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Chag Kasher VSameach April 20, 2016 Published BiWeekly 12 Nisan, 5776 Issue 30 JEWISH LINK Check Out Our Comprehensive Guide to Chol Hamoed Pesach is Better with Family CANDLE LIGHTING April 22 14

GENERATIONS IN EVERY GLASS Since 1848, the quality of Herzog Wines has been appreciated by royalty as well as those who aspire to it. Located in its stateoftheart winery in Oxnard, California, the Her

Youve cleaned. Weve cleaned. Youve prepared. Weve prepared. Youve cooked. Weve cooked. esach runs in the family. Seems like P for making us part of yours . Thank you Wishing you and your Family the m

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Netanyahu Orders Halt of Cement Shipments to Gaza After Tunnel Discovery Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday ordered a halt to Gazabound cement shipments, following th

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Sanders called himself 100 percent proIsrael, but added that in the long run, and this is not going to be easy, if we are ever going to bring peace to t

WORLDISRAEL NEWS everyday HEROES FACES OF Young Ambassadors From Israel and Worldwide Convene to Cope With Terror By Maayan For Americans, it has been the Oklahoma City bombing,

WORLDISRAEL NEWS House Asks Obama to Veto UNImposed IsraeliPalestinian Agreement By Staff Some 394 members of the House of Representatives90 percent of the totalhave signed a letter urgi

EDITORIAL Reconnecting With Mitzrayim This Pesach On Friday night when we sit down at our seder tables, it will matter less how we feel about the contentious presidential campaign, the hateful BDS mo

OPED Who Is Really Endangering the Future of Judaism in Israel By Rabbi Dov Lipman Every Friday night, I help run a Carlebach service in Beit Shemesh. Its a unique service that brings together Jews f

WEVE REDEEMED MORE THAN 1 BILLION MILES... ...ONE ACCOUNT AT A TIME Join the thousands of satisfied customers in Queens and the Bronx who choose PEYD to help navigate the credit card rewards travel

WORLDISRAEL NEWS FastGrowing Pentecostal Movement Enthusiastically Affirms Support for Israel By Bradley Bishop John E. Putnam stood at the podium and exclaimed to the crowd, Who here l

COMMUNITY NEWS YU High Schools Hold Stronger Together Annual Dinner of Tribute By Shani Malitzky Yeshiva University High Schools celebrated their thriving school community at the annual dinner on Apr

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COMMUNITY NEWS HIWP to Host Annual Westchester Community Yom HaShoah Observance CONTINUED FROM P. 1 will be sharing his experience in a conversation with his daughter, Audrey Reich, a member of the H

The Jewish Link Chol Hamoed Dining and Entertainment Guide RESTAURANTS OPEN FOR PESACH 2016 New York City Manhattan Reservations Suggested Abigaels 1407 Broadway Colbeh 32 W 39th St La Br

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE Stamford, CT HISTORIC SITES HoytBarnum House 713 Bedford St Stamford CT USA 06091 12033291183 Built in 1699, the HoytBarnum House is made out of wood and was originally a blacksmith

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE The Jewish Museum 1109 Fifth Ave. NY NY 10128 2124233200 Devoted to Jewish art and culture, this museum shows over 4,000 years of history through its ancient and modern exhibits and

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE The American Numismatic Society 75 Varick Street, 11th floor. NY NY 10013 2125714470 The American Numismatic Society, founded in 1858, is a nonprofit international center for the pre

Daily Deliveries to Riverdale, Manhattan, and Westchester CHOL HAMOED Monday...................87 Tuesday...................88 Wednesday........7930 Thursday............6305 Sale Effective 41616 422

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE Federal Hall National Monument Wall St and Nassau St. NY NY 10005 2128256888 Where the historic Customs House 1834 now stands was once a building that served as the setting for some

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE er als, a preelectric kitchen and 19thcentury artifacts. Closed on Fridays. The Paterson Museum 2 Market St. Paterson, NJ 07501 9738813874 From its inception, the Paterson Museum has

