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Yom Haatzmaut Edition OF BERGEN COUNTY May 1, 2014 1 Iyar 5774 Issue 32 Distributed weekly CANDLE LIGHTING 2018164000 Dr. Jeremy Peyser Dr. Nicolas Elian Dr. Martha Miqueo Vizs

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Minutes after a stroke, brain cells start to die. Getting treatment at Holy Name Medical Center can make all the difference. Strokes are the fourth most common cause of death in the United States and



MAGGID A Division of Koren Publishers Jerusalem Available online and at your local Jewish bookstore 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM 6 May 1, 2014 1 Iyar 5774

The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and Center for the Jewish Future invite you to a book launch and lecture Bernard Revel Builder of American Orthodoxy with Rabbi Aaron RakeffetRothko

NEWS BRIEFS Starbucks in Talks to Buy Stake in Israels Sodastream American global coffee giant Starbucks is reportedly in talks with the Israel SodaStream beveragecarbonation company to buy a

NEWS BRIEFS Younger Israelis Prefer Alternative Shoah Commemorations By Daniel Ben edited for brevity T wo years ago, Prof. Moshe Zimmermann, a historian at Hebrew University, w

NEWS Abbas Acknowledges Shoah CONTINUED FROM P. 1 essentially denied the Holocaust. All Olmert would need is a one word answeryes or no. Olmert didnt answer the question, but told the reporter he w

NEWS Abbas Acknowledges Shoah CONTINUED FROM P. 10 the Palestinian press office, the WAFA, released that statement, as he said it to me, in Arabic, putting his own safety at risk. But I saw his fac

NEWS Gaza Quiet After Palestinian Reconciliation Deal CONTINUED FROM P. 1 historic time in the life of the Palestinian people. During the press conference, which was attended by AlMonitor, Haniyeh

TEANECK COMMEMORATION Living To Tell The Teaneck Yom HaShoah Commemoration CONTINUED FROM P. 1 er and two sisters were in the Lodz Ghetto. Every day was a fight for life. We didnt even look human.

14 May 1, 2014 1 Iyar 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

NEWS A Billion Shekel at Last for Israels Shoah Survivors CONTINUED FROM P. 1 vors living among us can live out their lives honorably, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the day the

NEWS FEATURE Moderate Islam Meets Auschwitz By Dahlia Scheindlin With permission of the author, this previously appeared in 972 Magazine. or nearly 40 years, Mohammed Dajani Daoudi has felt that some

NEWS Orthodox Union Announces New Executive Vice President Allen Fagin By OU Staff T he Board of Directors of the Orthodox Union OU has unanimously appointed Allen I. Fagin, a wellknown attorney an

LOCAL NEWS The Big Bread Burn at Jewish Center And Fire Safety, Too By Stephen Tencer O n the morning of Erev Pesach, Monday, April 14, the Teaneck Jewish Center held its annual Big Bread Burn, as

An Internationally Renowned Group of Dentists Providing Multidisciplinary Care for the Entire Family Nicolas Elian DDS Martha Miqueo DDS Jeremy Peyser DMD Implants Prosthodontics Pediatric Dentistr

THE POWER OF A JEWISH WOMAN SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014 930 AM 1230 PM LANDER COLLEGE FOR WOMEN The Anna Ruth Mark Hasten School 227 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023 Yom Iyun LOCAL NEWS The Yom Hasho

This coming Mon day night Ma SECTION ke your reserva in Israel Chief Rabbis in it is Sefira ven though E give thanks praise and rate order to e may celeb ashem on to H maut Yom HaAtz re sic any

LOCAL NEWS SECTION Yoetzet Event to Host 300 Women By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckThe second annual communitywide Yoetzet event will again be hosted by Congregation Rinat Yisrael on May 12 at 8 p.m. Ti

MUNICIPAL CORNER Teaneck Candidates Gather at Forum By Aliza Chasan S even of the eight candidates running for four seats on the Teaneck town council met on April 24 for a forum to discuss their th

LOCAL NEWS Task Force with Thumb in Dyke By Anne Phyllis Pinzow N ew Jersey Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi R39 and Assemblyman Timothy J. Eustace D38, New York State Senator David Carlucci DRockland

LOCAL NEWS Ruskay Keynoter as YU Celebrates 83rd Commencement CBY Hosts a BehindtheScenes Look at the IDF By Sara Kosowsky Gross N ew YorkDr. John S. Ruskay who is retiring this year as executive

BOOKS Is All Zionism Really Religious Zionism By Elli Fischer here was a great deal of religious ambivalence about Zionism in its early years. On one hand, the return to the Land of Israel had always

LOCAL NEWS YIVO Digital Archives Going Live in May Grunstein Family Gift Made Project Possible H es a Brooklyn kid, a greeners kid, a 2G Second Generation, born to Polish Holocaust survivors. He kn

EDITORIAL THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz EditorinChief Jeanette Friedman Senior Editor Elizabeth Kratz Contributing Editors Nina Glick

THE MAGGID OF BERGENFIELD Emor Angels in the Infield Vayikra 2228, 2322 By Larry Stiefel This story is dedicated to all the children and parents participating in T.B.O., the Teaneck Baseball Organiza

