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Simcha Link Pg Linking Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Passaic Union Counties 53 Issue 141 JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY By Bracha Schwartz Located at the rear of Congregation Ahavath Torah, the Rebbetzin Pe

SPECIALS GOURMET FOODS 1 lb Mushrom Rice FREE Weekly Extended Hours Monday, Aug. 1st Open Until 7 PM Tuesday, Aug. 2nd Open Until 8 PM July 31st to Aug. 5th while supplies last for Bergen County

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opping Experi Kosher Sh The Warmest ence Now Open CLIFTONSEASONSKOSHER.COM 467 Allwood Road Clifton NJ 07012 P 973.339.0900 F 973.339.0922 4 July 28, 2016 22 Tammuz, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLI

Nearsighted Myopia and you have to wear contacts or spectacles to see Corneal Refractive TherapyOrthokeratology maybe your answer. Among contact lens wearers, DRY EYE is the most frequent complaint N

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS HamasAssociated Murderer of Rabbi Miki Mark Killed in IDF Arrest Raid Israel HayomExclusive to A Hamas terrorist who killed a rabbi in a driveby shooting attack earlier this m

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE The NGO Monitor watchdog group has found that between 2012 and 2015, Germany funneled at least 4.4 million to some 15 Israeli organizations, and 42 perc

EDITORIAL The Red Flag of Philadelphia When the gavel closes out this years Democratic National Convention, with just over 100 days remaining until November 8s general election, the campaigns of Hill

OPED Preparing for the Morning After the Election CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE United States of America. He or she will not be the president just for the percentage of the population that votes for t

OPED Tim Kaine and Jewish Voters By Abraham H. The Jewish communitys polarization in reaction to the selection of Sen. Tim Kaine Va. as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

COMMENTARY The Three Weeks Through the Eyes of a Millennial By Sara Linder For someone who grew up in the age of instant gratification, the Three Weeks has always felt restrictive. When technology ha

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WORLDISRAEL NEWS Senate Majority Leader to Israel Hayom Trump Brings Something New By Boaz BismuthIsrael Hayom Exclusive to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can certainly be seen as som

WORLDISRAEL NEWS As Berlin Prices Rise, Israelis Turn East for German Real Estate Bargains By Orit Sonnenallee, a street in Berlins Neukolln district, looks like it comes straight out of

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Reports Palestinian Flags Outnumber American Flags at Democratic National Convention Conservative bloggers, meanwhile, highlighted adPalestinian flags were ditional flag issues durin

At ALEH miracles happen every day. After being offered an iPad with specialized applications, Einat who was born with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities began grasping complex concept

COMMUNITY NEWS Childrens Clothing Drive at Keter Torah Helps Families Shop for Essentials By Sara Linder TeaneckTables and racks fill the large ballroom, hidden from sight by the teetering piles of c

COMMUNITY NEWS Gordon Haas to Lead NJ State Association of Jewish Federations By JLNJ Staff Gordon Haas was elected to serve as president of the NJ State Association of Jewish Federations at its Annu

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COMMUNITY NEWS Mikvah Opens at Englewoods Ahavath Torah CONTINUED FROM P. 1 per, who is stepping down as president after more than 20 years. She credited interior designer Daphna Brainson for helping

COMMUNITY NEWS Fairleigh Dickinson to Offer Unique Av Zman Classes With many yeshiva the FDU Seminary bochurim only now getProgram for women, ting off for the month which will have the of Av, the FDU

COMMUNITY NEWS Gottheimer Advocates for Israel in Run for Congress CONTINUED FROM P. 1 warfare. Josh Gottheimer, a former Clinton White House speechwriter and industrial strategist, is working to uns

COMMUNITY NEWS Yeshivat Shaalvim and Beth Abraham to Host Bergenfield Summer Kollel By Sara Linder Creating opportunities to learn outside of school has always been a community effort. This summer, f

COMMUNITY NEWS Camp HASC Is Raising the Bar on Bar Mitzvahs By Rabbi Peretz Hochbaum At Camp HASC, bar mitzvah celebrations are transformed from typical to fantastical, from ordinary to unforgettabl

newmarketingcreative 732.276.7918 AN EVENING TO BENEFIT EZRAS TORAH EST.1915 THE HUMAN SIDE OF TORAH PHILANTHROPY S AV E T H E D DAT E August 10th, 2016 10t , , AT T H E H O

