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THE JEWISH LINK Connecting the Bergen Jewish Community Vol. 1 No. 4 May 2, 2013 22 Iyar 5773 Distributed every other week Touro Rinat Morning of Learning This Sunday See ad p. 5

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2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM May 2, 2013 22 Iyar 5773 3

In Ruling, Judge Says Women May Pray at Kotel in Tallitot By Edna I s what might mark the start of a new era at the Kotel, the Jerusalem District Court made an unprecedented ruling last


NEWS JWV Memorial Moved to New Milford Green by Sara Prager Photo credit Sara Prager Kerry Hagel Commit to Peace Arms By Jeanette Friedman T fter fifty years, a memorial to fallen Jewish soldier

NEWS State Department on the State of Human Rights in Israel By Danielle Siers ashington, DCThe U.S. Department of State released its annual human rights report in midApril, and the section on Israel


NEWS Hezbollah Drone Shot Down by IDF near Haifa From combined services H aifaAccording to JNS, The Israel Defense Forces IDF used F16s and Israel Air Force helicopters to shoot down a drone approa

NEWS Livni Pushes for Peace Process erusalemJustice Minister Tzipi Livni said last week that the time that is passing does not serve those who believe in two states for two people. Speaking at a polit

NEWS Michael Broyde Takes a Leave Avatars Shock the RCA and Academe CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Prof. Broyde had just finished a session on agunot. During the questionandanswer period, 400 people gasped in

EVENTS Rinat Touro Yom Iyun Sy Syms Business School Celebrates 26 Years eshiva Universitys Sy Syms School of Business celebrated its 26th anniversary and the graduating class of 2013 with a Gala Aw

EVENTS OU Neighborhood Fair Showcases Communities Across America udy Wallace lived in Louisville, Kentucky in 2001 while being successfully treated for a medical problem. Her physician later served a

EDITORIALS A Great Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste CoFoundersCoPublishers Mark Mendy Schwartz Moshe Kinderlehrer Associate Editor Jeanette Friedman Contributing Editor Nina Glick Advertising Direc

DIVREI TORAH Shavuos is The Time for Happines By Rabbi Nosson Rich n March 2011, the New York Times attempted to discover the happiest person in the world. Using a formula called the GallupHealthway

DIVREI TORAH Thats Cold By Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz S ometimes, when its late at night and the whole world is still, you can feel like youre the only one alive. As you roam around, you can sense the

OPED The Crisis Crisis By Yair Daar T heres nothing like a crisis to get people talking. Be it tuition, abuse coverups, the internet, or shidduchim, major dilemmas in our community are usually what

DIVREI TORAH The Process of Sin By Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb I t is a word that one hears frequently these days, in many contexts. The word is process. It is a word that reflects our growing recogni

OPED Mpnai Darchei Shalom Interfaith Dialogue in Modern Times By Jerome Chanes T he election of a new pope raises again the question of the stance of the Orthodox world on interreligious relationsh

POLITICAL PONDERINGS The Other Kind of Jewish Outreach By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. hen we hear the term Jewish outreach, most of us automatically assume that it has something to do with kiruv. Transla

JEWISH HERITAGE MONTH Presidents Statement on Jewish Heritage Month C ongress declared May as Jewish Heritage Month in 2006 and President Obama was the only U.S. President to throw a party for it, bu

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Memor y Lane aka Amsterdam Avenue By Mordechai and Nina Glick I ndeed, what a great bonus of our move from Montreal to New Jersey has been the opportunity to partake in amaz

FOOD Devorah Yittis Moms Cheesecakes By Gail Hochman s Shevuos approaches, we look forward to yet another Yom Tov spent with family and friends. Who doesnt anticipate the one dessert which is almost

HEALTH Developing Drugs for the Dark Side By Viva Sarah Press Reprinted with permission from Israel21C T heres a computerized repository in Israel that looks like any other with data sets, tables,

HEALTH What Parents Need to Know About Concussions BPT Parents of young athletes know that along with the many benefits of participating in sports, there comes a certain amount of injury risk. And w

PARENTING Because It Matters Choices Determine Who You Are By Pnina Seplowitz henever I ask my fiveyearold daughter to make a decision, whether its about an outfit for school or which food she wants

PARENTING What Do You Mean You Only Got A B Some Ideas On Rewarding Or Punishing For Grades By Nancy Silberman Zwiebach ver the years, it appears that there has been a tectonic shift in education whe

CHINUCH Chinuch Roundtable Compiled by Pnina Seplowitz I n a continuing effort to get to know our wonderful mechanchim and hear their opinions about important issues and concerns facing our school

CHINUCH JEdCamp The Future is Now By Tikvah Weiner group of 75 educators from the tristate area gathered at Yavneh last weekend for the first annual JEdCamp in New Jersey. JEdCamp is short for Jewish

TRAVEL CULTURE The ArtsTheatre Review The Megile of Itzik Manger The National Yiddish Theatres Season Hit Runs to May 12 By Gitl SchaechterViswanath special to JLBC Photos by Crystall Arnette T h

TRAVEL CULTURE Nearby Shavuos Getaways 2013 By Ben Cohen P esach just ended and before you blink Shavuos is right around the corner. Most of us are counting the days until we arrive at one of most

FEATURES Excerpt from The Lament of My Mother, by Yosl Mlotek Through oceans and countries, Through closures and walls, I see my mothers Cracked hands. I hear my mothers Sobs and laments Where are my

