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JEWISH LINK November 3, 2016 Published BiWeekly 2 Cheshvan, 5777 Issue 40 VOTE THIS TUESDAY Shop with Family From Anywhere From SEASONSKOSHER.COM SEE PAGE 3 BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT Isr

SEY YA JER CH W A E D N GALA MELAVA MALKA R E C E P T I O N N OV E M B E R 19 , 2016 AT THE HOME OF Miriam Allen Pfeiffer 400 WARWICK AVENUE TEANECK, NJ 800 pm Celebrating 10 Years OF NEW JERSE

But Seasons always remains the warmest Kosher shopping experience Change easons h Te S Rely on family the COMING SOON family LAWRENCE CEDARHURST CLIFTON LAWRENCE QUEENS SCARSDALE MANHATTAN LA

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Violence Erupts at Western Wall as NonOrthodox Jews Hold Prayer Michael BachnerTPS Clashes broke out at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning during a demonstration and p

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TOTAL control What does giving the DEMOCRATS of ALBANY to ur community mean to o THE CHOICE IS SIMPLE ON NOVEMBER 8TH VOTE REPUBLICAN JULIE KILLIAN FOR STATE SENATE 6 November 3, 2016 2 Cheshvan, 5

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 versitys biological chemistry department, according to press reports. Loyter and Assaf Friedler developed a peptide, the drugs active ingredient, which causes in

EDITORIAL This Tuesday, Dont Be a NoShow After all the inspiration, not to mention all the shopping, cooking and cleaning and eating, its perhaps difficult to believe that we are on the other side of

OPED Israel Was Missing From the Presidential Debates By Michael D. Cohen, Eastern Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center While watching the presidential debates, I kept asking myself one simple questionw

WORLDISRAEL NEWS The Myth of Jews and Slavery CONTINUED FROM P. 8 nic groups, Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Jews, Germans, Swedes, French, English, Danes, white Americans, Native Americans,

COMMUNITY NEWS Archeology and Biblical History, Presented by Shulie Mishkin By Michele Morse Shulie Mishkin spoke on Tuesday, November 1 at the Young Israel of New Rochelle on Tanakh and ArcheologyDi

COMMUNITY NEWS The Bronfman Fellowship Announces 31st Application Season AlbanyApplications are now being accepted for the 31st year of this prestigious program. The Bronfman Fellowship selects 26 ou

COMMUNITY NEWS AntiIsrael BiasHow Real and Widespread Is It New YorkTouro College and University System will present an important and informative discussion titled AntiIsrael Bias How Real and Widesp

YESHIVAT HAR ETZION THE LICHTENSTEIN FAMILY are proud to announce the o f M I S H N AT H A R A L , Inaugural Event in memory of R AV A H A RO N L I C H T E N ST E I N Z T L A C O M M U N I T Y C

COMMUNITY NEWS Israel Cancer Research Fund Honors Rabbi Sklarz at 2016 Awards Dinner By David Kweskin Rabbi Andrew Sklarz of Greenwich Reform Synagogue will be the first honoree of the Connecticut ch

COMMUNITY NEWS Riverdale Chabads Rosh Chodesh Society to Explore Simple Truths Rosh Chodesh Society is a worldwide society of Jewish multiaged, diverse women of all affiliations and backgrounds. At C

COMMUNITY NEWS Yeshiva University Hosts Community Beit Midrash Lectures Will Explore Themes of Jewish Prayer and Leadership New York Yeshiva Universitys Center for the Jewish Future will present a Co

DIVREI TORAH Its All Relative By Rabbi David Walk Noach 5777 Theres a very famous story about Reb Zusha of Anipoli 17181800. He was one of the most beloved Chasidic leaders of the third generation of

FEATURES Reflections of a Rikers Island High Holidays Rabbi CONTINUED FROM P. 1 charging down the hallway to the adjacent unit. An officer was just brutally attacked by an inmate. A night earlier, I