COMMUNITY NEWS Ezras Torah Makes Waves in Bergen County By JLNJ Staff Imagine if the venerated Chofetz Chaim came to town and you had the chance to receive a bracha from him. Wouldnt you grab the opp

COMMUNITY NEWS Glatt Kosher Food Fest at NY Yankees TripleA Stadium in Scranton By Chaim Davidson The annual Jewish Food Festival in Scranton, PA, will be held on Sunday, August 21, at PNC Field, hom

COMMUNITY NEWS NJ Undergrads Mentored by Israels Top Scientists at BarIlan University By JLNJ Staff JerusalemYeshiva University announced today that 23 select undergraduate science majors from Yeshiv


ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Costco of Union Kosher Selection Revisited ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF ELLIE WOLF By Ellie Wolf I paid a followup visit to the Union Costco last week to check on their progre

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Assemblywoman Oliver Visits Bris Avrohom Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, Speaker Emeritus of the New Jersey State Assembly, visited Bris Avrohoms headquarters and met with it

DAF YOMI HIGHLIGHTS Bava Kama 5158 By Rabbi Zev Reichman May these words of Torah serve as a merit leiluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, ah. This week we learned Bava Kama 53 and

SEPHARDIC CORNER Nefilat ApayimNot at Shaarei Orah Or Any Other Sephardic Synagogue By Rabbi Haim Jachter For those not familiar with Sephardic practice, this comes as a complete shock. Upon hearing

TEXT INSIGHTS The Unusual Pe Preceding Ayin Order in the Acrostics of the Book of Eichah By Mitchell First The first four chapters of the book of Eichah are alphabetical acrostics. Surprisingly, in t

CHINUCH Maaseh Avot Siman LeBanim By Wallace Greene I have always felt very strongly that Judaism is caught more than it is taught. Children learn very early on what is important by the way their par

NEWS FROM ISRAEL United Derech Haavot On the Spiritual Front Lines in Gush Etzion By Rabbi Avraham Daniel Fried We will never forget that morning. A friend, highly placed in Tzahal, gave us the first

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HUMOR Visiting Day Bliss By Banji Latkin Ganchrow Sleepaway camp is luxury. I am well aware of that. Over the past 10 years, I have selflessly forgone cleaning help, exotic vacations, personal chefs

MENTAL HEALTH Mindfulness How to Activate Your Free Will By Rabbi Sam Frankel, edited by Rebecca Frankel Are you the master of your mind or its slave What do you choose to think about and how does th

PERSONAL FINANCE Your Ultimate Financial Objective Spend and Enjoy By Elozor M. Preil After sifting through all the jabber about money, empirical evidence suggests there are only three reasons to sav

MENTAL HEALTH Mindfulness How to Activate Your Free Will CONTINUED FROM P. 39 maps. Today, we have the GPS My first GPS was the TomTom. It was incredible how this little gadget allowed me to maneuver

A TEENS PERSPECTIVE Ive Gotta Catch Em All By Oren Oppenheim Years ago, my siblings and I caught pun intended, since part of the game revolves around catching them all Pokmon fever when my brother re

PROFILE Mike Packer, the Jewish Sneaker King of Teaneck By Yaron Weitzman, reprinted with permission Mike Packers phone wouldnt stop buzzing. Phone calls and emails, but mostly text mes

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Cone, Shake or Cup at Ice Cream on GrandTheyre All Amazing By Nina Glick How many remember an oldfashioned ice cream parlor where you went in, ordered and knew that generally you w

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Frans Wicker and Rattan Furniture Furnishing New Jersey for 50 Years By Rachel Jager When Fran and David Gruber opened Frans Wicker and Rattan Furniture at its original location in

JOSHS BOOK REVIEWS Scary Stories to Read Around the Campfire By Josh Stiefel The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud When a sudden outbreak of supernatural sightings occurred in London, the peopl

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Its a New World By Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick Families spend the nights of the Sedarim enjoying the time together and participating in the various traditions that many of

DESTINATION KOSHER Summer DayTrip Ideas By Shari Baron Looking for places to visit within a 23 hour drive from Northern New Jersey Here are some places that my husband and I have visited over the pas

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Chef Fadidas Scrumptious Summer Dairy Strudel Thousands of visiting tourists and business travelers from the USA have had the pleasure of enjoying a myriad of culinary de

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FOOD WINE LINK Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Introduces The Garden Terrace The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem announced the official opening of its latest culinary offeringThe Garden Terrace. Located on the r