FEATURES Home Decorating Amazing Accents under 100 Small ideas to add big style and functionality to your bath BPT If youre bored by your bathroom, you might think a total room remodel is the only w

SCHOOLS SINAI High School Students to Perform in Sound of Music on May 7 Special to JLBC P erforming in a school play gives any child a great sense of accomplishment and pride. But for the high sch

SCHOOLS State Senator Gordon Visits RYNJ By Pnina Seplowitz An Unconventional Dvar Torah at The Frisch School L ast week, Senator Robert M. Gordon DDistrict 38 visited the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of Nor

Making A Match New Ways in a New World By Liah Bloom Z ivugzone is a new online dating site geared 100 to observant singles. Founded by Moshe Coan, the site launched last fall and in six short month

SCHOOLS Dr. Michael Berenbaum Visits Moriah T he Moriah School recently hosted Dr. Michael Berenbaum, a leading Holocaust scholar, who spoke to students participating in the Names Not Numbers program

LAG BOMER Lag BaOmer 2013 Ben Porat Yosef students left to right Eitan Benhamu, Zachary Kohn, and Ezra Brauner participate in the barbecue and fun activities at the annual BPY Lag BaOmer bonfire, whi

WOW The World of Wings Rocks a Kids World By Tova Gold Photos by Lvia Weisinger alking through the World Of Wings is bound to delight and excite your little ones, and, most likely you too. There is s

SPORTS The newly established Sports Desk at the Jewish Link of Bergen County aims to cover the full gamut of local sports. If we miss a story, an event or accomplishment, please email our Sports Edito

SPORTS Tabc, not just a Hockey school anymore, By Isaac Altman Maayanots Softball Team Starts the Season 4 0 The Rapids are on a roll M T ABC, in terms of athletics has long been branded a Hocke

SPORTS On Your Mark, Get Set, GO Thoughts from the Frisch Varsity Track CoCaptain By Risa Scharf fter the long awaited Go the whistle blows, my muscles tighten, my mind becomes focused, and I am off


SPORTS Bnei Yeshurun Softball League Team Profile The Mighty Ducks By Allen Pfeifer I n a spring Sunday morning battle in the Bnai Yeshurun Mens Club Softball League, one of the leagues oldest fra

Moriah Mighty Ducks Win the Championship CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Alter, Assistant Captain Max Srulowitz, Benjamin Barth and Zeke Chernoff, coupled with highly skilled offense men, Assistant Captains Sol

JEdCamp The Future is Now CONTINUED FROM P. 29 Bitton ended his blog post on JEdCamp saying, I would venture to say that everyone left that building with a sense of accomplishment and renewed energy

MOTHERS DAY Tips for new Mothers Day and Fathers Day traditions F amilies have many special traditions to celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Starting new traditions around these days is also comm

Sharsheret To Honor Dr. Tammy Br yk And Dr. Gila Leiter At Annual Benefit S harsheret, a national notforprofit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of women and families of all Jewish backgr

BAR BAT MITZVAHS Why Pay Retail Gently Used Items are a Boon for Your Budget By Tova Gold Armani, Fendi, Vuitton, Juicy Couture, Free People, Theory, Tahari or that hardtofind label, Savvy Chic is t

Torah Web Leil Iyun Scheduled for MAY 12 T he latest Leil Iyun will take place at 800 PM on Sunday, May 12, at Bnai Yeshurun. It will feature Rav Hershel Schachter discussing The Role of

Chicken for Shabbos Young Israel Of KGH Charity Fund WHAT A ZECHUS FOR ALL OF US IF YOU SEND A CHECK TO YOUNG ISRAEL OF KEW GARDENS HILLS CHARITY FUND 15005 70th Road, Kew Gardens Hills, New York 1136

Bnei Menashe Celebrate Yom Haatzmaut and the Renewal of Their Aliyah to Israel C hurachandpur, IndiaOver 1200 members from the Bnei Menashe community of northeastern India celebrated Yom Haatzmaut and

TECHNOLOGY Recipe Bloggers Rejoice Kitchenbug makes posting recipes easy By Abligail Klein Leichman O fir Shahar combined his lifelong love of cookery with his acquired expertise in natural languag

GMACHS GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES BABIES AND CHILDREN Teaneck Bris Gemach Bris outfits, pillows, pillow cases, tefilos for mothers to say. Open to the Jewish community. There is no solicitation

GMACHS as well as to Hackensack, Englewood, Manhattan and other medical canters as necessary. For more information or to volunteer contact the Bikkur Cholim at 9732498811. Bikur Cholim of Teaneck is l

COMMUNITY CALENDAR MAY New Jersey Yachad Inclusive Art Program open to junior and high and high school students as well as students with special needs ages 12. Classes to take place at the Art Place,

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM May 2, 2013 22 Iyar 5773 57

F 201.833.0889 Glatt Kosher WWW.FIVESTARCATERERS.COM 58 May 2, 2013 22 Iyar 5773 ive Star Caterers Wedding Packages starting at 59 per person FIVE STAR QUALITY AT EVERY EVENT We are proud to anno

LEGAL Check Your Umbrella By Marc J. Rothenberg, Esq. I dislike insurance companies. I really do and thats why it pains me to strongly advise that we spend a few more dollars to purchase additional

New la rge select ions of cutup frui t tip roas silver off t 20 Check out our instore daily specials Per your request, we now have our new Caesar salad dressing Open at 7AM Sunday Friday, Sunday