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Inaugural Annual Guide to Bergen County Coming Fall 2014 To have your business or organization featured, email OF BERGEN COUNTY July 31, 2014 4 Av 5774 Issue 42 www.jewishlinkb


Jewish Federation OF NORTHERN NEW JERSEY Israel Solidarity Rally rocked the bergenPAC 2,500 people stood up for Israel. Thank you COSPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS Ben Porat Yosef Bergen County High Scho

VERA AND NECHAMA REALTY A DIVISION OF V AND N GROUP LLC 1008 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck 5,700 sq ft available COMMERCIAL 1533 Rugby Rd, Teaneck 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths SOLD Start a career with BH 279 Wint

6 July 31, 2014 4 Av 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM July 31, 2014 4 Av 5774 7

NEWS Babies on the Front Lines By Abigail Leichman KleinIsrael 21c shkelonBooming missile fire and wailing airraid sirens are the lullabies reaching the tender ears of newborns at Ashkelons Barzilai

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM July 31, 2014 4 Av 5774 9

NEWS If You Want to Find Support For Israel, Read the Newspapers in Cairo By Myer H istorically, Arab states have banded together in support of the Palestinians when fighting

NEWS Operation Protective Edge Trends in Public Opinion in Social Media in Gaza and Egypt By Orit reprinted with permission from INSS M y conversations with select leaders of

NEWS Foiling the Rosh Hashanah Surprise CONTINUED FROM P. 1 gets for the coming Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah, which begins on September 24, according anonymous sources in the Israeli sec

NEWS Tunnel Intelligence Failure a WakeUp Call for Israel by Ben Caspit Translator Danny Wool pparently, there is no way to avoid the creation of a commission of inquiry once Operation Protective Edg

PAR E RMRE C T E S Since 2003 176 S. Van Brunt St., Englewood NJ 07631 ...the key to your event Serving the tri state, wedding, bar batmitsvah, brith and

NEWS Tunnel Intelligence Failure a WakeUp Call for Israel CONTINUED FROM P. 13 out my journalistic career, I supported, and continue to support, all of the peace plans, from Oslo to the Geneva ag

NEWS Persecution of Christians by ISIS Contradicts Idea of a Caliphate By Erica C.D. Senior Lecturer in Eastern Christianity at SOAS, University of London Death of an ancie

NEWS Rallying for Reason Thousands Gather at UN To Support Israel By Maxine Dovere T en thousandsome say moresupporters of Israel came to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to the New York Stands With Israel

LOCAL NEWS RYNJ Expanding Over Summer Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Helps Children in Ashkelon T T he Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey is demolishing a portion of the building facing Kinderkamack R

LOCAL NEWS Former Sen. Joe Lieberman To Teach at YU N ew YorkFormer United States Senator Joseph Lieberman has been appointed the Joseph Lieberman Chair in Public Policy and Public Service at Yeshi

LOCAL NEWS 228 From North America Head to Israel By Tzvi Silver and Combined Sources N ew YorkDespite the war in Gaza, 228 new Olim immigrants from the United States and Canada departed from New Yo

LOCAL NEWS High Schoolers Grow With NCSYs Girls Learning Initiative By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckHigh school students from across the region are enjoying the third summer of the Summer Girls Learning

LOCAL NEWS Stop the Sirens Federation Rally for Israel CONTINUED FROM P. 1 staff and volunteers notified community members on Tuesday afternoon that there would be an Israel Solidarity Rally to kic

LOCAL NEWS Bikur Cholim in Bergen County An Introduction to Services By Sara Kosowsky Gross I n Genesis, God visits Abraham following his circumcision, demonstrating the importance of visiting the

LOCAL NEWS Rep. Ileana RosLehtinen RFL Hosted by NORPAC in Teaneck S upporters of Israel joined NORPAC on Sunday to welcome and honor one of Israels strongest allies in Congress Congresswoman Ilean

LOCAL NEWS Bergen Community Supports IDF Troops By Lisa Matkowsky T eaneckRabbi Tomer Ronen, Rosh Yeshiva of Ben Porat Yosef Yeshiva Day School in Paramus, flew to Israel recently with his wife, De

LOCAL NEWS AllVolunteer CSS Works to Secure Community from Within CONTINUED FROM P. 1 them safe. One such organization with a sophisticated answer to security concerns is the Community Security Ser

LOCAL NEWS Democratic Candidate Roy Cho Visits Teaneck By Larry D. Bernstein O n a Sunday afternoon under a blazing sun, Roy Cho traversed the West Englewood section of Teaneck. The Democratic cand

EDITORIAL THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz EditorinChief Jeanette Friedman Managing Editor Adam Negnewitzky Senior Editor Elizabeth Kratz

DVAR TORAH Devarim The Final Oration By Larry Stiefel Scene The Parsipanny Hilton Grand Ballroom. A hall filled with red, white, and blue balloons and streamers, with approximately 200 people standin

POLITICAL PONDERINGS David vs. Goliath By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. ontrary to what you may think, Israel has been battling more than just one enemy during Operation Protective Edge. There is no questi

