sarah Abenaim C ake Boss meets kosher, for kids and teens This August, the allnew Cake and Co., located on Queen Anne Road in Teane

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Shine Bright Like A Diamond How to Make Your Rings Sparkle By JLBC Staff T eaneckHave you ever stopped to look at your rings and wondered, why, since you werent a gardener grubbi

HEALTH A Hot Dog A Day... By Shoshana Genack MS, RD permission is given for content to be reproduced Can a hot dog really kill you Is it true that having more than one hot dog a year is considered un

ISRAEL The Charming Community of Talbiyeh By Gedaliah Borvick albiyeh is an upscale Jerusalem neighborhood located between Rechavia to the north, Yemin Moshe to the east, the German Colony to the sou

FEATURES THE ISRAEL YEAR THE ILIST The Israel Cheat Sheet for American Students and Travelers CONTINUED FROM P. 50 Here are a few other important services for students and visitors Linens and Toil

TECHNOLOGY Windows 8 Tips and Tricks By Harold Nussbaum or those who would like to switch your computer operating systems to Windows 8, or for those of you who already have, here is a guide to help y

FEATURES Camp Memories1962 By Estelle Glass s soon as I zipped up the dress I felt better. True, it was harder to fasten than it had been at my cousin Phyllis wedding just one month before, but I had

Local Kids Leading Setting Records at Camp Mesorah Olympics CONTINUED FROM P. 1 headtohead competition. The games were hatched so that campers who are only at Mesorah for the first month would be a


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JLBC KIDS CORNER Not Eating Eggs By Yehuda Pfeiffer M y name is Yehuda. I am 7 years old and I live in Bergenfield. I like to do things that most kids like to do. I love to play sports like other k

What To Do When Someone Is Having A Seizure By Eric BJ Sgal, M.D. eizures are sudden surges of brain activity that can cause sudden, involuntary movements or sensations. Many times seizures cause a pe

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