385 RT59, Spring Valley, NY 10977 845.517.2830 Save Your Money BUY GET SUIT SALE 1 FREE WEEKS ONLY 72416 8416 2 Boys Suits 2 for 200 Portly Suits 2 for 330 BALTIMORE BROOKLYN CEDARHURST CH

THE SIMCHA OF NEW LINK JERSEY By Sara Linder Both religious and secular celebrations take vast amounts of time and effort. But as a Jew theres the extra concern about the Three Weeks, that chunk of th

THE SIMCHA LINK Getting It Covered Bergenfield Teen Sells Kippot to Save Lives in Israel By Raphael Poch Its not about the limit of what you can do, its about doing what you can. Such


THE SIMCHA LINK West Oranges Jacob Rutner Aids Leket Israel By JLNJ Staff The Rutner family of West Orange traveled to Israel in June in honor of their son and brother Jacobs bar mitzvah. Jacob is one

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THE SIMCHA LINK New Simcha Trend Has Girls Swapping Gucci for Converse By Rachel Retter Most women and girls can think of a time when they chose style over comfort when dressing for a simcha, and suff

CAMPS Camp Mesorah and Team Yachad Fun With Sports at Hold Inflatable Run 2016 Camp Shalom Last week, Camp Mesorah hosted its annual Team Yachad 5K run. To start off the exciting day, campers and sta

CAMPS Frisch Faculty Visit Students at Summer Camp Over 15 members of the Frisch faculty visited their students at various summer camps. Visiting summer camps is a unique opportunity for all of us at

CAMPS Eidah Aleph had a great time monkeying around at the Turtle Back Zoo last week Moshava Bairs Eidah Gimmel Enjoys Eidah Aleph Visits Surprise Ice Cream Turtleback Zoo Truck at Moshava Bair Eida

SPORTS Israels LargestEver Olympic Delegation Heads to Rio 51 Israeli athletes in 17 sports will compete for the blueandwhite at the 2016 Olympics in August. By Abigail Klein Rh

SPORTS Jewish Link Sportstar of the Flag Football Comes Week Joshua Markovitz to Highland Park The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize 10 year old Joshua Markovitz as

FUN GAMES Try our Shabbat Crosswords Look at each clue like an individual Jewish riddle and see if you can figure out the answers. Weve filled in a part of the grid, giving you just enough help for y

COMMUNITY CALENDAR THURSDAY, AUGUST 4 Important Legal Topics for Seniors WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10 Ezras Torah Guest Speaker Event 740PM, Home of Rabbi Mrs. Shmuel Leifer, 828 Fairhaven Place, Fair Lawn M

FREE ESTIMATES Shomer Shabbos 35 years in business Jimmy 2012627227 Yosef Avrami, Inc. General Contractor OIL TO GAS CONVERSIONS SEWER DRAIN CLEANING COMPLETE KITCHEN BATH REMODELING BOILERS HOT

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Why It Matters The problem is, a mortgage is likely the largest financial commitment a person will incur in their lifetime. A typical mortgage on someones home will ulti

REAL ESTATE How Low Can You Go By Carl Guzman Im not talking about doing the limbo. I am talking about the minimum amount of money you need to become a homeowner. Believe it or not, it doesnt take mu

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE LAW Letter of Intent Is It a Good Idea By Yaacov Epstein Yitzchak M. was dressed impeccably as he sat nervously in court waiting to be dealt the final verdict. A few short minutes

REAL ESTATE The Impact of Buying or Selling Before Versus After This Election By Judy Dutton, Reprinted with permission from With the Democratic National Convention kicking of

REAL ESTATE Tips to Make a Dorm Room a Home Looking to buysellrent in New York City NOA HUBSHER can help you with all of your real estate needs Integrity, devotion and time are what I hold most sacr

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 257 Winthrop Road, Teaneck 40 N Glenwood Dr, Bergenfield Office Exclusive 685,000 4 Bed 2.5 Bath Links Residential 2019923600 Beautifully Renovated MoveIn Re

REAL ESTATE Do Underground Oil Tanks Impact a Home Sale By Nicole Idler At one time, many of us, especially in older homes, had an underground oil tank and thought nothing of it. It provided a wellhe


Real Estate S Sponsored by Approved Funding Actual Photo 1 tlight Wi n Win A Ta ble t Tablet Spotlight Photo 1 Spot the differences and win 904 E. Lawn Drive Offered by Benjamin Cripps of Russo