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THE JEWISH LINK Connecting the Bergen Jewish Community Vol. 1 No. 6 May 30, 2013 21 Sivan, 5773 Distributed every other week DONT FORGET TO VOTE TUESDAY IS PRIMARY DAY. EVERY VO


LET US SOLVE YOUR REAL ESTATE PUZZLE 2016923700 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM May 30, 2013 21 Sivan, 5773 3

4 May 30, 2013 21 Sivan, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

ANALYSIS Before Syria Disappears, Stop and Think CONTINUED FROM P. 1 ist proxy Hezbollah. While the Sunni powers certainly have their problems, the Shia bloc is avowedly antiWestern and dedicated t

NEWS Egypt Sinai Campaign Coordinated With Israel, As EgyptHamas Tensions Deepen By Avi Issacharoff Reprinted with permission from n Israeli official has confirmed to The Tower that Eg

NEWS New U.S. Special Envoy, Ira Forman Joins Unprecedented Global Muslim Delegation at Auschwitz from combined services arsawThe newly appointed Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, Ira

NEWS Olmert I am still waiting for Abbas to call by Avi Issacharoff Reprinted with permission from The Tower Magazine I am still waiting for a phone call from him, former Israeli Prim

NEWS BRIEFS Asia Is Becoming Israels New Frontier Forbes reports that Israels rapid transition into an entrepreneurial hightech superpower has aroused the interest of such Asian countries as India, Ch

NEWS BRIEFS Bill Protecting IDF From Slander Passes First Knesset Ruling People and groups who slander the Israel Defense Forces may find themselves facing lawsuits, according to an amendment

NEWS BRIEFS CAMERA launches new website to aid proIsrael students The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America CAMERA has launched a new website geared towards helping proIsr

NEWS BRIEFS Targum Shlishi Fetes Rabbi Yitz Irving Greenberg on His 80th Birthday Los Angeles Elects its First Jewish Mayor Eric Garcetti will be the first elected Jewish mayor in the history

COMMUNITY NEWS Teanecks Barry Cohen and Yosef Kornbluth to participate in YUs Kressel Scholarship program T eaneckBarry Cohen and Yosef Kornbluth of Teaneck have been selected to perform advanced u

COMMUNITY NEWS Not your Mamas Hadassah Hadassah Installs CoPresidents Looks to the Future By Maxine Dovere F air LawnHadassah, the Womens Zionist Organization, is no longer simply a fundraising pla

COMMUNITY NEWS OU SinglesTwo Nights Of Laughs MASK Hosts Event at Sokolow Home T he Orthodox Union Singles Connection, in partnership with a variety of Manhattan synagogues, will present A Night o

EDITORIALS The Chaos Conundrum Where Do We Go From Here CoFoundersCoPublishers Mark Mendy Schwartz Moshe Kinderlehrer Editor Jeanette Friedman Contributing Editor Nina Glick Advertising Director Yaa

DIVREI TORAH Behaaloscha By Rabbi Donny Besser, Mashgiach Ruchani, Maayanot Yeshiva High School And the man Moshe was exceedingly humble, more so than any person on the face of the earth Bamidbar 123

DIVREI TORAH The Twentieth of Sivan By Larry Domnitch T he 20th of day of the month of Sivan chof Sivan has been designated by sages to be a day of fasting and commemoration of tragedies that befel

Olmert I am still waiting for Abbas to call CONTINUED FROM P. 9 el accepted the basis of the Arab peace initiative including Resolution 194. In the last meeting I brought a big map, like the size of

MEACHOREI HAPARGOD Its 1841 All Over Again By Robert Katz n 1841, when America was 65 years old, John Tyler was the third President the United States had in five weeks. After William Harrison defeate

FEATURES Changing Demographics And You By Elozor Preil opulation demographics in the United States have changed dramatically. Last year, the Population Reference Bureau found the U.S. population is

OPEDS Time to End the Disgrace at the Wall By YOSSI KLEIN HALEVI Reprinted with permission from the Shalom Hartman Institute he most recent confrontation at the Western Wall between hundreds of memb

BT FORUM RABBI LAWRENCE S. ZIERLER A Guide to Marriage Finding a Shidduch, Making Marriage Work, Preventing Agunot By Bracha Schwartz I hear constant references to the Shidduch Crisis. How are young

FEATURES Graduation Day By Estelle Glass ith his long gray beard and somber clothes, Ruthies father resembled a rebbe or perhaps a mashgiach or a shoichet. He certainly didnt look like a tailor, but

FEATURES Kaifeng From a Jewish Perspective By Ari Schaffer I n the heart of a country of 1.4 billion people, a small community of around 70 native Chinese is on a long march to reconnect to its anc

EVENTS Egg Freezing Where Science and Halakha Intersect By Bracha Schwartz E nglewoodThe Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society recently sponsored a discussion on the social, ethical and

SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY The Cosmic Perspective Universe The 100th Essay by Neil deGrasse Tyson From Natural History Magazine, April 2007, copyright Natural History Magazine, Inc. Reprinted in JLBC wi

The Cosmic Perspective Universe The 100th Essay CONTINUED FROM P. 27 unfolding cosmic perspective takes you there. Light takes time to reach Earths observatories from the depths of space, and so you

FEATURES DWT Driving While Texting By Ross Rothenberg Is it really that dangerous Everyone does it These are common refrains we hear when it comes to DWT Driving while texting. Perhaps some statistic

FEATURES How to be a Great Candidate for the Job You Want ... On One Foot Sandra Leshaw Oirich B e LIKABLE, SMART and DETAIL ORIENTED ... and do it all with dispatch. The rest is commentary. Bear i