POLITICAL PONDERINGS Making a Deal With The Devil By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. he announcement that the Palestine Liberation Organization, which essentially is the parent organization of the Palestinia

ANALYSIS An Opportunity for Israel By Shlomi T he reactions in Israel were livid. Shortly after the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah was announced on April 23, Av

LOCAL NEWS Mothers Day Plant and Garden Sale at Rockleigh Teaneck Bar Association Breakfast Meeting T he residents of the Jewish Home at Rockleigh are hosting their 12th Annual Mothers Day Plant a

AMERICAN JEWRY ANALYSIS Orthodox Retention and Kiruv By Jerome A. Chanes This article first appeared in Contact. Reprinted with permission. e are swimming indeed drowningin the ink spilled on the da

PAR E RMRE C T E S Since 2003 176 S. Van Brunt St., Englewood NJ 07631 ...the key to your event Serving the tri state, wedding, bar batmitsvah, brith and

PrimeToGo QTY Spring Menu 2014 Tel 201.871.0201 Fax 201.503.8136 Email PRICE LB. QTY 19,99 19,99 22,99 11,99 11,99 11,99 12,99 16,99 7,99 7,99 Homemade challah and desserts ava

HUMOR Holiday of Constipation By Banji Latkin Ganchrow y the time you read this, the holiday of Passover will be a distant memory. Your suitcases will be unpacked your childrens hair would have alrea

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM May 1, 2014 1 Iyar 5774 37

FEATURES What Do ARod, the NLRB, and General Mills Have in Common By George Friedman he title of this column is not a riddle. On Jeopardy it would be the correct response to They evidently read Georg

CHINUCH A Transparent Proposal By Richard Langer Executive Director of Hebrew Institute of RiverdaleThe Bayit and a parent at Frisch and Yavneh he Yeshiva Tuition Crisis is quite possibly the Orthodo

CHESED Slingshot Guide Provides CrashCourse in Funding T he Jewish Communal Fund JCF, the largest Jewish donor advised fund in the country, and Slingshot, an organization that connects NextGen fund

HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Homemade Things Are So Special By Gail Hochman omemade things are always fun to make and a real savings as well. If you choose to give something homemade as a gift, Im sure your re

HISTORY How I Found the Lost Desert Camp of Lawrence of Arabia By John B Winterburn PhD candidate at University of Bristol fantastic coincidence, coupled with research, led to my discovery of a warti

CHINUCH Five Scenarios Impacting the Course of Jewish History By Steven Windmueller, Ph.D. with permission from new paradigm is emerging related to the status and image of Jew

Are you looking for a summer job where you can make a difference Can you remember the time when you had a counselor who was so amazing that they really impacted your life Camp Shalom is an Orthodox da

NEWS J Street Rejected by Conference of Presidents By Alina Dain Sharon and Sean N ew YorkMembers of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Wednesday v

YOM HASHOAH Celebrating the Newest Roman Catholic Saints By Michael Berenbaum O rdinarily, Jews have little interest in who the Roman Catholic Church canonizes as saints. Yet on the Sunday after Ea

YOM HASHOAH Ban Holocaust Denial from Social Media By Randi Susan Klein, Esq. ith the advent of social media, there has been a rise in the number of fringe groups gaining a platform on world wide web

YOM HASHOAH Yom HaShoah Message Thou Shalt Not Be a Bystander By Tova Rosenberg T hou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be an oppressor. But thou shalt never be a bystander, distinguished Holoc

YOM HAZIKARON YOM HAATZMAUT Yom Hazikaron Israeli Families Discuss What It Means To Lose A Soldier, A Son, A Sibling By Maayan S ome 22,000 Israeli soldiers have died since the establ

MEACHOREI HAPARGOD The Soldiers of the Eight Towns By Robert Katz ack in Bergenfield in 2002, all the neighborhood kids would hang out at Katz Field on Shabbat afternoons and play whiffle ball. Jason

NOT E BOOK Online and Unabashed Orthodox Rabbis and Scholars Take to the Internet A universe of blogs has sprung up where issues of Jewish law and rabbinic authority are discussed in unprecedented wa

OPED Torah uMadda and the Academic Study of Judaism By David Berger hen I was a student in Yeshiva College during the Middle Bronze Age, the universitys watchword Torah uMadda was generally understoo

HEALTH AND FITNESS Eat Fat to Get Fit By Chemmie Sokolic t always amazes me how many people think theyll get fat if they eat fat. After all, doesnt it make sense If you dont want to get fat, dont eat

LOCAL NEWS Teaneck Council Members Call Lawsuit Frivolous and Election Ploy CONTINUED FROM P. 1 er, are being sued both personally and as employees of the town. Gussen, Stern and Katz are all runni

IN GOOD TASTE Striped Bass with Couscous Quick, Easy, and Delicious By Lisa Reitman Dobi I saw some lovely striped bass on sale. Ignoring the fact that I had an enormous amount of preparation ahead

