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Linking Bergen, Essex Union Counties Issue 111 JEWISH LINK OF NEW JERSEY By Israel Hayom Following the killing of Hezbollah terrorist Samir Kuntar in an airstrike attributed to Israel, Smadar Haran

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WORLD NEWSBRIEFS Three Attacked in Jerusalem Stabbing Attack, Aish HaTorah Rabbi Killed Israel HayomExclusive to and combined sources Three people were stabbed in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Rabbi

Dry Eyes If you suffer with eye pain, dryness, itching, burning, blurred vision or filmy red eyes, you could be at risk of eye infection due to untreated Dry Eye Syndrome The risk of Dry Eye Syndrome

WORLD NEWSBRIEFS CONTINUED FROM P. 4 the number of missiles was not disclosed, a defense source said the system recognized various clusters, including missiles carrying warheads that could potential


EDITORIAL May Another Force Be With You Far be it for us to bring down all the enthusiasm for this latest Star Wars experience, but the branding of this movie is not just within the walls of the cine

OPED The Oppression of Parking Tickets By Stephen M. The Arab journalist whom the New York Times has hired to report on Israel has come up with the most terrifying example yet of Israel

WORLDISRAEL NEWS HamasIslamic State Cooperation Adds New Layer to Middle East Threats By Sean In a region full of challenges and short on solutions, reported cooperation between Hamas a

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM December 24, 2015 12 Tevet, 5776 11

WORLDISRAEL NEWS From Flotilla to Friends TurkeyIsrael Reconciliation Not So Simple By Sean Israel and Turkey are close to signing a deal to normalize diplomatic ties following a secret

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Historical Move UN Recognizes Yom Kippur as Official Holiday By Israel Hayom After Israel had launched a campaign in 2014 to have Yom Kippur recognized as an official holiday in the

PLEASE REMEMBER US IN YOUR YEAREND CHARITABLE GIVING Our children are so fragile when they first walk through our doors... With your help we will nurture them so that they can flourish and grow. ANNU

WORLDISRAEL NEWS Jerusalem Woman Removed From Mikvah Premises by Police After Demanding Private Immersion By Jeremy SharonJpost printed with permission A woman seeking to immerse in a mikvah without

STAR WARS The Force Isnt With Me Anymore A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a Star Wars fanatic. But nowas an adult, an Orthodox Jew and a parent concerned about Hollywoods moralsIm re

STAR WARS The Force Isnt With Me Anymore CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE A few weeks after that conversation, I had our first baby. My husband babysat when I went to the movies with friends or even alon

COMMUNITY NEWS Moriah to Hold 50th Annual Dinner The Moriah School Englewood, NJ, one of the nations premier Jewish day schools, educating more than 700 students across Bergen County, will be hosting

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COMMUNITY NEWS Worldwide Friends of Shvut Ami Aims to Raise 50k in 24Hour Campaign By Dovid Cofnas BergenfieldBeginning Monday, December 28, at 12 p.m., Worldwide Friends of Shvut Ami will attempt to

COMMUNITY NEWS Congregation Shaare Tefillah to Celebrate 13th Annual Dinner By JLNJ Staff On Saturday night, January 9, 2016, Congregation Shaare Tefillah of Teaneck invites the community to our 13th

COMMUNITY NEWS Yavneh Academy Readies For 73rd Annual Dinner By JLNJ Staff Yavneh Academy will hold its 73rd annual dinner on Saturday evening, January 16, at the Marriott Glenpointe, in Teaneck. Thi

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has your child ever cried over candy How about bread, you know, for breakfast Or chicken, for dinner This may shock you, but hunger is not rare at all. There are thousands of families that live well

COMMUNITY NEWS Congregation Beth El in Rutherford Holds Annual Public Menorah Lighting On Sunday, December 13, Congregation Beth El hosted its annual public menorah lighting. Joining Rabbi Lerman, sp

MD Catering 212.579.7700 Main Event 201.894.8710 Mauzone 718.274.4499 26 December 24, 2015 12 Tevet, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM 332 E 86th Street Floor 2 New York, NY 10028 www.markdavidc

COMMUNITY NEWS RCBC Neil Klatskin Day Camp at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Holds Early Bird Special By JLNJ Staff The Neil Klatskin Day Camp NKDC at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades is offering an

28 December 24, 2015 12 Tevet, 5776 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM

COMMUNITY NEWS Phelps Park Offers SelfDirected Family Fitness Program By Pearl Markovitz TeaneckPicture this idyllic scenario A sunny Sunday afternoon, no social or communal commitments, homework and

COMMUNITY NEWS January Shows The Black Box Performing Arts Center Black Box Studios is celebrating the New Year with a new home. Set in the heart of vibrant Teaneck, NJ, the Black Box Performing Art

