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Chag Kasher VSameach OF BERGEN COUNTY April 10, 2014 10 Nissan 5774 Issue 31 Distributed weekly CANDLE LIGHTING 2018164000 Dr. Jeremy Peyser Dr. Nicolas Elian Dr. Martha Miqueo

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Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and sweet Passover. Healing begins here. 718 Teaneck Road Teaneck, NJ 07666 1877HOLYNAME 4659626 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM April

VERA AND NECHAMA REALTY A DIVISION OF V AND N GROUP LLC 2016923700 SMART EXPERIENCED BOLD SO LD SO LD 1811 Hunter Place, Fair Lawn New Construction 719 Ogden Ave, Teaneck New

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The Legend in Camping, Gears Up for the New Generation NEW FOR 2014 Air Conditioned Dining Room NEW STAFF Rabbi Chaim Block Head Counselor Rebbe, RYNJ, Teaneck, NJ Shalsheles Member Beautiful NBA SI

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NEWS BRIEFS Israeli ALS Treatment Goes to Clinical Trial in U.S. Thetower.orgLast month, BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, an Israeli biotechnology startup announced two major milestones the company rece

NEWS Israel and Rwanda Building Ties on Shared Experiences of Genocide By Rina Z evadia first arrived in Rwanda two years ago, to give her writ of appointment to the president,

THE POWER OF A JEWISH WOMAN SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014 930 AM 1230 PM LANDER COLLEGE FOR WOMEN The Anna Ruth Mark Hasten School 227 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023 Yom Iyun NEWS Olmerts Crimes Were

LOCAL NEWS Women of Faith Featured at Sister Rose Seminar By Stephen Tencer S outh OrangeThe two featured Women of Faith at Seton Hall Universitys third annual Sister Rose Thering Fund lecture rece

NEWS CyberWar Can Change History At The Touch Of A Button By Daniel Prince Associate Director Security Lancaster at Lancaster University title from their devices. Hard copies still exist, of course,

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NEWS Pinchas Goldschmidt On Shechita and Other European Bans CONTINUED FROM P. 1 practice, was the person who authorized the killings. Marius, the giraffe, was 18 months old when he was killed and,


NEWS Women of Faith Featured at Sister Rose Seminar CONTINUED FROM P. 11 same, and add commentary to their Bibles and prayer books. It turned out that Sister Mary Boys was also raised in Seattle, w

NEWS House Bill Demands Tougher Line Against Hezbollah By Julian T he Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act urges the Obama administration to turn the screws on fina

LOCAL NEWS Roy Cho Makes Run Against Garrett CONTINUED FROM P. 1 a sixterm incumbent Garrett also has more than 2.6 million already on hand to fund his campaign while Cho has around 400,000. Cho is

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LOCAL NEWS Delegation to White House Advocates Improved Job Training for Orthodox Jews N ew YorkChaim Shapiro, assistant director of career services for the Lander Colleges, and three other career pr

LOCAL NEWS Rabbi Avraham Willig Brings Music to Bergenfield By Elizabeth Kratz B ergenfieldCongregation Beth Abraham recently welcomed Rabbi and musician Avraham Willig, who lives in Israel and tea

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LOCAL NEWS NJOP Celebrates 26th Anniversary N JOP, formerly National Jewish Outreach Program, celebrated 26 years of achievement at its recent annual dinner at the Grand Hyatt in New Y

LOCAL NEWS Young Israel of Fair Lawn Dinner Comedy Show a Huge Success Learn Return A Response to a New Intifada T he Young Israel of Fair Lawn dinner, by Rabbi Levi Neubort and took place at co

MUNICIPAL CORNER Dear Neighbor, Are you registered to vote If you ever had a question in your mind whether you should register to vote, please know, the answer is YES. With critical local and federal

LOCAL NEWS Rockleigh Passover Pleasure ith all the fixings of a Seder, Passover was celebrated early at The Gallen Adult Day Health Care Center with the The Frisch Schools Linking the Generations stu

