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FILLERUP KOSHER WINES AFMDA INVITE THE COMMUNITY THIS SUNDAY 123pm See ad on page 76 for details. OF BERGEN COUNTY September 18, 2014 23 Elul 5774 Issue 49 Distributed weekly C

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NEWS Qatar Denies Funding Terror T IPThe Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad alThani used the occasion of a state visit to Berlin to assure German Chancellor Angel

Not just a gym, A Family Wellness Center KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades SAVE 150 fitness center FULL COURT basketball AND racquetball COURTS outdoor tennis COURTS INDOOR AND OUTDOOR aquatics center W


7 O Da pen LA ys a W TE H O ee k UR S Need a Doctor Just WalkIn See a Board Certified Physician within minutes o Appointments Needed Adults Children XRay clinical laboratory onsite Lower CoPay t

NEWS Dennis Ross U.S. Must Stand Against Islamists, Both Sunni Shiite By Staff I n an oped published last week in The New York Times, former Obama administration adviser Dennis Ross w

NEWS As Caliphates Compete, Radical Islam Will Eventually Weaken S tratfor.comIn a 52minute video that surfaced in late August, Abubakar Shekau, the head of Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram, spoke

BACK TO SCHOOL WITH THE OU. Universities offer a dynamic environment of ideas and experiences that present challenges and opportunities for Jewish observance. The Orthodox Unions Seif Jewish Learni

NEWS Fatah Source No Chance of Reconciliation with Hamas By Shlomi Eldar Translators Sandy Bloom lMonitor.comFatah members in the Gaza Strip are afraid to speak openly. When they ruled Gaza, some hel

NEWS As Caliphates Compete, Radical Islam Will Eventually Weaken CONTINUED FROM P. 9 seek to form their own caliphates or emirates in the same battle spaces. Meanwhile, other groups operating in diff

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Shana Tova from American Friends of BarIlan University The old shall be renewed and the new shall be sanctified together, they will become torches that illuminate Zion. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, fir

NEWS Should Jews Fear an Independent Scotland CONTINUED FROM P. 1 The official position of the established Jewish community in Scotland about where Jews put their X on Thursdayis that they have none.

NEWS Antisemitism Conference at the UN Its Time to Sound the Alarm By Tova Domnitch F ive hundred people gathered on the third floor of the United Nations recently for a conference on the rise of a

NEWS Jordanians Divided Over AntiIS coalition By Osama Al Sharif lMonitorJordan has joined the USled coalition to fight the Islamic State IS in Iraq and Syria despite Prime Minister Abdullah Ensours

LOCAL NEWS Dont Engage Local ProPalestinian Demonstrators By Anne Phyllis Pinzow B ergen CountyTensions are mounting around the world with the emergence of the terrorist organization ISIL, as well

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NEWS Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Highlights Panel Discussion at Rinat CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Present were such notable supporters as Benny Forer, Assistant District Attorney of LA County Chris Ander

NEWS Sounds of the Shofar for All CONTINUED FROM P. 1 for those who need it. They walk all over Teaneck and Bergenfield sometimes as far as 2.5 miles to blow shofar for those who are unable to come t

Precise, Profound A Pleasure to Use. ize eS x lu De ze Si d ar nd a St A n Att ew ent Ch ion um Sh as uls hf D or Sc THE DIRSHU SHUL CHUMASH 2ND ED TION UMA UMASH UMASH AS EDITION EDITION D TION

LOCAL NEWS JECs Rabbi Teitz Takes On NJ Food Stamp Challenge E lizabethRabbi Eliyahu Teitz, the Jewish Educational Centers Associate Dean, is among the New Jersey politicians and community leaders wh

LOCAL NEWS The Doghouse Opens its Doors The Doghouse has been full night after night during opening week, right up until last call. Lots of TV screens going on, thats for sure Yeshiva High School f

LOCAL NEWS Jewish Home Appoints New President and CEO R ockleighEli Ungar, Chairman of the Board of the Jewish Home Family has announced that Carol Silver Elliott is the new President and CEO and wil

