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THE JEWISH LINK THE JEWISH LINK November 28, 2013 25 Kislev 5774 Happy Chanukah Chag Urim Sameach OF BERGEN COUNTY OF BERGEN COUNTY Vol. 1 No. 19 2018164000 2018164000 Englewo

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NEWS YU Challenged by Financial Crisis By Philip Berroll ew YorkYeshiva University, the nations most prestigious Modern Orthodox institution for higher learning, is in dire financial straits. In a re

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ISRAEL NEWS Israel in on Future Negotiations TIPAccording to the Jerusalem Post, an Israeli team will travel to the United States to work on a final status nuclear deal with Iran, amid growing critici

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NEWS Brandeis and Syracuse Sever Ties with AlQuds from combined services ostonThe tenyearold relationship established by Brandeis University and AlQuds University has been suspended by Brandeis, and

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NEWS BanKiMoon Visits Auschwitz combined services olandUnited Nations SecretaryGeneral Ban Kimoon and Mrs. Ban visited AuschwitzBirkenau, the former Nazi concentration and death camp and the Auschwit

NEWS Hey U.N Jewish Refugees Count, Too. NEW YORKJewish and Israeli leaders on Thursday urged greater attention for the plight of the 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries during a conf

NEWS Claims Conference Sued Over East German Properties By Philip Berroll he Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, popularly known as the Claims Conference, is under firefrom some of

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LOCAL NEWS Lillian Lees Charity Hosts RedCarpet Night of Wonders Gala to Fund Cancer Wigs By Lisa Matkowsky T eaneck, NJLillian Lees charity, Do Wonders, a nonprofit organization that collects and

LOCAL NEWS Local NYC Marathon Runner Raises Thousands for Poor Survivors By Jeanette Friedman ew YorkJosh Lipowsky, a wellknown freelance writer and editor who resides in Teaneck, ran the ING New Yor

LOCAL NEWS Former Englewood Mayor Secures Visa for Rabbi Jonathan Sacks be a featured scholarinresidence and keynote speaker in other Jewish institutions throughout the United States. The O1 visa to

LOCAL NEWS FEATURE A Baal Teshuva Rabbi Brings College Students Back to the Derech The young Allen went to Yeshiva of Hudson County and then Yeshiva University High School during the late 1980s, a pa

Rabbi Allens Jewish Outreach Network CONTINUED FROM P. 21 outfitted for Shabbaton guest sleeping rooms at one side. The shul also has the benefit of two alcoves equipped with sliding glass doors, whic

LOCAL NEWS NJ Friends of the IDF Dinner Raises 1Million for Lone Soldiers nual IDF Tribute Dinner last weekend at the Hilton Meadowlands. Over 400 prominent lay leaders and FIDF supporters from acros

NEWS MakeItHappen Campaign Extended Due to Significant Response ashington, DCOne month into its launch, the Schusterman Philanthropic Network SPNs MakeItHappen microgrants campaign has received more

NORPAC NEWS Rep. Steve Chabot ROH in Teaneck, NJ T eaneckNORPAC hosted a lunch event for Rep. Steve Chabot ROH at the home of Drs. Laurie Baumel and Manuel Litchman. Since becoming a member of Cong

LOCAL NEWS New Shiur Season at YI of Fair Lawn Rabbi Shaffers shiurim have given men and women the opportunity to revisit the Neviim that many of us last learned in yeshiva decades ago. Rabbi Shaffer

LOCAL NEWS ew YorkTeaneck residents Chana and Daniel Shields were honored at the 2013 AMIT Annual Dinner recently held at Chelsea Piers in New York City. All proceeds from the dinner benefit the AMIT

EDITORIAL The Fox and the Scorpion or the Lion and the Lamb Tosefta are still being written on the Iranian Nuke deal by pundits, politicos, ponderers and opinionator. But Jewish leaders around the wo

DIVREI TORAH In Good Times Prepare for the Bad Ones By Rabbi Ari Zahtz hings finally seem to be getting better for Yosef. Following being sold to Mitzrayim, the difficult challenge of eishes Potiphar

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welcomes Joey Bodner, Eddie Izso and Marty Bodner of as the Passover 2014 caterers at the incomparable Waldorf Astoria Hotel Orlando, FL Featured Scholars in Residence Rabbi Kenneth Hain, Rabbi Shmu

