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SAVOR THE FLAVORS of Sit back and relax, From freshly made picnic favorites to soups, sides and dips, well prep, pack and deliver our foods fresh wherever you are From outdoor birthday parties to fam

GLATT CHEF HACES Recipes from our culinary Theres nothing like a soft, well Slow Cooked Potatoes Break out that slowcooker Were that you can set in the morning works well too Prep time 15 Mi

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Trump on Sanctions I Am Asking for World Peace, Nothing Less Arutz Sheva US President Donald Trump said this week that his goal in sanctioning Iran is world peace. The Iran sanctions

MACULAR DEGENERATION is progressive and debilitating Macular degeneration is a medical condition that results in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field because of damage to the retina. MPO

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You Dont Have to Be Sick to be Friendly, Come to Friendly Urgent Care See a Board Certified Physician within minutes ER Skills, Without the ER Bills When youve been seriously injured, your only con

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COMMENTARY Have We Lost Cory Booker CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Boteach, then a Chabadassociated campus rabbi and not the celebrity coauthor he is now, was there to greet him. Years later, Boteach introduced

EDITORS NOTEBOOK Koshericas Cruise to Bermuda CONTINUED FROM P. 8 I reached out to the superb team I work with at Kosherica, Helit Edelstein and Aliza Klein, and they were happy to arrange for my wif

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Fire Kites Sting Negev Honey Farms Just Before Rosh Hashanah In addition to the bees themselves being scorched by aerial attacks of flammable kites and balloons launched from Gaza, w

CAMP HASC P r e s e n t s SE CO N D ANNU AL 12 teams 160 players 8.26.18 Teaneck, NJ participating teams DRS EVENT CHAIRMEN Gilad Rosenberg Sam Schertz TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR Kivi Naiman TEAM

WORLDISRAEL NEWS US Senate Votes to Lock In Aid to Israel, Regardless of Administration By Erez Linn and Israel Hayom Staff The U.S. Senate has passed the U.S.Israel Security Assistance Authorization


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COMMUNITY NEWS Pelcovitz Presents to OHEL Courtesy of OHEL The Annual Nine ance about ideal methods in creating these Days Conference at the Fallsview Estates boundaries effectively and lovingly. Aft

ATTEND AN OPEN HOUSE IN NYC OR BROOKLYN APPLY NOW FOR FALL 18 Chana Lazar, Touro MSW, 12 Childrens social work therapy Interested in a clinical position or opening your own social work practice Earn

COMMUNITY NEWS New Jersey NonPublic Schools Receive Reinstated Student Appropriations Courtesy of Agudath Israel After months of advocacy and grassroots lobbying by Agudath Israel of Americas New Jer

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COMMUNITY NEWS Take Your Savings to New Heights MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT Ezras Torah Is Active in Bergen County Courtesy of Ezras Torah Imagine if the venerated Chofetz Chaim came to town and you had t

COMMUNITY NEWS Get Inspired for the Yamim Noraim With Hidabroot Rabbi Zamir Cohen speaks at last years Hidabroot convention. A speaker addresses the crowd at last years Hidabroot convention. Court

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Filmmaker Paula Eiselt CONTINUED FROM P. 1 certified EMT programs and many have voluntarily done rotations in hospitals around NYC for additional experience. They are experts i

ONLY QUALITY AMERICAN USDA MEATS Door to door fast free delivery NEW JERSEY DELIVERY Englewood Tenafly Fair Lawn Fort Lee Teaneck Bergenfield New Milford Edison Paramus Passaic Clifton Sp


COMMUNITY NEWS Amudim Fundraiser Garners RecordBreaking Support Courtesy of Amudim It was a ringing endorsement last week as the Jewish community responded enthusiastically to Amudims annual fundrais

COMMUNITY NEWS Heres Hoping One Womans Incredible Journey of Survival Against All Odds By Pearl Markovitz Highlighting Art of Hope, by Emma Harot pseudonym, paperback, 210 pages, iUniverse, 2018. ISB

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Board of Education CONTINUED FROM P. 1 on social media, a special public meeting of the Teaneck Board of Education BOE was called for Thursday evening, August 2. Affected paren

Sponsored by BSYD Corp. Name Address 565 Broadway 262 Terhune Ave. The Essex, Middlesex, Passaic Union Counties Minyan Directory Info provided by and Dr. Yosi Fishkin Phone 9737737272 W

The Bergen County Minyan Directory Info Provided by and Dr. Yosi Fishkin Name BAIS MEDRASH OF BERGENFIELD BETH ABRAHAM OHR HATORAH GIANTS STADIUM MINCHA MINYAN Sponsored by BSYD Corp. Maa

