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JEWISH LINK December 18, 2014 26 Kislev, 5775 Linking Bergen, Essex Union Counties Issue 65 SunThurs 1130am10pm Fri 1130am230pm Sat Closed Go for Pizza 172 West Englewood Ave. Teaneck, NJ 07666

EVERY 50 DELI TAKEOUT ORDER COMES WITH A FREE CHALLAH. Start your Shabbos fresh from the very first bite For every 50 deli takeout order you place on Thursdays Fridays, well give you a freshly ba

Quality defined. Quality kwlat noun a high level of value or excellence an acquired skill over years. Origin 14th century origin and, in modern day, can be found at 1400 Queen Anne Road in Teane

NEWS Jewish and Israeli Institutions Worldwide Tighten Security By Yael Since last weeks terror attacks in France, Jewish communities and Israeli institutions around the

NEWS Popular ExMayor of Teaneck in Altercation on Temple Mount CONTINUED FROM P. 1 As the first Muslim mayor of Teaneck, Hameeduddin gained national attention as a model for cultural partnership and

NEWS The French Connection Locals React to Murder in Paris CONTINUED FROM P. 1 They offered their reactions to the massacres last week, and said theyre glad they dont live there anymore. Cohen said h

NEWS The French Connection Locals React to Murder in Paris CONTINUED FROM P. 6 The rabbi also admitted that he is skeptical about the future. Speaking of last week, he told JLNJ, I cant believe that

EDITORIAL When Did Jew Become a Dirty Word You couldnt help but notice. In the mainstream media reporting on Paris, journalists died, two copsa female and Muslimlost their lives, and so did four host

Jewish Federation OF NORTHERN NEW JERSEY January 12, 2015 M. Roger Cukierman, President, CRIF M. Joel Mergi, President, Consistoire M. Ariel Goldmann, President, FSJU Dear Friends, Please accept ou

NEWS Beit Hillel Says Women Can Give Rulings in Jewish Law Jerusalem Post, with permission In new decision, the organizations rabbis state that it is permitted for women to give instruction on halach

NEWS Is the Saudi Succession Near By Bruce The hospitalization of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz in late December raises the possibility that Saudi Arabia will have a new king in

NEWS Islamic State Rejects Gaza Jihadists Allegiance By Asmaa GAZA CITYOn Feb. 2, 2014, the Mujahedeen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem in Gaza issued a statement a

Not just a gym, A Family Wellness Center JOIN BY JAN 30 SAVE 150 Try us out with a FREE guest pass KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades fitness center FULL COURT basketball AND racquetball COURTS outdoor

NEWS Do Western Negotiators Still Have Leverage with Iran TIPA series of boasts by Iranian officials in recent weeks is deepening concerns that Western negotiators now lack the necessary leverage to

ANOTHER WORLD Pariss Muslim Suburbs Blame Jews for Charlie Hebdo In France, the projects dont look like ghettos, but theyre filled with a poisonous mix of conspiracy theories and some support for mur

COMMUNITY NEWS 600 Attend RYNJs 77th Annual Dinner Over 600 guests, parents, faculty members and supporters of RYNJ gathered for RYNJs 77th Annual Dinner last Sunday at Keter Torah. The event was cha

COMMUNITY NEWS Weinberg and Gill Seek State Oversight of DOD Transfer Programs By JLBC Staff TrentonTwo bills sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and Senator Nia H. Gill to increase

COMMUNITY NEWS Yavneh Academy Announces Plans to Break Ground on New Gym ParamusThe Borough of Paramus has approved Yavneh Academys application to proceed with a gym expansion project. The project wa

COMMUNITY NEWS Esther Manischewitz Glimpsing Living History CONTINUED FROM P. 1 I met her only once, but she left an indelible impression on me, unlike anyone I have ever met before or who I am likel

COMMUNITY NEWS Springfield Jewish Community Marked by Diversity, Rich History CONTINUED FROM P. 1 was so warm, so friendly. Were all different kinds of Jews coming to shul and sharing the experience,

COMMUNITY NEWS Project Ezrah Holds LinkedIn Seminar for Job Hunters By Jenny Gans TeaneckSocial media have been known to wreck peoples lives, but also to improve them. More than 30 people braved the

COMMUNITY NEWS Moshe Kanarfogel Wins Free Throw to Heathrow Women Meet at TGS to Learn Torah The Sunday morning womens Torah class at the Teaneck General Store, organized by Teaneck resident Julie F

COMMUNITY NEWS a Goto for MinyanSeeking Travelers By Jenny Gans BergenfieldIts the night before the big family vacation and the parents are looking over their list of preparations Mail an

