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2018164000 Dr. Jeremy Peyser Dr. Nicolas Elian Dr. Martha Miqueo Vizstara Dental 300 Sylvan Ave. Floor 3 Englewood Cliffs NJ, 07632 OF BERGEN COUNTY April 3, 2014 3 Nissan 57

Happy Passover STORE HOURS Sale Effective 461441814 SUN TUE 7AM 9PM WED 7AM 10PM THURS 7AM 11PM FRI 7AM 2 HOURS BEFORE SUNDOWN Sign Up For Your Loyalty Card In Store Fine Foods Great Savings CED

Healing begins here. At Holy Name, everything we do is driven by our passion for healing and the understanding that each of us is unique and precious. Its the reason we attract some of the areas fine

SMART EXPERIENCED BOLD SO LD UN R DE CO R NT AC T 400 Maitland Ave, Teaneck Blackstone. Inc. New Construction 728 Cottage Place, Teaneck 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths NE W LIS G TIN D UN ER

Open Sunday 12pm till 9pm Mon. Thurs. 10am till 9pm Friday 9am till 6pm Special section fully stocked with Passover spirits Tastings with hot food every Thursday night Our solid INVENTORY and years

R ABBI J ONATHAN S ACKS T RANSFORM P ESAH WITH W ISDOM FROM R EVISED E DITION T Two powerful Pesa companions illuminating translation, commentary essays with illumi KOREN PUBLISHERS JERUSALEM www


NEWS BRIEFS Supreme Court Strikes Down Limits Pollard Release A Carrot For on Federal Campaign Donations Middle East Peace Agreement In a 5to4 decision, the Supreme Court has struck down limits on the

NEWS The Case to Support Victims A Teanecker Speaks Out By JLBC Staff few weeks ago, Sam Kellner, who blew the whistle on child molester Baruch Lebovits for sexually assaulting his son, was acquitted

NEWS MiddleEast Talks in Deep Morass From JNS and Combined Services erusalemPalestinian Authority PA President Mahmoud Abbas told the Arab League on Tuesday that he rejects even holding a discussion

NEWS The Making of a Soldier Bullets and Barachot By Maxine Dovere s the Knesset voted for a draft law that affected haredi men in Israel, thousands to protest in the streets. At Netzach Yehuda, a Na

NEWS Danny Ayalon On the Challenges Facing Israel CONTINUED FROM P. 1 told The Jewish Link of Bergen County that he does not consider this to be the major issue or challenge for Israel or peace in

NEWS Palestinians Condemned for Visiting Nazi Death Camps by Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute visit by Palestinian students to Nazi death camps has stirred controversy among Palestinians, with

GRAND OPENING WEDNESDAY APRIL 9. 2014 Prime Caterers ....... now in Englewood PrimeToGo is bringing to you the finest gourmet Take Out Private Parking Available 14 April 3,

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NEWS Russia Not Ready To Retaliate In Iran Talks By Paul J. Saunders AlMonitor lMonitorWith the next round of talks between the P51 the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany and Ira

NEWS Internal Investigation Clears Christie CONTINUED FROM P. 1 tained by Governor Christie to conduct an internal review of his administrations role in the Bridgegate scandal, released its report,

LOCAL NEWS United Hatzalah of Israel Founder Eli Beer Meets with Bergen Leaders CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Hatzalah has employed to get to the scene of emergencies faster, in order to save lives. In addit

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LOCAL NEWS Teaneck Native Wins Goldwater Scholarship By Elizabeth Kratz N ew YorkKayla Applebaum, a student at Stern College for Women, is one of only 283 students nationwide who were awarded the p

LOCAL NEWS Experiencing Inclusion at Yachads Shabbaton By Atara Arbesfeld I t wasnt my typical Friday afternoon, that is, it didnt include the usual hustle and bustle of rushing back to my Manhatta

RE The Guide for Everyday. The Edition for Today. LEA UP SE DA D MA TE RC D H2 014 ED IT IO N SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER ENTIRE SLIPCASED SET only 95 59. beautiful new edition is the

MUNICIPAL CORNER Why We Must Vote...But First Register By David Spielman O ne of the many great things about Teaneck is its nonpartisan government. The Township is governed by a sevenmember council

LOCAL NEWS Bergen Bnai Mitzvah Sing for Suppers Sharing Seats for Chessed Giller Twins Host iShine Kids at Rangers Game E rica and Bryan Giller and family partnered with the nonprofit organization S

LOCAL NEWS Local Rabbis Talk About Yom HaShoah By Anne Phyllis Pinzow W hen Jews throughout the world and of every level of observance hear the number Six Million, they dont hear that it means to r

