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THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY Vol. 1 No. 9 July 11, 2013 4 Av, 5773 Distributed every other week Best Wishes for A Meaningful Fast Tisha BAv CANDLE LIGHTING July 12 5 Av L


2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM July 11, 2013 4 Av, 5773 3

We Hold The Keys to the Best Front Doors in Town 517 Churchill Rd, Teaneck 1,199,000 78 Lee Place, Bergenfield 582,000 2016923700 4 July 11, 2013 4 Av, 5773 2013713212 WWW.J

NEWS Local Rabbis Meet with Pope in Rome CONTINUED FROM P. 1 sketch out and explore issues on our communal agenda and bring it to a stage of working together for common goals, too look to future de

INTERNATIONAL NEWS New Memorial Complex to be Built at Babi Yar Massacre Site K iev, UkraineAlexander Levin, President of the World Forum of Russianspeaking Jews WFRJ and head of the Jewish communi

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Egypts Revolution Strikes Back By Avi Issacharoff, The Times of Israel C airoAfter four days of protests attended by tens of millions of people, and more than 40 deaths, the offi

NEWS Israeli Cabinet Approves Historic Equal Service Bill Does Not Apply To Israels Arabs JNS.orgA bill requiring eligible ultraOrthodox men to report for military duty or civilian service in Israel

ISRAEL NEWS BRIEFS Investigation Approved on Arab Incitement Against ProIDF Christian Leader Israeli AttorneyGeneral Yehuda Weinstein has signed off on a secret investigation of Arab members o

LOCAL BRIEFS Program To Assist Needy Holocaust Survivors Battling Cancer The Blue Card, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding destitute Holocaust survivors, is announcing the implement

NEWS Israel Casts Its Eye On Violent Sinai Region By Gideon Allon, Shlomo Cesana and Israel Hayom I srael should do all it can to help the new secular government in Egypt beat the Muslim Br

NEWS Camp Shalom Bus Crash Sends Campers to Hospital By Aliza Chasan O ld TappanA bus crash injured six Camp Shalom campers on June 8 after the bus rearended a pickup truck in Old Tappan. The campe

COMMUNITY Candles Exhibit Comes to Teaneck General Store THE LANDER COLLEGE FOR WOMEN THE ANNA RUTH MARK HASTEN SCHOOL D avid Abecassis brings an exhibition entitled Candles, to the Teaneck Gener

COMMUNITY Ever ything You Always Wanted to Know About Intimacy in Marriage But Were Afraid to Ask Until Now T she added, paraphrasing the Talmud. Dr. Rosenfeld urged women to talk to their daughte

COMMUNITY NCSY A Summer of Fun N ew YorkThis year NCSY Summer broke all previous records, with more than 980 teens from across the world attending one of NCSY Summers 12 programs. We have a formula

COMMUNITY Bee Ready for Local Honey By Aliza Chasan T eaneck Sometimes envelopes marked bees pass through the post office. They contain harmonicasized boxes with some candy, drones and a Queen Bee

COMMUNITY NEWS Local Philanthropist Gifts University for Sheltering His Family Fund Honors Professors Memory, Supports Cultural Experiences for OWU Students DELAWARE, Ohio When Stephen Ollendorff, a

EDITORIAL Patience Has Limits About 30 years ago, attempts were made to change what Orthodox women learned in Kallah classes as the issue of spousal abuse received more public attention and attitudes

DIVREI TORAH Words, Mere Words By Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb I have kept my timeworn copy of Rogets Thesaurus in my personal library since I was in the seventh grade. It was given to me by my teacher,

TISHA BAV Tisha BAv Some Introductor y Thoughts Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter Senior Scholar, Yeshiva Universitys Center for the Jewish Future he Fast of the Ninth of Av Tisha BAv is one of the most signif

JEWISH HISTORY Gedolim on Public Affairs By Jerome A. Chanes T Orthodox can and ought sit down with leftists, that is, Reform Neologs he idea that gedolimthe rabbinic Jews who were making their mar

CHINUCH Staying Sharp in the Summer By Rabbi Maccabee Avishur xperts call it summer learning loss. Its the educational tar pit that sucks kids learning out of them during long days of unfocused activ

JEWISH HISTORY Shabbat Nachamu in Jerusalem 1920 By Larry Domnitch T he Haftorah prophetic portion read on Shabbat Nachamu, which follows Tisha BAv, expresses the message of comfort conveyed by the

POLITICAL PONDERINGS The Honeymoon is Over By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. n unlikely alliance between a prominent Republican governor and Americas most powerful Democrat was front page news last fall. Wh

MEACHOREI HAPARGOD Adis Stor y A Miracle Not Fully Realized By Robert Katz guess its fitting that Im writing this in the backseat of a taxi on the way to BenGurion Airport. Its exactly how I learned

OPED The Mesorah of Chesed By Barry Jacobson From 5Towns Jewish Times, reprinted with permission. Visit In keeping with our mission to provide our readers with food for thought, the edit

Haredim in IDF Portrayed as Vermin in Haredi Propaganda Posters By Debra Kamin Israel Times In ultraOrthodox neighborhoods, antiIDF posters recall Nazi propaganda. A slew of fliers, reportedly part of

JEWISH HISTORY Jewish Histor y in Moving Pictures A Treasure Trove of Yiddish Kultur By Matt Lebovic, The Times of Israel Reprinted with permission www.timesofisrael.comjewishhistorysavedoneframeatat

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD SHOPPING TIL YOU TURN BLUE By Mordechai and Nina Glick veryone knows that when moving into a new apartment or home usually the first task one faces is to run and buy rudimenta

