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Family Link Pg 62 Linking Bergen, Essex Union Counties Real Estate Section Pg 76 Issue 119 JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY By Elizabeth Kratz Fine Foods. Great Savings. See Back Cover for Weekly Deals 2

SPECIALS GOURMET FOODS 1 lb Mushroom Rice FREE Weekly Extended Hours Monday, Feb 22nd Open Until 7 PM Tuesday, Feb. 23rd Open Until 8 PM February 21st to February 26th while supplies last for Be

is perfected. Meticulous cuts. Seasoned to perfection. Destined for dining. Our meats are crafted for those who want culinary greatness. 30 years. Perfected over generations, proven in taste. Others s

WORLD NEWS BRIEFS Justice Antonin Scalia Mourned by Jewish Leaders JLNJ The leaders of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and the Rabbinical Council of America issued the following

HOW WOULD LIFE BE IF YOU COULDNT SEE is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes partial or total loss of sight due to damage of the optic nerv

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to our loyal customers for making our sale such a huge success. At the same time, we wish to thank the following suppliers for the wo

THE SCHECHTER FAMILY Leaders in Passover Tours invite you to join them for PESACH 2016 OUR 21ST SPECTACULAR YEAR at the beautiful, oceanfront MARCO POLO BEACH RESORT Oversized newly renovated ro

EDITORIAL JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz Associate PublisherEditor Elizabeth Kratz Associate Editor Phil Jacobs Founding Partner, Jewish Link

OPED Madeleine Albrights Other Undiplomatic Moments By Stephen M. Former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright is backtracking, a little, on her remark last week that there is a sp

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls cordially invites you to its Six Killed, 10 Injured in Bus Accident on Highway 1 Bus 402 from Jerusalem to Bnei Brak collides with

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Madrid Jewish Community Sues Magazine Over Racist Cartoons By Sal Emergui and Israel Hayom Staff printed with permission The Jewish community in Madrid is seeking legal action agains

Our children are so fragile when they first walk through our doors... With your help we will nurture them so that they can flourish and grow. ANNUAL BENEFIT DINNER Sunday Evening, February 28, 2016 M

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Ohio Jews Respect John Kasich, But Will His Moderate Tack Resonate Nationally By Sean Savage and Alina Dain The upright path is the middle path of all the qualities kno

WORLDISRAEL NEWS FBI Joins Probe of Possible Terror Attack on IsraeliOwned Ohio Deli By Staff A machetewielding man stormed a central Ohio restaurant owned by an Israeli on Thursday even

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Ohio Jews Respect John Kasich, But Will His Moderate Tack Resonate Nationally CONTINUED FROM P. 13 neighborhood of the world. It is also mutually beneficial to our economies and is a

Order Your Project Ezrah Purim Packets Today PURIM IS COMING Thursday, March 24 Support Project Ezrah and fulfill the mitzvotof mishloach manot matanot and levyonimwith just one click. th For more in

COMMUNITY NEWS Disabilities Conference Eyes The Bigger Picture By Allyson GurAryeh and Shoval GurAryeh TenaflyTo mark Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion month, nine northern NJ service agencie

CHALLENGE YOUR IMAGINATION COMMUNITY NEWS Fair Lawn The Eruv Is Up CONTINUED FROM P. 1 strip used to represent a doorpost affixed to them to demarcate them as part of the eruv. Marc says that checki

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COMMUNITY NEWS Maayanot to Celebrate 20th Anniversary Year at Annual Dinner Shera and Doug Dubitsky Dr. Julie Goldstein Rabbi Mark and Chumi Gottlieb Tim and Ria Levart On Saturday evening, Marc

COMMUNITY NEWS Eagle Scout Troop 226 to Award TABC Teen with Eagle Scout Badge By Meital Fuksbrumer On Sunday, February 28, the only Jewishsponsored Boy Scout troop in Bergen County will award a loca

