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THE JEWISH LINK Connecting the Bergen Jewish Community Vol. 1 No. 8 June 27, 2013 19 Tammuz, 5773 Distributed every other week BHatzlacha to all those going away for Summer 2013


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We Hold The Keys to the Best Front Doors in Town 622 Winthrop Road, Teaneck 1,200,000 872 Eastlawn Drive, Teaneck 749,000 2016923700 4 June 27, 2013 19 Tammuz, 5773 201371321

Yeshivat Maharat Ordains Orthodox Female Clergy by Aliza Chasan R iverdaleIn an historic moment for the world Orthodox Jewish community, the firstever Manhigei Hilchatit Ruchanit Toranit, or Maharat

NEWS Mapping Out the Actual Conditions of the Middle East By Maxine I sraeli Minister of Tourism Uzi Landau caused a media stir last month when, at a cabinet meeting, he quoted from f

NEWS Peres Lauded in StarStudded Ceremony Virtual Jerusalem erusalem World leaders praised and serenaded Israeli President Shimon Peres in honor of his upcoming 90th birthday. The primetime birthday

NEWS Charlie Harar y Wows Englewood With his OHEL Awareness Shabbos Talks By Jeremy Pasternak Disused Train Station to Host Holocaust Museum The Prague PostThe disused railway station at PragueBubny

ISRAEL NEWS BRIEFS U.S.Israel Cooperation Jinsa Security DigestA number of recent joint activities with the U.S. highlights U.S.Israel relations. A subsidiary of Israelbased Elbit Systems delivered i

MIDDLE EAST NEWS BRIEFS Gaza Kids Play Kidnap Israeli Soldier in Summer Camp Ynet NewsIn a somewhat unorthodox summer camp in the Gaza Strip, children aged between 6 and 16 picked up AK47s and engaged

NEWS Miss Israel Visits Solomon Schechter Day School On US Trip to Raise Funds for Netanya Community Center By Bracha Schwartz Photos Maxine Dovere T he eyes of 100 hundred sixth and seventh grade

COMMUNITY YUs Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel Appointed University Professer Wins GoldsteinGoren Book Award N ew YorkDr. Ephraim Kanarfogel has been appointed a University Professor at Yeshiva Univers

COMMUNITY Standing Up to Bullying By Justin Sohn T Glatt Kosher aterers 446 edar Lane e ey 076661711 D F X 2016923656 I am Justin Sohn, an 8th grader currently attending the Moriah School locat

COMMUNITY New Robotics Center At Boys Town Jerusalem Is A Legacy For The Future T eaneckIsraels newest stateoftheart robotics laboratory, a gift of New Jersey Superior Court Judge David Follender o

COMMUNITY Scouts of Bergen County By Larry Bernstein B ergen CountyTwo fingers go up in the air and a room full of boys goes quiet. Together, the boys declare their duty to God and country, duty to

EDITORIAL Princesses of Long Island NOT B ravo, the network that loves to bring you real life in the form of exaggerated stereotypes, has done it again. Instead of Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta

DVAR TORAH PARASHAT PINCHAS Raising Leaders, Instilling Leadership Rabbi Aaron Ross, Ed.D. or all of its length, Parashat Pinchas contains only three stories, and a wistful sadness underlies all thr

DIVREI TORAH Tisha BAv and the First World War By Larry Domnitch ccording to tradition, Messiah is born on Tisha BAv. It also stands to reason that the redemption of the Jews can only follow their ex

DIVREI TORAH From the Pages of Tradition 1992 R. David Friedman of Karlin The Ban on Secular Study in Jerusalem By Shnayer Z. Leiman Introduction Because of the controversy regarding Hareidim and the

DIVREI TORAH R. David Friedman of Karlin The Ban on Secular Study in Jerusalem CONTINUED FROM P. 19 hibited a father from teaching his son the vernacular, lest the son communicate with the governme

CHINUCH The App That is Your Worst Nightmare SimSimi by Rabbi Maccabee Avishur saac Asimov was right. The dangers of artificial intelligence that he foreshadowed in his collection of short stories,

CHINUCH ROUNDTABLE When Should Kids Learn About the Holocaust Compiled by Pnina Seplowitz I n a continuing effort to get to know our wonderful mechanchim and hear their opinions about important iss

EDUCATION CHINUCH Ruderman Family Foundation Awards AMIT 50K For Innovative Disability Programs New York, June 25, 2013..... AMIT, a network of 108 schools and programs in Israel, is the recipient o

FACE OFF BOOK REVIEW Holocaust scholars Michael Berenbaum and Rafael Medoff read the same book and sent in their reviews. Giving Credit to FDR Where Credit Isnt Due By Rafael Medoff Rafael Medoff i

FACE OFF BOOK REVIEW Giving Credit to FDR Where Credit Isnt Due CONTINUED FROM P. 24 out. During most of FDRs years in office, the quota from Germany remained less than halffilled. More than 190,000

OPED Why Is Israel So Afraid of the Arab Peace Initiative By Raphael Ahren From The Times of Israel Edited for brevity I srael could easily make peace with Iran it only needs to evacuate some settl

POLITICAL PONDERINGS When Election Day Becomes Groundhog Day By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. ou may remember the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murrays character, meteorologist Phil Connors, reli

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Its a Grand Old Flag on the Fourth of July By Mordechai Nina Glick ack home in the land of Montreal it would never have come to our minds to hang a Canadian flag in front of

BT FORUM ON JEWISH HISTORY Stop the Revolution How Flavius Josephus and Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai Tried to Save Jerusalem and the Jews from the Zealots A discussion with Rabbi Dr. Jacob Reiner, Assis

