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172 West Englewood Ave. Teaneck, NJ 07666 The Rabbinical Council Of Bergen County RCBC 2018330200 GLATT KOSHER CHINESE TAKEOUT December 12th20 Kislev Parshat Vayeshev CANDLE Light Candles 410 PM LI

YOUR CHANUKAH PARTY STARTS HERE Deli Deli Platters starting at 65 Serves 10 Latkes Latke Platters starting at 24.99 Fish Smoked Fish Platters starting at 49.99 Heroes Heroes by foot starting at 3

Style your Chanukah party with handcrafted sushi. Its Chanukah, Sushi Studio style. Thats how we roll. SUSHI MENORAHS NOW AVAILABLE. Our delicious Chanukah creation is almost too good to eat. Only 5

NEWS Haredi Women Campaign to Run Rabbis Threaten Them With Cherem Arutz 7Haredi women in Israel have begun an unprecedented campaign to have women candidates on the lists of religious parties for ne

Dry, Uncomfortable Contacts Interfering With Your Life Among contact lens wearers, DRY EYE is the most frequent complaint NO SURGERY... NO DAYTIME CONTACTS... NO GLASSES... JUST GREAT VISION Dr. Me

6 December 11, 2014 19 Kislev, 5775 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

7 O Da pen LA ys a W TE H O ee k UR S Need a Doctor Just WalkIn See a Board Certified Physician within minutes o Appointments Needed Adults Children XRay clinical laboratory onsite Lower CoPay t

NEWS Abu Mazen Calls Muslim Brotherhood Hamas Liars Blames them for events leading up to Operation Protective Edge By Rachel Following Operation Protective Edge, Pales

NEWS The Turkish Governors Huge Hatred By Burak Bekdil At the beginning of the 20th century, Edirne, a Turkish province in Thrace, hosted a prominent community of some 20,0

10 December 11, 2014 19 Kislev, 5775 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

NEWS The Great Jewish American Liberal Academic AntiAntiZionist FreakOut By Adam At the end of last year, the American Studies Association earned more press attention than it

... Restrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears... for there is hope for your children. JEREMIAH 31 ANNUAL BENEFIT DINNER Sunday Evening, February 8, 2015 Marriott Glenpointe H

INSPIRING CHANUKAH GIFTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Yair Emanuel is one of Israels most famous and respected artists. He is known for his use of vivid and harmonious colors to portray the vibrant spirit of

NEWS Knesset Passes Amended AntiInfiltration Law Two older versions were struck down by the High Court, which also ordered closure of Holot i24news.tvIsraels Knesset on Monday passed a softer version

NEWS Adelson Saban Want to Buy the New York Times CONTINUED FROM P. 4 In an interview Manfred Gerstenfeld conducted for Arutz Sheva with Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini, senior analysts at the Commit

NEWS Palestinian Minister Dies After IDF Confrontation By Liel The Palestinian Authoritys minister in charge of antisettlement activities, Ziad abu Ein, died this morning a

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NEWS Key Panels Urge Sanctions on Qatar, Turkey over Hamas Two key House panels are stepping up their rhetoric against Qatar and Turkey and urging that the Treasury Department take all necessary meas

NEWS Bibi Makes Deal with Haredim By Yael JerusalemIn a stormy meeting of the Finance Committee, the government with the help of the haredi parties succeeded in railroadi

LOCAL NEWS JESC Providing a Jewish Education for All of Our Children By Larry Bernstein JESC Jewish Education for Special Children is providing Yiddishkeit to kids who cant get it in a typical yeshiv

LOCAL NEWS Grunstein Family Dedicates Torah to Yeshiva University Washington HeightsThe family of Leonard Grunstein, a respected figure in the New York City real estate community, dedicated a Sefer T

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Passover 2015 in Orlando, FL Elegantlyappointed Waldorf Astoria Guest Rooms Featured Scholars in Residence including Rabbi Mark 3 Daily Gourmet Glatt Kosher Meals along with D

LOCAL NEWS Chaverim of Teaneck Dive In to Help Neighbors CONTINUED FROM P. 1 hours after the piece was lost, a huge cheer went up from the group that had formed, celebrating having found the hearing

LOCAL NEWS RYNJ Gala Dinner Planned for January 11 River EdgeRosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey will hold its 77th Annual Dinner on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck. Cin

