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Family Link Pg 56 Linking Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Passaic Union Counties Issue 144 JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY By JLNJ Staff In a public ceremony, Governor Chris Christie signed into law S1923, codi

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WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Shin Bet Uncovers Hezbollah Attempts to Recruit Palestinians on Facebook Several Palestinian terror cells in the Judea and Samaria region were recruited through Facebook by th

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WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 Outrage Builds Over Czech Bus Advertising Auschwitz Vacation Tour Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors are outraged over a bus in the Czech Republic adv

EDITORIAL JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz Associate PublisherEditor Elizabeth Kratz Associate Editor Phil Jacobs Founding Partner, Jewish Link

COMMENTARY A Gift of 40 Years By Phil Jacobs On Friday, God willing, my wife Lisa and I will be married for 40 years. In 1976, the year of our marriage, the nation had just celebrated its 200th birth


EDITORS NOTEBOOK Rep. Scott Garrett Readies for General Election Fight CONTINUED FROM P. 1 in Congress, he sat down with The Jewish Link at the Bergen County Republican Headquarters, sharing thoughts

EDITORS NOTEBOOK Rep. Scott Garrett Readies for General Election Fight CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE efforts to rein in runaway federal spending in order to put more money back into the hands of taxpa

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Shabbos Nachamu Special Report Abbas Rejected American Push to Meet With Netanyahu By Staff Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas once again turned down an offe

WORLD NEWS Jewish Community Affected by Devastating Floods in Louisiana By Rosy White Southern Louisiana suffered devastating floods due to torrential rainfall that began on Friday, August 12. Two fe

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Could the Dispute in the South China Sea Affect Debate Over Palestinian Statehood By Rafael Could satellite photos of a tiny island in the South China Sea affect the de


COMMUNITY NEWS Yeshivat Noam Hosts Interactive and Meaningful Tisha BAv Experience By JLNJ Staff For the third consecutive year, The Genia Horn Judaic Studies Program of Yeshivat Noam hosted and led

COMMUNITY NEWS Observations From Six Israeli Women and Lessons for Berrie Fellows By Clive Lipshitz Jews in the Diaspora must feel that they have a personal stake in the narrative of the State of Isr

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COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Chamber of Commerce Gives to Do Wonders By JLNJ Staff The Teaneck Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Do Wonders Charity, a program headed up by Lil

COMMUNITY NEWS Ezras Torah Holds Fundraising Event in Fair Lawn The Ezras Torah fundraising event for impoverished talmidei chochomim and their families, primarily in Eretz Yisroel, took place at the

COMMUNITY NEWS Annual Friendship Circle Walk Will be Held at Votee Park in September By JLNJ Staff ParamusThe Friendship Circle of Bergen County will hold its annual NJ Friendshi

COMMUNITY NEWS Black Box PAC to Offer Classes for All This September, coinciding with its inaugural season of professional theater in the new and constantly evolving Black Box Performing Arts Center

COMMUNITY NEWS Kids of Courage Gives Couragers Adventures to Remember While in Texas, the group will adventure to Six Flags, Texas Motor Speedway, ATT Stadiumthe home of the Dallas Cowboysand many ot

COMMUNITY NEWS FDU to Offer More Specialization in Its Seminary Program The Fairleigh Dickinson University Yeshiva Seminary Program is pleased to announce the offering of an additional specializatio

B E R G E N C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E Register Now at I I The OneStop Room A128, 400 Paramus Road, Paramus I Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands Room 116, 1280 Wall Stre

COMMUNITY NEWS Miriam Turk of Nefesh to Lead Programs at Touros School of Social Work New YorkMiriam Turk, LCSW, a Jewish communal leader with over 20 years of experience in program development and c

COMMUNITY NEWS Smaller Class Sizes Individualized Attention Academic Success at Ashira, a Monsey Girls High School Program By Sandy Eller They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and in

ESSEX AND UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Students Expand STEM Skills With RKYHS Summer Maker Experience The STEM Lab at the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School RKYHS in Livingston, NJ, was buzzing with activity th

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society Welcomed to HillsideElizabeth By Ellie Wolf HillsideThe Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society RCCS was greeted again this year by a capacity crowd, graci

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS RSVP Center of Essex and Hudson Seeks Volunteers The RSVP Center of Essex and Hudson Counties is planning a disasterkit packing and distribution event where volunteers age

DAF YOMI HIGHLIGHTS Bava Kama 73 By Rabbi Zev Reichman May these words of Torah serve as a merit leiluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, ah. This week we learned Bava Kama 73. Here

SEPHARDIC CORNER Are Orthodox Jews Antiquated A Response to Criticism Hurled at a Shaarei Orah Member By Rabbi Haim Jachter You are antiquated You live in the past Such was the criticism hurled at a

PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHTS FROM THE TORAH The Torahs Perspective on Friendship in Marriage By Renee Nussbaum, PhD Part 1 A highlight of our summer was when our family gathered together for a Shabbaton wh

TORAH AND SCIENCE Medical Discovery Talmudic Study Methods Work Best By David E. Y. Sarna Modern medicine has made an amazing discovery Medical students who team up have a better chance of making the

A SHABBOS MESSAGE When the Answer Is No By Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler It was one of the first funerals that I attended. The rebbetzin of our shul, the Young Israel of Bensonhurst, passed away. Rebbetzin

COACHING Put the Past Where It Belongs By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Yesterdays the past, tomorrows the future, but today is a gift. Thats why its called the present. Bil Keane In one of the most widely wa

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A TEENS PERSPECTIVE The Dark Side of Emoji By Oren Oppenheim Its hard to believe that an alphabet consisting entirely of pictures would ever be accepted into society, but the unthinkable has happened