FEATURES Tisha BAv in the 21st Centur y By Binyamin I t is a testament to the amazing variability of Jewish synagogue life in America that the summertime fast of Tisha BAv is for som

FEATURES Rabbi Yitz Greenberg at 80 A Paradigm Changer By Jeanette Friedman O n November 4, 1979, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg stood at a podium in the auditorium at Hebrew Union College facing more than 6

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THE ARTS Bleeding Arts By Aliza Davidovit iverdale, NY Forty one battles of fear on the wall, forty one battles of fear.... Catchy yes, but in this case there really is nothing to sing about but rath

FOCUS ON BAT MELECH A Unique Shelter Offers Salvation to Religious Women By Jordana Schoor erusalemIt has been eight years since Sarah has been able to sleep soundly. Since she was married at the age

My Bat Mitzvah Celebration at Bat Melech By Meira Baum I did not know what to expect. I had just wrapped 50 Chanukah gifts at my bat mitzvah party in Teaneck and I wanted to give them to children wh

Unique Inspiration SINAI Youngsters Give Back Through Art CONTINUED FROM P. 1 speech. Creating personal works of art provides these children with different avenues in which they can express thoughts

HEALTH New Website Launched to Educate the Jewish Community about Genetic Health Issues By Bruce Lander N EW YORK Jewish individuals seeking to learn about the many genetic health conditions they m

HEALTH Religion, Recover y, and Anorexia By Temimah Zucker t is always important to counter the negative stereotypes and misconceptions that are raised by people who do not understand eating disorder

PARENTING Role Models By Banji LatkinGanchrow his is a tricky subject. I believe that most of us try to be the best role models for our children, but sometimes that has a tendency to go a little awry

PARENTING The Beauty of Getting Dirty By Alyssa Colton MA, OTRL and Aviva Lipner MA, OTRL hink back to your childhood. Likely most of your fond memories had you digging for worms, finger painting or

PARENTING If I Am Not For Myself, Who Will Be For Me By Nancy Silberman Zwiebach hese words, commonly quoted within the Jewish world, and, I hope, throughout the general population, carry great meani

FOOD Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink Tr y Entering a Cookoff this Summer By Chavie Hagler and Rayzel Yaish H ello readers This is Rayzel writing. Many of you have written to comment on a recipe or to

FOOD A New Generation of Kosher Entrepreneurs By Menachem Lubinsky Kosher Today technology to grow a business. The role of social media as a major driver of business growth was sprinkled throughout. T

SCHOOLS A Special Sound of Music in Jerusalem erusalemSome of the worlds most beautiful music fills the air every week in Jerusalemstraight from the voices and guitars of high school boys to the hear

SCHOOLS Seven Months Later, YU Students and Recent Graduates Continue Sandy Relief Efforts N ew YorkIt has been more than seven months since Hurricane Sandy struck the greater New York region and s

SCHOOLS BPY Junior High Goes to MIT Museum H aving completed a unit of study about DNA and genetics, and preparing presentations about DNA for their peers, Ben Porat Yosef junior high students took

PERSONAL FINANCE Student Debt By David Siegel ou signed the loan papers to get the financing that allowed you to register for classes. Then you enjoyed years of undergraduate classes, tests, parties

Rules of Engagement By Jonah Schwartz M azel Tov Buying an engagement ring may be one of the most substantial purchases that you will ever make when your sweetheart wears her engagement ring it will

SPORTS Cool Kippahs win 70 over Premier Endoscopy MGBL HS Champions Sinai Schools T his years fathers day was also TBO Championship Sunday with the day getting off to a great start with an early


SPORTS Jewish Link Athletes In the Spotlight Shai Kaminetsky and Jacob Shapiro The Measure of a man By Elly Merlis E very coach dreams of a money player. A go to guy, someone they can count on to

of Keter Torah Five Star Caterers fine cuisine price convenient location Complimentary Party Planner Available For Your Event 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM great All inclusive weddings startin

Blackouts Are Shining Bright In Bnai Yeshurun League By Ian Fields T he Blackouts continued their winning ways on Sunday, with a their second victory of the season over Shaare Tefilah. It was the th

SPORTS The Measure of a Man CONTINUED FROM P. 51 dered, and he was ruggedly handsome with dark, Levantine features. I had always thought that he resembled one of the noble warriors from the army of

FOOD Rock N Roll Sushi Noodle Bar At Long Last, Sushi Thats Both Tasty and Affordable Comes to Teaneck By Tova Ross hen Rock N Roll Sushi Noodle Bar opens on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck in the comin

SUMMER TRAVEL Dutch Wonderland What, No Kosher Food By Benjamin Cohen posting on reported that after many years of running a kosher concession at Dutch Wonderland, PA kosher mart

LOCAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Queen Anne Wine and Spirits Bottoms Up to a Teaneck Institution By Aliza Chasan T wenty eight years after its opening, Queen Anne Wine and Spirits Emporium is now the third

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT The Latest Scoop By Aliza Chasan I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. There are more than 15 ice cream stores in Bergen County, all part of the nationwide ice cream

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Gotham Burger Takes Manhattan By Maxine Dovere T he kosher community of the Upper West Side welcomed the newest branch of the Bergen Countybased Gotham Burger Co. with open mouth

CALENDAR OF EVENTS JUNE Sunday, June 30th Annual Shmiras Halashon Lecture 810 PM Cong Bnai Yeshurun 641 West Englewood, Teaneck Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff will speak on Mutual Respect Key to Redemption R

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LIVE THE PARSHA Put on a skit about THIS WEEKS PARSHA HaShem praised Pinchas for standing up for His honor and as a result gave him My covenant of peace and made him a Kohen. HaShem told Moshe

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 27, 2013 19 Tammuz, 5773 63

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