COMMUNITY NEWS A FirstHand Security Assessment of Israels Most Strategically Important Communities On Sunday morning, February 7, an overflow crowd packed into the Englewood home of Eve and Heshy Fel

COMMUNITY NEWS Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies Yeshiva Universitys GPATS to Host Feb. 28 Teaneck Yom Iyun Yeshiva Universitys Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies GPATS will h

24 February 18, 2016 9 Adar I, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS tors of all local yeshiva day schools and high schools in an active shooter tabletop exercise. The event was sponsored by Publicschool administrators are re the Orthodox Union Advocacy

COMMUNITY NEWS Teaneck Council Votes to Rezone 1500 Teaneck Road By Aliza Chasan The Teaneck Town Council recently voted to rezone the vacant property at 1500 Teaneck Road, which currently sits in a

COMMUNITY NEWS River Commons Apartment Complex Proposed at 746 Newbridge Road By Elizabeth Kratz A new property development application was turned in for River Commons, a new apartment complex locate

O N O R 28 February 18, 2016 9 Adar I, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Dessert Night at Hosts Saturday Night Chabad of Fort Lee Zumba Fitness Party plimentary babysitting to members while they work out. For more information on

COMMUNITY NEWS Chesed Fair Introduces Families to Volunteer Opportunities YUS Model UN Tackles Complexities of International Diplomacy For the 26th straight year, the Yeshiva University National Mod

F I R ST T I M E I N B E RG E N C O U N T Y Presents COMMUNICATION. LEADERSHIP. SUCCESS. UNLOCK THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS with Stephen Coveys world famous 7 Habits course. 5 Sessions starting March

COMMUNITY NEWS Think Pink Sharsheret Inspires an Evening of Womens Health and Wellness By Andrea Nissel Wednesday, February 10, was recognized across the nation as Pink Day. Seven years ago, Pink Day

COMMUNITY NEWS Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County SSDS to Honor Community Leaders The Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County SSDS will honor outstanding champions of Jewish educatio

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Lemaan Achai to Visit Essex Communities By JLNJ Staff The Livingston and West Orange communities will host the executive director of Lemaan Achai, Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal,

ESSEX UNION COMMUNITY NEWS Hudson County Jewish Business Alliance Hosts Business Roundtable The Hudson County Jewish Business Alliance HCJBA presented a Business Roundtable Luncheon featuring New Je

DAF YOMI WITH RABBI REICHMAN Weekly Roundup Gittin 6167 By Rabbi Zev Reichman The learning is dedicated leiluy nishmas Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel Dovid Balk ah This week we learned Gittin 6167. T

SEPHARDIC CORNER A Dayan and Rosh YeshivaRav Shlomo Shushan Shlitas Inspiring Message to Shaarei Orah By Rabbi Haim Jachter It is the dream of every outstanding talmid at a Yeshivat Hesder to be eith

CHINUCH Scholar, Hero, Benefactor How to Be Heroic By Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz, JEC Associate Head of School PART II HERO In the first segment of this series, we wrote about the scholar, the person who le

APPRECIATIONS Celebrating the Life of Jewish Etiquette Expert Helen Latner zl By Elizabeth Kratz Helen Latner, known to worldwide audiences as author of The Book of Modern Jewish Etiquette, Your Jewi

MUSIC Rabbi Avi Kilimnick Releases Debut Album By Sandy Eller For some people, music is just something that they listen to, a wellordered assortment of pleasant notes that play in the background duri

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HUMOR Super Bowl Sickness By Banji Latkin Ganchrow A couple of weeks ago, I was watching a medical segment on one of the morning news shows. The lovely female doctor though her gender really isnt rel

HUMOR Emergency Sheva Brachos By Mordechai Schmutter This article might sound a little snippy, but thats because I just put together a sheva brachos in four hours. My wife and I are not normally this

