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TEANECK RESIDENTS VOTE THIS TUESDAY Linking Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Passaic Union Counties Issue 129 JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY By Elizabeth Kratz TeaneckLizette Parker, 44, was heralded by all who

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WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Israel to Open Office at NATO Headquarters Israel HayomExclusive to Israel on Tuesday night took another important step toward becoming a member of the North Atlantic Treaty A

Miserable because of your eye allergies If your eyes itch and are red, tearing or burning, you may have eye allergies allergic conjunctivitis, a condition that affects millions of Americans. Many peop

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 Israel will continue to enforce its longstanding policy Muslims pray on the Temple Mount nonMuslims visit the Temple Mount, Netanyahu has said. Israeli officials

Lamdeinu Study in depth. Be inspired EXPERIENCE YOM HAATZMAUT WITH LAMDEINU COMMUNITY CELEBRATION FOR WOMEN Thursday Morning May 12, 2016 4 Iyar 5776 900 AM 1030 AM Tefillah Chagigit Brunch, Shirah w

EDITORIAL Remembering These Days So many of us have been in Israel when a single, somber droning sound fills the air. People in cars, hurrying to destinations, pull their cars over, get out and stand

OPED Remembering to Fight AntiSemitism With Passion By Michael Cohen Almost six months ago I left my position at a major privatesector firm to join the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Having previously spen

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Why Kudos for Schmelz on Highgate Terrace Reconstruction Once again I feel the necessity of pointing out a significant inaccuracy in your papers reporting on Bergenfield. Last we

Welcoming our inaugural class in July 2016 Announcing the historic opening of the Touro College of Dental Medicine Continuing our tradition of excellence in medical and health education As a leadin

Announcing the Opening of WORLDISRAEL NEWS Relations With Germany Remain Strong, Israeli Officials Say By Shlomo CesanaIsrael Hayom German newspaper Der Spiegel sparked a firestorm this weekend, whe

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Canadian Institute Places Israels Space Program at the Center of Its Universe By Bradley Do you remember when Leonard Nimoy said, Live long and prosper Dr. Frederick Kr

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Watching BDS Like a Hawkeye Iowa Latest State to Stand Against Israel Boycotts By Joshua Iowa recently became the latest U.S. state to pass legislation designed to under

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WORLD NEWS Zarif Slammed Over Claims That Iran Doesnt Support Holocaust Cartoon Contest By Staff The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum challenged Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad

Committed to Teaneck. Dedicated to Progress. Married father of 2 children Teaneck High School Class of 1991 Teaneck Township Councilman, elected 2008 First Muslim Mayor in Bergen County from 2

COMMUNITY NEWS Yeshivat Noams Nitzanei Noam to Open in September Yeshivat Noam is pleased to announce the opening of its nursery school, Nitzanei Noam. This exciting new preschool program, located at

COMMUNITY NEWS Naomi Knoller and Irene Stein to Be Honored at TABC Scholarship Breakfast Torah Academy of Bergen County TABC will hold its Annual Scholarship Breakfast on Sunday, May 22. Honorees thi

COMMUNITY NEWS Learn for Life in Teaneck with Lamdeinu By Sandy Eller Its funny where life takes you sometimes. Rachel Friedman was a graduate of Columbia Law School and well on her way to success on

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COMMUNITY NEWS RIETS Gala Evening to Honor Cantor Bernard Beer With Lifetime Achievement Award New YorkRabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary RIETS, an affiliate of Yeshiva University, will host i

COMMUNITY NEWS Rabbi Dr. Kanarfogel Appointed to UNESCO Advisory Board New YorkProfessor Ephraim Kanarfogel, the E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature and Law at Yeshiva Un

Wednesday, May 18th Join the most important single day of advocacy for stronger USIsrael relations. Meet directly with Members of Congress and their staff to make a true impact. Roundtrip transportati

BERGEN NEWSBRIEFS Hebrew Free Burial Association Inaugurates Annual Breakfast HFBA Bergen County Community Breakfast, an inaugural event to benefit Hebrew Free Burial Association will be held on Sunda