COMMUNITY NEWS Traveling Chassidim Visit Springfield for Shabbos By Josh Stern SpringfieldAt Congregation Israel of Springfield, Shabbos is always a rather special event Heartfelt, melodic services M

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Residents Learn About Long Branch Community By Tova Domnitch About 20 people gathered in the home of Aliza and Eli Scher, of Teaneck, recently to learn about the Jewish communi

COMMUNITY NEWS Celebrating the Russian Jewish Community at Bris Avrohom By Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman Bris Avrohom of Fair Lawn serves a large community of thousands of families throughout Northern New Je

IS YOUR HOME ENERGY EFFICIENT QUALIFY FOR NEW JERSEYS CLEAN ENERGY PROGRAMTM And receive up to 5,000 in financial incentives from New Jerseys Clean Energy ProgramTM You may also qualify for 0 interest

COMMUNITY NEWS Gallup Poll Shows Increase in JewishAmerican Support For Republicans A recent poll conducted by Gallup found a steady increase of American Jews identifying as Republican and a

COMMUNITY NEWS Family Learning at East Hill Synagogue EnglewoodMore than 70 people joined together for a Family Learning Program at the East Hill Synagogue on the first day of the year. The convergen


OP ED Regarding World Zionist Congress Elections By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb Executive Vice President, Emeritus, Orthodox Union How can I refer to myself as a Religious Zionist when I reside in t

B E R G E N C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E More students graduate from Bergen than any other NJ twoyear school. Bergen is home to the No.1 tutoring center in the U.S. As the regions leading hea

OPINION Losing the Next Generation By Rabbi Gil Student I sometimes hear concerns about the future of Modern Orthodoxy if it fails to adapt to the times. People say that the generation of Millennials

ANALYSIS A War Between Two Worlds By George The murders of cartoonists who made fun of Islam and of Jews shopping for their Sabbath meals by Islamists in Paris last week have

OPED MLK Day 2015 By Teddy Weinberger Its no secret that Israels supporters are facing difficult times on Americas college campuses. And its no secret that antiIsrael rhetoric has a way of morphing i

OPINION Is the World Crazy By Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick I was sitting down this morning to write my weeks article on agreements and marriage, when my wife shouted they are holding hostages in a koshe

POINT OF VIEW Shedding Light on the Darker Sides of South Tel Aviv by Simone Wilson Jewish Journal of Los Angeles Tel AvivOne muggy afternoon in December, a tour bus carrying a football teams worth o

A SHORT STORY The Kaddish By Shai Afsai Snow had fallen since morning, leaving the roads useless by dusk, and was still falling heavily. The citys plow trucks, though deployed in full force to clear

A SHORT STORY The Kaddish CONTINUED FROM P. 38 It is the cat that keeps mice away. The cat, Gelder reiterated. Greene is here Izzi Greene announced his own arrival as he entered the synagogue. Whew S

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A SHORT STORY The Kaddish CONTINUED FROM P. 39 Who were these people he wondered. One minute they welcomed him, the next they wouldnt pray with him because his mother was a convert. They didnt look l

HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Kick It Up with Kishka By Gail Hochman Mock Kishka can be eaten as a side dish or inside of a cholent. Years ago, kishka was made with intestines and other such things. Here are so

HUMOR Honk Honk By Banji Latkin Ganchrow This week, I am going to be writing about and delving into a very sensitive subject. Some of you are too old for this some of you have yet to begin on this jo

ANALYSIS A War Between Two Worlds CONTINUED FROM P. 34 secularism also poses a public problem. There are those whose beliefs are so different from others beliefs that finding common ground in the pub

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POINT OF VIEW Shedding Light on the Darker Sides of South Tel Aviv CONTINUED FROM P. 37 This is the most interesting thing weve done, said Ariel Thomas, a 23yearold Hawaii native with Jamaican roots.

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Common Courtesy By Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick On many Shabbos afternoons, when we lived in Montreal, a group of people would come to our home and listen to a shiur Mordech

FASHION Pantone Names Marsala the Color of 2015 By Jenny Gans CarlstadtWith the start of 2015 comes many new changesnew diets, new gym regimens, new health benefits, and, of course, Pantones new Colo

MENTAL HEALTH Feeling Better, One Thought at a Time By Shoval GurAryeh, Ph.D. In my column a few weeks ago entitled Cogito Ergo Sentio, I wrote that we all have the ability to improve our emotional h

MENTAL HEALTH Becoming a SelfAware Parent By Mark Staum, LCSW Selfawareness refers to the idea of being aware of ones thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Selfawareness can be a difficult concept to qu