OPED To Save Gaza, Destroy Hamas By Amos Yadlin reprinted with permission from INSS. This article appeared first in the International Edition of the New York Times EL AVIVAfter nearly

OPED To the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Letter From an Angry Black Woman By Chloe T he student organization Students for Justice in Palestine SJP is prominent on m

UNDER FIRE OU Summer Programs in Israel Continue By Lisa Matkowsky O rthodox Union summer programs in Israel continue to adjust their itineraries and sites to accommodate changing safety concerns a

NEWS Italian Reporter Reveals Hamas CoverUp Over Misfired Rockets CONTINUED FROM P. 12 Europeans Are Paying Ransoms to Al Qaeda K idnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for a

HUMOR The Summer of... By Banji Latkin Ganchrow an plans and God laughs... This quote is true every day, but this summer has proven to truly bring this phrase to fruition, though, I would hope that H

IN GOOD TASTE Dark Banana Tarte Tatin By Lisa Reitman Dobi sing a grocery delivery website, I ordered four organic bananas. Four seemed just the right number. Theyd ripen and within four days, theyd

WINES A True Pioneer of Israels Terroir by Yossie Horwitz ny list of top Israeli wineries is going to include Tzora winery. However, in addition to its solid placement at the top of the qualitative I

38 July 31, 2014 4 Av 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

TEEN PERSPECTIVES Why Didnt You Eat the Cheesecake Macaroon By Oren Oppenheim n the fourth day of the eightday photography intensive course Im taking, we had a speaker talk about how she turned her b

PARENTING The Animals By Sarah Abenaim ommy Mommy Can you check if my frog is dead my daughter bursts through the front door, ignoring the fact that I am talking to a visitor, and has a look of sheer

Inaugural Issue THE BUSINESS LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY LOCAL SPOTLIGHT SUCCESS STRATEGIES Focus on Customer Service Sets Cedar Market Apart by Jenny Gans by Shimon Sandler By Tova Gold SEO CORNER SEO O

BUSINESS LINK StartUp Life Part I CONTINUED FROM P. 1 then at least youll know that youre doing it for the right reasons. Im not sure that advice is perfectly applicable to someone whos thinking of

BUSINESS LINK Business Halacha Weekly Cool Emergency On Friday morning, the air conditioner began rattling wildly. Mr. Wolf called his regular air conditioner repair man, Mr. Braun. Sorry, but Im al

BUSINESS LINK How Your Online Presence Works to Grow Your Business CONTINUED FROM P. 41 hour a week maintaining it, according to a new Deluxe study. In contrast, only 1.2 percent spend 10 or more h

BUSINESS LINK Haredi Entrepreneurship Thrives in Beit Shemesh By Sybil B eit Shemesh, located 20 miles west of Jerusalem with a population of 100,000 people, is home to innovators lik

BUSINESS LINK Li KaShing How The Chinese Billionaire Became The Startup Nations Biggest Supporter CONTINUED FROM P. 41 tion of Israeli food conglomerate Tnuva for billions by Chinas Bright Food the

BUSINESS LINK Four Investors and Entrepreneurs Reveal Some Tricks of the Trade CONTINUED FROM P. 41 Japhet. The genealogy social network, which has raised 49 million, was chosen as the most promisi

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT Kozy Kitchens Redefines Style CONTINUED FROM P. 41 Theyre not talking about the Bermuda Triangle where all your teaspoons disappear to hang out with all those lost socks from the dr

OPED Invest in Jewish Children By Elly Libin y wife Suzy and I will never forget our wedding day. The uplifting ceremony and beautiful party left an indelible mark some lifealtering advice that we re

UNDER FIRE Israels Children Under Fire Eva Fogelman, Ph.D. and Mark Sossin, Ph.D. exclusive to JLBC from The International Study of Organized Persecution of Children hen sirens blare, Israeli childre

UNDER FIRE Paradox and Miracles A Few Thoughts from Under the Dome By Eli Katz ou can touch the Kotel, smell the honeysuckle, see the birds circling Jerusalem, taste the kaffee hafuch, but you have t

UNDER FIRE Making an Impact While Under Fire By Sam Weinstein I recall standing at the front of the Yeshiva University in Israel auditorium during orientation for the Counterpoint Israel Program, Y

UNDER FIRE SarEl Helping the IDF By David Siegel S hall your brothers go out to war while you settle here The tribes of Reuven and Gad requested permission to remain behind in the fertile lands eas

UNDER FIRE A Local Mothers Thoughts My Children are Under Fire By Lvia Weisinger M y old tagline used to be, five kids, five jobs. I was known for being a multitasker with five jobs to support my f

UNDER FIRE US Teens Brave Rockets to Lend a Hand at Reuth By Ariel Zilber, Jerusalem Post with permission to reproduce T he average American high school teenager who chooses to spend part of his or

UNDER FIRE Killed In Gaza, American Lone Soldiers Honored By Israelis By Daniel Ben Simon translated by Ruti Sinai, Al Monitor O f all the stories of soldiers killed in battles between Israel and

