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THE JEWISH LINK Back To School Edition 2018164000 Dr. Jeremy Peyser Dr. Nicolas Elian Dr. Martha Miqueo Vizstara Dental 300 Sylvan Ave. Floor 3 Englewood Cliffs NJ, 07632 OF B

A great internship begins with a great education. Yeshiva University students 2013 summer internships The only thing more remarkable about what our students accomplish in the classroom is what they d

David Wild, MD Cardiology Access one Holy Name doctor and benefit from all of them. Holy Name Medical Center Physician Networkwere here to care for you, your whole life through. Life is precious. No

196 Van Buren Ave, Teaneck 548,000 Premiere Open House Noon to 2pm Sun Aug 25th We Hold The Keys to the Best Front Doors in Town 577 Sunderland Ave, Teaneck 1,100,000 201692370

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dental Dr. Martha Miqueo, CoFounder of Vizstara, director of Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Orthodontics is proud to Introduce To our Vizstara Dental Family Practice Dr. Jeremy Peyser Dr.Peyser

NEWS Iran, Syria Smuggling Weapons To Gain Influence In The West Bank CONTINUED FROM P. 1 posite direction from Syria into Jordan stand out. Jordan is already on high alert for attacks, given its ow

EDITORIAL Oseh Shalom Bimromov, Hu Yaaseh Shalom Aleinu... s the latest round of Mideast peace talks begin anew, we understand the need to be realistic peacemakers, as those who understand the huge r

POLITICAL PONDERINGS ForceFeeding Peace By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. uch to the chagrin of the international community, Middle East peace has remained elusive. Many wellrespected diplomats have tried t

WORLD NEWS Poland Shechita Ban Update WarsawThe Jerusalem Post reports that Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski recently met with a group of European rabbis and told them that the Polish govern

WORLD NEWS BRIEFS Iran Enhancing Naval Base in Port Sudan INEGMAIn 2008, Iran and Sudan signed a military cooperation agreement and in May 2013 the pace and scope of the construction of Iranian naval

Dr. Saul H. Lejtman D.M.D. P.A. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Treating your family in a warm stateoftheart comfortable environment ISRAEL NEWS SUMMER SPECIAL Take home whitening 350 reg. 675 Implant

ISRAEL NEWS Petition Urges EU to Shelve Legally Flawed Settlement Boycott By Edna Adato and Israel Hayom Staff A petition signed by 1,100 jurists, rabbis and diplomats was sent recently to EU Foreign

LOCAL NEWS Jewish Home Bringing A Taste Of The Cory Booker, Steve Lonegan Holidays To Local Homebound Seniors Win U.S. Senate Primaries By Philip Berroll The High Holy Days are a time for prayer and

LOCAL NEWS Weinberg Forget About Vouchers Its Not Happening Any Time Soon CONTINUED FROM P. 1 and Frank Pallone, who both ran for and lost the late Frank Lautenbergs senate seat, do not approve of vo

LOCAL NEWS Rep. Bill Pascrell Invites the Editors By Stephen Tencer Special to JLBC PatersonEditors of several small area newspapers met with Rep. Bill Pascrell of the 37th Congressional District, a

LOCAL NEWS Teaneck Boy Scouts Trek The Adirondacks TeaneckAt the end of July, Boy Scout Troop 226, chartered to the Jewish Center of Teaneck, went to Floodwood Mountain Scout Reservation in the Adiro

LOCAL NEWS TEANECKS NIGHT OUT By Stephen Tencer Tuesday, August 6, the annual National Night Out was celebrated in many communities in Bergen County and throughout the country. The celebration in Tea

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Some Succos Decisions Are Easy MEHADRIN MATS We ShipD FREE Worldwide OL M Beautiful Designs Easy To Assemble Built To Last a Lifetime BUY DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER SAVE NEW WOOD PANELS SNAP SUK

DIVREI TORAH Walls Have Ears By Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb e all have our secret lives. I dont mean to say that each of us has a sinister side, which we wickedly act out in some deep, dark, private wor

DIVREI TORAH You Shall Not Steal WHAT By Aliza Davidovit You shall not steal, the eighth commandment cautions us in the biblical Book of Exodus 2013. And so, implemented in most civilized societies,