2018171388 FRIDAY JANUARY 29, 2016 BCBSNJ Horizon 210.29 2018171388 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM December 24, 2015 12 Tevet, 5776 31

COMMUNITY NEWS Coach Gila to Run Nutrition Class for Single Mothers By JLNJ Staff Beginning on Monday, January 4, the Jewish Links Coach Gila Guzman will be facilitating an interactive nutrition work

ESSEX AND UNION NEWSBRIEFS Join Friendship Circle for Mega Mitzvah Mania On December 25, Friendship Circle will be hosting a Family Fun DayMega Mitzvah Mania, complete with challah baking, havdalah ca

DVAR TORAH The Yokes On Us By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb We all have received blessings at one time or another. We have certainly received compliments. Over the course of time, we learn that someti

RABBIS MUSINGS AMUSINGS Call Waiting By Rabbi Dani Staum A number of years ago, I was attending a meeting with the director of an organization I was working for, along with the other heads of the pr

SEPHARDIC CORNER Creating a Community Eruv That Satisfies Sephardic StandardsPart I By Rabbi Haim Jachter In a wellknown comedy routine, Bill Cosby reenacts Hashem instructing Noah to build the ark.

SMS RESPONSA Cellular Responsa From Rav Aviner and Rav Eliyahu Massacre in Paris and the Bedtime Shema Translated by Tzvi SilverJLNJ Israel Rav Zvi Yehuda and Learning Talmud 1. Why did Rav Zvi Yehud

DVAR TORAH Parshat Vayechi The Lessons of Shimon and Levis Bracha By Rabbi Samuel Klibanoff This Shabbos we conclude the book of Bereishit, which culminates with the resolution of the story of Yosef

NEWS FROM ISRAEL Jerusalem Woman Removed From Mikvah Premises by Police After Demanding Private Immersion CONTINUED FROM P. 15 He added that Stern will propose this week that a committee of women be

100 MENORAHS 20 MILLION VIEWERS Follow up on Facebook at Bris Avrohom 9082890770 910 Salem Ave Hillside, NJ 07205 By lighting Menorahs in public places throughout the tristate

Menorah at Secaucus Station with John Leon, Senior Director, New Jersey Transit Menorah at Metro Park Station, Iselin, NJ with Thomas Clark, Regional Manager, New Jersey Transit Menorah at Stewart I

HUMOR Hypocrisy and the Food Groups By Banji Latkin Ganchrow What is the definition of a hypocrite There are actually many definitions that all circle around the same meaning. Are you a hypocrite bec

HUMOR Insufficient Fun By Mordechai Schmutter Insufficient Fun If you think its a hassle to open a bank account, just try closing one. We did. Everything takes forever. Opening an account takes forev

A TEENS PERSPECTIVE The Force Awakens And Diverts a Stressed Teen By Oren Oppenheim Spoiler Alert In Star Wars The Force Awakens, Chewbacca is... Wait, sorry, Ill be back in a moment I see the Spoile

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COACHING Its Not Always About Being Right By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff The more we can get together and talk about various perspectives, feelings, beliefs, the better. William P. Leahy In his book, The Se

Endorsed by Rabbi Moshe Weinberger of Aish Kodesh 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM December 24, 2015 12 Tevet, 5776 47

MENTAL HEALTH Helping Our Children Feel Better, One Animal at a Time By Shoval GurAryeh, PhD One of the things I enjoy most about being a psychologist is helping to educate others about mental health

CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage By Yossi Faber This past week I had the unpleasantalthough not unusual experience of explaining to a patient that the Medicare insurance coverage

EDUCATION More Bergen County Day School Grads Choose College Park living at home, she continued. There are a multitude of learning initiatives availaThe way Jenny Schliss ble, social events and reli

BOOKS YU To Release Fourth Volume of Essays From Tent of Scholarly Contributors By JLNJ Staff Yeshiva University announced that it published Mitokh HaOhel The Shabbat Prayers, the fourth v

NEW IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Crossing the Border By Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick It had been a long time since we drove to Montreal. We wondered at the fact that it was December and there was not a drop


PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHTS FROM THE TORAH Insights From Bereshit The Origins of Forgiveness By Renee Nussbaum Part I Over the years, I have come to realize that the ability to forgive, even when one cant

CHESED This Shabbos Opening the Discussion Together There are few instances in Halacha where one is obligated to override other mitzvos in the Torah in order to keep one mitzvah. Two such instances a

TRAVEL Jerusalem Gets New Transportation Network By Tzvi Silver, JLNJ Israel JerusalemIts the eternal capital of the Jewish people, built by King David, destroyed by the Babylonians and Romans, and f

