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October 15, 2015 Published BiWeekly 2 Cheshvan, 5776 Issue 16 JEWISH LINK YEHUDA GREEN LIPA SCHMELTZER ELLI KRANZLER See ad on page 10 DON T LET TIME RUN OUT The recent spate of Palestinia

2 October 15, 2015 2 Cheshvan, 5776 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

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ISRAEL NEWS BRIEFS Abbas Justifies Murders as Protection of Holy Sites Arutz7INN After ongoing Palestinian riots, which have included shootings, stabbings and rock and Molotovcocktail throwingas well

ISRAELWORLD NEWS BRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 Rosenfeld stressed that police units did not use any lethal weapons in their containment of public disturbances over the weekend. Our police units used on

NATIONALWORLD NEWS The New York Times Goes Truther on the Temple Mount The newspaper settles the explosive historical question that cuts to the essence of competing claims to what may be the worlds m

NATIONALWORLDISRAEL NEWS COMMENTARY Its Not Holy War Its Heartless Murder By Elizabeth Kratz It seems like a thousand years have passed since the Jewish Link went on break for Sukkot. A horrifying wa

EDITORIAL Many Corrections Have Yet to Be Written Its not our practice to use this space to be critical of another publication, especially one as established as the New York Times. Weve watched over

OPED The International Beit Din Controversy A Statement and a Proposal CONTINUED FROM P. 1 facts, and make insufficient arguments. A serious scholar who had only read the teshuvot, and had no relatio

ANALYSIS A Review of International Beit Din Case 105 Part I of II By Rabbi Yaacov Sasson As the controversy surrounding the International Beit Din IBD continues to swirl, there is some confusion amon

RESPONSA Defining Modern Orthodoxy as Centrism By Rabbi Harry Maryles I found the Jewish Links debate between Rabbis Avrohom Gordimer http tinyurl.comqz8j52r and Michael Chernick httptinyurl.comqz8j5

NATIONALWORLD NEWS A Review of International Beit Din Case 105 Part I of II CONTINUED FROM P. 10 ness is invalid. 4 Rema rules that in the case of an agunah, kiddushin in the presence of one witness

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Why Are Two Million Israelis Hungry by Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel Recently the USDA and the EPA announced a foodwaste challenge, with a goal to reduce food waste in the U.S. by 50 p

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Muslim Call to Prayer, or Arab Call to Violence A Terror Timeline By Eliana Every day now, I am waking up to news of more murders around Jerusalem. Outside my window, I

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Yeshivot and Seminaries in Israel Prepare for Escalation in Violence By Tzvi SilverJLBWC Israel JerusalemThe recent surge in terrorism in Israel, which reached a new level with the b

COMMUNITY NEWS JCC on the Hudson Renamed Harold and Elaine Shames JCC on the Hudson By Lori Robinson On Thursday, October 8, the JCC on the Hudson broke ground on a new 6.6acre community campus in Ta

COMMUNITY NEWS Ambassador Dennis Ross Addresses Greenwich Audience on Iran Nuclear Deal By JLBWC Staff On September 24, Ambassador Dennis Ross spoke to a soldout crowd at Carmel Academy in Greenwich.

COMMUNITY NEWS Rabbi Dovid Cohen A Model of Patience, Perseverance and Purpose By Bracha K. Sharp RiverdaleRabbi Dovid Cohen has recently been appointed the Orthodox Unions newest Regional Director f

COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Riverdale Y Senior Events October 16 at 1 p.m. Esteemed cabaret singer Francesca Amari will perform in You Make Me Laugh. October 20 at 1030 a.m. A lecture on The Rise of the J

COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS October YINR Ruach Events Join the Young Israel of New Rochelles Ruach program on October 21 for a presentation by Dr. David Lent, chief of robotic orthopedic surgery at the West

WORLD NEWS BRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 5 count for their direct and indirect roles in inciting the populace, especially the frequent references to AlAqsa being under siege, when they know that not to b

DIVREI TORAH The Meaning of the Word Mabul A Flood of Possibilities By Mitchell First The word mabul is typically translated as flood. But in order to truly understand the meaning of a word, we must

BETH DIN INSIGHTS The Appropriate Timing of a Get By Rabbi Michoel Zylberman A recent letter to the editor of this publication IBD Rulings Invalidated Women Languish, September 10, 2015 touched on th

DVAR TORAH Rabbi Dovid Cohen A Model of Patience, Perseverance and Purpose CONTINUED FROM P. 18 True, Rabbi Cohen is mostly focused on working with Orthodox congregants and congregations to start wit

TORAH MUSINGS Discussing the Big Questions of Life By Rabbi Gil Student I often hear complaints that the Jewish community does not discuss the big questions of life. Big Questions address allimportan

FEATURES Mompreneur Caroline Gabay Finding Mary Poppins for Local Jewish Families By Tamar Weinberg built over the last decade and other local resources, Gabay finds women who are inAs a young mother

FEATURES A Rabbi, Yom Kippur, Jail and a Little Hope By David Fain I have driven by many jails and prisons throughout my life, and I always admire the high walls and fences. There is a sense of secur

HUMOR Discovering Columbus By Mordechai Schmutter Last Monday, October 12, our nation celebrated yet another holiday. Another holiday youre saying. Im not cooking for this one. The holiday was Columb


KOSHER DINNER LADY The Kosher Dinner Lady Eat Your Vegetables By Rachel Berger Maybe some of you dont particularly care for vegetables. But I know that you know that you should eat more of them. You

F OD W NE LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT Kosher in the Valley Rabbis Keep Watch Over Grape Juice Production By Ross Courtney, via The Yakima WA Herald printed with permission SunnysideWedged be

FOOD WINE LINK Kosher in the Valley Rabbis Keep Watch Over Grape Juice Production CONTINUED FROM P. 31 off for different runs. If one nonkosher ingredient or piece of machinery even touches the juic

e hed th Publis ssue of First I Month Every THE HEALTH LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT ASK THE DENTIST up with headaches or soreness in your cheeks Does your jaw pop or click when you open and c

THE HEALTH LINK Help My Babys Not Rolling By Alyssa Colton and Aviva Lipner Dear Therapist, Our 10monthold baby is still not rolling over. She is a happy and content baby and whenever we sit her down

SCHOOLS BiCultural Begins Year With BacktoSchool Barbecue Inspiration Strikes for BiCultural Makers By Dora Salm For students who thrive on learning by doing, the opening of a Makerspace lab at BiCu

SPORTS SCHOOLS Gavriela Colton Will Represent Team USA in Chile Gavriela Colton has been playing competitive volleyball for the past seven years, both in Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls as we

REAL ESTATE Ask the Realtor When Is the Best Time to Sell My House By Vivian Oleen, Associate Broker, Sopher Realty Most peoplereal estate agents includedwill automatically respond that in our area t

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOME ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Modiin Has Arrived Van Cortlandt Crest, Yonkers at the Riverdale, N.Y.C. border 1,150,000 5 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms Sopher Realty 718 6014000 ext. 127 A

7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM October 15, 2015 2 Cheshvan, 5776 39

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