DIVREI TORAH What Threatens The Torah World And The Rabbinate CONTINUED FROM P. 21 reference to the rabbis who stand under the canopy with the grooms and brides. But we do not stand with the women wh

DIVREI TORAH KI Tavo Showing Appreciation By Larry Domnitch The recitation that accompanies the bringing of the first fruits Bikkurim in the times of the Temple, from the seven species of the Land of

OPED Understanding the Perks of Power Dr. Hal M. Lewis reprinted with permission of the author, this article first appeared on Despite their portrayal in the media, the re

OPED If Peace Never Comes, This Will Be the Reason by Deborah Danan edited for brevity, reprinted with permission is an Arab who believes there cannot be peace

OPED Stratfor Reports Erring on the Side of Caution Reprinted with permission of Stratfor. Visit Global, nonspecific threats such as those that prompted recent U.S. embassy closures

OPED Israels Bad Neighborhood By Yoram Ettinger, Israel Today While the Middle East combusts, threatening vital U.S. interests, the U.S. attempts to clip Israels wings the only reliable, predictable

FEATURES REGRETS By Estelle Glass Esther put down the receiver. This time she refused to let her mother make her feel guilty. Why couldnt her parents understand how stressed out she was, how painful

HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER RePurpose On Purpose By Gail Hochman We are living in an age where things cost a lot of money I am finding over and over that people tend to discard things rather than repurpose th

of Keter Torah Five Star Caterers fine cuisine price convenient location Complimentary Party Planner Available For Your Event August 22,2013 16 Elul 5772 31 great All inclusive weddings starting

SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY When Did I Become Nancy By Nancy Silberman Zwiebach everal weeks ago, I entered my bank to try to solve a problem. A young woman, whom I had never seen before, approached, asking if

PARENTING Raising Your Sensory Child By Alyssa Colton MA, OTRL Aviva Lipner MA, OTRL ne of the many struggles we parents face is determining how to set clear boundaries for our children and still al

FEATURES Formula One Race A Part Of Acceleration For Israeli Motorsports By Jeffrey F. Because the milelong racetrack in Eilat was not yet completed, the drivers were sent to France to

FEATURES Good Fences Make Good Neighbors... Until That Fence Falls By Yigal Cohen Recently, in Teaneck, a newly constructed stone wall fell between two properties. The Steins had spent months working

ISRAEL REAL ESTATE Creative and A ordable Housing Solutions In Israel By Gedaliah Borvick The Challenge My client wanted to buy a 3bedroom apartment within a ten minute walk of Emek Refaim, but didn

CHINUCH AN OPEN LETTER TO PARENTS By Rabbis Yitzchok Adlerstein and Abraham Cooper Reprinted with permission from the authors. This letter first appeared in The Jewish Press. os AngelesOur job is to

CHINUCH The Camp To School Connection to activity across a sprawling campus. In school, our kids get 15 minutes of recess a few times a day, at best, and some PE time thrown in for good measure. They

LOCAL NEWS TEANECKS NIGHT OUT By Stephen Tencer Tuesday, August 6, the annual National Night Out was celebrated in many communities in Bergen County and throughout the country. The celebration in Tea

PARENTING Dear Rabbi Sam By Rabbi Sam Frankel, LCSW Dear Rabbi Sam, My husband and I are very community minded, socially active and very passionate about our political views. We often have open discu

PARENTING Bright Beginnings Partnering With Your Child For Academic Success By Mark Staum, LCSW As the school year begins, parents are often confronted with mixed emotions. The excitement and optimis

TECHNOLOGY Israeli Bionic Contact Lens Turns Touch into Sight By Karin Kloosterman, Israel 21c Much in the way Braille allows people who are blind to see the written word, a bionic contact lens inven

TECHNOLOGY We Robot By Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel 21c It takes a lot of patience and dedication to teach math and physics to teens with attention deficit disorder. Igor Podolsky, a 30yearold Isra

FOOD Sleepless and Hungry In Seattle By Benjamin Cohen SeattleThe mild weather and ocean breeze are certainly great reasons to visit Seattle, Washington. Hiking, sports, fishing, and outdoor activiti