PERSONAL FINANCE ThreeLegged Retirement Stool Has One Missing, One Shaky Leg By Elozor Preil A generation ago, a typical retirement discussion usually included a reference to, or illustration of, the


BEYOND THE BELTWAY Analyzing US Foreign Policy in a Dynamic World By Simon Reich Professor in The Division of Global Affairs and The Department of Political Science at Rutgers University The kind of

HEALTH AND FITNESS 21st Century Dentistry Stress and Your Teeth By Dr. Herbert Schneider Dr. Rachel Jacobs busy routines. Stress is not only harmful to our bodies and minds, but to our teeth as well

PARENTING Science Says Eat With Your Kids Anne Fishel Author of Home for Dinner and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School The Conversation is funded by Howard Hughes Me

EXECUTIVE COACHING What Is Coaching and Who Might Benefit from It By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Based on the quizzical look I often get when I tell people about my work, I have concluded that coaching is a

SPECIAL NEEDS Kids of Courage Hit the Slopes By Yedidia Friedman When the snow comes down, people all over the world head to the slopes for what is commonly referred to as extreme winter sports. This

SPECIAL NEEDS Whirlwind Finish to 2014 at Friendship Circle By Faigie Levy As the year comes to an end, most companies and organizations wind down their operations and head out for vacation. But late

SCHOOLS Chumash Mesorah Alive at Noam The 2nd graders at Yeshivat Noam received their first Chumashim at the Genia Horn Tekes Kabbalat HaChumash. The students created artistic projects reflecting the

SCHOOLS Frisch Engineering Students Take Israel Trip By Amanda Leifer From January 13th to the 23rd, the Frisch school joins six other Jewish schools in sending their engineering students on a trip t

SCHOOLS JEC First Grade Bentsching Initiative Through this program, the 1st grade morot redediElizabeth, NJThe Jewcated themselves to teachish Educational Center, sading the children how to dened by

THE MEDICAID PROCESS ... Attention Sales Marketing Professionals We are seeking talented and dynamic individuals to join our expanding NY, NJ and CT marketing teams. Candidate must be intelligent, a

SPORTS Young Wrestler is Learning the Moves By Larry Bernstein BergenfieldThe only Shomer Shabbos member of the Bergenfield wrestling team, 10yearold Z.J. Karasik an RYNJ student, says wrestling is,

SPORTS Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week Rami Levine The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize 18yearold TABC goalie Rami Levine as this weeks Sportstar of the week. L

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SPORTS SCENES Max Grunstein brings the ball up for MGBL team Chilis Pickles. LEONARD GRUNSTEIN. MGBLCongregation Rinat Yisroel and Glatt Express jump ball. LEONARD GRUNSTEIN. Ikey Gutlove and Yonah

REAL ESTATE 345 East Woodland Rd., New Milford 909 Sheffield Road Teaneck Asking 399,999 3 Bedrooms2.5 Baths Anhalt Realty 2015683300 This Split Level home is located on one of Teanecks most desirabl

REAL ESTATE West Orange, Fair Lawn Named Among NJs Best Places to Live By Rachel Jager According to a report by the Movoto Real Estate website, West Orange and Fair Lawn are considered among the ten

REAL ESTATE Eleven Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance for Under 100 By Cara Greenberg Wouldnt it be nice to approach your homes entrance with a grin instead of a grimace Take our tips for beat

TRAVEL EL AL Israel Airlines Nonstop Between Boston and Tel Aviv New YorkEL AL Israel Airlines has opened bookings for the only nonstop service between Bostons Logan International Airport and Israels

COMMUNITY CALENDAR SHABBAT JANUARY 17TH CB Neugroschl Head of School Mincha 420PM Congregation Netivot Shalom, 811 Palisade Avenue Teaneck Head of School, Yeshiva University High School for Girls Rabb

ANALYSIS A War Between Two Worlds CONTINUED FROM P. 44 self in the Islamic world with the same results. There are certainly Muslim liberals and secularists. However, they do not control events no sin

MIDDAH OF THE MONTH SUPER SHABBOS SHEET Can you judge these situations favorably A good ear if someone is saying lashon hara, walk away from the conversation. shabbos I am driving to dinner tonigh

Business Professional Directory ActivitiesRecreation Dance Dance with Dassie 201 8363383 Martial Arts Rich Marinellis Kosher Karate 845 4996603 Spor

UNGARBLED TECH Highlights of CES 2015 By Shneur Garb The largest and most covered trade show, CES Consumer Electronics Show took place last week, and offered way too many cool gadgets to fit into a s

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