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Chag Sameach JEWISH LINK October 13, 2016 Published BiWeekly 11 Tishrei, 5777 Issue 39 Shop with Family From Anywhere From CANDLE LIGHTING SEASONSKOSHER.COM SEE PAGE 3 BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONN

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WORLD NEWSBRIEFS New York Times to Obama Hit Israel Hard Arutz Sheva The New York Times has demanded President Barack Obama use his last months in office to hit Israel hard diplomatically. Apparently,

7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM October 13, 2016 11 Tishrei, 5777 5

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 Though the US has historically blocked Palestinianled attempts by the UN to issue condemnations or resolutions against Israel, particularly with regard to the se

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Leaked Email Highlights Israels Concerns About Clinton Campaign CONTINUED FROM P. 1 has frequently clashed with Israels leaders, is the executive vice president of Brookings and orga

EDITORIAL Again, Words That Incite The New York Times has never missed a chance to tell everyone how the United States should work with Israel. No, we shouldnt be surprised with the newspapers editor

OPED The Myth of The Age of Humdrum Terror By Alex Grobman, PhD In response to the continued acts of terror in Europe and the U.S., the English weekly news magazine Economist recently opined that it

SACRIFICE NOTHING 10 October 13, 2016 11 Tishrei, 5777 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS Lincoln Park Honors 90YearOld Sidney Goldman By Robert Kalfus Yonkers resident Sidney Goldman celebrated his 90th birthday in May. Having served the Lincoln Park Jewish Center in a mul

12 October 13, 2016 11 Tishrei, 5777 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS Eitan Katz Concert to Benefit Sderot to Be Held on Chol Hamoed Sukkot American Friends of Sderot invites you to a special concert on Chol Hamoed Sukkot featuring worldrenowned singing

COMMUNITY NEWS Atria Riverdale Residents Demonstrate Appreciation on World Gratitude Day Join us at the incomparable Waldorf Astoria Hotel Passover 2017 in Orlando, FL Elegantlyappointed Waldorf A

COMMUNITY NEWS State Senate Incumbent George Latimer Israel Only Wants Peace CONTINUED FROM P. 1 right to exist. Hopefully like most Americans, I believe that Israel is our strongest ally in the Midd

COMMUNITY NEWS SAR Sophomores Raise Funds for Childhood Cancer Research By Jill Kirsch On September 25, Teaneck resident Eliana Schochet and Shelomzion SteinmetzSilber of Manhattan performed a mitzva

Join us for an OPEN HOUSE THURSDAY Nov. 3 57 pm FALL 2016 SCHEDULE Touros Graduate Program in SpeechLanguage Pathology is Celebrating A Perfect Score The best students choose Touros Speech Language

DIVREI TORAH Redemption vs. Salvation By Rabbi David Walk Sukkot5777 O happy day Now, thats a lyric for Sukkot. Its too bad that it was already appropriated for a famous gospel song. But I still like

BRINGING THE PROPHETS TO LIFE Yesterdays PropheciesTodays Headlines By Rabbi Neil Winkler The Yom Tov of Sukkot is unique in many ways, none more than the glaring difference in the sacrificial rite a

EDUCATION Builds The Gemara Card Learning Innovation CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Sachs grew up in Livingston, NJ, attending the Agudath Israel Conservative synagogue in West Caldwell. His upbringing, while n

SHALOM TASK FORCE Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community Emotional Abuse By Shoshannah D. Frydman, LCSW, PhD Part III of V But He Never Hit Her Understanding Emotional and Verbal Abuse You never

Dear Chai4ever, When I look back at the first few days and weeks after finding out I had stage IV cancer, I remember my biggest fear. I wasnt afraid of the multiple invasive surgeries that I knew I h

To DonaTe www.chai4ever.orgdonate Call 646.519.2196 Mail 1221 madison avenue, lakewood, nJ 08701 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM October 13, 2016 11 Tishrei, 5777 23