DESTINATION KOSHER Inbal Hotel Unveils Contemporary, Fresh Decor By Moshe Kinderlehrer Anyone looking to visit Jerusalem and who thinks they know the Inbal should check again, according to Alex Herma

Lose 510 Of Your Weight In Just 10 Days Steven Y. Szklarz CSP Before 21 Years Old If You Weigh 120 lbs. 150 lbs. 170 lbs. 190 lbs. 210 lbs. 230 lbs. 250 lbs. 300 lbs. You Will Lose 6 12 lbs. 7.5 1

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Yad Ezrah Jerusalem Organization Gives a Helping Hand in Every Way to Those in Need By Tzvi SilverJLNJ Israel JerusalemIn a country and city whose Jewish values of caring and charity

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Bringing Joy to Lone Soldiers on Passover The Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin launches campaign providing supermarket vouchers for Pesach provisions The Lone Soldier C

PERSONAL FINANCE Mr. America and Barbie Distortions in Personal Finance By Elozor M. Preil Apparently its not that hard to accumulate a million dollars for retirement. For example If a 25yearold, pac

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM February 18, 2016 9 Adar I, 5776 49

ESTATE PLANNING Lessons from David Bowie and Jimi Hendrixs Estate Plans By Alec Borenstein Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie were two of the greatest rock legends who ever lived. We know a lot about them

COACHING Gaining More Balance Between Work and Family By Stephen Covey One of the most common questions I hear is, How can I be successful in my career and still be the kind of family member I want t

CAREERS Yeshiva University to Hold Jewish Job Fair If you... Aspire to begin a career in community leadership within 5 years Are between 2530 years old this coming Elul and married Have a strong lear

IN MEMORIAM Touro Community Remembers Dr. Bernard Lander zl New York, N.Y.The Touro College community gathered at Yeshivas Ohr Hachaim on Motzei Shabbos this past week to commemorate the sixth yahrtz

BUSINESS PROFILE Mike Aghachi Creating a Business the Right Way The Jewish community really helped ParamusWhat drives you us and thats why my What motivates you For some goal is to give back, people,

Event Host Thursday 03.03.16 12 7 pm 2007 2 01 ORLD The Marketplace for Supplies and Services to all Jewish Camps, Day Camps, Yeshivas, Girl Schools, Bungalow Colonies, Hotel Programs, Assisted L

LEARNING Daf HaYomi BHalacha Embarks on Hilchos Tefillah By Chaim Gold My father, HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Wosner, ztl, was completely immersed in learning all areas of Torah in great depth. At the same t

CHESED Jewish Home Family and Noahs Ark Collaborate on Sweet Memories Supper Club By Pearl Markovitz In keeping with its 100yearold mission to service the larger aging community whether inhouse at th

CHESED If Theres Room in the Heart, Theres Room for a Home By David Perl Have you ever watched a family of children enter their new home This past Tuesday was a sight to behold as over 200 orphans po

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Pretzel Challah Is Just the Beginning for Take a Break Catering By Elizabeth Kratz Many people have already discovered Take a Break Catering through its uniquely scrumpti

FOOD WINE LINK Yonis Bourbon Beef Bacon Jam By Yoni Siletski Yield 3 Cups 1 and pounds of beef bacon 2 cups of shallots, finely chopped 1 cup vidalia onion, or any sweet onion, finely chopped 4

FOOD WINE LINK Prime West Officially Launches With Acclaimed Chef By Tamar Weinberg Prime KO on the Upper West Side is no longer. The restaurant recently rebranded as Prime West in its old West 85th

THE FAMILY LINK OF NEW JERSEY Published the 3rd issue of every month PARENTING Revising the Rules By Sarah Abenaim For the past two years, Ive had a rule. If my bigger kids get up for school and are

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM February 18, 2016 9 Adar I, 5776 63

THE FAMILY LINK Bar Mitzvah Boy Celebrates With IDF By Amichai Bacharach His bar mitzvah approaching, Uriel Simpson of Teaneck decided he wanted something more meaningful than just a party for family