NEWS FEATURE A Tuesday Night Taste of Hebrew By Sara Kosowsky Gross T eaneckEvery Tuesday night Rabbi Meir Goldwicht, a native Yerushalmi, crosses the George Washington Bridge to deliver a Parshat

ANAYLSIS The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America Is That a Good Thing By Clarissa D o the Jews Really Control America asked one Chinese newsweekly headlin

EDITORIAL THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz Editor Jeanette Friedman Contributing Editors Nina Glick Elizabeth Kratz Phil Sieradski Advert

THE MAGGID OF BERGENFIELD Metzorah The Evil Ooze Vayikra 14 3357 By Larry Stiefel he house was 52 years old. It was beautiful, but much like its new owners, it was starting to show its age. It was

POLITICAL PONDERINGS A Very Pricey Probe By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. recently had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at which he discussed his desire for local

OPED The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America Is That a Good Thing CONTINUED FROM P. 27 T he institute is funded largely by foreign Jewish donors, who have their own interest in seeing po

FIGHTING ANTISEMITISM Vatican, EU Allies in Fighting Antisemitism By Stanley M. I t is important that we dedicate ourselves to transmitting to new generations the heritage of our mut

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR CONTINUED FROM P. 28 ever, if we want our students to meet certain standards, we must hold their teachers to high expectations. In 1899, John Dewey observed, What the best and

FIRST PERSON Bethlehems Christ at the Checkpoint Conference By Brian Schrauger, Jewish Press with permission B ethlehemLast week Bethlehem Bible College, BBC, hosted its third Christ at the Checkpo

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PESACH PREP Grand Opening This Week Prime Caterers and Prime to Go Bracha Schwartz E nglewoodPrime Caterers and Prime to Go are hosting a grand opening in Englewood at 172 South Van Brunt Street, o

Earn FREE Passover Matzo with your Spend 100.00 OR Spend 200.00 on any items for your Holiday Meal from March 16 thru April 19, 2014 and earn on any items for your Holiday Meal from March 16 thru Apri

ANALYSIS The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America Is That a Good Thing CONTINUED FROM P. 31 universities seems to be creating opportunities for the knowledge base to grow. et on a human lev

HUMOR Cleaning By Banji Latkin Ganchrow es, it is that time of year again. Spring is in the air, the Purim candy has been eaten and Passover is just around the corner. The time of year when my husban

ANALYSIS Russia and the United States Negotiate the Future of Ukraine By George Friedman D uring the Cold War, U.S. secretaries of state and Soviet foreign ministers routinely negotiat

IN GOOD TASTE Roasted Cauliflower Gratin By Lisa Reitman Dobi I ts still cold enough that I can produce just one more comforting, creamyand yes, a somewhat caloriefilled dish. When I made this caul

FOOD Theres No Business Like Pickle Business Katz Brothers Start Chilis on 79 By Elizabeth Kratz B ergenfieldFresh ingredients and refrigerated brine are just part of the fantastic secret pickle re

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46 April 3, 2014 3 Nissan 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

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FEATURES Our Pesach Agenda By Marilyn Wechsler Need New Maternity Clothing T his prayer was compiled by Rabbi YissacharBernard Davids who, prior to World War II, served as Chief Rabbi in Rotterdam

MISSION TO WASHINGTON Wednesday April 30, 2014 Features Meet in small groups with Members of Congress Roundtrip transportation to Washington, DC Breakfast, lunch, dinner all meals Glatt Kosher Jo

PARENTING Behavior Analyst Shares Secrets for Shalom Bayis By Elizabeth Kratz T enaflyEleven years ago, Michelle Goodmans life as a Tanach teacher at the Ramaz School in Manhattan was turned on its

RELATIONSHIPS Lets Talk Tachlis Dating For Mating vs. Dating and Dating By Reuben E. Gross, Ph.D. t a Singles Exposition in New York City where I was a guest speaker on the topic Coping with the Dati

ov mT Yo h as B All Suits Shoes Buy One Get One Extended hours for Yom Tov season April 113 SunThu 1030900 Fri 1030 to 300 ff O 0 5 Bianco Bianco Mens Shirts reg 150 4 SHIRTS for 99 Boon Dash for

HEALTH AND FITNESS Why All Protein Is Not Created Equal By Chemmie Sokolic or all you vegans out there, be warned this article wont be pretty. Continuing my previous three articles regarding the six

FEATURES Tchotchkes By Estelle Glass y father loved tchotchkes. Perhaps this was because he didnt have much to call his own, growing up as one of seven siblings in a poor household. Maybe he just lik

PROFILES Norbert Strauss A Meaningful Life By Elizabeth Kratz E nglewoodCommitment to work, commitment to family, and commitment to the tenets of our faith are the overarching themes encountered in