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Elon Gold Intimate Humor With a Hometown Audience By Ellie Wolf A packed house filled the ballroom at Bruriah High School to greet Elon Gold and welcome him to the neighbo

ESSEX UNION NEWSBRIEFS Daughters of Israel Residents Enjoy Their Garden Daughters of Israel residents and staff members recently snipped herbs that they had planted in the spring, including dill, ros

Im happy sober thanks to RAC in a nurturing Jewish environment Separate male and female housing Start healing today 32 August 9, 2018 28 Av, 5778 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

FASHION LINK OF NEW JERSEY course, like all products, one pays a premium for brand names. 2. Asking if its European hair This is the most common question I get, and when I get it I know the consumer h

FASHION LINK Transitional Fashion for Transitional Weather By Jenny Gans As the end of August approaches, students and parents alike must face the reality that another school year will begin. Among th

Sponsored By 845 425 2123 845.425.2123 i tt l Kosher Catskill Restaurants Go Upscale By Bracha Schwartz If you spend time in the Catskills during the summer and want pizzazz instea

Sponsored By 845 425 2123 845.425.2123 i tt l Kosher Catskill Restaurants CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Although the steakhouse menu wasnt right for the Chalet, there are two in th

Thinking of traveling The Updated 2018 2018 1 Available Here GROUP SPACE AVAILABLE TO Pocket Guide UMAN FOR ROSH HASHANA fares starting at 799 ICE EXCELLENT SERV SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Inclu

DAF YOMI HIGHLIGHTS Zevachim 114 By Rabbi Zev Reichman May these words of Torah serve as a merit leiluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, ah. This week we learned Zevachim 114. These

SEPHARDIC CORNER The Special Spiritual Energy at Sephardic Tefillah By Rabbi Haim Jachter Many Ashkenazic Jews who visit Sephardic congregations comment that they are struck by the vitality and energ

TEXT INSIGHTS What Is the Meaning of Love By Mitchell First In the spirit of the recent 15th of Av holiday, I offer the following column. Surely you realize that I am not going to write some deep psy

RABBIS MUSINGS AND AMUSINGS Striking a Balance By Rabbi Dani Staum I wonder if others have had this experience too. Before Tisha BAv I was listening to a lecture about the importance of being nosei b

TORAH FROM ERETZ YISRAEL Reeh A Land of Abatement and Legacy By Moshe Taragin Our experience in Israel is multidimensional and oftentimes paradoxical. This land distills so many different values and

BRINGING THE PROPHETS TO LIFE Renewed and Refreshed By Rabbi Neil N. Winkler Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Parshat Reeh This Shabbat is Rosh Chodesh as well, and as a result we take a break from the series o

TORAH INSPIRATION Learning to Move Along By Rabbi Dr. Avi Kuperberg We read in Parshat Reeh that one should not make any cuttings in ones skin for the dead 141. Apparently, this was a mourning custom

INTERN CORNER Get Ready, Get Set, Intern By Rachel Liebling Working with kids for five summers in a row, I was a little dubious about choosing office work for my summer activity, isolated from sun an

NEWS FROM ISRAEL International Jewish Educators Unite to Develop Israel Studies Courtesy of AMIT Jewish educators from around the world recently took a weeklong trip to Israel, where they met with co

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NEWS FROM ISRAEL Jerusalem College of Technology Hosts Its First Hackathon for Women Courtesy of Jerusalem College of Technology Nursing mothers holding their babies while firstyear college students

COACHING Six Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done By Rabbi Dr. Naphtali Hoff Im embarrassed it took me so long. And what a difference it made when I finally did it. Ever since I upgraded

In just a few short weeks, In just a few short weeks, AMIT will welcome back 34,000 AMIT will welcome back 34,000 children to a new school year. children to a new school year. Some will be excited, s

PERSONAL HISTORY My Stories By Norbert Strauss Part 37 written 2014 Continued from previous week The Stadt informed me subsequently that they could not again allow the cash for miscellaneous expenses

PROFILE Harpist Leah Miller A 10YearOld David Hamelech By Rachel Liebling Leah Miller is as refined as her instrument, and plans to immortalize the angelic art of harp playing, her father explained.