PARENTING Nightly Investment By Sarah Abenaim heck on me one of my young children beseeches me on an almost nightly basis, after shema time and the routinely allotted resting period I have in each ch

NOTEBOOK Online and Unabashed Orthodox Rabbis and Scholars Take to the Internet CONTINUED FROM P. 51 ter and many others were then posted on his site, allowing readers a firsthand look at the back

OUR KIDS IN THE IDF Yoni HaHomeless One Lone Soldier from Teaneck By JLBC Staff T eaneckWhen Yonatan Weisinger, a young man and brandnew lone soldier in the IDF from Teaneck, was just 4 years old,

PROFILES Lewis Pasco Not Your Typical Winemaker By Gamliel Kronemer I n Israel, the day of the garagistes has arrived. Garagistes or garagewinemakers are smallscale wine producers who source the be

ARTS Teaneck Artists Take Top Honors at Partnership2Gether Art Show By Bracha Schwartz F our Teaneck artists, Chani Jaskoll, Daniele Kaplan, Natalia Kadish, and Glenn Lesnick, have been chosen from

SCHOOLS Science Beyond the Curriculum at Maayanot ith employment statistics indicating that STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics job growth has outpaced all others in the last decade

CAMPS Camp Superstarz Looks To Revolutionize the Summer Camping Experience H ave you been searching for a fun weeklong sports experience for your elementary school daughter Your search is over, as

SCHOOLS 2nd Sinai Unique Inspirations Student Art Show Auction A Success Learning Math at RYNJ 3rd grade students at RYNJ create Math games as a fun way to practice their multiplication and division

SCHOOLS Yom Haatzmaut Ben Porat Yosef Lives and Breathes Eretz Yisroel By Shelley Fisher P aramusThe land of Israel will spring to life at Yeshivat Ben Porat Yosef BPY as students are immersed in a

SCHOOLS When the World Forgot Us TABC Commemorates Yom HaShoah By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckThe Torah Academy of Bergen County TABC led a stirring schoolwide Yom HaShoah commemoration on Monday with

CAMPS Achva More Than a Camp, More Than a Road Trip By Aliza Chasan T he typical mental image associated with a sleepaway summer program is a cabin by a lake, but some sleepaways, like Achva, go wa

SPORTS Confie Seguros Wins the 78 MGBL Championship CONTINUED FROM P. 1 cilman Schwartz and Stern team, anchored by the scoring of Binyamin Senter and Meir Uretsky, was a more than formidable oppon

SPORTS Esther Semmelman Memorial Hockey AllStar Game This Sunday S unday, May 4th, the new TABC will be the site of the first annual Esther Semmelman Memorial All Star Hockey games. The games are i

SPORTS YU Names Elliot Steinmetz as New Head Mens Basketball Coach N ew YorkYeshiva University has announced Elliot Steinmetz as its head mens basketball coach. Steinmetz, a 2002 graduate of YUs Sy S

SPORTS SCENES Eitan Rolnick pulls the rebound. Credit Amanda Leifer Joey Goffstein looks to put MTA on the board in their baseball season opener against Frisch Jacob Furer setting up his defender w

TRAVEL The Taj Mahal of the Middle East By Viva Sarah Press, Israel 21c K ibbutz Neot Semadar is best known for its array of organic products grown and prepared on the kibbutz and as that place wit

TECHNOLOGY Dog Chips That Let You Know if Your Dog is Healthy By Karin Kloosterman, Israel 21c A fter we break the ice, we can bark. This would sound like a weird proposition if Dror hadnt first de

FIVE STAR CATERERS THE 59 WEDDING IS BACK New menu options for the 2014 season Call for details very menu is individually tailored to your special event, whether it be a wedding, sheva brachot, lchai

FINANCE How to Have Happy Accidents On Purpose Part 3 By Elozor M. Preil he following checklist offers some practical applications of financial principles that will make you wellpositioned to respon

FINANCEREAL ESTATE Baka A Great FamilyCentric Neighborhood By Gedaliah Borvick aka is a lovely upscale community located in southern Jerusalem. Baka is Arabic for valley, which alludes to Emek or Val

TECHNOLOGY UnGarbledTech XPpiration By Schneur Garb Dear UnGarbledTech, I have 3 PCs on Windows XP. The PCs are starting to run slowly but otherwise are fine. What are the effects of Windows XP expir

MIDDAH OF THE MONTH SUPER SHABBOS SHEET extra Can you judge these situations favorably Kindness. This week, try to greet everyone with a smile. WEEK IN REVIEW Recall and share something good that y

The Observant Jew Its Perfectly Natural CONTINUED FROM P. 66 the lessons of the Exodus, understand the principles of Gods dominion, and speak the language of Torah and Mitzvos. We have to take up pe

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COMMUNITY CALENDAR THURSDAY. MAY 1 Dr Izhak Brook of Georgetown University School of Medicine, Congregation Bnai Jeshurun, 641 W Englewood Dr Brook will speak on his experiences as a physician in the

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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Wildes Ices Citizenship for Englewoods Ice Cream Man S yed Rizvi, proprietor of Ice Cream on Grand and wellknown philanthropist, is always willing to offer a helping hand to thos


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