20 November 3, 2016 2 Cheshvan, 5777 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

DVAR TORAH Examining Parshat Noach By Steven Genack We encounter Noach in this weeks parsha, who symbolizes an entity of rest the root word being menucha, whose chief mission was to carry on the worl

HUMOR Votey McVoteface By Mordechai Schmutter Over the past few months, Ive gotten a lot of requests from readers to write about the upcoming historic election for what will probably be the last pres

Experience Camp Shalom A Summer of Fun the Torah Way 2017 NOW GISTE ES R summer Sports track for your athletic allstars Art track for your marvelous Monets Drama track for budding actresses Tae K

AD JEWISH LINK MED CONF 2016.pdf 1 1062016 81958 PM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 24 November 3, 2016 2 Cheshvan, 5777 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

ALIYAH DIARY Falling Forward By Esti Rosen Snukal Since Ive made aliyah over four years ago, something invariably happens to me this time of year. Maybe its because Im an autumn baby born into the cr

EDUCATION Navigating the College Application Process How to Help Your Child By Marisa Mahler, Psy.D High school can be an exciting, creative and stimulating time, but it is also wrought with academic

SHALOM TASK FORCE Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community Physical Abuse By Shoshannah D. Frydman, LCSW, PhD Part IV I Am Scared Physical Abuse Sara wears long sleeves in the summer she used to we

ELECTION FUN Kippa Election Tracker Predicts Big Trump Victory Among Orthodox Jews New York Citybased kippa yarmulke company PicAKippa sees itself as an early exit poll of the American Orthodox Jewis

Lose 510 Of Your Weight In Just 10 Days Steven Y. Szklarz CSP Before 21 Years Old Results ARE Typical GUARANTEED If You Weigh 120 lbs. 150 lbs. 170 lbs. 190 lbs. 210 lbs. 230 lbs. 250 lbs. 300 lbs.

F OD W NE LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT THE KOSHER DINNER LADY Another Day, Another Dinner By Rachel Berger Were any of you feeling like I felt after all the chagim Thinking you could never l

Thinking of traveling LOWEST FARES TO ISRAEL, EUROPE AND WORLDWIDE ISRAEL LOWEST FARES TO ISRAEL, EUROPE AND WORLDWIDE Limited group space available for Youths to for the Winter Zman YOUR F ULL SE

e hed th Publis ssue of First I Month Every THE HEALTH LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT research regarding the lack of broad jaw development allowing space for teeth as being entirely nutritional

SCHOOLS Sukkah City on the Sound at Westchester Day School There was the ReSukkah, constructed from recycled materials, the locally sourced sukkah whose walls were made of stacked sandbags using sand

SCHOOLS SAR Develops Novel Way to Experience Engineering By Sharon Marson Fairytales and engineering What is the integration Teams of first and second graders at SAR Academy in Riverdale, led by thei

SPORTS TABC JV Ball Gears Up For Another Strong Season Inbal Jerusalem Hotel Hosts Former NBA Star Amare Stoudemire By Eli Rifkind In its second year under coaching duo Oswald Cross and Jonathan Pa

ASK THE REALTOR Why Is My House Not Selling By Vivian J. Oleen, Associate Broker, Sopher Realty Even the most wonderful, accurately priced homes in the best locations do not always sell quickly. Some

INTERIOR DESIGN On Yom Kippur, Were We Forgiven for Bad Furniture Purchases by Jane Morgan, Jane Morgan Interior Design The funny thing is I was having this exact conversation with clients recently.

REAL ESTATE Nine Ways to Fool Yourself Into Thinking Its Spring Inside By Jamie reprinted with permission from Winter is coming, and theres nothing any of us can do ab

ASK THE REALTOR INTERIOR DESIGN On Yom Kippur, Were We Forgiven for Bad Furniture Purchases CONTINUED FROM P. 37 when you look at something, get rid of it. Just because someone you love or maybe eve

Riverdales FamilyOwned Brokerage Since 1966 Established 1966 Morris and Marilyn Sopher Den Great room Part of kitchen Exclusively listed with Sopher Realty. Awardwinning, energyefficient solar h