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2018164000 Dr. Jeremy Peyser Dr. Nicolas Elian Dr. Martha Miqueo Vizstara Dental 300 Sylvan Ave. Floor 3 Englewood Cliffs NJ, 07632 OF BERGEN COUNTY June 12, 2014 14 Sivan 57

o C in m S g o o n 2014 survey says a survey of the jewish population of northern new jersey c veety surnt r o e and te the omple in an w pad i 2 June 12, 2014 14 Sivan 5774 2013713212 W

Treated...Not Seated. Our Emergency Department wait times are 30 minutes or less. Holy Name Medical Centers average emergency wait time is 30 minutes or less from door to doctor. With 41 treatment ar

ww s xc MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014 18 SIVAN 5774 Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place, Manhattan, New York Ambassadors of Torah SIMCHA ELISHEVA GOLDSTEIN Bergenfield, NJ KBY 199798 Rabbinic Alum

Every Day Until The Yeshuah Comes 1888KUPATHAIR 5 8 7 2 8 4 2 Please make checks payable to American Friends of Kupat Hair Names can be submitted untill Thursday 21 Sivan June19th m u i u a u t Do

NEWSBRIEFS J Street Vows Never to Back BDS At the J Street Confrence in San Francisco last week, Haaretz reports that J Street president, Jeremy BenAmi, vowed that J Street will never advocate boycott


FOR NEW 2014 R MME SU INSPIRING MEMOIRS Rabbi Steinsaltz explores the life and thought of the Lubavitcher Rebbe with depth and admiration. o on the challenges and joys of J Jewish communal leaders

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 12, 2014 14 Sivan 5774 9

NEWSBRIEFS Schneiers FFEU Memorializes Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner With the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Freedom Summer, the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding will be in Congress on June 19 to mar

NEWSBRIEFS MIT announced a partnership with BenGurion University. MIT, one of Americas leading universities, already has a number of programs with other Israeli institutions including a partnership wi

NEWS Congress to Press Administration on Iran Nuclear Deal CONTINUED FROM P. 1 vote on the legislation back in February, has been bombarding supporters in recent weeks with funding requests tied to

NEWS AlSisi Wins Landslide Victory By Lucia Ardovini s supporters of Egypts former military chief turned presidentelect, Abdel Fatah alSisi, took to the streets of Cairo to celebrate his overwhelmin

NEWS Open Orthodoxy A New Debate By Sandy Eller This appeared first in, reprinted with permission. ew YorkAs controversy continues to swirl around the Novominsker Rebbes public condemna

NEWS Sinking Ties With U.S. Linked To Netanyahus Political Fortunes By Ben N ever before has the status of the relations between Israel and the United States been the way it is

NEWS Palestinians BDS Activists Are Troublemakers, Criminals By Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute t university campuses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, they are hailed as heroes camp

NEWS Princeton Experts Propose Possible Solution on Iran Centrifuges By Barbara s American and Iranian officials met June 9 in Geneva, a former spokesman for Irans nuclear nego

LOCAL NEWS BeginSadat Center Head to Speak at Teaneck Jewish Center YU High Schools To Honor Rabbi Gary Beitler of Passaic D avid M. Weinberg, director of public affairs at the Israeli thinktank,

Acknowledge Him in all your ways... CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES Avital Abramov Alexa Alter Ariana Anhalt Liad Arussy Benjamin Atwood Jake Bareket Gabriel Baron Eitan Benchabbat Sabrina Benmoha S

LOCAL NEWS Former Amb. Oren Gets Honorary Degree from Touro N ew YorkTouro College conferred Michael Oren, Israels ambassador to the United States from 2009 to 2013, with an honorary doctorate at t

LOCAL NEWS Farewell Dinner Honors the Winklers Baruch Dayan Emet The clergy, lay leaders and the close knit community of Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood wish to extend their sincere and deep

LOCAL NEWS Dr. Steven Huberman Honored for Advancing Social Work N ew YorkDr. Steven Huberman, founding and current dean of the Touro College Graduate School of Social Work GSSW, was presented with

NEWS FEATURE Jewish Community Gives Back to Greater Teaneck By Sara Kosowsky Gross P aramusGiving back to the community is something many of us try to do. Whether its donating food, housing gemachs