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SCHMUTTER Thoughts From a Dummy By Mordechai Schmutter Hatzolah rescued me about three or four times today, so overall, Id consider it a productive day. Though I thought Id be

JEWISH HISTORY Attitudes of the Rabbis Toward the Study of Jewish History By Joel S. Davidi Weisberger Conclusion Firstly Id like to apologize to my readers for being on a rather long hiatus from my

ADVOCACY A Solution to the Jewish Problem By Alex Grobman, PhD Part IV The Jew is no longer frontpage news, lamented Milton K. Susman, editor of Pittsburgs The Jewish Criterion on September 15, 1939.

Daf Yomi Shiurim Teaneck Congregation Beth Aaron MonThurs 945pm, Shabbos 1 hour and ten minutes before mincha Congregation Bnai Yeshurun Sun 700am, MonFri 530am, Shabbos 730am and 1 hr before 3r

THE ARTS Bergen County Introduces Shakespeare in the Park Courtesy of BBPAC The Black Box Performing Arts Center continues to emerge as the tristate areas premiere destination for both cuttingedge pr

EDUCATION 929 Expands to the English World By Zach Marcus Not much today can cross political, ethnic and denominational divides and unite people over shared values, while at the same time helping for

HEALTH Specialty Spotlight Womens Health Courtesy of Hudson Regional Hospital When it comes to womens health, Hudson Regional Hospital knows that trust and confidence can be the most significant fact

HEALTH FUN GAMES JEWISH SPELLING BEE How many common words of 5 or more le ers can you spell using the le ers in the hive Every answer must use the center le er at least once. Le ers may be reused i

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY I Cant Believe Its Not Treif lian, avian or piscine variety, if you go to the market in Bangkok, youll see people Notwithstanding the vast range of ko munching on all kin

FOOD WINE LINK I Cant Believe Its Not Treif CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE very nutritious, although that benefit is lost somewhat when they are coated in chocolate. The Feast of Biblical Flora Fauna

ITS DRY. ITS CHEWY. ITS PERFECT. Housemade beef jerky, authentically flavored Hours SundayThursday 12pm12am, Fridays 10am4pm 455 NY306, MONSEY, NY 306SOUTHERNBBQ.COM 845.777.9227 2013713212 WWW.J

CAMPS Camp Shalom Hits the Road Each division in camp enjoyed individual trips that were tailor made for them. The older girls enjoyed a fantastic Broadway show, the older boys caught a Yankees game

CAMPS Camp HASC A Place of Overwhelming Love By Chaya Feldstein Ive been looking forward to the sixth annual Camp HASC Experience Day since the beginning of the summer. It is an invitation that unifi

CAMPS Mesorah Experience Campers Camp Regesh Has Join Siblings in Camp Mesorah Color Run Fun Camp Regesh campers had another fabulous week practicing archery, cooling off in the pool, wearing their f

SPORTS Teaneck Doghouse Sportstar of the Week Hannah Koppel By JLNJ Sports Desk The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Teaneck Doghouse would like to recognize 13yearold Hannah Koppel as this weeks Sports

FEATURE Success JJ Eizik Reaches Bike4Chai Finish Line By David Roher We had one job escort JJ Eizik as he attempted to bike 175 miles in under 48 hours. JJ lost his leg to cancer at the age of 17, s

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CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STAFF YBH of Passaic seeks enthusiastic experienced staff for the Elementary division General Studies Assistants General Studies Perm Sub General Studies Mat

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY lows disclosed plans, and researching their business model, I became less worried about the endeavor. Firstly, this lender is not operating, nor licensed in the NorthEas

REAL ESTATE The Fine Print By David Siegel Inconspicuous details or conditions printed in an agreement, especially ones that may prove unfavorable. This is the definition of fine print in Google. Any

REAL ESTATE Five Ways to Amp Up the Natural Benefits of Your Yard Now that you know the benefits of your lawn and landscapes, you may be inspired to try some of these simple improvements to make it l

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 515 Standish Road, Teaneck 599,000 V N Realty 2016923700 Beautifully renovated classic Tudor set on 151 ft deep property. Slate steps and classic pavers lead

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Apartment Purchases Gone Wrong Damages for Breach of Contract By Yaacov Epstein Yaniv and Michal purchased a beautiful apartment near Raanana for 2,000,000 NIS about 550,000. Every


Coming Soon to The Jewish Link South Florida Trends A column by Leon Weinschneider Coming Soon Trends The Best Buildings Realtors Restaurants Shuls Shabbos Elevators Contractors Interior Desi

REAL ESTATE How to Cut Years Off the Mortgage of Your Home, Sweet, Home StatePoint Whether youve just moved into your dream home and are experiencing the elation of making it your own or you are a fe