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JEWISH LINK March 9, 2017 Published BiWeekly 11 Adar, 5777 Issue 49 Purim Link Starting on page 24 DISTRIBUTE KOSHER HEALTH PRODUCTS Flexible hours. Must be interested in natural health solutions

Most of us will sit down for Seders with family and friends and well enjoy a bountiful meal which will include matzah ball soup. While many of us are fortunate to enjoy a sumptuous meal this Pesach, s

7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM March 9, 2017 11 Adar, 5777 3

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Conference of Presidents Welcomes Senate Letter Calling for Intensified Efforts to Protect Jewish Communal Institutions CPMAJO release Stephen M. Greenberg, chairman, and Malcolm Hoen

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WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 strengthen security staff and equipment in New York State schools and community centers, an issue that Teach NYS, a project of the Orthodox Union, has been at th

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Former Reporter Arrested in Connection With Bomb Threats Against Jewish Institutions By Sean Federal authorities arrested Juan M. Thompson, a 31yearold former reporter

EDITORIAL A Freilichen Purim A light rain fell on the East Coast the other evening. It was just enough to dampen roads. But to most of the Jewish students out collecting matanot levyonim, the raindro

OPED Misunderstanding the Causes of AntiSemitism By Rafael Medoff The events of recent weeks have revealed a surprising abundance of selfproclaimed experts on the causes of antiSemitism. A Jewish exN

TORAH MUSINGS Finding Inspiration After Purim By Rabbi Gil Student We celebrate Purim every year to commemorate the celebration in ancient times, when joy conquered fear and good vanquished evil. The

EDITORS NOTEBOOK My Shabbat With 58 Kidney Donors CONTINUED FROM P. 8 ing, asking them, pleading with them, to tell others in their own communities their amazing stories, someone finally got them Rab

COMMUNITY NEWS Holocaust Remembrance Program Continues All Week in Yonkers By Robert Kalfus The Lincoln Park Jewish Center hosts Westchesters annual Holocaust Remembrance Program starting immediately

COMMUNITY NEWS Yeshiva University High Schools Celebrate Honorees, YUHSB Centennial Honoree Rabbi Shimon Schenker receives Faculty Award from Rabbi Joshua Kahn Honorees Silvia and Abraham Borenstei

COMMUNITY NEWS Congressman Eliot Engel Issues Statement on the Rise of AntiSemitism Congressman Eliot L. Engel, ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a leading member on the House En

COMMUNITY NEWS OHEL Is Approved to Provide New Resilience and Emotional Support Team Services REST, the Resilience and Emotional Support Team, is a new initiative by the Department of Health and Ment

COMMUNITY NEWS Muslim ArabIsraeli Journalist Nazir Magally Addresses NY Jewish Communities By Harris Engelmann Nazir Magally, a senior fellow at the Shaharit Institute, was the first in a series of s

COMMUNITY NEWS Travel to Morocco in Yonkers at Lincoln Park Jewish Center Purim Party By Robert Kalfus Come travel with the Lincoln Park Jewish Center Every year the Lincoln Park Jewish Center elects

DIVREI TORAH Fashion Passion By Rabbi David Walk TetzavePurim 5777 Back in the 60s, Ouija boards became a fad. At parties, people would close their eyes, appear to be in a trance and move the little

DIVREI TORAH CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE of R. Moshe Soloveitchik this Grid was the son of R. Yitzchak Zeev Soloveitchik, R. Moshes brother, each of whom named a son for the Beis HaLevi, their gran

REFLECTIONS FROM THE SCHOOLHOUSE We Have the Power to Shape Young Lives CONTINUED FROM P. 1 reinforced the power of a schools Jewish valuesand specifically those conveyed through our experiential edu

INTERIOR DESIGN Is Personal Style Born or Made By Jane Morgan The first new sofa I ever bought was for a bachelorette pad I rented in my mid20s. I had previously lived with roommates, lounging on gar

COACHING Teaching Kindness Are We Talking About It at Home By Michal Agus Fox Kindness is the number one value I emphasize at home to my children. I dont ask them what grade they got on their test. I

CHIZUK Kaddish in Panama By Harley Greenbaum Any time Ive told someone the story of my travels to Panama during the year that I was saying Kaddish for my father the responses were almost always Thats

My Dinner at Nothing Dining at the Worlds Most Exclusive Kosher Restaurant By Gamliel Kronemer I was on the Whitestone Bridge on my way to JFK to catch a flight to Israel, when I got the call. A mascu

Ivanka Trumps Fashion Line Extends to Orthodox Community Ivanka Trump will be coming out with her new line of sheitels, tichels and Shabbos robes. Ivanka, the First Daughter, made the announcement in

BartenurelE Freilichen Purim 26 March 9, 2017 11 Adar, 5777 Bartenura Moscato is now available in adorable 375 ml bottles, perfect for your Mishloach Manos 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

F OD W NE LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT THE KOSHER DINNER LADY Not My Grandmothers Hamantashen By Rachel Berger Do you have a favorite hamantashen recipe I know I do. And its not my grandmoth

e hed th Publis ssue of First I Month Every THE HEALTH LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT You Dont Have to Live With Back and Neck Pain Anymore The article originally appeared in Westchester Healt

THE HEALTH LINK Ask the Dentist With Dr. Brian M. Kalb Can You Have a Sweet Purim By Dr. Brian M. Kalb So, as the festive holiday of Purim approaches, I think about the same thing as I do when Hallow

SCHOOLS BiCultural Dad Fills Students In on a Soldiers Life Stein Yeshiva Enjoys PrePurim Fun Sgt. Larry Ostroff spoke to BiCultural middleschoolers. Recently, BiCultural Day School students were

SCHOOLS BiCultural Chess Team Makes an Impressive Move The BiCultural Day School chess team took an impressive third place overall in the NECA National Educational Chess Association Chess Tournament,

SPORTS In the 182 lb. match, Aaron Braun of Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School placed first, Gabi Benchabbat of The Frisch School placed second and Simon Kangoun of Maimonides placed third. In the 126


REAL ESTATE Show Me the Money By Shmuel Shayowitz One of the most underrated challenges in a mortgage qualification is how funds are documented. What might seem to be a very straight forward process,

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Jerusalem Real Estate Intrigue and Irony By Gedaliah Borvick Talbieh is a charming, centrally located, upscale Jerusalem neighborhood. It originally comprised large private houses