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Council Honors Legacy of Beloved Mayor Lizette Parker CONTINUED FROM P. 1 One theme of Parkers leadership was that she was a uniter in a community that has, at times, been bese

COMMUNITY NEWS Areyvut to Honor Lillian Pravda at Annual Breakfast to Be Held in Teaneck Lillian Pravda of New York has a vision. Vision is not limited to what the eyes can or cannot see. Vision is w

COMMUNITY NEWS Robert Kraft to Deliver Keynote Address at Yeshiva Universitys 85th Commencement Ceremony Robert Kraft, founder, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group and owner of the New England Patrio

COMMUNITY NEWS YUConnects Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of UK, Celebrates Its to Receive Touro College Honorary Degree 250th Match By Marjorie Glatt As we celebrated Pesach with thoughts of split

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Local Shuls Celebrate Israel at 68 rael has become, for too many nonOrthodox synagogues, a politicized and controOn Wednesday, May 11, the Orthodox versial topic that is b

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ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Joseph Kushner Hebrew AcademyRae Kushner Yeshiva High School to Celebrate 68th Annual Dinner The Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School takes great

MIDDLESEX COMMUNITY NEWS Ethiopian Israeli MK Avraham Neguise to Speak in Middesex County Dr. Avraham Neguise, a member of Israels 20th Knesset who also serves as chairman of the Immigration, Absorpt

DVAR TORAH Pesach Is OverWhat Now The Omer Controversy By Martin Polack Rav Joseph Soloveitchik, ztl once delivered a marvelous shiur regarding the great controversy between the Pharisees and the Sad

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SEPHARDIC CORNER Thanking Hashem on Yom HaatzmautA Must By Rabbi Haim Jachter The Haggadah, most appropriately, moves us to thank Hashem on Yom Haatzmaut. Every commentator to the Haggadah finds the

EDUCATION What Jewish Day Schools Can Learn From Pop Culture By Wallace Greene Part II In towns all over America and on many school campuses, sports rule For day schools a more measured approach is n

EDUCATION Social Media Oversight How Can Parents Do a Better Job By Rabbi Daniel Alter The Lord of the Flies Syndrome A group of young boys are stranded on a desert island and create a new society,

This Years Honorees Young Leadership Award Lillian Pravda Please join us at our Annual Breakfast Honoring Founder and CEO Chief Eyesight Optimist Vision for and from Children Lillian Pravda Young

CHESED LeanOnWe Ron Gold Turns Personal Tragedy Into Helping Others By Pearl Markovitz It is five years after the tragically fateful day that changed Ron Golds life forever. During the Thanksgiving w

Summer I May 23 June 30 Summer U May 23 August 12 Summer II July 5 August 12 Summer III August 8 August 26 Registration is now open for all students including those visiting from other colleges.

Yom Hashoah The Dunera Boys By Dr. Ira Bauman The year was 1940. The place was the calm waters of the Irish Sea. The German Uboat captain carefully took aim. In the crosshairs of his periscope was an

Yom Hashoah U.S. Liberators, Holocaust Survivors and Israeli Soldiers to Unite at Auschwitz FIDF From Holocaust to Independence Delegation to Poland and Israel departs May 5 Next week, 50 Friends Join

Yom Hashoah Remnants of the Shoah By Rabbi Binyamin Yablok The most precious remnants of the Shoah are the living survivors whose strength and determination to rebuild lives are an enduring example th

Yom Hashoah The Remarkable Story Behind the Picture of the Aish Kodesh, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira By Pinhas Friedenberg Some editions of Chovat Hatalmidim, a volume authored by the Piasecznier Re

Yom Hashoah by her foster family that her trying to escape. Now she realized that she mother was a Jewish witch, had been used as a measuring stick by the had abandoned her, was dead carpenters for si

BOOK REVIEW Newest Warburg Book Tackles Jewish and Civil Legal Issues Rabbinic Authority The Vision and the Reality Jerusalem Urim is the second in a series of volumes intended as an introduction to