LOCAL NEWS East Ramapo School District Battles Oversight is Requested CONTINUED FROM P. 1 or reduced cost lunches. What both groups have asked for is a formula change. The clergy visiting three wee

LOCAL NEWS Moriah Teacher to be Honored P assaicYoung Israel of PassaicClifton, one of the oldest active shuls in Passaic County is honoring Noah and Peggy Gurock and Rabbi Elie and Abigail Rothber

LOCAL NEWS NORPAC Sponsors Dinner with Senator Ted Cruz RTX in NYC I n 2002, Ted Cruz was elected to serve as U.S. Senator of Texas despite having never before been elected to office. Since the elect

Educating and Inspiring Our Children Together Collaborating Organizations s Bnei Akiva, Ben Porat Yosef, Beth Aaron, Beth Abraham, Bnai Yeshurun, Bruriah, Frisch, Hakotel, HaRova, H HaTorah, HeAtid,

The Administration and Faculty of Yeshivat Noam extends a warm Mazal Tov to our Class of 2014 Shalhevet Abenaim Leora Adler Sara Allen Tali Antosofsky Yoni Barak Kayla Barishansky Charlie Bendheim Jos

LOCAL NEWS Koren Releases Torah MiEtzion Bamidbar ith the June release of Torah MiEtzion Bamidbar, Maggid Books is proud to announce the completion of the fivevolume Torah MiEtzion series. The Torah

NEWS East Ramapo School District Battles Oversight is Requested CONTINUED FROM P. 24 misconduct. We determined that financial condition was the area most at risk. In answering the States recommenda

ANALYSIS Process or Not, D.C. Faces Key IsraeliPalestinian Tests By Robert Satloff 2014 The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Reprinted with permission. n the coming days, the Obama administ

EDITORIAL YU and Bergen Need Each Other B ergen County is the bedroom community for hundreds of families who have invested their time, money and children, their own livelihoods and souls in Yeshiva U

DVAR TORAH Memory Loss By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb hen one reaches a certain age, he does not have to be reminded that his memory is not what it used to be. These days, one receives emails, unsol

MEACHOREI HAPARAGOD The Brilliance of the Fiddler By Robert Katz his month, Fiddler on the Roof celebrates its 50th year on stage. I remember seeing it back in the early 1970s at the Westbury Music F

THE OBSERVANT JEW After the Cheesecake By Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz omeone I spoke to before Shavuos ended an email with, Ill talk to you after the cheesecake. He didnt have to explain further, as I aut

36 June 12, 2014 14 Sivan 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

OPED Irans Plan to Destabilize Egypt By Anna MahjarBarducci, Gatestone Institue T he Iranian regimes new enemy, it seems, is Egypts President Abdel Fattah AlSisi. Irans mullahs apparently fear Sisi

OPED Birthright Needs to Show Everything by Dan Herman with permission from R ecently, two articles appeared in Haaretz that should have come as no surprise to those worki

OPED Billions For Education Should Israel Be a Funder of DaySchool Education in the Diaspora By Robert Evans and Avrum Lapin ont worry America, Israel is behind you. The popular tshirt bearing this s

SECTION OPED How to Move Mountains Questions for North American Jewry By Elana Stein Hain C hallenging assumed norms how should it be done and how should it be received These are among the question

OPED In Defense of the Tuition Tax By Richard Langer few weeks ago, Ely Rosenstock wrote a wonderful piece about the tuition tax and the need for parents to make sound financial decisions based on th

OPED Process or Not, D.C. Faces Key IsraeliPalestinian Tests CONTINUED FROM P. 31 rorist groups cannot, by definition, be legitimate political actors without renouncing violence and giving up their

CHINUCH SECTION Whither Wither Jewish Education By Dr. Wallace Greene I am outraged, and frustrated, and embarrassed that the current myopic leadership of our community , i.e. federation, the rabbi

ISRAEL BERGEN COUNTY CELEBRATES ISR Grunsteins Sponsor Hevron Float T Chani Grunstein, grandson Max Grunstein named after Morris Grunstein, of blessed memory, grandaughter, Leah Fruchter and Len G

