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THE JEWISH LINK Connecting the Bergen Jewish Community Vol. 1 No. 7 June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 Distributed every other week SEE BACK COVER SENATOR LAUTENBERGS COFFIN IS TAKEN F


LET US SOLVE YOUR REAL ESTATE PUZZLE 2016923700 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 3

Uniting Klal Yisroel With Torah. The Olam HaTorah in Eretz Yisroel and around the globe is living under imminent existential threat. From Iranian nuclear weapons and Syrian chemical weapons to our own

Dirshu has arranged for this Asifas Chizuk of hope and inspiration to be broadcast live from Binyanei Haumah in Yerushalayim, to locations worldwide. English translation will be provided. Sunday, June

Senator Frank Lautenberg is Laid to Rest CONTINUED FROM P. 1 with kings but never lost the common touch, and remained aware of his commitments, and never lost the common touch. Frank emitted the com

AN APPRECIATION Senator Frank R. Lautenberg 19242013 By Michael Berenbaum F rank Lautenbergs rise to wealth and prominence is a classic ragstoriches story. Born in Paterson, N.J., the son of Polish

Maternal Resources welcomes Dr. Melissa Weinstein Dr. Abdelhak and staff are happy to welcome dr. melissa weinstein back to New Jersey. She will be joining Maternal Resources and will be delivering

NEWS BRIEFS Lapid Threatens to Bring Down the Govt on Haredi Army Issue erusalemAccording to reports in JTA, Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid threatened to bring down the Israeli government if a bill req

NEWS BRIEFS Kosher Soup Kitchens Expand Worldwide as Jewish Poverty Soars Reprinted with permission from Kosher Today. erusalemThere was a time when the kosher soup kitchen was considered a relic of

LOCAL NEWS If You Cant Shop on Sunday, Sign a Petition Campaign to Repeal Bergen County Blue Laws Gains Momentum Amidst Mixed Reaction By Shira Hirschman Weiss B ergen CountyWestwood resident Rosem

NEWS Claims Conference Launches Internal Probe Of Bungled Warning N EW YORK Combined services As a result of headlines generated by articles in The Jerusalem Post written by Isi Liebler, Isi Liebl

LOCAL NEWS Dedication Ceremony at THSs Historic Holocaust Resource Center By Shira Hirschman Weiss T eaneckAs Vice President of the Israel Club at Teaneck High School THS, Arianna Cannonier has hea

NEWS Congressman Garrett Meets ZOA Leaders ergen County residents met with Congressman Scott Garrett during the Zionist Organization of Americas mission to Washington on May 22nd. Congressman Garret

COMMUNITY NEWS Dedication Ceremony at THSs Historic Holocaust Resource Center CONTINUED FROM P. 13 Ores, daughter of the late Dr. Richard Ores, gifted the center with her fathers documentary, The M

EDITORIAL Knaidle, Kneydel, Knoedel, Whatever CoFoundersCoPublishers Mark Mendy Schwartz Moshe Kinderlehrer Editor Jeanette Friedman Contributing Editor Nina Glick Advertising Director Yaakov Serle

DIVREI TORAH Fixing the Failure or Learning from it By Rabbi Yehuda Chanales hile in the world of schools students work to avoid receiving an F on an assignment, they often work just as hard to convi

MEACHOREI HAPARGOD A Wandering Mind at the Israel Day Parade By Robert Katz ome random thoughts regarding this years Celebrate Israel Parade its official name. Am Yisrael Chai is still the best Jewis

OPED Can We Stop the Hate With Music by Jeanette Friedman P aradise ValleyWith the Three Weeks approaching, and TishaBAv looming in the not too far distance, reading the news and seeing videos abou

Distance Teaching From Israel Remote Possibilities Pan Out in the Classroom By Tzvi Silver et ShemeshJim Henson, television puppeteer best known as the creator of The Muppets, once wrote Kids dont rem

OPED Multiple Chief Rabbis Would Guarantee Religious Freedom By Donniel Hartman Reprinted with permission from the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem I n a month or so, 150 rabbis and representa

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Ever yone is Included by Mordechai and Nina Glick es the parade was great we loved every moment. It didnt hurt that we were able to sit in the grandstand on that hot day, but

THE HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Buttons, Buttons, and More By Gail Hochman t seems that buttons are a major part of our lives. Either they fall off a shirt and we need to sew them on or we are looking for a b

PERSONAL FINANCE Protecting the Machine Its a Business Decision By Elozor Preil uppose you are the CEO of a business. You decide to acquire a new piece of equipment, something called a Holographic P

LOCAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Bergen Vet Treating Your Pet By Sarah Abenaim T eaneckDr. Jennifer Suss dream of becoming a veterinarian began at a young age. When her pet cat Tiger was given a diagnosis

EDUCATION Music is the Answer By Bezalel Apfel N ew YorkFor many, the summer months are associated with vacation, camp, or perhaps the beach. However, there are people unable to partake in these mo

Kashrus on the Go Only the specific items indicated on the certificate are reliably kosher. For example, a premix, like a soft icecream mix or a cake mix, comes partially prepared, and the store owne

ADVICE Dear Rabbi Sam By Rabbi Sam Frankel Dear Rabbi Sam, My wife and I just became aware that our son, age 11, is being bullied and tormented at school. I found this out when I entered his room an

CHINUCH How Grading Schools Will Affect The Future Of Education By Rabbi Maccabee Avishur n article in the Wall Street Journal this winter reported that schools are getting a taste of their own medic

PARENTING Is Technology All Bad By Alyssa Colton MA, OTRL and Aviva Lipner MA, OTRL e feel that children are being adversely affected by their involvement in sedentary activities and with toys that a