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Why Funding the Jewish Project Youve Never Heard of is a Big Deal By Daniel Bloom reprinted with permission from s a Jewish innovation enthusiast, and as a so

EDITORIAL THE JEWISH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY CoFoundersCoPublishers Moshe Kinderlehrer Mark Mendy Schwartz Editor Jeanette Friedman Contributing Editors Nina Glick Elizabeth Kratz Phil Sieradski Advert

THE MAGGID OF BERGENFIELD Passover The Telltale Pretzel Shemot 13 7 By Larry Stiefel arry Stern was not much of a cleaner. Truth be told, he was a slob, a big slob there, you dragged it out of me. So

POLITICAL PONDERINGS A Christieen Slip By N. Aaron Troodler, Esq. any of us are familiar with the old adage there is a time and a place. For Chris Christie, the Republican Jewish Coalitions spring ev

CHINUCH Why 21stCentury Children Need to Excel at Problem Solving By Samuel Greiff and Jonas Mller I ts no longer enough for children just to be able to read, count or multiply. With computers now

CHINUCH Theres Learning, and Then Theres Learning By Yair Daar ime for a quick survey How many of you have ever had a teacher who was basically the human embodiment of a textbook You know the type, s

OPED Is All Zionism Really Religious Zionism By Elli Fischer here was a great deal of religious ambivalence about Zionism in its early years. On one hand, the return to the Land of Israel had always

FEATURES Christians Discover Their Jewish Roots on Pesach By David F or Jews and Christians, the Passover season is a special time for reflection on the rich spiritual truths contain

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OPED The 1 Game the System and the Rest No Longer Want to Play By Robert Reich very year I ask my class on Wealth and Poverty to play a simple game. I have them split up into pairs and imagine Im giv

THE PESACH LINK OF BERGEN COUNTY Savouring Some Special Sips Six Delightful Wines for the Pesach Festivities By Gamliel Kronemer Mah Nishtanah The Three Questions By Mitchell First I n the traditio

PESACH A Pesach Story By Rivki Chudnoff I was starting my last trimester of pregnancy with notourfirstchild, when we traveled out of town to spend Pesach with family. I woke up in middle of the fir

PESACH The Outdoor Pesach Kitchen, Then and Now By Anne Phyllis Pinzow N ot too far from where I live historians have been fighting to preserve a sandstone house that has one of the last known outd

By Chani Nina Friedman Pesach Recipes SOUP AND MATZOH BALLS CHICKEN SOUP 1 whole chicken largest you can find 3 stalks celery including the leafy tops cut into chunks 2 large whole onion not peele

From Chanis Kitchen SALADS AND SIDES washed, peeled and sliced into thin slices 1 stick of margarine Paprika Salt Pepper 2 cups of boiling water with 2 teaspoons of Chicken Soup Powder Mix mixed

PESACH Frogs Were Everywhere. But Where Was Shirley By Ann Koffsky O ne morning King Pharaoh woke in his bed There were frogs in his bed and frogs on his head Frogs on his nose and frogs on his t

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P Computer technology made it possible for us to design and print our own hagaddah at home, and so, one year, with Siedmans Diary and other works, like Rabbi Yitz Greenbergs The Fifth Child, quotes f

ESACH Another beautifully designed and bound haggadah in the collection is the Tisch family commemorative haggadah for the bar mitzvah of Benjamin Jacob Tisch in 1995. The haggadah was edited by Rabb

PESACH Mah Nishtanah The Three Questions CONTINUED FROM P. 37 gadah fragments as well. Of course, not all of the Haggadah fragments from the Genizah span the Mah Nishtannah section. But of those th

PESACH Opening the Door on This Seder Night by Efrem Epstein Elijahs Journey, Founder and Dena Croog Cohen Refaenu, Founder I n just a few nights, Jews around the world will welcome Eliyahu Elijah