NEWS FROM THE KAPLEN JCC Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Now Enrolling for Computer Center for Adults 40 T enaflyLooking to gain skills that can help you reenter the work place New ways to stay engaged

LOCAL NEWS RIETS Presents Annual NYCJerusalem High Rutherford Beth El Holidays Lectures on September 30 Welcomes New Rabbi By Josh Cohen N T emple Beth El of Rutherford welcomes its new rabbi, Yit

EDITORIAL The Deadline is But One Week Away S ince Washington did away with polity and comity among Republicans and Democrats back in the 80s, divisiveness and acrimony have tainted every aspect of o

DVAR TORAH Lessons of Equality By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb or the past several weeks, certain ideas have dominated my consciousness. Dont worry, these are not obsessive thoughts, and I am not a c

OPED Perspectives of a Survivor By David Cheifetz The address given at the AntiAbuse Panel Discussion Held at Rinat Yisrael on September 14, 2014 am going to leave the analysis of the phenomenon and

NEWS Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Highlights Panel Discussion at Rinat CONTINUED FROM P. 20 est dialogues regarding these issuesboth with our own families and with the community at large. In balan

POLITICAL PONDERINGS Making Our Voices Heard On Captiol Hill By N. Aaron Troodler I n the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, when Hamas terrorists launched indiscriminate rocket attacks agains

THE MAGGID OF BERGENFIELD Nitzavim The Spiritual Super Bowl CONTINUED FROM P. 29 there in the desert, listening to him speak. There are old people there, who witnessed the giving of the Torah on Moun

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NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Changing the Channel By Dr. Mordechai and Nina Glick hh Please do not tell anyone but yes we do have one of them a TV. We bought our TV so many years ago as entertainment for

EW N sfully , succes the sions G TOM sed Mis r teens about r Ches REATIN ation fo ns educate ou C ganiz issio outh or r one Y years These m umbe ed. is the n in the past 8 ENS ON d Chess y NCSY issi

COME SEE WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT Join us at Yavneh Academys Open House and discover what Yavneh has to offer, from our superior dual curriculum to our state of the art technology. Meet our top

OPED Why Empower the Unworthy By Jeanette Friedman K ol Hakavod to the Jewish community for preventing the PBS broadcast of the opera, Klinghoffer. However, there are issues to be considered when c

FINDING RELIGION Off and On the Orthodox Path By Maayan R When You S I T U T I O N Weight Loss Motivation Inspired by Charity Your Charity s you to stick to any di

Off and On the Orthodox Path CONTINUED FROM P. 40 a child with a nonJewish woman or gotten tattoos Would returning have been harder Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, who runs the Ohr Chadash outreach orga

THE COMET CORNER Laws That Protect and Serve By Jordan B. Comet Esq. hile the mitzvot in the Torah fall into two general categories, chok a commandment without the need for reason and mishpot a ratio

LEGAL MATTERS How Immigrants Can Escape an Abusive Marriage Apply for Relief Without Jeopardizing Your Status By Michael J. Wildes, Esq. pousal abuse is a sad but alltoocommon occurrence in marriages

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Right Hand Washes the Left How ultraOrthodox Jews and the secular left are forging an unlikely peace coalition in Israel By Toby Perl P oisoned relati

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Right Hand Washes the Left CONTINUED FROM P. 44 prominent academic and political leaders were there. Going around the table, everyone had to introduce himself and Friedman said,

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Right Hand Washes the Left CONTINUED FROM P. 45 The challenge, as Ofran sees it, is not the leadership but the haredi rank and file. Ive spoken to haredi friendsthey say the stre

SHANAH TOVA U METUKAH agined the world during the Golden Age. Gardens are civilized artifacts, manufactured and controlled, they are usually created with some mix of utilitarian and aesthetic purposes

FOOD Classic Tzimmes Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 30 min Ready Time 45 min Servings 8 10 servings Ingredients 910 medium carrots peeled and cut into slices about 1 pound 4 sweet potatoes peeled

Jamies FennelOrange Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette T he anise flavor of fennel pairs perfectly with the sweetness of oranges, peppery radicchio and tangy lemon in this refreshing salad. The lemon dres

