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VOTE THIS TUESDAY Help Wanted See Page 48 For 3 New Job Openings OF BERGEN COUNTY October 30, 2014 6 Cheshvan, 5775 Issue 54 Distributed weekly CANDLE LIGHTING Oct. 31st 7 Ches


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NEWS Knesset Approves Second Reading of Conversion Bill Combined Services lthough Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu removed his support from a conversion bill that would allow local Israeli rabbi

Dry Eyes If you suffer with eye pain, dryness, itching, burning, blurred vision or filmy red eyes, you could be at risk of eye infection due to untreated Dry Eye Syndrome The risk of Dry Eye Syndrome

, Jim TEDESCO Paid for by the Democratic Committee of Bergen County 6 October 30, 2014 6 Cheshvan, 5775 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

NEWS Congress Acts to Stop Social Security to Nazi War Criminals CONTINUED FROM P. 1 87 years old and thats a conservative figure. Except for maybe three or four people, theyre all dead, the benefits

Send Rep. Scott Garrett Back to Congress Vote Garrett I remain vigilant in my support of the State of Israel. Amid wars, Israel has pursued peace. Amid persecution, Israel has embraced hope. And amid

NEWS Hoenlein Its Not New Housing Its the Same Old Same Old CONTINUED FROM P. 1 new building permits had been issued. Yet as Hoenlein indicated, any released information about the next stage in hous

THE ANNA RUTH MARK HASTEN SCHOOL ITS ACADEMIC...ITS PERSONAL...ITS AFFORDABLE EXCELLENCE. L A N D E R CO L L E G E F O R WO M E N Be part of a focused community of closeknit students distinguished

NEWS Egypt Goes After Sinai Terrorists T IPCoordinated attacks on Egyptian army positions in the northern Sinai Peninsula killed at least 33 security personnel on Friday, prompting the countrys Nat

BARILAN UNIVERSITY Where Healthcare Innovation and Jewish Inspiration Come Together Advancing public health and fighting child obesity in the Galilee are part of the fundamental mission of Dr. Mary R

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM October 30, 2014 6 Cheshvan, 5775 13

NEWS Jewish Life in Poland on Display in Warsaw Museum of the History of Polish Jews Unveils Sprawling Core Exhibit By Denise hen the Museum of the History of Polish Jews op

NEWS Gaza Relief Overrun by Corruption, Inefficiency By Mohammed Translator Kamal Fayad R AFAH, Gaza StripA Gaza Ministry of Interior official told AlMonitor that some relie

NEWS RCA Creates Committee To Review Conversion Process CONTINUED FROM P. 1 against possible abuses. The RCA committed to forming this committee following the recent arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel, o

NEWS The Doghouse Takes a Stand vs. Domestic Violence Seven Teaneck Restaurants Participate in Awareness Event CONTINUED FROM P. 1 for victims sponsored by The Doghouse and six other Teaneck restaura

LOCAL NEWS When You S I T U Denial is Not a River in Egypt By Esther East, Project S.A.R.A.H. T I O N O ctober is national domestic violence awareness month, a month devoted to raising the na

LOCAL NEWS Anything But Lazy at Lazy Bean T eaneckSundays in November mean falling leaves, wool cardigans and brisk winds. For the Lazy Bean cafe, the popular November season means a slew of new anno

LOCAL NEWS The Shabbos Project Brings Hundreds to Teaneck By Tova Domnitch L ast weeks Challah Bake at Yeshivat Noam kickedoff the TeaneckBergenfield communitys participation in The Shabbos Project

LOCAL NEWS Kaplen JCC Presents 14th Annual Cantorial Concert Jewish Weeks Rosenblatt Speaks on Jewish Journalism at Rinat By Elizabeth Kratz T he Kaplen JCC on the Palisades will present its 14th

22 October 30, 2014 6 Cheshvan, 5775 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

LOCAL NEWS In Memory of Mom By Lisa Matkowsky O ctober is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, and individuals and organizations commemo

LOCAL NEWS Daughters of Miriam Honored by Jewish Family Service of North Jersey C liftonThroughout its 93year history, phans. Throughout the DMCs 93year hisDaughters of Miriam CenterThe Gal tory, i

THE POLITICAL LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CANDIDATES Jeff Bell Cory Booker Local Election RoundUp Review SENATE Republican Democrat Congressional District 5 FL, Bergenfield, and parts of Teaneck Republica

POLITICS Fighting to the Finish in the Fifth By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. he race in New Jerseys 5th Congressional District has surprisingly become one of the more closely watched races in the nation.