ROAD TO ALIYAH The Road to Aliyah RitaRivka Lewy and Abe Neuman By Pearl Markovitz The only good reason to leave Teaneck and the Beth Aaron community is to move to Israel So say Abe Neuman and RitaRi

ROAD TO ALIYAH The Road to Aliyah RitaRivka Lewy and Abe Neuman CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE we constantly wrote and sent thank you cards to Israeli chayalimthe soldiers to whom we owe so muchand eac

COMMUNITY NEWS NJ NCSY Sponsors Chesed Mission to Detroit By Rafi Jacobs, Junior at The Frisch School Editors note Per the authors request, names mentioned in this article are pseudonyms for real peo

ANTIQUE JUDAICA Finding Treasures Where Few Else Think to Look By Juda Engelmayer Antiques are the new rage in reality television. From Pawnstars to Storage Wars, people are looking to profit from hi

As the years pass and my knowledge of each vineyard deepens, tending to the vines turns more personal and intimate. I am certain that this roots one of our secrets of success. Golan Flam, Winemaker

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Sharing Grief By Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick We did not know Lizette Parker, nor did we know any of the victims of recent massacres of workers, children or teachers who wer

HUMOR Matzah and Baseball By Banji Latkin Ganchrow How was your Passover Things back to normal Pots and dishes safely tucked back in their hiding places Have you finished all of your vacation laundry

HUMOR Is This Your Car By Mordechai Schmutter Is This Your Car You know... youd think that if you spent 20 minutes looking for a parking spot, youd remember where it was. But no. Now the entire parki

PERSONAL FINANCE The Realistic Response to Expert Optimists By Elozor M. Preil Mark Twain said that an optimist is a day dreamer more elegantly spelled. If Twain were alive today, he might add that a

The Realistic Response to Expert Optimists CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE 2. Why dont people make financial insurance a higher priority Think about it. These chief strategists, Federal Reserve commit

LIVING LEGACY Living Legacy Program Brings Learning and Fun lDor vDor ParamusRabbi Moshe Grossbaum knows a thing or two about passing along teachings from generation to generation. When he was a youn


JOSHS BOOK REVIEWS Classics and New Novels About Animals By Josh Stiefel Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH By Robert C. OBrien Atheneum, 1971 Pax By Sarah Pennypacker Balzer Bray, 2016 The One and

APPRECIATIONS The Maharal Tzintz and the Recognized Segulah That Has Been Proven Throughout the Years Upon the yahrzeit of the holy Plotzker Gaon, the Maharal Tzintz ztl, 3 Iyar The news was greeted

WILL HAVE ME AS A MEILITZ YOSHER FOR THEM WHOEVER WILL BE INVOLVED IN PRINTING MY SEFORIM Now, with the approach of the yahrtzeit, of the holy you have the opportunity to help print and distribute

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY HEALTHY RECIPES QUICK AND YUMMY RECIPES Mothers Day Brunch Grilled Asparagus Frittata By Rachel Miller, Certified Holistic Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coach, THE GYM

For Gotham Burger NJ Home Delivery Call 2015307400 We deliver to Teaneck, Englewood, Tenafly, Bergenfield, Hackensack, Paramus and Fairlawn Our hours for delivery are as follows MondayThursday 5 PM 9

e hed th Publis ssue of First I Month Every THE HEALTH LINK OF NEW JERSEY immediately after the first attempt at denominationalism amongst the Jewish people, in the story of Korach, some Jews started

THE HEALTH LINK MENTAL HEALTH What The Big Day Proved to Me By Temimah Zucker, LMSW The big day. The day they say is the most important day of someones life. I happen to be an avid believer that each

National Nurses Week 2016 Englewood Hospital and Medical Center celebrates National Nurses Week. We honor all of our dedicated, skilled, and compassionate nurses. Thank you for your commitment to prov

THE HEALTH LINK Survey About Considerations in Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Now Inviting Northern New Jersey Womens Participation Beginning this weekend, women in also be offered a chance to win one

THE HEALTH LINK Healthcare Reform Matters in Your LifeSo Your Vote Does Too By Mark Y. Herschlag This is likely the first time you remember your vote actually mattering in a presidential race New Jers