CHINUCH Dont Say Lashon Hara By Yair Daar hen you ask someone to stop gossiping it can get awkward. On one hand, you dont like what the other person is doing. On the other hand, you dont want to act

CHINUCH Chinuch Roundtable Compiled by Pnina Seplowitz I n a continuing effort to get to know our wonderful mechanchim and hear their opinions about important issues and concerns facing our schoola

PARENTING Well Rounded By Banji D. LatkinGanchrow y parents really tried with us. Every summer we would pile in the car, my mom and sister in the back, my brother and I in the front, dad driving. Yes

PARENTING Dear Rabbi Sam By Rabbi Sam Frankel, LCSW Dear Rabbi My husband and I are proud parents of three boys, ages, 12, 10 and 7. Our oldest son has been requesting an iPad for his bar mitzvah gif

PARENTING Empowering the Child with a Disability Nancy Silberman Zwiebach while back there arose out of the West a new movement, using a term that everybody thought they were f

SUMMER IS COMING So Campy 12 Top Tips For Getting Your Kids Ready for Camp By Tova Gold I ts that time again Every year, like clockwork, mosquitos start filling the air, and the summer excitement b

FOOD A Carafe of Joe By Shoshana Genack hether it is finals, packing the kids up for camp or trying to stay awake after another lateending June wedding, there are many reasons this month why one may

FOOD Hints For Your Kitchen compiled by JLBC Staff S ome of these ideas have been circulating on the Internet for a while, so we thought we would consolidate them and make them available to Bergen

ON THE MENU Locusts, Locusts Everywhere, and Not a Crop to Eat How to Prepare Locusts After They Destroy Your Fields By Jeanette Friedman I n case you havent noticed, a plague of locusts has descen

COMMUNITY NEWS Bergen Women Honored at NYC Event CONTINUED FROM P. 1 who with her sisterinlaw, Karen Spitalnik, cochaired the event. Several hundred dedicated members gathered to listen to Dr. Merr

SCHOOLS Frisch Fashion Show and Dance Performance Links to Social Justice By Bracha Schwartz P aramusIf there was a mirror on the wall at the Frisch Fashion Show and Dance Performance, Sunday May 1

COMMUNITY NEWS OHEL Youth Group Leader Training Workshop a Success R abbi Yaakov Neuburger of Congregation Beth Abraham of Bergenfield participated as a lecturer in the third and final installment

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM May 30, 2013 21 Sivan, 5773 43

SCHOOLS Broadway Comes to Yeshivat Noam By Banji Ganchrow Lubavitch on the Palisades T he Yeshivat Noam eighth grade girls performed Aladdin to a packed house last week. It was the ed we all were

SCHOOLS SSDS Israel Night Honors Memor y of Late Alumnus By Shira Hirschman Weiss N ew MilfordIt was only last April when the Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County SSDS lost a star alumnus,

SCHOOLS Fourth Grade State Fair at Noam T he excitement at the presentation and performance of the Fourth Grade State Fair was was palpable Within the geography curriculum, the students spent the e

SPORTS JLBC Athlete of the week Amalya Knapp N ineyearold Teaneck native Amalya Knapp is a competitive USAG gymnast currently training for her Level 8 season. Amalya got her first taste for gymnast


SPORTS TABC JV Soccer Storming Through The Playoffs By Coach Bruce Minsky SAR Sting Wins 6th Grade Basketball Championship Coach Dani Weinberger T he Storm finished the regular season with a convi

ISRAELREAL ESTATE Rechavia Location, Location, Location By Gedalia Borvik hen people approach me to discuss buying a second home in Jerusalem, Rechavia is invariably the most requested neighborhood.

TRAVEL AND ENTERTAINMENT Not Your Fathers 5K Race By Benjamin Cohen I f you are tapped into social media, you must have seen a barrage of interesting races popping up as suggested posts. These race

FUN ACTIVITY PAGE Bergen Schools by Yoni Glatt 1 2 3 4 5 14 17 6 7 8 15 18 21 23 9 10 11 12 Down 1. Weight abbr. 2. Take your pick 3. Oodles 4. Expensive hanger 5. Drunk woman in Samuel

Before Syria Disappears, Stop and Think CONTINUED FROM P. 5 fied into a number of alliances, organized along broadly ideological lines. ... The most extreme is the Jabhat alNusra group, which openly

COMMUNITY CALENDAR JUNE Sunday, June 2nd ISRAEL DAY PARADE Galil Aliyah Project 730PM Cong Ahavat Torah Englewood, N.J. Presentation and participation of Israeli officials from Migdal Haemek and the W

THE CITRON FAMILY FROM TEANECK RELAXING AT YACHAD FAMILY SHABBATON 27th Annual Yachad Family ShabbatonRetreat ith close to 900 people in attendance, the 27th Annual Yachad Family ShabbatonRetreat pro

F 201.833.0889 Glatt Kosher WWW.FIVESTARCATERERS.COM 56 May 30, 2013 21 Sivan, 5773 ive Star Caterers Wedding Packages starting at 59 per person FIVE STAR QUALITY AT EVERY EVENT We are proud to a

REAL ESTATE Getting The Best Deal On Your Refinancing By Mark Rokowsky ave you been guaranteed the lowest interest rate available to refinance your home Its not always as simple as it sounds. Underst

58 May 30, 2013 21 Sivan, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

The best care, from our family to yours 544 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666 P 2018623300 F 2012878600 www.careone.comteaneck 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM For more information or to schedule a to

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