BOOK REVIEW The Rebbe By Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick just received a copy of a new book and I cant put it down. While I found Yehuda Aviners The Prime Ministers quite impressive, the book I am now read

THE DATING GAME Orthodox Dating On Line The Online Profile and Fitting into Dropdown Menus By Elisheva eaneckMarried 14 years and deciding to divorce was the most difficult, yet the best, decision I

LOCAL NEWS FEATURE The Healing Redemptive Powers of Mussar By Elyse Hansford T eaneckMussar has the power to bring the Redemption, says Rabbi Tzvi Miller, founder and director of The Salant Foundat

THE ARTS SelfHealing Award Winning Art at Teaneck General Store By Elyse Hansford eaneckIf youre an artist you just create and you cannot imagine a time when you dont create, says artist and physicia

ASK THE DOCTOR Newborns and the Immune System By Dr. Giuseppina BenincasaFeingold hile working at Bellevue Hospital during my training in pediatrics, I was exposed to many different cultures. I treat


SPECIAL NEEDS Making Aliyah with Family Members with Special Needs By Chana Zweiter oming on aliyah with a family member with special needs often seems like an impossible journey. It was hard enough

HEALTH AND FITNESS Tisha BAv, Negative Emotions, and Coping By Temimah Zucker ver the past month we have been confronted by tremendous sadness. It feels as if pain and sorrow have blanketed our natio

CHINUCH Israel in Crisis Making Sure We Really Care By Rabbi Avraham Shulman MS, LAC uring the month of Av, the threeweek mourning period that we began observing this week is intensified, culminating

CAMPS Camp HotShots Yachad Color Run at Camp Mesorah Dean Shein Basketball MVP Noam Landesman Hockey MVP Eli Feinberg Middot Tovot Award winner Scenes from Camp Shalom 66 July 31, 2014 4 Av

SPORTS Teaneck TBO 8U Summer Finishes First CONTINUED FROM P. 1 how the players and team matured. It was amazing to see how much fun the kids had on the field, playing at a new level. Veteran leade

SPORTS Q A with Josh Pransky from YU Athletics JLBC Thanks for taking the time to talk with us about YU Athletics. What is it that you do for the department YU Thank you for having me here, Im exc

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM July 31, 2014 4 Av 5774 69

THE SEPHARDIC WAY Restaurants Serving Meat During the Nine Days A Sephardic Approach By Rabbi Haim Jachter wners of meat restaurants face a dilemma during the Nine Days. If they refuse to serve meat

PROFILES Who Is Rav Aharon Lichtenstein By Elli Fischer Reprinted with permission from the author. This article first appeared in Mosaic. mong this years recipients of the Israel Prize, the countrys

FEATURE Where Synagogues Once Stood A Tisha BAv Exploration By Judah S. Harris T isha BAv the world over is observed through fasting, expressions of mourning, the reading of Megillas Eicha, and the

CHESED Neve Yerushalayaim By Aviva Fort N eve Yerushalayim is a network of schools in Jerusalem dedicated to uniquely educating Jewish women about their heritage. Neve, as its simply called by its

PERSONAL FINANCE No Thanks, Im Good By David Siegel ow many times have you been at a shabbat lunch and the host offered you a second helping of that delicious steak dish, or you attended an important

FINDING A JOB The Interview Process PreInterview By Yoni Lieber, SPHR So you got the call to come in for an interviewnow what Here are some tips to help you prepare. 1. Research. Make sure you resear

CLASSIFIEDS Shul Looking To Rent Out Space Bergen County Shul Looking to Rent Out Space to Nursery or Kindergarten or Related Purpose Ready for Immediate Use. For info, call 2012659714 or nussynjaol.c

UNGARBLED TECH Wired vs. Wireless Networks By Shneur Garb ix years ago, homes were not dependent on WiFi access. Homes that used to have one PC and maybe a printer now have WiFi TVs, tablets, phones,

ANALYSIS Gaza Conflict Spotlights Role of Qatar CONTINUED FROM P. 77 Qatar reportedly pledged more than 400 million to Hamas in October 2012 during a visit to Gaza by Qatars ruling emir at the time

COMMUNITY CALENDAR SUNDAY, AUGUST 3RD Rabbi Pesach Krohn lecture on Words Build Worlds Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, 641 W Englewood Avenue Sponsored by Bnai Yeshurun Chesed Committee in conjunction wit

MIDDAH OF THE MONTH SUPER SHABBOS SHEET about people Can you judge these situations favorably Modesty. This week try to be more modest about your speech and speak nicely to others. PARSHA SKIT idea

OPED Holocaust Survivors, Gaza, and My Uncle the Instigator By Peter Himmelman This article is reprinted from The Huffington Post y Uncle Sonny his real name is Arthur but dont tell has always been a

82 July 17, 2014 19 Tammuz 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

SECTION ZOA Sponsors Talk in Teaneck By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckJoshua London, the Zionist Organization of Americas CoDirector of Government Relations, will be speaking in Teaneck on August 6, at 7

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