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 31

32 June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

CELEBRATE ISRAEL PARADE Tens of Thousands Attend Celebrate Israel Parade by Jeff Klapper S chool was out in time to march in the Celebrate Israel Parade, held Sunday on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I

Bergen County Celebrates 34 June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

at Israel Day Parade. 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 35

NEWS BRIEFS Al Quds in Cherem erusalemAlMonitor reports that while Jerusalems health care system suffers from a shortage of Arabicspeaking doctors and medical staff, hundredsof doctors, dentists,socia

HEALTH Religion, Anorexia and Recovery, Part I By Temima Zucker n recent weeks, an article written by Rabbi BenZion Spitz, chief rabbi of Uraguay, was brought to my attention. In his writing he quote

HEALTH Seasonal Affective Disorder By Shani Stein, MD S easonal affective disorder SAD otherwise known as winter blues or winter depression or summer blues or summer depression for those living in

PARENTING Listening To Your Inner Voice By Nancy Silberman Zwiebach s a psychotherapist, and one who has facilitated numerous groups for women, both general groups in which some of the women were div

HOME Top 12 New Fruit and Vegetables Species Developed In Israel Israeli innovation isnt just limited to hightech, it also extends to the development of some of the worlds most popular new fruits and

FOOD Master Chef Kosher Cook Off At Jewish Home Shades of Red Photo by Keith Weller and courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture R iver ValeA master chef cook off was held recently

FOOD Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink Bread By Chavie Hagler and Rayzel Yaish T his is Chavie, and I am always surprised at how my friends are scared of making bread. Although many of them are comforta

NAMES NOT NUMBERS Premiere of Moriah Student Film About Sur vivors Packs Keter Torah Masses By JLBC Staff Y ou can study the Holocaust for the next 30 years and you can read hundreds of books on th

Yeshiva University Celebrates 82nd Commencement Exercises N ew YorkHundreds of students from Yeshiva Universitys undergraduate schools were presented with their degrees at YUs 82nd Commencement exer

THE ARTS Heimish, Spontaneous Folksbiene Gala Earns Raves By Maxine Dovere T he vibrant, ever youthful Bryna Wasserman, Executive Director of The National Yiddish TheaterFolksbiene greeted a sold o

LIVING IN ISRAEL Even Sporting Life is Different in Israel By Jordana Shoor I n just the past two weeks, my elementary schoolaged children have participated in a jumproping show, a gymnastics show,

ISRAELI PERFORMING ARTS Israels Got Talent By Estelle Glass When doubts and fear begin to grow And crowd the place where dreams should go Dream on, believe, and youll go far Reach always for that fle

MONEY MATTERS The Real Value Of Borrowed Money By Mark Rokowsky M any of us have a natural inclination to be debtfree. We put down as much money as we can when buying our homes and then we work to

SPORTS Yavneh Comes Up Short in Comeback by Coach Aliza Hiller JLBC Athlete of the Week Rafi Suss By JLBC Sports Staff lthough he is only a second grader at Yeshivat Noam, 8yearold Teaneck native Ra


YAVNEH YOUTH LEAGUE REPORT Media Kids Marlins Top Approved Funding Blue Jays to Advance to Championship Game T he Blue Jays, got the game off to a solid start with a barrage of hits by Miriam Rubin

of Keter Torah Five Star Caterers fine cuisine price convenient location Complimentary Party Planner Available For Your Event 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM great All inclusive weddings startin

The New Crew Ever Evolving and Storied Bnai Yeshurun League Team T he New Crew has seen quite the evolution over the years. The team was founded as the Lancers, over thirty years ago by long time B

54 June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

Yavneh Academy Team Wins Stock Market Game avneh Academy placed first in the spring 2013 Stock Market Game sponsored by the Sifma Foundation. Out of over 400 teams in their division, seventh graders Y

SCHOOLS N ew York City The annual endoftheyear Grand Siyum, celebrating the completion of a masechta by over 170 students was celebrated at Yeshiva University High School for Boys MTA on Thursday ev

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE The Knesset is on Church Land By Gedaliah Borvick History The Ottoman Turkish Empire controlled Israel from 1516 until 1917. Towards the end of its reign, the Ottomans sold chunks

TRAVEL State Fair Meadowlands By Benjamin Cohen E very year as summer starts the NJ Transit buses are lined with ads for the Meadowlands State Fair. Is it just some dinky carnival like the one that

SPOTLIGHT ON CAMP SHALOM Camp Shalom Making Strides in the Jewish Camping Experience By Sarah I. Abenaim hile Jewish day schools provide children with academic growth, religious values, and emotional

GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES BABIES AND CHILDREN Teaneck Bris Gemach Bris outfits, pillows, pillow cases, tefilos for mothers to say. Open to the Jewish community. There is no solicitation of fund

CALENDAR OF EVENTS JUNE SHABBAT, JUNE 15TH Seudah Shelishit 600PM Honoring Esther Manischewitz Cong Bnai Yeshurun 641 W Englewood Teaneck Esther is a founding member of Cong Bnai Yeshurun and will be

SIDDUR PARTIES PLAYS Siddur Party Reflections From A Mother By Irit Sandler R iver Edge Several weeks before my daughters Siddur party, some of her friends came over for a play date. They were ta

Lubavitch on Palisades First Graders Now Published Authors First Grade students at the Lubavitch on the Palisades School gathered at Womraths book store in Tenafly for a Publishing Party. Having used

SUPER SHABBOS SHEET SHABBOS ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN LIVE THE PARSHA Put on a skit about THIS WEEKS PARSHA This weeks portion opens thirtyeight years after the events described in last weeks por

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 65

66 June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 13, 2013 5 Tammuz, 5773 67

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