DAY PARADE RAEL WITH PARADE AND CONCERT Area Residents and Students March with Pride Down Fifth Avenue BPY at the Parade Israel Day Parade A YUHSB Seniors Amazing Experience By David Aaronson 14 esh

ANALYSIS Terrorists Kleptocrats How Corruption is Eating the Palestinians Alive By Aaron Fellow, Israel Allies Foundation cross the world we have seen how kleptocratic gove

OPED From DDay to Today US Foreign Policy is at a Turning Point CONTINUED FROM P. 49 costly and dont serve its interests. Yet such criticismfrom at home and abroadignores a fundamental truth Americ

CHINUCH From Tape Cassettes to Mobile Apps N ew YorkWhile studying at Yeshiva Universityaffiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Rabbi Marc Spivak was training for a career as a pulpi

ANALYSIS From DDay to Today US Foreign Policy is at a Turning Point By Simon s President Obama looks across the beaches of Normandy for the ceremony commemorating the DDa

FEATURES Trucks Our Sweet Summer Shoppes By Estelle Glass So what do you girls do up there by yourselves in yenems velt nowheresville in English It was always difficult to explain the lure of SunRay

FOOD FOR THOUGHT What Is Particular and What Is Universal in the Jewish People By Joelle Fiss Reprinted with permission of the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education universal patterns have been set

OPED A Deal On Irans Nuclear Plans Could Kill Crucial New Alliances By Stephen Ellis and Andrew Futter T he conventional wisdom holds that a deal with Iran over its hotly di

ASK THE DOCTOR Ear Pain By Dr. Pnina Feingold he long hot days of summer are here, a time when kids are outdoors playing, especially when possible in a pool. The excitement of play and water frequent

GOOD TASTE Miniature Flourless Chocolate Cakes By Lisa Reitman Dobi here has been an increasing demand for glutenfree baked goods. Entertaining at home, or bringing a terrific dessert to a party, can

THE HEIMISHE HOMEMAKER Household Secrets By Gail Hochman hen making a pie crust, if you add too much water to the dough you will end up with a tough pie crust. Instead of the water, use half vodka an

FEATURE The Kid and the Yid reprinted with permission from Rabbi Lipskier T he following is an email that Rabbi Mendy Lipskier, Director of Chabad Lubavitch of Fountain Hills in Arizona, sent to hi

TEEN REFLECTIONS A Summer of Choices By Oren Oppenheim egend has it that when we die our souls go up to heaven and we are asked a few difficult questions. Did you follow the mitzvot Did you become th

HEALTH FITNESS The Power of Life Experiences What Ive Learned About Life and Success By Temimah Zucker t the end of the academic calendar, students often look back on the growth, challenges, success

HEALTH FITNESS How to Lose 15 Pounds in One Week By Chemmie Sokolic bet that headline caught your attention, right How about this one Gain That SixPack Youve Always Wanted Without Exercising or Givi

BOOKS Teaching Diligently Every Day for the Past 60 Years By Bracha Schwartz R abbi Berel Wein has become a household name through his widely distributed audio lectures and popular books on Jewish


RELATIONSHIPS Respect Your Father and Mother, or Step Back From Them By Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick fter the creation of Adam and Chava, the Torah says Al Ken Yaazov Ish Es Oviv Ves Imo, Vdovak Bishto

THE ARTS Gerd Stern at Teanecks General Store rtistPoet Gerd Stern will be the featured reader for the Thursdays Are for Poetry Reading held on the third Thursday every month at the Teaneck General S

SPECIAL NEEDS SCOUTING An American Tale Comes to Sinai S tudents from the Rabbi Mark and Linda Karasick Shalem High Schools at TABC and Maayanot performed the musical An American Tale on May 29 to

SCHOOLS Yavneh Scores for Chai Lifeline BPY Trip for 6th and 7th Graders B K ol Hakavod to the Yavneh Academy 5th graders on raising over 24,000 for Chai Lifeline. As a reward for their amazing eff

SCHOOLS Katz High Scorer Yavneh Academy Human Body Expo Odelia Fried Wins Literary Competition B Mazel tov to Jonathan Katz Englewood, NJ, a 5thgrade student at The Moriah School, who recently sco