2 spread 3 sprinkle To place your order, please call To receive an automated email with blank order form This mailbox is not monitored. Please place your order befo

LOCAL NEWS Postdoctoral Fellowship at YUs Straus Center The Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University invites applications for the Tikvah Postdoctoral Fello

LOCAL NEWS YU Professor Wins National Chidon for Adults New YorkYeshiva University proudly announced that Professor Yair Shahak was crowned the winner of the 2014 US National Bible Contest for Adults

EDITORIAL Support Your Neighbors. Support Project Ezrah The annual Project Ezrah dinner is this Motzei Shabbos at Keter Torah in Teaneck. If you live in Bergen County and are a member of a shul, you

PARSHA Parshas Vayeshev One Decision A Multitude of Reasons By Rabbi Zev Goldberg Rabbi of Young Israel of Fort Lee At first glance, Joseph, the central figure in this weeks Torah portion, is the st

AN APPRECIATION My Father, Master of Word and Deed A Eulogy for Rabbi David M. Feldman By Rabbi Daniel Feldman Among the many concerns one has in anticipating the funeral of a parent, I always worrie

OPED Eric Garner, Cest Toi A Jew of color explains why antiblack violence should concern all Jews By The year was 2008. The young Jewish man was returning home from a Puri

RELATIONSHIPS If Not You, Who IS in Charge of Your Life By Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick I was slightly surprised that no one mentioned anything about the article I wrote about diet and losing weight cau

HISTORY Silence Is Never an Option The Uncomfortable Space Between Holocaust Fictionalization and Remembrance By Sara Newman Deputy In March 1995, Paula Lebovics sat before a came

HISTORY Silence Is Never an Option The Uncomfortable Space Between Holocaust Fictionalization and Remembrance CONTINUED FROM P. 33 I mean numbers are one thing, but I always felt that they deserved b

Not just a gym, A Family Wellness Center JOIN 1214115 SAVE 150 Try us out with a FREE guest pass KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades fitness center FULL COURT basketball AND racquetball COURTS outdoor te

TORAH THOUGHTS Sanitizing Our Souls in the Pursuit of Purity By Becky Troodler If one were to examine the fundamental precepts of Judaism, there is one concept that seems to be pervasive throughout o

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LOCAL NEWS Shaarei Orah Welcomes R Yigal Tsaidi as ScholarinResidence Shaarei Orah, The Sephardic Synagogue of Teaneck, hosts Rabbi Dr. Yigal Tsaidi as ScholarinResidence for Chanukah Shabbat Mevarch

WE ARE NOW OPEN limit 8 douts per coustomer. while suplies lest DONUTS FOR JUST 8 MON. FRIDAY SUNDAY 800 AM 700 am 8 days of chanuka 8 kinds of donuts 1 FREE COFFEE TILL 1000AM More than jus

AN APPRECIATION My Father, Master of Word and Deed A Eulogy for Rabbi David M. Feldman CONTINUED FROM P. 30 This verse could have been the title of my fathers life. He found great joy in the principl

AN APPRECIATION My Father, Master of Word and DeedA Eulogy for Rabbi David M. Feldman CONTINUED FROM P. 40 his boundless love for all of us that rose up even above all of his other incredible qualiti

HEALTH FITNESS Fitness at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades TenaflyKeep Fit at the J When you join the JCC, you are joining a Family Wellness Center. The JCC offers a large variety of membership optio

HISTORY When Rescue is Not Collaboration By Gaylen Ross reprinted with permission from the author On Saturday night, Dec.6, Gaylen Ross presented her movie to more than 100 people at Rinat Yisrael. R

NEWS Naphtali Lau Lavie, Journalist, Diplomat, Public Figure, Passes By Ofer Aderetwww. with additional material from Jeanette Friedman Naphtali LauLavie, Holocaust survivor, Haaretz corr

REFLECTIONS The Ambiguous Reward By Joseph Rotenberg The High Holidays are considered by most people to be the ideal time for contemplation and reflection on how we lead our lives. Frankly, any time

CHINUCH Prayer Deficit Syndrome By Wallace Greene Two prayerrelated experiences are symptomatic of a major problem in our Jewish educational system. As dayschool students learn to read Hebrew and bec