THE HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Pancakes........... So Easy to Make By Gail Hochman ancakes used to be considered a breakfast food. However, people eat them for any meal breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Here

CHESED Local Medical Gemach, Rinat Chaim, Earns 501c3 By Lisa Matkowsky T eaneckAfter the death of Renee Chaya Levy, ah, of Teaneck last year, her widower Yehiel and son Chaim established a muchnee

JEWS AROUND THE WORLD Rhode Islanders Pay a Visit to Nigerias Igbo Jews By Shai Afsai I n August I went to Abuja, capital of Nigeria, and met with Congregation Beth Sholoms Rabbi Barry Dolinger and

HUMOR Ode to Joan Rivers By Banji Latkin Ganchrow t has been a very sad time for comedy. A few weeks ago, we lost the quintessential comic Robin Williams. The irony of how he died, sad, depressed, an

MENTAL HEALTH Reflections, Black and White Thinking, and Rosh Hashana By Temimah Zucker oure on a diet. You end up at workschool and midday notice big cookies in honor of someones birthday. You figur

RELATIONSHIPS The Banality of Goodness By Rabbi Mordechai Glick was recently in a doctors office. He is a very kind doctor and Nina and I were surprised when he came into the examining room with seve

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Gilis Goodies Delivers Food and Smiles to Loved Ones in Israel O rdering a gift basket for Israelis is easy. Getting one delivered with love is unique. Its this special niche that

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Magnetically Connecting Communities and Businesses T eaneckAn exciting phenomenon is about to hit the Teaneck community. As it has in so many other communities including resounding AT SIGNING WeSayYes GardenStateHonda GSHLove AT SIGNING Free Oil Change for Your Honda FOLLOW US Just like us o F st on Facebook b facebook.comGardenStateHonda 200 AVAIL

MAASEH BEREISHIS Microbes Deep Under the Sea Reveal the Extremes of Life By John Parnell Professor at University of Aberdeen O ver the past 20 years, research has revealed large populations of crea

OSEH MAASEH BEREISHIS Why Hummingbirds Can Taste Sweetness CONTINUED FROM P. 59 Most vertebrates experience sweet taste because they possess a family of genes called T1Rs. The pairing of T1R1 and T1R

Mens Boys One Get One Buy SUITS 0 o f f 5 Buy One Get SHOES M e n s B o y s 50 o f f One Buy One Get On T ie s B e lt s C u ff li n k s S o c k s A C C E S S O R IE S h oon Das

CHESED Community Event Helps Those in Need By Larry Bernstein reyvuts mission is to develop meaningful, fun, and unique programming that get Jewish youth involved, while also helping them to realize

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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Not Your Mothers Glatt Express CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Although Glatt Express Supermarket has been around for over 28 years it prides itself in constantly evolving. Now they are concen

PEOPLE Joe Smith Community Builder By Larry Bernstein E veryone is influenced by where they grew up. Some of us feel that influence to a greater degree than others. Joe Smith is one such person. Jo

PERSONAL FINANCE A Better Way to Build Part 1 By Elozor M. Preil ver seen a Goodyear house Most Goodyear houses are at least 100 years old, and are typically found in farm country. Although they may

SPECIAL NEEDS CHINUCH Surfing the Summer Before Shefa School By Gila Cohen, LCSW F or several years I have observed my happy child live care free over the summer, enjoying the long evenings free o

SPECIAL NEEDS Do You Feel Awkward Around People with Special Needs By Nachum Kligman reprinted with permission from The Jewish Press D o you feel awkward around people with special needs I know I d

CHESED Flowers by JADD Combines Chesed and Stunning Fresh Arrangements By Elizabeth Kratz B uying flowers for Yom Tov or for a simcha are checkoff items on everyones shopping list. However, not eve

SCHOOLS YAVNEH RENOVATIONS Yavneh 8th Grader, Jonno Rosen delivering a Dvar Torah at the celebration CREDIT DEBBIE ABRAMOWITZ Yavneh Presidents photo lr Dr. Eric Fremed 20102014 Ms. Pam Scheininger

SCHOOLS RYNJ Preschool Features Renowned Child Psychologist By Irit Sandler P icture this scenario Youre about to walk into the wedding of a distant cousin and you do not know anyone. Youre a littl

SCHOOLS MTA Freshman Hike is a Soaring Success O n Wednesday, September 10th, the entire freshman classMTAs Class of 2018went on a hike in Norvin Green State Forest to help kick off the school year.