SCHOOLS MTA Students Receive Commendation from CSPAN Bruriah Students for Efrat CRIB O n May 28th, the students of Yeshiva Uni an American, I feel its important to support versity High School for

SPORTS SAR Defeats Yavneh in YMSSA 6G Championship T he Yavneh girls put up a good fight but fell to an undefeated SAR team in the YMSSA Cahmpionship game. nacious defense, coming up with a couple

SPORTS SAR 6g Team. Photographer Lisa Appelbaum and her horse Leo jump a fence in the intermediate class of the Saddle Ridge Farm Annual Horse Show in Franklin Lakes. Credit Steven Appelbaum. SAR G

SPORTS Moriah 6b Takes the YMSSA Crown By Zach Horowitz hat a spectacular game for the fans to watch. On May 28th, the undefeated 110 Moriah 6b basketball team played against the Noam Knights in the

SPORTS SCENES Cardinal teammates Chaim Shaffren and Jonathan Kaplan with their coach Judah Kaplan. Devin Berman and Ethan Steinberg of YYLs Zaides Bake Shop Brewers. Gaby Katz and Billy Krause read

PERSONAL FINANCE Making Sure Your Financial Records Arent Lost In The Digital Clouds By Elozor M. Preil true story, reported by Reuters on February 17, 2012 Karin Prangley, a 33yearold Chicago estate

LEGALLY SPEAKING I9 Compliance Walking the Tight Rope By Michael J. Wildes, Esq. n recent years, an increasing number of smallbusiness owners have been fined and arrested on criminal charges for empl

UNGARBLED TECH Internet Filtering Part 2 By Shneur Garb his is the 2nd part of the series on Internet filtering. I recently wrote about Internet Filtering using a router or changing the DNS. If this

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Consider Yourself At Home By Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick everal weeks ago we drove through the night from Montreal to New Jersey. We participated in a wedding in which Mord

Dining Guide shalom bombay Glatt Kosher Indian Cuisine 166 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666 2015305939 LUNCH HOURS SPECIALS COMING TO TEANECK AFTER PESACH Bring in this ad and ge

ISRAEL TRAVEL For There the Tribes Settled, As A Testimony To Israel Yom Yerushalayim From A Locals Perspective By Tzvi Silver erusalemOn Jerusalem Day Yom Yerushalayim, a number of unique activities

CLASSIFIEDS Seeking Hebrew Speaking Bookkeeper Real Estate Company located in North Jersey seeking experienced Hebrew speaking bookkeeper. Real Estate experience a plus. Email resumes to ericdnlconsul

HUMAN RESOURCES Hold the Phone By Elly D. Lasson, Ph.D. s part of the recruitment process, many companies will opt to conduct phone interviews with candidates. Phone interviews are practical and econ

In honor of the birthday of SUPER SHABBOS SHEET sent right before MIDDAH OF THE MONTH Patience. If you ask someone to do something for you and he doesnt do it right away, ask again in a polite manne

LEASE BUY TRUST Our relaxed and topnotch sales staff will put you into the right car at the right price. YOU WILL ACTUALLY LOVE OUR SALES GUYS No pressure, No hassle. MOST COMPETITIVE RATES WIDE SE

NEWS FEATURE Terrorists Kleptocrats How Corruption is Eating the Palestinians Alive CONTINUED FROM P. 46 ments.... Each government has... at least 24 ministers. This means we have had 228 minister

NEWS FEATURE Terrorists Kleptocrats How Corruption is Eating the Palestinians Alive CONTINUED FROM P. 82 ily. I want economic opportunity. Would a twostate solution help that If so, then yes, I wa

COMMUNITY CALENDAR SHABBAT, JUNE 14TH David Weinberg, Diplomatic Columnist Jewish Center of Teaneck, 70 Sterling Place, writer in Israel Hayom and the Jerusalem Post will speak during shacharit Awaken

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM June 12, 2014 14 Sivan 5774 85

86 June 12, 2014 14 Sivan 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

NEWS YUs Fiscal Challenge Shrinking Budget Pains CONTINUED FROM P. 1 Fall 2013, up 16 in firsttime undergraduate student enrollment in the past two years, with less than 10 of freshmen leaving afte

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