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THE DEAL WITH IRAN Obamas Fight With Israel This Time Its Serious By Robert Satloff reprinted with permission A merica and Israel are in uncharted waters. Just eight months since President Barack O

OPED Us and Us By David S. Zinberg ndividuals who come together in a community maintain a shared identity. Communities, and social groups of all kinds, are defined by common behaviors, beliefs and va

CHANUKAH Thank the Maccabees By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. here has been much ado this year about the fact that the first day of Chanukah coincides with the holiday of Thanksgiving. The last time that T

THE HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Come Light the Menorah Come Have Fun in the Kitchen By Gail Hochman ho doesnt love the holiday of Chanukah It is one that is filled with memories of family, home, smells of lat

FOOD Holidays on Ice MakeAhead Quiche with Brie, Potatoes, Leeks and Onions By Lisa ReitmanDobi hen everyone is home for the holidays, the number of hours spent relaxing with the family is, unfortuna

AN APPRECIATION Saul Kagan In Memoriam By Judah Gribetz and Shari C. Reig, reprinted with permission from The Forward hen Judge Edward R. Korman asked us to assist him as special master and deputy sp

PARENTING SPECIAL EDUCATION Making a Plan By Esther Klavan s both a parent and educator, I find myself using the phrase, Whats your plan countless times throughout the week. Whether in response to m

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New In The Neighborhood Giving Thanks Each Day By Mordechai Nina Glick s some of you may already know our family experienced a trauma four weeks ago that will certainly take us awhile to recover fro

HEALTH Muscle Tone What Does it Mean by Elisheva Fuchs s a physical therapist, I often come across people, whether they are parents, teachers, physicians, or therapists, talking about muscle tone. I

HEALTH Repetitive Strain Injuries No Laughing Matter for New Parents by Elizabeth Kratz idland Park, NJ A speech therapist came into work one day to the Childrens Therapy Center complaining of horri

HEALTH What Can I Say What Should I Say by Temimah Zucker he moment I began opening up about my eating disorder I invited the world to learn about and witness my struggles. Frequently, people will no

HEALTH A Recipe for Heart Healthy Living By Rena Zelig MS, RDN or much of the past century, cardiovascular disease CVD has been the leading cause of death in the United States and, on average, claims

CHANUKAH Chanukah The Greek Side of the Story By Jerome A. Chanes This article originally appeared as On Chanukah, We Met the Enemy, and they Was Us, 21st December, 2001. See Hanukkah Reconsidered b

FEATURES Israels Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd in Jerusalem By Shai Afsai erusalemThis year I was fortunate to make a second pilgrimage to Israel in order to celebrate the annual Sigd holiday of Ethi

CHANUKAH Ideas for Chanukah In Israel By Tzvi Silver ERUSALEM This year, for the first time in 75 years, the Jewish celebration of Chanuka and secular celebration of Thanksgiving will coincide. Whil

CHANUKAH Buyer Beware By Mordechai Schmutter I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say it is not easy to figure out what to buy people for Chanukah. Especially since theres a certain dispari

PROFILE Tofutti How Sweet It Is By Gerald Harris L ike most CEOs, David Mintz thinks about his business day and night and goes to great lengths to make sure everything runs on schedule. But unlike

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL CONTINUED FROM P. 1 ed States having to take military action to eliminate them. While it is commonly assumed that the United States could eliminate the Iranian nuclear program at

CHANUKAH Menorah Mania By Diana he menorah forever commemorates the eightday stretch of Jewish history during which one days worth of oil gave the kohanim of the Jewish Temple ei

CHANUKAH Upset of Upsets Chanukah The Football View By Ira Buckman magine a football game that features a selection of NFL players who form two evenlymatched teams, with the exception of quarterback.

