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BiWeekly June 7, 2018 24 Sivan 5778 CONNECTING THE DC, MD, NOVA JEWISH COMMUNITIES ISSUE 29 Smithsonian Museum of African Art Spotlights the Ethiopian Israeli Experience By Rachel Hellman Thanks

An independent, family and womanowned Jewish Business We have always and will continue to adhere to the highest standards of Halacha Jewish Law since our inception, 17 years ago The extended Torchi

Happy Fathers Day Enjoy your Day, Shonny SHONNY KUGLER Agent Top 1 Nationwide I am writing to describe the very positive experience I had with Shonny Kugler who was the agent who handled the sale of

ABOUT US Kol HaBirah Mission and Goals The mission of Kol HaBirah is to serve, connect, and strengthen the Greater Washington Jewish community. To achieve this, we will provide 1. Community Enrichmen

Keeping it healthy and fresh. Making it delicious and convenient. Keeping it priced just right for our Kol HaBirah readers 7.99 lb Reg 8.99 lb Chicken Marinated Kebabs 16.99 lb Reg 17.99 lb Beef

MEET THE STAFF Hillel Goldschein, Publisher Rachel Kohn, Editor in Chief Kami Troy, Senior Editor Bari Perlmutter, Producer barikolhabi

Greater Preuss Seeks Community Input to Guide Federations Future CONTINUED FROM P. 1 become actively involved in Federation and the community at large moving forward, especially if they were not enga

COMMUNITY NEWS GREATER WASHINGTON UMD Stands By Israel Studies Professor After Hostile Exchange Caught on Camera CONTINUED FROM P. 1 proached. The video shows her repeatedly asking the rabbi why he d

COMMUNITY NEWS GREATER WASHINGTON Smithsonian Museum of African Art Spotlights the Ethiopian Israeli Experience CONTINUED FROM P. 1 took place on the 27th anniversary of Operation Solomon, one of the

COMMUNITY NEWS GREATER WASHINGTON A Scene from Section 60 Trumps Chief of Staff Comforts Family of Fallen Jewish Marine By Kol HaBirah Staff Section 60, sometimes referred to as the saddest acre in A

Support the One Think Tank and Policy Shop in Washington that Has a Consistent, ProIsrael Message RSV oday PT Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 Washington, D.C. 600 pm A dinner to honor courageous Speakers

COMMUNITY NEWS GREATER WASHINGTON Maryland Hillel and Chabad Host Alternate Graduation for Observant Students By Elan Burman Even at a university known for going the extra mile to support Jewish life

COMMUNITY NEWS GREATER WASHINGTON NCSY Honors the Memory of Cheryl Stern With Trivia Night in Potomac By Rashi Pachino On Sunday, May 6, the Greater Washington community came together at Beth Sholom

Greater Chai Lifeline Scales Buildings to Support Families By Howard Silverman This past Sunday, June 3, Chai Lifeline changed the rules of the game. Beginning at 9 a.m., Chai Lifeline MidAtlantic hos

have arrived in seasons vibrant colors, explosive flavors, and citrus aromas... Something for the whole family eshness Fr ll Summer Fruits S u m mer on g L A WWW.KOLHABIRAH.COM June 7, 2018 2

COMMUNITY NEWS GREATER BALTIMORE Come Rain or Shine, JCCs Community Block Party Draws an Enthusiastic Crowd By Kol HaBirah Staff Approximately 3,000 Baltimore residents attended the JCC of Greater Ba

SCHOOLS WASHINGTON, D.C. MILTON PreK Students Donate Mural to Childrens Hospital By Hannah Seidel At a recent preK open house hosted by the Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nations Capital M

SCHOOLS SILVER SPRING LBJA Performs at Israeli Embassy Gabe Albornoz Visits Yeshiva of Greater Washington LBJA fifth graders posing outside the Israeli Embassy. PHOTO COURTESY OF LBJA On Yom Hazik

SCHOOLS BALTIMORE Bais Yaakov Students Invention is a Hit at CIJE Innovation Day Members of Bais Yaakov High School of Baltimores STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics class at the