FEATURES Even If You Give Up All The Land, It Wont Solve The Problems In The Mideast By Dror Eydar Israel Hayom, edited for brevity erusalemThere is something dignified in the quiet, determined manne

of Keter Torah Five Star Caterers fine cuisine price convenient location Complimentary Party Planner Available For Your Event July 11, 2013 4 Av, 5773 31 great All inclusive weddings starting at

FEATURES Up, Up And Away At Home By Sigal Arbitman Israel HayomThe Israel Air Forces newest group of pilots, Class 166, were all promoted to the rank of lieutenant before they received their coveted

FEATURES ISRAEL Ir David King Davids Real Home By Gedaliah Borvick any people from overseas have bought luxurious Jerusalem residences in Davids Village, King Davids Court, King Davids Crown, and Kin

TRAVEL OFF THE OFTTRODDEN PATH By Tzvi Silver Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem, the ancient capital of Israel, has a comfortable and familiar sensation that leaves all who are there feeling at home whethe

PERSONAL FINANCE Calculating the Effect of Taxation on Accumulation By Elozor Preil ne of the challenges in determining the value of a particular financial decision is selecting the criteria for meas

LEGAL You Should Have ICE Worries Even If You Dont Employ Any Immigrants By Mordechai Book, Esq. Book Law Group, LLC, an Immigration Law practice M any are aware of the import of Immigration in the

HEALTH Keeping Kids Hydrated in the Heat by Bess Berger, RD W e all know how hard it is getting ourselves to drink enough water, let alone getting our kids to do it. Very often asking a child to ta

PARENTING Dear Rabbi Sam Shul or Home By Rabbi Sam Frankel Dear Rabbi Sam, My husband and I are at odds about what to do with our 5yearold son regarding shul. Our other boys aged 7, 9, and 13 starte

PARENTING Joining Together My Child Has No Peer Group By Mark Staum onsider the following scenario David, a 10yearold boy, runs home from school one day and shouts that he very much wants to start ta

PARENTING You Were Here First.... By Nancy Silberman Zwiebach s I was about to leave the hospital after giving birth to my son, my doctor entered my room and I have to tell you, this wonderful doctor

PARENTING The Crier By Sarah Abenaim Every early childhood graduation has one. One crier. One anxious, uncertain child. One kid who finds it utterly impossible to get up on stage. This is my child. T

FOODOVER THE KITCHEN SINK Great Recipes from Temptations The Keter Torah Cookbook By Chavie Hagler love to cook, I also love to read about food. I am constantly surfing the web for new recipe ideas,

FOOD Is Soy Part of a Healthy Diet By Shoshana Genack ofu, tempeh and miso all seem like great high protein choices for the nine days. However all these products contain soy, and today many people ar

SCHOOLS Israels Top Scientists Mentoring Talented YU Undergrads ERUSALEMYeshiva University www. recently announced that 28 select undergraduate science majors from Yeshiva College and Stern Co

NEWS Powerlifting Prodigies from Fair Lawn The Kutins By Elly Merlis N aomi and Ari Kutin, aged 11 and 10 respectively, are twowell rounded and wellmannered children from Fair Lawn. They are dilig

SCENES FROM OUR LOCAL CAMPS HOTSHOTS Award Winners Week 1 Hotshots Week 1 Basketball MVP Jonah Schachter Hotshots Week 1 Hockey MVP, Sammy Lasher Hotshots Week 1 Middot Tovot Award Dean Shein Sc

SPORTS YYL League Champions Yavneh YL Senior Boys Champions Gotham Burger Diamondbacks Yavneh YL Junior Boys Champions Astros Yavneh Senior Girls Champions A1 Appliance Angels.

SMART SHOPPING Cash In On Last Years Fashion TeaneckIts summer time in the fashion world, which means lots of preparing seasonal trends for all kinds of weather and occasions, and jewelry isnt any di

FASHION Michal Negrin Now Sparkling at Garden State Plaza By Maxine Dovere M ichal Negrin America celebrated the opening of its flagship American location with a celebratory reception with live jaz

SPORTS Tamir Goodman Omri Casspi Camp A Resounding Success BY JLBC SPORTS STAFF T amir Goodman burst onto sports fans radar in the mid90s when he was ranked as the 25thbest high school basketball

CLAIMS CONFERENCE Summar y Report Of The Claims Conference Select Leadership Committee Background In May, Julius Berman, the Chairman of the Conference for Material Claims Against Germany Inc Claims

Summary Report Of The Claims Conference Select Leadership Committee CONTINUED FROM P. 51 was received by Dr. Karl Brozik, the Claims Conference director in Germany. The Letter accused Mr. Domnitsers

TECHNOLOGY Cloud Outages By Harold Nussbaum loud computing provides plenty of benefits for both businesses and individual users, but they are not immune to failure.Webbased services can crash just li

Summary Report Of The Claims Conference Select Leadership Committee CONTINUED FROM P. 52 Taylor, and with the beneficial service of Mr. Schneider and Ms. Heilig, the organization experienced tremend

GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES BABIES AND CHILDREN Teaneck Bris Gemach Bris outfits, pillows, pillow cases, tefilos for mothers to say. Open to the Jewish community. There is no solicitation of fund

CALENDAR OF EVENTS J ULY SHABBAT, JULY 13TH Beth Aaron Sisterhood Book Club 500PM Burnt Bread and ChutneyGrowing Up Between Cultures a memoir of an Indian Jewish Girl by Carmit Delman will be discus

LIVE THE PARSHA Put on a skit about THIS WEEKS PARSHA Moshe rebuking the people with sensitivity. The aftermath of the meraglim e.g. 9th of Av. Moshe reaffirming Yehoshua as the new leader o

58 July 11, 2013 4 Av, 5773 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM July 11, 2013 4 Av, 5773 59

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