Happy Hanukkah 5oz., Milk or Dark Chocolate 44ct. Effective Sun., Dec. 7 thru Sat., Dec. 20, 2014 2oz. Manishewitz Coins Rokeach Chanuka Candles Paskesz Square Filled Dreidles 41 for 45oz., Marin

HUMOR Birthday Party By Banji Latkin Ganchrow The first birthday party I can remember is when I turned 5 years old. My mother hired Raggedy Ann to come to my party 25, at the time, a real expense and

PARENTING The Jacketless Ones The Sequel By Sarah Abenaim I see your daughter is wearing a coat many people have stopped me to report after having read my previous article on my jacketless children.

NEWS The Great Jewish American Liberal Academic AntiAntiZionist FreakOut CONTINUED FROM P. 49 only two passed. Where such resolutions are adopted, it is usually by student governments with no power t

BARILAN UNIVERSITY Where Brain Science Innovation and Jewish Inspiration Come Together Creating a DNA vaccine for Alzheimers disease is the mission of Dr. Eitan Okun and his team at the Leslie and Su

RESTAURANT REVIEW Where Everybody Knows Your Name By Ari Weisbrot JLBC introduces a new feature biweekly from acclaimed writerblogger Ari Weisbrot that will explore and review the many kosher eating

HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Peanut Butter Always Keep It On Hand... By Gail Hochman Peanut butter is one of the staples that is usually on every cooks shelf in the pantry. With peanut butter, one can make a q

A TEENS PERSPECTIVE The Good, the Bad, and the Cold By Oren Oppenheim At the end of November, I had the privilege of performing in the school play, 13 the Musical. Im not really too much of an actor

HEALTH US Denies Unfounded Report of Sanctions vs. Israel CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Members of Congress also reportedly wrote the White House and Secretary of State John Kerry demanding answers, after a se

CHINUCH From Clay Tablet to Tablet PC By Wallace Greene Technology has changed the classroom forever. Gone are the days when a teacher would assign students a chapter to read followed by frontal inst

NEWS Fastgrowing Hispanic Evangelical Population Steps Up Support for Israel By Sean Against the backdrop of growing threats facing Israel at home and abroad, one of the fastestgrowing


BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT When You Need a Lawyer Rosenblatt Law By JLBC Staff HackensackProfessional, Experienced and Effective. You cant ask for anything more when you need a lawyer to represent you or you

HEALTH 21st Century Dentistry Dental Implants By Dr. Herbert Schneider and Dr. Rachel Jacobs tooth and 35 million are completely edentulous, meaning they are missing all of their teeth. These numbers

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ENERGY TALK FOR DUMMIES What to Do When You Are Stuck Phyllis Gordon MS, OTRL and Phyllis Krug DPT, PT, MS projects. We would like to address being stuck from the perspective of stuck thoughts, not u

The perfect neckline Super highquality Shells CHI CHI SheeShee Affectedly elegant or trendy Basic Couture Shells Very stretchy T agFree for your comfort Extremely soft, innovative fabric Availa

RELATIONSHIPS Psychological Insights from Bereishit By Dr. Renee Nussbaum We have all faced the challenge of letting go of our anger and resentment at one time or other. More often than we would like

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FASHION MIRI Couture Boutique Cuts the Ribbon in Englewood By Lisa Matkowsky EnglewoodA ribboncutting ceremony will be held this Tuesday at 1 p.m. to inaugurate the newest MIRI Couture boutique in En

THE ARTS The New Haredi Pop The Weinreb Brothers Mayain Olam Habah By Lisa Matkowsky The mainstream music heard in the streets of the haredi community, in the yeshivas and on the radio stations, can

THE ARTS Orthodox Women Find a Way to Shine Onstage An allfemale troupe of actors will stage Into the Woods later this month By Kylie Jane This month, the highly anticipate

BOOKS The Princess of Dan By Bracha Schwartz Nechama Sarah Gila NadbornyBurgeman, author of The Princess of Dan, has created Sarah Danborne, a privileged child of the 60s, who wanders through academi

LEGAL MATTERS Remedies for Ineffective Immigration Counsel By Michael J. Wildes, Esq. The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that, in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall hav