CHESED Camp4ever Provides Hope for Families For parents grappling with their own serious illness, summer is a time of fear and uncertainty. Like everyone else, they are well aware of how necessary a

7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM October 13, 2016 11 Tishrei, 5777 25

BOOKS A Special Friendship The Rav and the Rebbe CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Rebbe 19021994, two leaders whose impact on Yiddishkeit will be everlasting. Author Rabbi Chaim Dalfin said that he had stored awa

Lose 510 Of Your Weight In Just 10 Days Steven Y. Szklarz CSP Before 21 Years Old Results ARE Typical GUARANTEED If You Weigh 120 lbs. 150 lbs. 170 lbs. 190 lbs. 210 lbs. 230 lbs. 250 lbs. 300 lbs.

CHESED Gilis Goodies Distributes Lulav Sets to Israeli Soldiers Gilis Goodies, based in Gush Etzion, decided that rather than simply sending goodies donated by friends from around the world, they wou

Wishes for a Chag Sameach May it be a season of hope and dignity Rooted in our core Jewish values of compassion and respect, MJHS works tirelessly to deliver the highest quality of care to ensure the

Late. But worth the wait. 30 October 13, 2016 11 Tishrei, 5777 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

FASHION How to Dress for the Changing Weather By Jenny Gans ready for shul and feel great about their look, and the parents love the crisp outfit This year the chagim are all later than that also pro

F OD W NE LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT Cantine Pitigliano Brings Classic Tuscan Wines to Kosher Tables By Elizabeth Kratz Cantine Pitigliano, a winery named for the small town in southern Tu

Chef Ys Creamy Tomato Soup With Pesto Swirl and Cheesy Croutons By Yitzi Chef Y Taber Serves eight. This is a take on a tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I love the creamy silkiness of the s

e hed th Publis ssue of First I Month Every THE HEALTH LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT DEAR TANYA How to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthier Foods By Tanya Rosen Dear Tanya, I have the worlds

THE SIMCHA LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT and on Motzei Shabbos, featured Simcha Leiner as a lead vocalist and added Orthobox Josh Leviton from Americas Got Talent for Saturday night dancing. Th

SIMCHA LINK Emporios Tips to Extend Suit Life will benefit from being hung in the bathroom. It will enjoy a sauna from the shower. 3. Hang the jacket on a sturdy hanger with shoulder support. Keep th

SIMCHA LINK Host and Hostess Gifts Everyone Will Love BPT Every season is party season, but when the latter half of the year rolls in so do the party invitations. If youll be attending one or more pa

SCHOOLS Westchester Hebrew High School Forms Partnership With the Childrens Museum of the Arts Ms. Tessema is ethnically Ethiopian but grew up not far from where she teaches today. Westchester has pr

SCHOOLS BiCultural Screens Film and Hosts IDF Commander On Tuesday, September 13th, Israel Defense Force IDF First Lt. Eden Adler visited BiCultural Day School, sharing his experiences as an Israeli

SPORTS MTA Sophomores Catch Epic Yankees 9th Inning Win YU Roller Hockey Team Rolls On to Division 2 After Winning First Season By Pearl Markovitz There was great joy and jubilation this summer in W

ASK THE REALTOR Why Is It So Hard to Find a Landlord Who Loves My Dog as Much as I Do By Vivian J. Oleen, Associate Broker, Sopher Realty Several years ago, a fine gentleman whom I had placed in a co

REAL ESTATE Why Is It So Hard to Find a Landlord Who Loves My Dog as Much as I Do CONTINUED FROM P. 41 they are typically allowed to keep one. If you have signed such a lease, or a lease that permits

REAL ESTATE How to Build a Positive Relationship With a Contractor By Jane Morgan My first draft of this article included a how many contractors does it take to screw in a lightbulb joke as well as a

Riverdales FamilyOwned Brokerage Since 1966 Established 1966 Morris and Marilyn Sopher Den Great room Part of kitchen Exclusively listed with Sopher Realty. Awardwinning, energyefficient solar ho