POLITICS Jim Tedesco Runs for County Executive By Zachary Schrieber im Tedesco has been busy this past year, serving on the Freeholder Board and as a candidate for Bergen County Executive. The last t

EDITORIAL THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz EditorinChief Jeanette Friedman Managing Editor Adam Negnewitzky Senior Editor Elizabeth Kratz

DVAR TORAH Parshat Lech Lecha By Rabbi Zev Goldberg hile the words of the Torah itself can be difficult to decipher, it is sometimes an even greater challenge to understand that which is not written

POLITICAL PONDERINGS A Shidduch Made in Trenton By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. ith just over a week to go before Election Day, over 200 Bergen County Democrats gathered at the Richard Rodda Community Cen

OPED I Am a Democrat Because I am Jewish By Senator Loretta Weinberg, NJ Senate Majority Leader eople often ask me how the values I learned as a Jewish woman affect my everyday life and my public ser

SPECIAL NEEDS NJ Yachad Bergen County Breakfast Reception Last Sunday Bruce Prince, owner of The Teaneck General Store and Community Service Awardee, standing with Leora Verbit of Yachad left, his w

Join the Hebron Fund VIP Chayei Sarah Mission to Israel November 1116, 2014 Itinerary Tuesday, November 11 Shabbat Chayei Sarah in Hebron subject to change Inspirational Carlebach davening led by

TECHNOLOGY How to Grow Ample Food As Water, Farmland Dwindle By Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel21c hy did the giant Chinese conglomerate Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group purchase the little Israeli ag

BEWARE OF SCAMS This is Not the Electric Company By Larry Bernstein T eaneckThe clock is ticking. Shabbos or Yom Tov is drawing near. Yet you are still at work, striving to do a good job, with one

FEATURE They Serve Israel, FIDF Serves Them Chayalim Talk War and Survival By Elyse Hansford eaneckShes a Paramedic and a lone soldier. The second time we went in to Gaza we were under direct attack

NEWS Gaza Relief Overrun by Corruption, Inefficiency CONTINUED FROM P. 15 rity AMAN, said that the coalition had received around 200 complaints from affected citizens. The complaints ranged from lack

OPED Klinghoffer at the Met Stifling the Exchange of Ideas By Alan M. Dershowitz, Gatestone Institute n Monday night I went to the Metropolitan Opera. I went for two reasons to see and hear John Adam

NEWS Congress Acts to Stop Social Security to Nazi War Criminals CONTINUED FROM P. 7 conducting domestic criminal prosecutions of alleged participants in Nazi crimes, the department has sought justic

HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Gifts in a Jar By Gail Hochman habbos gifts are a great way to thank your hostess for feeding you a great meal, and for getting a bedroom ready for you should you be sleeping over.

LOCAL NEWS Broadway Comes to Teaneck Film Festival Celebrates Women and Diversity By Elyse Hansford T eaneckPassionate about movies Get ready for the ninth annual Teaneck International Film Festiva

LOCAL NEWS Cedar Lane to Welcome Human Weapon Taekwondo, AKA Kosher Karate By Lisa Matkowsky T eaneckBergen county residents can look forward to the Nov. 2 grand opening of Human Weapon Taekwondo H

FEATURE Harry Pearlberg Murdered by a NY Nazi By Debby Biskin Flancbaum o one understands why I care about Harry Pearlberg. Hes been dead for almost 50 years and I never laid eyes on him when he was

HUMOR In Through the Nose, Out Through the Mouth... By Banji Latkin Ganchrow know that we just began the new year. Clean slate, happy thoughts, be good to others, always have a smile and give people

REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST My Mommas Thimble By David S. Weinstein H ow does one write a story about a thimble The notion wouldnt enter most peoples minds. It would be like talking about a coffee c

A TEENS PERSPECTIVE Jewish Identity on Campus By Oren Oppenheim seem to bring up the topic of college often, dont I I know I swore that I would try not to think about it, but it keeps popping up agai



FEATURE Due Date By Estelle Glass Y oure going on vacation I practically bolt out of my chair, at least as far as my swollen belly will allow me to move without first crashing into Dr. Goodkins des

CULTURE Orthodox Comedy Gets Rave Reviews By JLBC Staff I magine a wildly successful Shadchan who matches the unmatchable. Shes an anonymous Internet matchmaker who operates under the moniker Match

CULTURE From Teaneck to the Mercury Lounge Presenting ZUSHA By Lisa Matkowsky T eaneck is not exactly a hipster mecca, but a couple of its native sons make up twothirds of Zusha, a band formed in t

CULTURE Unorthodox Film to be Screened at Teaneck Film Festival By Rivka Hia U northodox, a documentary depicting young Jews and their struggle with religiosity, will be screened as part of the Tea

HEALTH AND FITNESS Are You a Fussy Eater By Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick unny how food preferences or aversions seem to just be there. There are people who can eat pretty much anything though there are

HEALTH FITNESS The Rabbit Who Wasnt Late By Temimah Zucker n May I returned home from my Pesach in Florida to find a white rabbit on my lawn. There are multiple wild rabbits that populate my front a