FOOD The Classic Tea Party, The Formal Event By Jeanette Friedman If you are a more formal, traditional person, or if you are in the mood for elegance, try hosting a classic tea party. If a dinner pa

FOOD Israeli Startup Introduces Gourmet Dead Sea Salt Kickstarter campaign for Naked Sea Salt meets funding goal in 48 hours shows cooperation between Arab and Israeli companies. By Viva Sarah Press

FOOD Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink Back to School In a Wrap By Rayzel Yaish Inspired by a recent meal at our new local kosher Mexican restaurant Burritolam featured in this very paper a couple weeks a

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT White, Yellow, Pink and Green Gold. Are They All Worth The Same Amount JLBC Staff People always ask if the different colors of gold have the same purity and value. The simple answe

HEALTH Why Should I Take My Child to a Pediatric Dentist By Martha Miqueo, DDS ave you ever thought about taking your child to your internist instead of the pediatrician Probably not, because your Pe

FASHION Marc Joseph NY Crosses The River By Jeanette Friedman Marc Joseph NY, a casual footwear company born in Brooklyn to a father and his native New Yorker son in 2006, is expanding from its manuf

HISTORY Holocaust Resistance Of White Rose Group Remembered 70 Years Later By Robert Five nonJewish university students Sophie and Hans Scholl, Christoph A monument to Hans and Sophie Pr

SCENES FROM OUR LOCAL CAMPS Winners from HotShots Hockey CoMVP Ari Besterman Gilad Holzer Middot Tovot Ian Welfeld Basketball MVP Eitan Warburg Scenes from Camp 613 Scenes from Slapshots Scen

KIDS OF COURAGE Kids of Courage Leads AllVolunteer Trip for Nearly 500 to Orlando Camper Freeda Sutton and Counselor Elisheva Parry rejoice Kids of Courage thanks and salutes all the courageous volu

BACK TO SCHOOL Back to School CheckUps What to Ask the Pediatrician StatePoint Between buying new school supplies and meeting your childrens teachers, back to school season is a busy time. But parent

BACK TO SCHOOL Five GermFighting Tips To Keep Kids Healthy This School Year StatePoint School is a great place to learn, play and make friends. Unfortunately its also a great place for germs to get v

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Shia Getter The GoGetter In Israeli Real Estate lem to be ready, a mere seven years after he put down his first deposit. They still dont know when they will be able to move in and

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SPORTS Geerz Program Comes To Camp Mesorah By Pnina Seplowitz his summer, Camp Mesorah has incorporated a unique and internationally successful leadership mountain biking program called GEERZ. The ne

SPORTS The Newark Bears Orthodox Batboy, Joey Goffstein Taking His Role to a New Level T eaneck native Joey Goffstein, 17, who is currently heading into his senior year at YUHSB, has loved basebal

The Bergen County 2013 Minyan Maariv Directory Name Bais Medrash of Bergenfield Ohr HaTorah Beth Abraham Giants Stadium Mincha Minyan Artus Corporation Ahavath Torah Shomrei Emunah Kesher Community S

PERSONAL FINANCE Five Tips to Getting Your First Mortgage By David Siegel Congratulations on deciding to buy your first house, thats a very big deal. But the process you face is an even bigger one. I

GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES FREE CHILDRENS CLOTHING The Childrens Clothing Drive has collected and sorted beautiful new and gentlyused childrens clothing, coats and shoes last week in all sizes.

C INT OMP RO LET on DUC ION ly TORY OF SE PR T 95 ICE 69 . , , NEW RELEASE ONLY 14.95 Includes illustrated diagrams on the Announcing the longawaited release of Featuring the Halacho

LIVE THE PARSHA Put on a skit about PARSHA HIGHLIGHTS WORD FIND Can you find all the UNDERLINED words on this sheet A Jew bringing their bikkurim to Yerushalayim 26111. Blessings that the Jewish

Not every grape meets our standards. Ourunch. b r Sourape. g The Alma series of premium blended wines are the product of grapes planted in a separate vineyard. Handpicked in late September, each wi

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