PESACH Our Pesach Agenda By Rabbi Kenneth Brander his prayer was compiled by Rabbi YissacharBernard Davids who, prior to World War II, served as Chief Rabbi in Rotterdam, Holland. During the war, he

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HUMOR Poor Oprah By Banji Latkin Ganchrow Banji, the editorial staff regrets the egregious proofreading error that appeared in your last column. As we say in the biz, Oy. Just shoot me. I t would s

MISSION TO WASHINGTON Wednesday April 30, 2014 Features Meet in small groups with Members of Congress Roundtrip transportation to Washington, DC Breakfast, lunch, dinner all meals Glatt Kosher Jo

ONE BOOK, ONE COMMUNITY Columbus, The Inquisition and Jewish Identity How an Author Combined all Three in By Fire, By Water By Bracha Schwartz R idgewoodIf Mitchell James Kaplan had used a recipe t

FEATURES Savouring Some Special Sips Six Delightful Wines for the Paschal Festivities CONTINUED FROM P. 37 The Reds Chateau Moulin Riche, Bordeaux, Saint Julien, 2011 When it comes to red wines, my

RELATIONSHIPS Romancing Your Marriage By Rabbi Mordechai Glick 1 Arrange for a date with your spouse. Make all the arrangements before letting himher know. 2 Get tickets for something your spouse wou

FEATURES My Father, the Survivor By Rebecca Kolb Segal M y father, Herbert Kolb, was born in Nuremberg, Germany on February 27, 1922, the first child of Bernhard and Reta Kolb. His father, who had

HEALTH AND FITNESS Shatter Your Limitations Leaving Your Mitzrayim By Chemmie Sokolic hat would you like to be What would you like to do So, nu What are you waiting for Yeah, if only life were W th

HEALTH AND FITNESS Our Own Personal Redemptions By Temimah Zucker lthough Pesach is only eight days long, it feels as if the holiday takes up a greater chunk in our calendars. We experience weeks, if

CHESED Shalva Marathon A Chesed Run O n your mark, get set, GO And with those words 26,000 runners from across 50 countries began the 4th International Jerusalem Marathon last month. Team Shalva co

SIGHTS AND SOUNDS FOR KIDS Out and About on Chol Hamoed New Jersey and New York State By Bracha Schwartz C hol Hamoed this year is Thursday, April 17 Friday, April 18 until sundown Motzei Shabbos A

BOOKS The Festival of Matzot and the Festival of Pesach T he holiday of Pesach has two different names in the Torah Chag Hamatzot the Festival of Matzot Shemot 2315 and Chag HaPesach the Paschal fe

SPECIAL NEEDS Twas the Night Before Pesach... By Rabbi Yehuda Minchenberg ctually, our Pesach cleaning story starts right after Purim. Its not just about getting rid of all the nosh from our kitchen

SCHOOLS Soles for Souls By Eric Farbowitz, Moshe Golubtchik, Elie Jarashow, and Jack Reinhart Grandparents Day at Yeshivat Noam By Nina Glick R emove your shoes from your feet were the words that

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SCHOOLS Frisch Africa Encounter By Elizabeth Kratz P aramusThe 10th grade at the Frisch School recently taught their parents a little about the complexities of life today in Africa. Through a proje

SCHOOLS Moriah Education in a New BOLD Style E nglewoodThe Moriah School recently honored its teachers at a BOLD appreciation night held at Mocha Bleu with representatives from the BOLD Day School

SCHOOLS Book Day 2014 at TABC By Carol Master T eaneckTeambuilding with Tani, Navigating the South Pacific on a Scotch Tape Budget, Psychology at the End of the World, Halakhic Parameters of SelfPr

SCHOOLS Yavneh Oft Told Tales avneh Academy fourth graders presented their annual Storytelling Festival of Fables for 2014 on Monday evening, March 31, and Tuesday evening, April 1, to their parents