HEALTH FITNESS What Do Women and Men Really Want By Laura Turk, MS n a previous article, I spoke about the universal need that all human beings have to connect with a love partner. We all have a wir

PERSONAL FINANCE Indexed Accumulation vs. Indexed Income By Elozor M. Preil hile much of the discussion regarding indexed annuities involves their accumulation potential, one of the principal reasons

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Mocha Bleu Debuts New Executive Chef, Menu By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckIn an exciting move for Teanecks kosher culinary scene, Chef Kiko Sante, who has worked in several Michelins

IMMIGRATION LAW Temporary Workers in SportsRelated Activities By Michael Wildes, Esq. he H2B nonimmigrant visa classification applies to foreign nationals seeking to enter the U.S. to perform nonagri

Project S.A.R.A.H. Stop Abusive Relationships at Home Community Awareness Campaign 2014 We join together in saying we will not tolerate domestic violence and sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Rabb

PARENTING Social Challenges Navigating Peer Groups By Mark Staum, LCSW was recently asked the following question by a parent How do I handle a situation where a certain boy always is hanging around m

SPECIAL NEEDS Keter Torah to Host Chai Lifeline Shabbaton for Bas MitzvahAge Girls By Elizabeth Kratz T eaneckTurning 12 is a perfect time to engage in chesed, and, for many, its a perfect age to g

BPY classroom is truly one of a kind The students are active and eager participants in all the learning that takes place. This past year, we were particularly impressed when our first grader was study

h siv ears, New .E.A.D. T s served ns, inten ast few y rship program, L ial action missio NCSY ha p sey Over the leade , New Jer . h soc itionally s throug xclusive dd ear our e leader boards. A vents

LOCAL NEWS Teaneckers to be Honored at Emunah Dinner O n Saturday evening, November 15th, EMUNAH of America will host its annual Circle of Life Benefit Dinner where it will celebrate EMUNAHs accomp

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM October 30, 2014 6 Cheshvan, 5775 65

SCHOOLS A Day of Learning at RYNJ I n conjunction with the Worldwide Shabbos Project, RYNJ 1B3 students are seen donating tzedakah to Tomchei Shabbos photos 12 Who invented the parachute What need di

SCHOOLS How to Inspire Your Child to Read By Dawn Fisch F rom a young age I loved books, but I did not enjoy reading independently. I thought books were magical only when adults read them to me. As

SPORTS Englewood Hockey Gets an Assist from the New York Rangers By Sushi Kaplan O n October 12th, the New York Rangers announced that they had selected the John T. Wright ArenaMackay Rink in Engle

SPORTS YMSSA 8th Grade Division 1, Basketball Preview M onday, October 26th, marked the beginning of the sophomore year for the Yeshiva Middle School Sports Association. The YMSSA is coming off of a

SPORTS SCENES Aliza Yager beats the defense down the court for MGBL Five Star Caterers team. SHALOM MEHLER. Avigail Kahn sets up the offense for MGBL Berkshire Bank team. MAYER SABO. Lili Waldman d

FEATURED HOMES 622 Winthrop Road, Teaneck 998,900 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms Call Nicole Idler of Friedberg Properties at cell 201 9069338 or office 201 8941234. Email Majestic M

REAL ESTATE OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2014 Address 619 Palisade Ave., Teaneck 206 Grayson, Teaneck 83 Cameron Rd., Bergenfield 792 Hartwell St., Teaneck 109 Herrick Av., Teaneck 377 Beech St., T

REAL ESTATE Tips to Upgrade Your Homes Exterior S tatePointCurb appeal is important in setting a welcoming tone. And if your home is for sale, an attractive exterior becomes crucial. Realtors tell us

REAL ESTATE Ask The Realtor By Nicole Idler My Realtor wants me to fill out a Property Disclosure...what is the purpose During the course of owning a home many of us make repairs or expand to enhance

SUPER SHABBOS SHEET MIDDAH OF THE MONTH week, show pain house land bless travel mean school A friend forgot to wish you happy shabbos light a Heating up water CROSSWORD parsha 1 3 5 6 7 4 save

CLASSIFIEDS TUTORS BAR MITZVAH LESSONS Bar Mitzvah Lessons and Baal Tefilah Training. Experienced Bar Mitzvah instructor ready to train your son in both Torah reading and Davening in the comfort of yo

shalom bombay Glatt Kosher Indian Cuisine 166 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666 2015305939 LUNCH HOURS SPECIALS COMING TO TEANECK AFTER PESACH Dining Guide 10 Off not valid for l 201 4081408 411 East Clinton Ave, Tenafly, NJ 78 October 30, 2014 6 Cheshvan, 5775 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

UNGARBLEDTECH What to Do with DVDs and Video Tapes By Shneur Garb n past UnGarbledTech columns I wrote about the end of the DVDVCR rentals era. This week I saw a reporters piece about a Blockbuster D

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