TRAVEL EL AL Israel Airlines Offers Special Winter Fares to Israel EL AL Israel Airlines announces superlow winter roundtrip fares on nonstop flights from Boston, New York JFK Newark and Los Angeles,

F OD W NE LINK OF NEW JERSEY Moss Cafe The New Riverdale Hub By Adena Blickstein Like its name, Moss Cafe is a delicately decorated, burgeoning, farmtotable cafe, quietly nestled between a cleaners a

FOOD WINE LINK Katsuji Tanabe Delivers Fantastic Fare in OneDay Mexikosher Pitopia PopUp By Tamar Weinberg ManhattanFoodies of all backgroundsbut certainly the vast majority kosherkeeping Jewslined B

FOOD WINE LINK Aviv 613 Is a Standout Vodka Smooth, With a Hint of Persimmon By Gamliel Kronemer Recently, a new premium vodka has hit the shelves of liquor stores throughout New York and New Jersey.

2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM December 24, 2015 12 Tevet, 5776 61

SCHOOLS Ben Porat Yosef Eighth Graders Study the Skeletal System As part of their study of the skeletal system, BPY eighth graders looked for differences between a model skeleton and an anatomically

SCHOOLS Shloshim Marked at Frisch With Talk From Ezra Schwartzs Uncle On the occasion of the shloshim of Ezra Schwartz, ah, Peter Schwartz, Ezras uncle and a Frisch parent, spoke to Frischs entire st

SCHOOLS Ben Porat Yosef Students Explore the Solar System BPY third grade students were interested in learning more about the solar system and under the guidance of science specialist Jean Meyer, the

SCHOOLS Mishmover Is Annual Highlight For Maayanot Students MishmoverThursday night mishmar plus sleepoveris an annual Maayanot event where a majority of the student body remains in school from Thurs

SCHOOLS JKHA Students Visit Daughters of Israel JKHA seventh grade students traveled to share Chanukah joy with residents at Daughters of Israel on December 9. Residents enjoyed playing dreidel and R

SPORTS MTA Wrestling Begins Its Quest By Akiva Axel 16 and Benji Bral 18 On Sunday, December 13, the MTA Wrestling Team started the season off on the right foot. Competing in the Port Richmond Holida

SPORTS Dolph Schayes Farewell to an NBA Legend By Michael E. Klein, Senior at SAR High School On the eighth day of Chanukah, two Englewood residentsmy father, Leo N. Klein, an attorney and real estat

SPORTS Touchdowns Scored for Tzedakah By Isaac Rubenstein and Yonah Tarzik In order to share the simcha of our Bar Mitzvahs with less fortunate children, we are raising money to help support Bet Elaz

SPORTS SCENES MGBL EJs Place team after their quarter final victory. CREDIT PAUL SILVERMAN Bruriah Lightning 2015 volleyball team. CREDIT DOV HOOK Frisch Cougars Michael Nadritch 6 and Maury Bauer

SPORTS SPORTS STANDINGS Yeshiva Middle School Sports Association Boys Eighth Grade Basketball Standings Division 1 Team Noam Yavneh Moriah RYNJ SAR Wins 5 3 3 3 1 Team Ramaz MDS WDS Ashar BDS Wins 9

COMMUNITY CALENDAR The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund is now accepting online applications for the 20162017 academic year Awards are made for full time study in a yeshiva,

GEMACHS SIMCHAS Shtick for a Wedding Call Wendy at 6469962165 Centerpiece Gemach Cong Beth Aaron Please contact bethaaroncenterpiecegemach A C.H.A.I.N A Chesed and Inspirational Network A C

REAL ESTATE LINK OF NEW JERSEY By Shmuel Shayowitz This past week, the housing market received a surprising housing report from the National Association of Realtors NAR. The news media and online blog

Your Neighbor with Tools Adam 201675 0816 Home Improvements Handyman Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates Moveins and Moveouts Over 15 Years Experience 2013713212 WWW.JEWISHLINKNJ.COM December 24, 201

REAL ESTATE FEATURED HOMES Sponsored By What You Need To Know About The Existing Home Sales Plunge CONTINUED FROM P. 74 pool of buyers ability to buy, which is holding back sales, Yun said. There are


REAL ESTATE Links Residential Welcomes Sara Landerer By JLNJ Staff TeaneckLinks Residential, a boutique realestate agency, is proud to welcome Sales Associate Sara Landerer to its growing team. Saras

The Art of Real Estate Jeffrey Schleider BrokerOwner Miron Properties NY NJ NY CO UND NT ER RA CT 201.266.8555 T 212.888.6250 T CO UND NT ER RA CT 201.906.6024 M 917.576.0776 M Ruth MironSchleid

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