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FIGHTBACK IN THE Engaging Communities in the Fight Against Tuberculosis FIGHTING TB PHILIPPINES STRENGTH IN NUMBERS How can the Philippines be a model for success in Asia 5 Questions with the Nati

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 4 6 9 18 21 24 26 28 31 36 44 46 TB BY THE NUMBERS Facts about TB in the Philippines TB CONTROL IN A GROWING ECONOMY Dr. Camilo Roa 5 QUESTIONS ABOUT TB National TB Control Prog

LEADING THE WAY TOGETHER ...we sought to emphasize the very personal nature of TB the individual struggles, successes and challenges... Otsuka is grateful for the collaboration and technical support

BROKERING PARTNERSHIPS IN TB CONTROL TOWARDS ZERO TB DEATHS TB elimination can only happen if there is vigilance and commitment from all healthcare providers. Ensuring quality TB diagnosis, treatment

TB BY THE NUMBERS PHILIPPINES 2012 With 107 million people spread across an archipelago of 7,107 islands, TB treatment must be decentralized so that patients can receive the care they need, even in th

TB CONTROL IN A GROWING ECONOMY By Camilo C. Roa, Jr., MD Photo by Riccardo Venturi When I first started working in the field of tuberculosis a couple of decades back, I was energized by the rapid c

quarter of 2013, the Philippines outpaced even China, growing its economy 7.8 percent from the previous year. How can this economic growth be harnessed for the public benefit, helping lift the more th

Practicing DOTS at the Tropical Disease Foundation. Photo by Edwin Tuyay QUESTIONS ABOUT TB 1. What are the main priorities for the NTP in the Philippines today Our main priorities continue to be imp

And of course, simply addressing the limited human resources and capacity we have to find and treat TB is a major challenge. Particularly at implementation levels, the high workload and fast turnover


PHILIPPINES By John Donnelly Photo by Riccardo Venturi FIGHTBACK IN THE MANILA, Philippines Mark Gregory de Guzman had big dreams. He was in his third year in a hotel and hospitality college when h

THERE IS NO RICH OR POOR HERE WHEN IT COMES TO HOW WE TREAT EACH OTHER. ITS ALL ABOUT EMPATHY WITH EACH OTHER. I want to get better for my mom, so I can help take care of my family, said Mark Gregory

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS TB can often tear people apart in the Philippines, its bringing many together. I FEEL BLESSED, BECAUSE OF THE SUPPORT I HAVE FROM MY SOCIAL WORKER, FROM MY MOTHER AND MY FAMILY, A

I TELL PEOPLE THAT THERES NO ALTERNATIVE. YOU CANT GET CURED UNTIL YOU TAKE THE MEDICINES AS DIRECTED. Nurses at the Lung Center of the Philippines see more than 500 patients per day who come for amb

Louie Zepeda is adjusting to living with her disability as a result of TB. I now live separate from my parents and am trying hard to overcome the detachment anxieties. Photo by Riccardo Venturi Dr. M


Vianzon and others understand that the push to decentralization will take time. One of the concerns is that the safety net for patients social workers checking on them and other patients supporting t

There is no rich or poor here when it comes to how we treat each other, said Denice de la Cruz, also a teacher. Its all about empathy with each other. They were enjoying a meal in the shade on a warm

THE PHILIPPINE TUBERCULOSIS SOCIETY, INC. Pioneering Institution in National Efforts for TB PREVENTION CONTROL TREATMENT Our vision is to support and complement the National TB Control Programme.

CLINICAL INSIGHTS Dr. Janice C. Caoili Dr. Janice C. Caoili is the head of the Infectious Disease Section at Makati Medical Center in Makati PHOTO BY EDWIN TUYAY City, Philippines and a research con

Dr. Janice Caoili and Dr. Maricelle Gler meet regularly to review the status of all patients they care for. Photo by Edwin Tuyay diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV and malaria, working in partnership

IF THE LORD SAYS, YOU CARRY THAT CROSS, YOU CARRY THAT CROSS. Mildred Fernando has overcome many hurdles to beat her TB but she is finally ready to live her life again. Photo by Riccardo Venturi 20

FACES OF TB Mildred Fernando What happens if you get extensively drugresistant tuberculosis twice One womans story. ildred Fernando is 32. Many of her friends are married with children. Many have gra

In November 2001, a doctor first diagnosed Fernando with the disease. That led to a series of missteps over the next several years by private doctors who made simple errors, such as continuing her on