CHESED A Tool for Spiritual Closeness By Rita Lewy This was written subsequent to the unthinkable loss of four young children in Yerushalayim, and the most untimely passing of Sara bat Reuven in our

CHESED How Can You Choose Just One By Dena Wimpfheimer I n a small family apartment high atop the Israeli city of Modiin, a husband and wife sit together as they pore over a thick black binder burs

BOOKS The Rabbi and the Nuns Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski Talks to JLBC CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Pa. Rabbi Dr. Twerski, a prolific author of over 60 books about psychology and selfhelp, and the founder of

NATURE AND NOT SO MUCH Meet The Enemy Of Killer Fungus That Turns Ants into Zombies By Tommy LeungThe Conversation Lecturer in Parasitology and Evolutionary Biology at University of New England One o



DAY TRIPS Out and About on Chol Hamoed Exploring Brooklyn and Manhattan By Bracha Schwartz hen the Seder dishes are put away, families can go out to play. Chol Hamoed this year is limited to Thursday

SCHOOLS Yeshivat HeAtid Pioneers Collaborative 21st Century Learning Model By Elizabeth Kratz B ergenfieldA revolutionary threepillared pedagogical model is what drives every days activities at Yes

SCHOOLS RYNJ 2nd Graders Learning About Kosher Fish Signs RYNJ Play Raises Money for Project Ezrah In Memory of R Yossie Stern CONTINUED FROM P. 1 ery, creating costumes and props, and choreograph

SCHOOLS Diamonds in the Forest Gem of a Play P day different than all other days Cieri said. For Diamonds in the Forest, Cieri aramusZelik and said it is when the Germans Mindl Diamond sit front in

SPORTS Moriah 6B in First Place... Alone at the Top Frisch Varsity Soccer By Coach Alan Weiss T he Frisch Boys Varsity Soccer Team played at Kushner on Tuesday night. Kushner opened up a 20 lead e

SPORTS Frisch Closes With 2nd Place Sarachek Tourney Finish CONTINUED FROM P. 1 va League season, heading into the last regular season game with a record of 85. In the season finale, Frisch was up

SPORTS Sarachek A Slam Dunk for Jewish Pride By Nachum Segal O ver the weekend, March Madness returned to the Max Stern Athletic Center on Yeshiva Universitys Wilf Campus in Washington Heights. Fro

SARACHEK SPORTS SCENES Joey Goffstein and the MTA faithful at Sarachek Tournament . Credit Lisa Appelbaum MTAs Ezra Teichman takes it up strong. Credit Lisa Appelbaum. Eli Lipner will not be denied

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FIVE STAR CATERERS THE 59 WEDDING IS BACK New menu options for the 2014 season Call for details very menu is individually tailored to your special event, whether it be a wedding, sheva brachot, lchai

y y This time of year is about celebrating the traditions that bring us together as familiesand more important, as the extended family that is the Jewish people. Tell them your secret, tell them ab

LEGAL Prince Charming Is Not American, Now What By Michael J. Wildes, Esq. ongratulations You have finally met your bashert You are engaged to be married Before you start designing your chuppah, prac

FINANCE Navigating the Manhattan Real Estate Market By Amy Elfman Condominiums ondominium apartments differ from coops in that condos are real property. When purchasing a condo, the purchaser is giv

PERSONAL FINANCE How to Have Happy Accidents On Purpose By Elozor Preil Yes. When it comes to money, did you ever notice how some people seem to be in the right place at the right time Is it random c

GEMACHS GlutenFree Gemach to Hold Second Annual Drive By Jenny Gans B ergenfieldBy the time Pesach is over, few people want to look at another potato starchbased dessert. Most break out the flour t

DIRSHU Dirshu PrePesach International Shiurim By Chaim Gold p rePesach shiurim in the United States, Eretz Yisrael and Europe are part of Dirshus Daf HaYomi BHalachas program, bringing awareness of

MIDDAH OF THE MONTH SUPER SHABBOS SHEET tells how the becomes pure, which includes bringing birds to the , shaving his hair and immerses his clothes and himself in the mikvah. On the eighth day, t

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COMMUNITY CALENDAR APRIL SHABBAT APRIL 5TH Herb Keinon of the Jerusalem Post Cong Bnai Yeshurun, 641 W Englewood Mr Keinon will speak after the 830 Ashkenza minyan. 1st Yahrzeit of Rabbi Herschel Scha

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HIGHEST QUALITY MEATS from the store you trust Weve provided the highest quality Pesach meats for our customers for over 30 years. Our secret We sell only the freshest cuts of meat that we would wan