The Largest Selection of Quality Sukkahs for over 25 Years U . S . A M A DE B EST Y E A R R O UND W ID EST Q UA LIT Y PR ICES SER V ICE SELECTIO N GEVUR AH MODUL AR Light weight and easy to

SPORTS The Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week Joshua Cohen FC Teaneck Opens Inaugural Season With Bright Start T his week Gotham Burger and the Jewish Link of Bergen County salute Teaneck residen

SPORTS Hava Tequila Wins the Bnei Brith A Softball Championship CONTINUED FROM P. 1 its offense, outslugging its competition by a margin of almost 3 to 1. During the middle of the season Tequila hit

SPORTS SCENES Adina Pearlman MGBL team Fairway knockout champ. Aiden Wisotsky throws it in for TJSL. Credit Zev Darack Binyamin Alter plays tough D for TJSL team Greece Natalie Wisotsky of TJSL Te

REAL ESTATE 525 Northumberland Ave, Teaneck For rent 3995month or sale 799,000 VN Realty 201 6923700 Freshly painted and newly polished hardwood floors in this gracious colonial on 75 ft. frontage. L

REAL ESTATE Using Your Senses to Sell Your Home By Marc Stein of Links Residential eve seen what seems like dozens of home selling checklists on the web. They can be helpful, but there can also be a

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BY OWNER Overview Price Specs Description With spectacular views, in Cross Creek Pointe development. Meticulously maintained lawns and plantings. Fieldstone town house unit, 1542

High Holiday Menu 2014 Glatt Kosher TakeOut QTY PRICE LB. QTY 13,99 11,99 12,99 12,99 15,99 14,99 12,99 19.99 14,99 12,99 10,99 12,99 22,99 22,99 22,99 21,99 19,99 24,99 12,99 10,99 10,99 10,99 6,99 7

CLASSIFIEDS TUTORS AP BIOLOGYBIOLOGICAL SCIENCE TUTOR Are you struggling in AP Biology or Biology Are you reading the same CAMPBELL Ed. paragraphs over and over trying to make sense of it all Experien

COMMUNITY CALENDAR FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH Lubavitch on the Palisades of Tenafly 700PM Shabbat of Inspiration and Spirituality Shabbat Dinner and renowned speaker, author, counselor and lecturer Rabbi

GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES Collects baby clothing in excellent condition up to size 2T as well as other baby gear including high chairs, cribs, strollers, carriages, changing tables, diapers and

OPED Saying No to the Met By Larry Domnitch merican Jews have yet another chance to stand up against antiIsrael invective, where Palestinian terror is equated with the sufferings of its victims. The

Dining Guide shalom bombay Glatt Kosher Indian Cuisine 166 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666 2015305939 LUNCH HOURS SPECIALS COMING TO TEANECK AFTER PESACH 10 Off not valid for lu

Queen Anne Wine has momentarily moved to Fair Lawn During our transition, Kevin is working with our partners at BB Liquors corner of River Rd and Hopper in Fair Lawn Come see Kevin and shop a NEWLY EX

UNGARBLEDTECH BioMetric for the Small Business CONTINUED FROM P. 46 done with an IT professionals or on your own. If one is looking just for a standalone the units have network and USB connections. W Dr. George Freed, Dr. Jeffrey Gliksman 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM September 18, 2014 23 Elul 5774 89

TUNNELS Why Did the Government Dally on the Terror Tunnel Threat By Ido BenPorat, Ari Yashar rutz 7MK Amnon Cohen Shas, chair of the Knessets State Control Committee, ordered State Comptroller Yosef

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