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THE JEWISH LINK Connecting the Bergen Jewish Community Vol. 1 No. 2 March 21, 2013 10 Nisan 5773 Distributed every other week Chag Kasher VSameach CANDLE LIGHTING March 22 26 A

2, March 21, 2013 10 Nisan, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

Yeshiva University Sy Syms School of Business See Steven Turn Sunday into Executive MBA Day at Yeshiva University. Apply Now to our SundayOnly Executive MBA www.yu.edusymsemba Sy Syms School of Bu

4, March 21, 2013 10 Nisan, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM


NEWS Young Israel Launches Call For Clemency Campaign Goal is to gain pardon for Pollard from combined services T he national office of Young Israel is encouraging people to call the White House, w

NEWS BRIEFS I UN Exonerates Israel sraeli air strikes on Gaza during November 2012s Operation Pillar of Defense were blamed for the death of the 11monthold son of a BBC cameraman, Jihad Misharawi,

NEWS Interfaith Scholars Discuss New Issues at Seton Hall MuslimJewish Dialogue Can Help By Jeanette Friedman S outh OrangeFather John T. Pawlikowski and Dr. Michael Berenbaum spoke about interfait

COMMUNITY NEWS Yom HaShoah Commemorations Englewood, Tena y, Paramus and Teaneck events planned By Bracha Schwartz C ongregation Ahavath Torah of Englewood, in cooperation with East Hill Synagogue,

EDITORIALS YOU MUST SHOW UP E CoFoundersCoPublishers Mark Mendy Schwartz Moshe Kinderlehrer very year when school starts, parents are upset when they find out where their children have to wait for

DVAR TORAH Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance By Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz O ne of the biggest challenges I have as a teacher and parent is motivating young people to sing and dance as they rejoice on Shabbat and

OPED Orthodox in America By Jerome A. Chanes n old saw about American Catholics of the 1970s and 80s had it that Catholics could not figure out whether they were Joe McCarthy or Gene McCarthy The sam

FEATURES New Shoes For Pesach From Kaddish for My Mother by Ruchie Weisberg S pring came to my mothers little village. Flowers were in bloom, the grass smelled sweet and fresh. Fruits were ripe for

FEATURES Making Tefillah Meaningful By Bracha Schwartz T efillah, prayer, is the heart and soul of a Jew connecting to Hashem. But it is a script thats hard to follow for someone with limited Jewis

YU TORAH The Four Cups of Redemption By Rabbi Kenneth Brander P erhaps the most fascinating halakha associated with the rabbinic commandment of daled kosot is mentioned in the first Mishna in Arvei

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Distances By Nina Mordechai Glick T he drive from Montreal to Teaneck takes approximately six hours. We did it all the timeoften one of us made the drive alone, taking a fe

FEATURES Moshe Baran Partisan Extraordinaire By Steve Fox M oshe Baran is not your runofthemill 92yearold. A retired real estate manager, Moshe has the distinction of being a Holocaust survivor and

BSD Omri Casspi Basketball Camps In Partnership With Tamir Goodman Omri Casspi and Tamir Goodman Present WorldClass Basketball Camp Improve your skills in a positive and Jewishly spirited environmen

FOOD LIVING Kosher Cooking Captures Culinar y Kudos By Maxine Dovere D eGustibus at Macys Herald Square was packed to capacity when Michael Solomonov cooked there on March 5. The delicious twoanda

THE HEIMISHE HOUSEHOLD GREAT TIPS AND RECIPES FOR THE FRUM HOUSEHOLD The Heimishe Household Its All in the Blintzes By Gail Hochman T here are thousands of good Pesach recipes, but I chose to share

LIVINGFOOD A Liberated Pesach Even Food Ma ers Dan Brook P esach is all about liberation, the process that allows us to receive and grasp Torah and meaningful lives. We can become ever freer by del

LIVINGFOOD Glatt Express Supermarket Be er than Ever and Still Growing By Estelle Glass S hopping at Glatt Express Supermarket in Teaneck brings to mind that old childrens memory game I went to the

LIVINGPARENTING Riding the Teenage Roller Coaster Hands OFF vs. Hands ON By Mark Staum dolescents react in different ways when confronting social challenges. How they react depends on the circumstanc

LIVING PARENTING Dont be Too Picky on Pesach By Banji Latkin I ts not easy feeding children. Some of them just dont like to eat. They instinctively know that even if its shaped like a bear, its a

LIVINGHEALTH Who is a Caregiver We All Are By Harriet Blank, Director of OHEL Geriatric Services T oday much is being written about the greying of America. The fastest growing segment of our popula