Selected Pictures from Chart on Right Top Sales in Montgomery County in Past Week ADDRESS 6911 4509 10823 9124 3612 9216 8307 8202 3706 9 12912 13716 5308 5125 12205 10801 13505 6200 13811 11505 9600

The Barbara Ciment Team Serving with Professional Excellence and Integrity 500 Million in Career Sales Over 1,000 Closed Sales Transactions Helped Over 500 BuyersRenters Find Homes 1 Office Producer 2

FEATURES PROFILES IN LEADERSHIP JCRCs Ron Halber Wants YOU to Take Action By Kol HaBirah Staff Ron Halber has the best job in the Jewish community. At least thats how he feels. I wake up every day ea

FEATURES EYE ON THE ELECTIONS The Benefits of Voting By Gabe Aaronson Jewish advocacy groups scored several legislative wins in the 2018 Maryland legislative session, including funding for day school

OPED A Question of Faith By Howie Slugh In its recent ruling in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court reaffirmed that religious hostility on the part

OPED Why Is Peace So Hard By Rabbi Stephen Baars Peace is not the mere cessation of hostilities. America does not have peace with New Zealand, for instance it just doesnt know where it is. Lack of f

TORAH PERSPECTIVES Lessons From the Spies By Rabbi Hyim Shafner In this weeks Torah portion, Shelach, the Jewish people have completed the short trek from Mount Sinai to the Land of Israel. Gd tells t

HEALTH WELLNESS Ensuring a CulturallySensitive Approach to Eating Disorders By Sarah Bateman Over the past several years, discussions about eating disorders have markedly increased in the Jewish comm

HEALTH WELLNESS Get Your Protein in Early and Often to Optimize Health By Justin Walls The word protein comes from the Greek word proteios, meaning primary. The term was coined by scientists in the 1

HEALTH WELLNESS Its National Mens Health Month Take Charge of Your Health Most men need to pay more attention to their health. Compared to women, men are more likely to drink alcohol, make unhealthy

A Musical Birthday Celebration with Federation ARTS ENTERTAINMENT The Tzofim Friendship Caravan share their message of hope and peace for Israel through dance and song. PHOTO CREDIT JEWISH FEDERATIO

ARTS ENTERTAINMENT Trayf Interview With Playwright Lindsay Joelle By C.M. Ransome Monday marked the premiere of Trayf, the story of curious Zalmy and traditional Shmuley, two ChabadLubavitcher Jews i

ARTS ENTERTAINMENT Local Rabbi Makes Washington Post Bestseller List By Kol HaBirah Staff On Sunday, May 27, Win Change Your Thinking, Change Your Destiny, a motivational book by local author Rabbi S

ARTS ENTERTAINMENT LARRY SHORS GREATER WASHINGTON Fifty Years Later, A Look Back Part Four The Institutions Leave Town By Larry Shor The upheaval that gripped the Jewish community of Washington, D.

FUN GAMES THEME FATHERS DAY ACROSS 1. Diner staples 6. Attorneys org. 9. farewell, past tense 13. Fully informed 14. Got a blue ribbon 16. Short version 17. Geishas sash 18. Citylike 19. Fathers Da

TRAVEL Traveling the Ancient Incense Route in the Negev The Nabateans traversed the hilly desert by camel, but you can do it by car, jeep, or bike and see some spectacular scenery along the way. By Ab

ADVICE ASK RIVKIE Graduation Grumbles Have a question for Rivkie Email her at Dear Rivkie, Another may be thrilled that their lowerschool graduate overcame a difficult learnin

ADVICE Inseparable My boyfriend and I have been together for five months. I came to Washington, D.C., for college and was having a hard time making friends with similar interests. I finally met Ben b

ADVICE DATING Tips for Making your First Date Lead to a Second Date A Reader Asks I go out on many first dates and often get turned down for another. I wish my dates would at least give me a second c

IN MEMORIAM Standing in the Presence of Greatness Remembering Shoshana Cardin By Phil Jacobs I dont know what I can offer that perhaps you havent already read or that you dont already know about the