One bright spot to her ordeal Mildred met John Stuart Pancho, her nurse who later became her husband. Photo by Riccardo Venturi Having recently been cured, Mildred is taking advantage of some simple

SPREADING INSPIRATION A Trainerss Story on the programmatic management of drugresistant TB. He also serves as a Training Coordinator at the Lung Center of the Philippines, providing lectures to fellow

is aware of the importance of protecting himself and those around him. Besides coaching nurses on how to take care of patients, an important part of the trainings focuses on how to take care of themse

FINDING STRENGTH A Patients Story PHOTO BY RICCARDO VENTURI industry, was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2007. He saw a private doctor and started and stopped treatment several times over the next th

Mark Gregory de Guzman at home with his mother and younger sister. Photo by Riccardo Venturi Mark used to enjoy running but his cough prevents him from much physical activity. He looks forward to res

RESEARCH OUTLOOK Dr. Vincent Balanag of the Philippine Coalition against Tuberculosis, the umbrella organization of public and private agencies working together towards TB control in the country. His

whom she took care of every day. The first doctors she went to suspected that she had pneumonia when actually it turned out to be TB. She was on treatment for 6 months but then fell ill again. She was

Saving lives through quality health care, excellent service, training and research. New diagnostic tools and molecular diagnostics for TB, MDRTB and XDRTB patients. DOTS services for TBDRTB free of ch

BOYS WILL BE BOYS What happens when a child gets MDRTB In this pediatric MDRTB ward, three teenage boys are helping each other forget their disease and focus on more important matters sports, video ga


There are no good estimates for the number of pediatric TB cases worldwide. TB in children is often missed or overlooked due to nonspecific symptoms and difficulties in diagnosis. Diagnosing TB in chi

Adam is very proud to be the first patient in this study. He is very active in school, is happy to be getting well and stigma is not apparent in him, said Dr. Frias. Because Adam is culturenegative, h

SNAPSHOT PHILIPPINES Children are particularly vulnerable to TB. The disease occurs in its most severe form among the youngest such as in Glenn Canoy, 13, who suffers from a severe form of extra pulmo

Children play in the Quezon City neighborhood of Manila, Philippines. Photo by Riccardo Venturi 37

Top left Two girls gaze at the Pasig River running through metro Manila. Photo by Riccardo Venturi Top right The Philippines is a deeply religious country. About 80 percent of the population is Catho


A doctor examines a TB patient at the Quezon Institute in Manila. Photo by Riccardo Venturi TB nurses at the Tropical Disease Foundation, Makati City, Philippines. Photo by Edwin Tuyay 40

Patients wait at the Tropical Disease Foundation to obtain their daily medications. Photo by Edwin Tuyay The first patient in a pediatric study for MDRTB in the Philippines. Photo by Edwin Tuyay 41

A lab analyst at the Tropical Disease Foundation, Inc. reviews sputum samples for signs of TB bacteria. Photo by Edwin Tuyay 42

THE TROPICAL DISEASE FOUNDATION, INC. A worldclass, stateoftheart, qualityassured TB facility with internationally trained staff The Tropical Disease Foundation, Inc. TDF is a nonstock, nonprofit, an

BREAKING BARRIERS A Nurses Story PHOTO BY RICCARDO VENTURI months treating multidrugresistant TB patients. His father is a deck officer on a ship, his mother a doctor treating TB patients. He said he

Like so many other healthcare workers, Hernando Caseria, Jr. brings a personal dedication to his job. Photo by Riccardo Venturi Every morning from approximately 8 am to 12 pm a rush of patients arriv

MANY VOICES, ONE COMMON GOAL Bringing together MDRTB advocates, health educators, treatment partners and peer counsellors The Samahan ng Lusog Baga Association, Inc. is composed of former TBMDRTB pati

for Consultations and Referrals as of July 14, 2014 Regions I II III Treatment Center Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center Region I Medical Center Cagayan Valley Medical Center Jose B. Lingad M

YOUNG TB SPECIALISTS ARE HARD AT WORK UNCOVERING NEW INSIGHTS IN TB PREVENTION AND TREATMENT. TB specialist reviews lab results at the Lung Center of the Philippines. Photo by Edwin Tuyay 48

KNOWLEDGE IS INFECTIOUS Fostering the next generation of TB innovators Annual awards program recognizes young Filipino scientists who have demonstrated advanced thinking in TB research. Although a st

We hear a lot of statistics quantifying the TB crisis, but theres only one number the TB Community is focused on zero. Zero new infections, zero deaths, zero stigma and zero discrimination. Today, par