LIVINGFASHION Kids, Clothes, Crazy By Tova Gold W ith the holidays popping up early this year it feels like there is so much to do in so little time. The cleaning, the cooking, the covering surface

LIVINGHOME Spring Is Here Garden Parties in the Garden State By Jeanette Friedman P esach is the harbinger of spring, a time to think about what comes next. Do you have a simcha in the offing Wheth

LIVINGHOME A Lesson About Mortgages By Stuart Greenbaum ithout a doubt, the single question that I get asked by potential borrowers more than any other is whats the rate There are many factors that d

Passover 20135773 448 Cedar Lane Teaneck, NJ 07666 Tel 2018363516 R.C.B.C. Supervision fax 2018363056 NO HALF OR QUARTER POUNDS 5 ITEM MINIMUM ORDER Visit us at Quantity Item Price

LIVINGHOME A Salon for Your Best Friend Pooch Pawdicures Grooming Salon by Sarah I. Abenaim T he Pawdicures Grooming Salon made its official debut on Teaneck Road just this past November, but it to

TECHNOLOGY Backup Backup Backup By Harold Nussbaum and Clark Loffman T he number one reason computer data is lost is due to lack of a working backup. Recently I received a frantic phone call from a

MEACHORAI HAPARGOD BEHIND THE CURTAIN The Jewish World at 35,000 Feet By Robert Katz he little airplane icon on the screen of the seat in front of me shows were somewhere over Kansas. As I strain my

SCHOOLS Keeping the Faith Lavi Greenspan By Rebecca Barel fellow by the name of Lavi Greenspan came to speak to Moriah Middle School students recently and ended up inspiring everyone. As Rabbi Bernst

Chinuch Roundtable kilu hu yatsa miMitzrayim, each person has the obligation to find the inWe are proud to present a new forum dividual experience that allow him or called the Chinuch Roundtable, an o

SCHOOLS Yavneh Students Spend A Day At the Opera R RYNJs Musical Recital osenbaum Yeshiva North Jersey has many enthusiastic and talented students who sing and BENTZION ZUKIER, 8TH GRADE R ecent

YACHAD Members Join South of Cedar Community for First Shabbaton in Area By JLBC Staff ACHAD, an organization that brings together individuals with special needs and includes them in mainstream Jewish

EVENTS JESC Highlights Alumni Fundraising Breakfast planned for April 21 ewish Education for Special Children has been a model for other programs that have followed. In a threehour framework on Sunda

EVENTS DINING AT THE DISCO FOR TVAC Annual Dinner at TJC Honors Benvenisti, who Honors EMTs room, people were dancing, tapping their feet or singing along. Many township dignitaries, rabbis and docto

EVENTS Beth Aaron Honors Its Own Rabbi Rebbi en O ver 300 people came to honor Congregation Beth Aarons own Rav and Rebbetzin, Rabbi Larry Rothwachs and his wife, Chaviva, as Guests of Honor at t

Israel Initiative is Launched in New York CONTINUED FROM P. 1 among the various organizations as they work towards a common goal. To this end, more than 75 proIsrael activists and representatives of

SPORTS Frisch Loses to Shalhevet in Tier 1 Sarachek Tourney Championship MTA Wins Tier 2 Championship N ew York From March 711, 20 yeshiva high school basketball teams from across the U.S. and Can

SPORTS TABC Wins Hockey Championship By JLBC Sports Staff L awrence On Sunday March 10, 2013, the TABC Storm entered the Lawrence Middle School to take on the MTA Lions in a Western Conference sho

SPORTS Maayanot Rapids Defeat SAR for Volleyball Championship By Pam Ennis 20th Yahrzeit Observance HaRav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, ztl T Thursday, M March 28, 2013 T he Maayanot Rapids made Maayan

COMMUNITY CALENDAR MARCH Sunday, 24TH 25th OU Kosher Hotline 1000AM 1200 NOON To Assistance with questions about Pesach e.g medications, permissible products, kashering issues, etc 212 613 8241 1000A

CHESED OPPORTUNITIES GEMACHS BABIES AND CHILDREN BRIS GEMACH We have bris outfits, pillows, pillow cases, as well as tefilos for the mother to say. To reserve, please email either dovid.loblgmail. c

C JOBS L A S S I F I E TUTORING D S JOB OPPORTUNITIES FROM PROJECT EZRAH httpwww.ezrah.orgjobs PROPERTY MANAGER Leading real estate firm that manages industrial and office space in NJ seeks


In appreciation of your continued support.... The Secemski Family and crew of Glatt Express and Lazy Bean Caf wish all our friends and neighbors a happy and healthy Passover Now closing Friday at 400