CHANUKAH LChaim on Chanukah Fine Wines to Celebrate anuka, Chanukah, Hannukkais there a correct spelling I guess it depends who you ask. Another question that prompts much debate is what wine to serv

SCHOOLS Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon Appointed Visiting Professor at YU ew York Yeshiva University www. recently announced that Israeli diplomat and politician Danny Ayalon has

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SCHOOLS BCCFDU Seamless University Transfers By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckCollege is notoriously debtincurring and, for some students, it can be difficult to achieve a high caliber secular education

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SCHOOLS Broadway Dance Teacher Headlines at Performing Arts Summer Camp For Frum Girls by Elizabeth Kratz expressive and performance abilities, said Sari Kahn, dieaneckA shomer Shabbos former rector

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SCHOOLS Frisch Students Give of their Blood at Annual Blood Together early 100 students, faculty and alumni of The Frisch School participated in the schools annual Blood Drive on November 19, in part

SPORTS TABC JV Hockey Report TABC Varsity Hockey Report By Yosef Naor T he JV Storm played their home opener against Ramaz this past Tuesday night and came away with a 50 victory. TABC started out

SPORTS JLBC Yasher Koach of the Week Naomi Kutin O n Sunday, November 10th in Bigler, PA, 12yearold Naomi Kutin made powerlifting history, yet again. Lifting in the 100 Raw Powerlifting Federation

SPORTS Teaneck Baseball 10U Fall Travel Team Bruriah Basketball Update Finishes 44 in Challenging Division By Ilana Markowitz Hershkowitz By Howard and Yehuda Teitelman n the Fall PBI Baseball League

SPORTS SAR Varsity BBall Beats Kushner By SAR Sports MTA Varsity Basketball Loses a Close One By Ezra Teichman 14 N ovember 14, 2013In a back and forth game, the Sting took home a victory over Kus

REAL ESTATE Nachlaot A Cultural Mosaic of the Jewish Diaspora By Gedaliah Borvick achlaot is a cluster of over two dozen Jerusalem neighborhoods centrally located between Shaare Chessed and the famou

REAL ESTATE The Story of Evergreen Insurance Risk Management ockland County, NY Izzy Green grew up in the Hasidic community of Rockland County, NY, where he received very little business education.

THE ARTS Grammy Winner Knocking Out Knockout Games with Gedenk ew YorkGrammy awardwinning violinist Miri BenAri is denouncing the Knockout Game where one suckerpunches a defenseless victim in the hea

FINANCE Low Down Payment Options for Your Home Purchase By David Siegel ts a tease. Interest rates are low. Home prices are reasonable. You keep hearing its a great time to buy a house. If only the s

In my view, no one should begin a supplement regimen without the guidance of a health care professional someone who, like Eliezer Gruber, CN of NutriSupreme, follows the science closely and has a dee

ut s abo Ask u ing Cater Event Next Your FOOD 2018330200 The Rabbinical Council Of Bergen County RCBC Chopstix, The Worlds Best Kosher Chinese By Abe Sussman here has always been a truly wide select

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SIMCHA DIRECTORY Standard BarBas Mitzvah Packages include Free Photo Favor Booth or 100 Discount Over 30 Games Jeff Wilks Orchestra DJs Leibedik One Man BandSinger DJ w Dance Motivators Projecto

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TECHNOLOGY LeaksStop Takes the Pressure Off Your Pipes By Karin Kloosterman smart unit from an Israeli watertech company modulates water pressure to prevent leakage, and alerts users to leaks already

THEATER REVIEW Review Lies My Father Told Me CONTINUED FROM P. 69 The prudish Mrs. Tanner just wait, the neighborhood sweetheart, Edna, the boys and the girls, politicians and players all. Each of Ku

TRAVEL Leisure Time Hosting 6 Pesach Programs This Year From British Columbia to Rome More In Between F or the past 56 years, Leisure Time Tours has been Americas first and largest Passover Tour Op

Building Tradition The Teaneck Mikvah CONTINUED FROM P. 1 ful, unifying and well deserved tribute, said Ruchi Tiger, event co chair. First built in the 1970s, the Teaneck Mikvah recently underwent a

The Iran Deal On the Record CONTINUED FROM P. 1 This is the reality on the table Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday morning said, Today, we are taking a serious step toward answering all of those

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS NOVEMBER 27 05 DECEMBER CHANUKAH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1ST Blood Drive 830AM 230PM Cong Beth Aaron 950 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck. Contact Josh at givebloodtoday or one may reg

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Gemach Rinat Chayim is searching for storage space for the medical equipment for the medical supply gemach. Please call 2014218422 during the day. Or 2013575495 after 8PM or em

GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES BABIES AND CHILDREN TEANECK BRIS GEMACH Bris outfits, pillows, pillow cases, tefilos for mothers to say. Open to the Jewish community. There is no solicitation of fund

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