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to talk to your children about TRAUMA TRAGEDY PRESchool ElEMEnTARY hiGh School

ONE of the most important responsibilities of parents is to provide children with a feeling of safety and security. When trauma or tragedy strikesbe it the death of a loved one, a terminal illness, a

a childs imagination is often much worse than reality Understanding childrens range of reactions to trauma at different developmental stages can help you effectively manage their responses and help th

PRESCHOOL 05 When faced with an overwhelming or uncertain situation, children in this age group often feel helpless and insecure because of their vulnerability and inability to protect themselves. Man

typical reactions include Behavioral regression such as thumbsucking, bedwetting, clinging to parents, etc. Fear of the dark, avoidance of sleeping alone Increased crying Fear of being left alone, fea

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 511 Schoolage children are better able to understand permanent change or loss. Feelings of fear and anxiety are a common response in this age group. Children may express their need f

typical reactions include Irritability Whining, clinging, acting like a younger child regression Aggressive behavior at school Decline in school performance Competition with other siblingsclassmates f

AdOLESCENTS 1218 Peer reactions are especially significant in this age group. Adolescents may demonstrate a combination of childlike and adult reactions to trauma. Teenagers may demonstrate more riskt

typical reactions include Decline in academic performance Rebellion at home or in school Resistance to authority Agitation or decrease in energy level Social withdrawal andor isolation Sadness or depr

HOW can we help our children during times of trauma tragedy

Regulate your own emotions. Children are very good at sensing the emotional reactions of the adults around them. Acknowledge your own feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness. This is substantiating for

Help them verbalize their concerns, and identify caring adults they can turn to with their worries. Reassure them that though things are hard for lots of grownups right now, with time it will get bett

HOW can we help our children during times of trauma tragedy

ohEl TRAUMA SERVicES meets the immediate needs of individuals, families and communities facing trauma Experienced Trauma Specialists Providing Comfort and Professional Counseling Resources Referrals

NORMAN BLuMENTHAL, PH.d. OHELs Director of Trauma, Bereavement Rapid Response Team Dr. Norman Blumenthal is a well known specialist and speaker in trauma. A licensed clinical psychologist in private

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