SPORTS Maayanot Softball Beats Heschel By Jennifer Sanders T his past week the Rapids topped Heschel 121. Junior Sarah Hiller led the offensive barrage by going 3 for 4 and driving in three, includ

SPORTS JLBC Sportstar of the Week Gilad Jutkowitz MVP AllStar Sunday O he Mitch Gross Basketball League MGBL strives to teach all participants basketball fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and

SPORTS SCENES Maaynot Goalie Sarah Hiller. Credit Lisa Appelbaum Yonina Silverman being pursued by Rachel Markowitz of Frisch. Credit Lisa Appelbaum Shmuel Bak and Zeve Kornwasser representing RYNJ

TRAVEL Passover Peregrinations By Tzvi Silver, JLBC Israel Correspondent ERUSALEMAs Pesach approaches, Israelis prepare for the impending flock of tourists and pilgrims coming for the festival known

72 April 10, 2014 10 Nissan 5774 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKBC.COM

INTRODUCING OUR NEW PROGRAM BOOK WITH US EARN 25,000 AMEX POINTS STEP 1 2 3 Call Global Tours. Book flights or hotels. Enjoy your points. STEP STEP Restrictions apply. Minimum purchase requir

B E R G E N C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E Get ahead this summer with classes at Bergen the ideal spot to begin your studies, continue your path to graduation or transfer credits to a fouryear

FINANCE How to Have Happy Accidents On Purpose Part 2 Elozor Preil robability does not equal Inevitability The False Premise of Many Planning Paradigms The idea that financial success is often achi

FINANCEREAL ESTATE Apartment Hunting in Israel on Chol Hamoed By Gedaliah Borvick client wanted to go apartment hunting in Jerusalem during Chol Hamoed, but was unsure whether according to halacha Je

FINANCE Extra Principal Payments By Eli Garfinkel, Loan Officer ortgage rates have stayed low far longer than most experts expected, and could just stay this way for a while. Does it make sense, then

TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE Dear UnGarbledTech, Shneur Garb hat is the best way to email a group of people and how do I save the list for future use on Gmail Thanks so much, Cheryl Rosenberg, becounted4is

FEATURES Head Out On A Kosher Safari T he Swahili word Safari means long journey going on a safari today may just be the journey of a lifetime. Kosher Safaris arranges safaris in several regions of

GEMACHS AND CHESED OPPORTUNITIES BABIES AND CHILDREN Teaneck Bris Gemach Bris outfits, pillows, pillow cases, tefilos for mothers to say. Open to the Jewish community. There is no solicitation of fund

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS TAKE TIME TO VOTE If you are new to the community, or just turned 18, please be sure to register by Tuesday,April 22nd. If you know someone who hasnt registered, especially if

COMMUNITY CALENDAR APRIL 10TH SUNDAY, APRIL 13 Children in PreK through fourth grade are invited to a fun day 1000am 100pm Congregation Keter Torah, 600 Roemer Avenue, Teaneck Featuring pizza, a scav

MIDDAH OF THE MONTH SUPER SHABBOS SHEET enter the Learn the siddur, one word at a time. Proper speech. This week, speak softly with nice words. What does it mean PARSHA LESSON atone for think abou

AN APPRECIATION Rivka Haut, zl, Leader of Women CONTINUED FROM P. 1 tion contrary to the majority view. A leader in womens tefillah, first in Flatbush and then in Riverdale, Rivka carefully nurture

EVENTS CHAZAQ, CHAZAQ Holds Second Annual Big Event By Daniel Perez T his years Big Event by the Jewish outreach group CHAZAQ lived up to its name as well over a thousand people flooded into the au

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Proudly Setting Your Pesach Table Setting High Standards for over 30 years and counting. From the Secemski family to your family, Chag Sameach Extended Holiday Hours April 12 845pm 12am April 13