HUMOR The New Olympics By Banji Latkin Ganchrow Have you been watching the Olympics You know, the ones in Rio where the athletes are receiving special mosquito netting and bug spray so they dont get

CHESED Sharing Seats Takes Kids Out to the Ballgame CONTINUED FROM P. 1 We believe that even the briefest window of time should be utilized to create forever moments of happiness. When facing the rea

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10 acres of ACTIVITY 3 heated Swimming Pools including inground Pool for Minis Baseball Soccer Fields Basketball Volleyball Courts Hockey Rink, GaGa Courts Tennis Pickleball Courts Dodgeball Wall

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THE ARTS Fyvush Finkel A Bissele Yiddish in the Berkshires By Barbara Wind Editors note Fyvush Finkel passed away Sunday at the age of 93. He is remembered fondly as a talented, awardwinning Broadway

385 RT59, Spring Valley, NY 10977 845.517.2830 SALE 5 Weekday Pants 8 Weekday Shirts 3 Shabbos Shirts Davening Jacket SCHOOL BACK TO Need for Yeshiva Weekday Shoes Shabbos Shoes Weekday Belt Weekd

Teaneck MonThurs 945pm Sun 700am, MonFri 530am, Shabbos 730am and 1 hr before 3rd mincha Sun 715am, MonFri 630am, Shabbos one hour before mincha Sun 700am, Mon and Thurs 620am and 930pm, T

MENTAL HEALTH Whom Do You Blame By Temimah Zucker, LMSW Take a moment and imagine a scenario where something in your life goes wrong. Whether its a traffic delay on your way to a major event, a job f

HEALTH Some Sobering Facts About Addiction By Zvi Gluck and Menachem Poznanski, LCSW We lost another promising young life this week. To be honest, we are at a loss for words. We have been shouting fr

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD A Different Kind of Loss By Nina Glick For the last many years our family has been coping with a very real kind of loss. We are trying to deal with the extreme hearing loss of

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F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY QUICK AND YUMMY Summertime and the Baking Is Easy By Nina Glick and Elizabeth Kratz As the late summer begins to wax and wane, there is a myriad of fresh fruit available

FOOD WINE LINK Who Said Red Wines Are Not Fit for the Summer Tempranillo is another varieal ways to make a lighter or heavty that can show great versatility. It ier wine. The type of grape plays The

FOOD WINE LINK KOFK Kosher Supervision Gets New Mobile App By JLNJ Staff A century ago, the kosher food market was very different. Nearly all food was freshly made, prepared from scratch. Basic mater

THE FAMILY LINK OF NEW JERSEY Published the 3rd issue of every month Historic Sites Let Families Step Back in Time By Rachel Jager With the kids home from camp and a few more weeks to go before schoo

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THE FAMILY LINK PARENTING When We Leave Them Behind By Sarah Abenaim For the first time in four years, my husband and I took a trip without our children this summer. We woke up early in the morning t

THE FAMILY LINK Five Thrilling Places to Take Your Kids in Israel By Raizel Druxman When school gets out the fun begins for kids. For parents, it can be a challenge to find new kidfriendly adventures

FUN GAMES Try our Shabbat Crosswords Look at each clue like an individual Jewish riddle and see if you can figure out the answers. Weve filled in a part of the grid, giving you just enough help for y

CAMPS Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp Celebrates With Photo Op top row, R to L Standing and surrounded by campers are Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman, Director, Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, E

CAMPS SPORTS The two teams participating in this years Mesorah Color War, also known as Mesorateinu, are Yellow teamDerech, and Red teamBayit. The main goal of Mesorateinu is to have fun and show te

SPORTS Yeshiva University Mens Roller Hockey Team Promoted to Division II By JLNJ Sports Desk New YorkThe Yeshiva University roller hockey team was approved by the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey As

SPORTS Gotham Burger Sportstar of the Week Shia Forgash The Jewish Link of New Jersey and Gotham Burger would like to recognize Shia Forgash as this weeks Sportstar of the Week. Shia Forgash played w

COMMUNITY CALENDAR SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 The Story of the Scroll 815PM, Congregation Rinat Yisrael, 389 West Englewood Ave, Teaneck Featuring sofer Rabbi Yaakov Levy. Rabbi Levy descends from a long line

HOW CAN WE HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS The simple answer is that we can provide you with access to over 50,000 loyal readers throughout Bergen, Essex Union counties. Our newspaper covers some of the most

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY sure these potential home buyers were prequalified for a mortgage, and there was no preapproval in the client file. Not to worry The Smiths had a guy they knew, who can

68 August 18, 2016 14 Av, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

REAL ESTATE How to Spark a Bidding War for Your Home By Cathie reprinted with permission from The housing market is on fire Jonathan Smoke, chief economist,

RE PR DU IC CT E IO N P 11 EN AM HO 1 US PM E O 662 Queen Anne Rd Teaneck 6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 799,000 36 Lindbergh Blvd Teaneck 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 759,000 375 Edgewood Ave Teaneck 4 Bed

REAL ESTATE Modern Family Portraits How Tech Is Driving Design in Todays Living Rooms BPT The evolution of American families and their changing lifestyles is a popular topic these days. As family dyn

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 780 New Bridge Rd, Teaneck 339,000 4 Bed 2 Bath Links Residential 2019923600 Beautiful colonial in movein condition on huge parklike property. Completely reno

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Real Estate S P lay l ay Eve r y Every We e k Week Actual Photo 1 Spot the differences and win Spotlight Photo 1 Sponsored by Approved Funding tlight Wi n Win A Tablet a ble t OPEN HOUSE Sunday