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NEWS Eight Minutes of Terror A Heroic Tale From Har Nof CONTINUED FROM P. 1 seconds prior indicating some sort of an emergency at the shul. We happened to be right there so we walked in. I immediatel

NEWS Honoring our Parents CONTINUED FROM P. 64 Hempstead. I suspect tonight, on the verge of the biggest financial transaction of your life, sleep will not come easily for either of you. Here are som

SCHOOLS Happy 50th Birthday Moriah By Sandra HoenigYahalom, M.D. Is Moriahs mommy and daddy coming to school for its birthday today asked one of the preK children at the birthday celebrating 50 years

SCHOOLS Frisch Students Mentored by Jewish Homes Former Jewish Communal Leaders the Palisades, and was also involved in the founding of both Students of The Frisch the Frisch School and the MoSchool

SCHOOLS Yavneh Academy Reading EdCamp An ISTE Souvenir Getting students excited about reading can be a challenge for both teachers and parents, but Mrs. Malkie Singfer of Yavneh Academy may have foun

SCHOOLS A Parents Survival Guide to Having a New Reader By Esther Wachstock It is exhilarating to watch your child begin to read independently. Children rightfully feel an extraordinary sense of prid

SPORTS Jewish Girls and Sports By Jen Sanders According to and the Womens Sports Foundation, there are five reasons girls should play sports 1. Girls who play sports do better in schoo

SPORTS TABC Varsity Hockey Scores Big By Jonah Ganchrow One of the most anticipated games in the varsity hockey season was played Thursday night, December 4th, between the TABC Storm 30 and the Kushn

SPORTS SCENES An amazing season for MGBL Dash Printing comes to and end, great job girls and coaches. Columbia Cardiology headed to the championships. MGBL 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls. MGBL Travel

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REAL ESTATE 345 East Woodland Rd., New Milford 449,000 4 BR2 BA Links Residential 201 9923600 Move right in to this expanded Cape located in a fabulous neighborhood. Upon entering, you are invited in

REAL ESTATE FOR SALERENT BY OWNER Overview Teaneck Newly renovated townhome condo, 1000sq.ft. Well priced by owner Price Specs 1 extralarge carpet bdrm w WIC, 1.5 bath Description Hardwood LRDR, g

ISRAELI REAL ESTATE Advantages and Disadvantages of an Acquisition Group By Gedaliah Borvick A few years ago, my client wanted to buy an apartment through an Acquisition Group. However, his attorney


NEWS FEATURE Fighting for the Jewish Soul of the IDF By Elizabeth Kratz TeaneckCol. Geva Rapp res, serving in the first Lebanon war as a young officer, experienced a frightening episode of friendly f

UNGARBLEDTECH UnGarbledTech Migrating off AOL ISP emails to Gmail Vol 23 By Shneur Garb Please excuse me if this article is insulting to our old friend AOL. It wasnt too long ago when all of us were

88 December 11, 2014 19 Kislev, 5775 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT Bookkeeping Accounting assistant in heimish well established company in Elizabeth NJ. Growth potential and benefits. Email resume to benmehadri

shalom bombay Glatt Kosher Indian Cuisine 166 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666 2015305939 Dining Guide FREE DONUT Phone 201 8620062 Shabbat takeout available. Now Open Saturday

COMMUNITY CALENDAR EREV SHABBAT AND SHABBAT DECEMBER 12 AND 13 Erev Shabbat Congregation Beth Abrahm 815PM 396 New Bridge Road Charlie Harary will speak in commemoration of the second yartzeit of Sari

GEMACHS THE RINAT CHAIM GEMACH Collects and lends new and used medical equipment Please check first to inquire if items are needed. Items in good condition to those in need, for shortterm or longterm

SUPER SHABBOS SHEET MIDDAH OF THE MONTH Safety If your clo drop and roll reports about his brothers to Can you judge these situations favorably PARSHA SKIT ideas Act out these scenes with friends an

Business Professional Directory ActivitiesRecreation Dance Dance with Dassie 201 8363383 Martial Arts Rich Marinellis Kosher Karate 845 4996603 Spor

DIRSHU Community is Asked to Join Dirshus Daf Yomi Program By Chaim Gold Encouragement to join Daf HaYomi BHalacha came in the wake of visits by senior members of Dirshus hanhala led by its Nasi, Rav