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE Cherry Brook Park is on Madison Avenue in Pearl River, adjacent to Franklin Avenue Elementary School. Open dawn to dusk the 3.5acre site was acquired in 1971 and dedicated as a park

CHOL HAMOED GUIDE Manheim Fire Company Museum 83 South Main Street, Manheim, PA 17545 7176653661 Museum that holds two pieces of original equipment, along with early fire company minutes and other mem

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CHOL HAMOED GUIDE 1863 as the Long Island Historical Society, has developed an urban history center with exhibits, art, documents, artifacts, and programs about the cultures which make Brooklyn. Close

DIVREI TORAH Theres Power in the Matzah By Rabbi David Walk See that title up there Im not sure most of us pay attention to titles of the articles we read. Most of the time I try to be cute or atten

BOOK EXCERPT A ModernDay Dayeinu Song By Rabbi Doron Perez Editors Note The ModernDay Dayeinu Song appears in The Krengel Family Edition of The Koren Mahzor for Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim htt

FEATURES OHEL Gears Up for OXCAnother Xtreme Event Nearly 250 participants from the five boroughs, the Five Towns and New Jersey are preparing to run, climb, jump, crawl and muscle their way through

Lose 510 Of Your Weight In Just 10 Days Results ARE Typical GUARANTEED Steven Y. Szklarz CSP Sz zklarz CS SP Before 21 Years Old Old Robert Kohl CSP Before 21 Years Old If You Weigh 120 lbs. 150

FEATURES Haredi Women in HiTechA Force to Be Reckoned With kollels or have their own congregations. Both Mrs. Eichenstein and Mrs. Rosenberg I travel to Israel on are highly successful professionals

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F OD W NE LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT Great Wines for a Great Pesach By Gabriel Geller, Royal Wine Many new wines have been released recently, offering a large array of choices for the occas

FOOD WINE LINK Author Victoria Dwek Shares Passover Recipes By Bracha Schwartz Victoria Dwek says shes just a regular mom, taking care of a husband, kids and a housewho also happens to be a prolific

THE SIMCHA LINK BRONX, WESTCHESTER CONNECTICUT to choose from, or upload your own image to create a oneofakind spacefor your oneofakind bundle. BShaah Tova Four Trends for Designing Your First Nurse


SIMCHA LINK How to Personalize Your Mothers Day Gifts StatePointMothers Day is all about making Mom feel amazingly special. And what better way than with a thoughtful gift created with her unique sty

SCHOOLS From Auschwitz to Jerusalem... Our LifeAltering Trip CONTINUED FROM P. 1 We are on our way to Majdaneck, an extermination camp in the center of the city of Lublin. But how do you prepare your

SCHOOLS The Long Island Sound Parts for WDS On Pesach, every person is obligated to feel as if he or she is leaving Mitzrayim. As adults we prepare ourselves for Pesach each year and through the diff

SPORTS MVP 2016 8th Annual Girls All Star Day Ignites Competitive Excitement The camaraderie and interaction amongst players, family and friends was memorable. Bringing together All Star players from

4501 DELAFIELD AVENUE Stunning, gutrenovated Mediterranean revival home. Maintaining the unique architectural details of A. E. Klueppelberg. Chosen and featured by Riverdale Press as Home of the Week.

Ask the Realtor By Vivian J. Oleen, Associate Broker, Sopher Realty All About Homeowners Associations Homeowners associations HOAs are an increasingly popular form of residential housing in the Unite

42 April 20, 2016 12 Nisan, 5776 7185646710 WWW.JEWISHLINKBWC.COM

REAL ESTATE Common Household Hazardous Wastes and What to Do With Them By Chintan Trivedi, LIC Real Estate Broker Owner, ReMax in the City We want to believe our homes are as safe as they can be, a

Riverdales FamilyOwned Brokerage Since 1966 Established 1966 Morris and Marilyn Sopher Exclusively listed with Sopher Realty. Awardwinning, energyefficient solar home in movein condition Winner of 2