THE HEALTH LINK ASK THE PEDIATRICIAN This Wont Hurt a Bit and Other Pediatric Myths Debunked By Nina Epstein Q Sadly, my maternity leave will be coming to an end and I plan to pump and store my breas

THE HEALTH LINK Opthalmologist Dr. Michael Farbowitz Opens Clifton Office By Jenny Gans CliftonWhether people are blessed with good vision, or they wear glasses andor contact lenses, the ability to se

THE HEALTH LINK Puah Discusses the First Uterine Transplant Performed in the U.S. By Rabbi Shaul Rappeport Modern medicine and science continue to amaze by making the impossible possible. One of the l

THE HEALTH LINK How to Stop Insects From Bugging Us By Dr. Darren Saks, Tenafly Pediatrics Its that time of year when we are continually reminded that we are just bystanders on this insect earth. And,

THE HEALTH LINK Human Stem Cell Breakthrough Transforms Genetic Disease Research CUMCNew York Stem Cell Foundation A team of scientists from Hebrew University, Columbia University Medical Center and T

SCHOOLS RYNJ Students Discover Animal Habitats The RYNJ students of K2 learned about various animal habitats and animals and then created their own paper mach animals. MTA Breaks Out First Ever Colo

SCHOOLS Iris Berman Preschoolers Grow Karpas TABC Welcomes Back Rabbi Yosef Adler Rabbi Adler, TABCs Rosh HaYeshiva, has been able to return to the Yeshiva after his absence due to illness. The talm

SCHOOLS Touros Lander College for Men Holds Third Annual Model Beis Din Competition In Israel, a father and caregiver for his mentally impaired son was diagnosed with kidney failure, and all attempts

SPORTS Maayanot Edges Frisch in Girls Hockey By Jen Sanders For the last three seasons, the MYHSAL Girls Hockey championship has featured the same two teams the Maayanot Rapids and the Frisch Cougars

SPORTS West Orange Coach Leads Champion Basketball Team By JLNJ Staff Sports fans love champions. Champion teams. Champion players. Champion coaches. At the end of every sports season, in every sport

SPORTS Gotham Burger Mothers Day Sportstars of the Week This week in honor of ceed on his CMEK basketball Mothers Day, the Jewish Link team and Carly age 6 who alof New Jersey and Gotham ways rocks i

CLASSIFIEDS Teaching Positions for 201617 The Jewish Educational Centers Yeshiva of Elizabeth, a Modern Torah elementary school in NorthCentral New Jersey, is seeking dynamic educators to fill the fo

GEMACHS SIMCHAS Shtick for a Wedding Call Wendy at 6469962165 Centerpiece Gemach Cong Beth Aaron Please contact bethaaroncenterpiecegemachgmail. com A C.H.A.I.N A Chesed and Inspirational Network A C

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Common Credit Scenarios and Questions Does running my credit hurt my credit scores When does a credit card late payment show up on my credit report Will my credit rating

Professional Perspectives on Real Estate and Finance With New Regulations In Place, What Last Minute Advice Would You Give Your Clients To Help Avoid Any Closing Delays Zeevyah Benoff Real Estate Age

REAL ESTATE What FirstTime Home Buyers Need to Know About a Sellers Market By Michael Adler Firsttime home buyers have to process a lot of information very quickly, including plenty of jargon. If you

PERSONAL FINANCE Whats in Your FICO Score By Carl Guzman Part 1 of a Credit Score Series FICO Scores are calculated from different credit information sources in your credit report. There are five cla

Your Neighbor with Tools From open house to dream home, were with you every step of the way. Jumbo loan sizes up to 3 million Loan sizes up to 8 million available to wellqualified buyers who meet Ci

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 662 Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck 829,000 6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms Links Residential 201 9923600 Georgian Manor offers over 4500 square feet of living space on four le


ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Baka Evolution and Revolution By Gedaliah Borvick Baka is an upscale, familyoriented community located in southern Jerusalem, which has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

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