SCHOOLS Moriah Hires First Events and Marketing Manager The Moriah School has hired Ari Lewis to be Moriahs new Events and Marketing Manager. Ari will work closely with Head of School Rabbi Daniel Al

SCHOOLS Frisch Turns Pink to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness Frisch students and some enterprising alumni in the Old City of Yerushalayim turned out in droves wearing their finest pink apparel for Shar

SCHOOLS Maayanot Seniors RYNJ Talmidot Enter a Attend Agunah Winter Wonderland Prevention Program Rabbi Jeremy Stern, Executive Director of ORA Organization for the Resolution of Agunot presented to

SCHOOLS Simply Tsfat Captivates Frisch Music Students Adar was immediately more joyous with the musical appearance of Simply Tsfat, whose members visited Frisch to discuss the power of music. They st

SCHOOLS Bruriah Bruriah Eighth Graders Students Travel Sharpen Their Kashrut Skills to the Moon at Buehler Science Center Bruriah seventh graders visited the Buehler Challenger and Science Center for

SPORTS YMSSA 8B Basketball Readies for the Playoffs After their hopes for an undefeated season were dashed by a tough loss against an undermanned but determined Yavneh team, the Knights bounced back

SPORTS WITTENBERG WRESTLING TOURNAMENT Kushner Wrestling Climbs the Mountain at Nationals CONTINUED FROM P. 1 but its veterans would also have to step up to the plate. The team was looking up at a m

SPORTS Moriah Ice Hockey Wins Delaware Tournament Honors Memory of Evan Levy, ah By Gabriel Rosenblatt An ice hockey team comprised of Moriah School of Englewood fourth and fifth graders went undefea

SPORTS SPORTS SCENES SPORTS STANDINGS Yeshiva Middle School Sports Association Boys 8th Grade Basketball Playoffs Round One Date 02172016 02202016 02232016 02232016 Time 600 PM 830 PM 730 PM 615 PM

COMMUNITY CALENDAR PURIM COSTUME GEMACH Sundays, February 28 2pm4pm and March 6 10am12pm Congregation Keter Torah, 600 Roemer Ave, Teaneck Need a Purim costume, but dont want to waste the money on som

GEMACHS SIMCHAS Shtick for a Wedding Call Wendy at 6469962165 Centerpiece Gemach Cong Beth Aaron Please contact bethaaroncenterpiecegemach A C.H.A.I.N A Chesed and Inspirational Network A C

For Sale By Owner 8182621310 Your Neighbor with Tools 1285 Hastings 1,275,000 New Construction in the heart of Teaneck. Four floors of luxury living featuring 5 bedrooms

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Refinancing Misconceptions Rates need to be 1 percent or even a a percent lower to make refinancing worthwhile. Rate quotes are all that matter when comparing lenders

Professional Perspectives on Real Estate and Finance What advice would you offer to a First Time Home Buyer Nina Eikovitz Real Estate Agent at Links Residential 2019923600 Make sure

REAL ESTATE Ways to Keep Cozy This Season StatePoint In cool weather, staying comfortable is a top priority from the clothes and shoes you wear to the food you put on your familys table. Here, lifes

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By 1088 Bromley Ave, Teaneck 525,000 4 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms Links Residential 2019923600 This center hall colonial is situated on a quiet culdesac. The first f

TEANECK HOME FOR SALE First time offered Beautiful, well maintained home me in movein condition in prime West Englewood location. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms Amenities include eatin kosher er kitchen w



STORE HOURS SUN.TUES. 7AM9PM WED. 7AM10PM THURS. 7AM11PM FRI. 7AM1 HOURS BEFORE SUNDOWN SAT. CLOSED 42828 Sale Effective 22116 22616 2 1 SquashPRODUCE Sign Up For Your Loyalty Card In Store Fine