Get Adobe Flash player Issue 44 Dedicated in loving memory of Zulay bat Bloriya and Aharon ben Esther Distributed In Queens Five Towns Far Rockaway Great Neck Boro Park Flatbush June, 2015 FREE mer S

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CHAZAQ Staff Rabbinic Advisor Rav Ahron Walkin www.CHA Issue 44 Dedicated in loving memory of Zulay bat Bloriya and Aharon ben Esther Great Neck Boro Park Flatbush June, 2015 Distribut

CHAZAQ is an organization which has but one goal in mind to Build a Stronger Future. Based in Queens NY, and gradually expanding across the globe, CHAZAQ inspires thousands of people yearly since its

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CHAZAQ A Time to Laugh and Listen By Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland Light and Darkness All In One T he two women stood before the rav, each one confident that her claim was valid. It seemed that the same you

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 8 it as before. Precisely at that moment, the altar split apart, as predicted, and the ashes poured out to the ground. One might expect Yeravam to be humbled and enlightened

CHAZAQ Lowest fares American Israeli Hours Specializing in Flights to and from Israel SARAS TRAVEL DEALS Lowest fares English, Hebrew Russian Speaking Professional Service Working Hours USA

CHAZAQ Parenting with a Soul By Slovie JungreisWolff The Spiritual Child W hen I began my journey of connecting with parents after writing Raising a Child with Soul, there were some who could not fat

CHAZAQ Nelly Beck Travel 11510 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375 Tel 7185750017 8006326773 Cell 9172263800 Email Follow us www.facebooknbcruises Destination L

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 12 what is meant. Research has shown that it is not enough to be kind. Optimism, forgiveness and regret are all required virtues. In 4 out of 5 kids, a child is as virtuous a

CHAZAQ 757 3RD AVENUE, FLOOR 20, NEW YORK, NY 10017 TEL 212 2036848 212 7813513 EMAIL INFOBRAHAMOVING.COM WEBSITE WWW.BRAHAMOVING.COM DOT 38788 US DOT 2357509 When you move with Braha, youre choos

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CHAZAQ Maggids Column By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn Tehillim Treasure R ebbetzin Batsheva Esther Kanievsky of Bnei Brak, Israel, who passed away in Tishrei 5772 October 2011, came from extraordinary spi

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CHAZAQ Halacha Insights By Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz Alarm Clocks and Watches on Shabbat I Setting an Alarm Clock to Go Off on Shabbat t would seem to be prohibited to set an alarm clock to go off o

CHAZAQ GO SOLAR Effective September 23, 2014 The State of NY wants to PAY YOU an average of 13,478 to go solar with no outofpocket costs. New laws were signed that entitle you to get this money. In a

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 20 Shutting Off a Ringing Alarm Clock on Shabbat Regarding most alarm clocks commonly used nowadays which are electronic and pushing any button on the screen will usually cau

CHAZAQ WIG STUDIO HAIR SALON LaDina Stylist.Rob LADINA wig studio Prestige Cutstyle mens salon Ladina wigs We o er Russian, European, Brazilian, Human hair and Bandfalls. Precuts, Raw, V

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 23 Watches Which Operate on the Movement of Ones Hand Before addressing the above issue, let us first discuss whether or not it is permissible to wind up such a watch a mecha

CHAZAQ Protect your world Auto Home Life Retirement JENNIFER KANAREK 7183803300 17918 UNION TPKE Subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., A

CHAZAQ Trust and Estates By Roman Aminov Opening a Safe Deposit Box After Death in NY. I often receive phone calls from clients who had recently lost a loved one and, among other things, are confused

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CHAZAQ Dating and Marriage By R Ben Tzion Shafier Mistake 1 It wasnt love it was magic, and the magic wore off A lmost every couple has that moment of revelation. It may be two weeks after the wedd

CHAZAQ Program Highlights Acquire an accredited degree without compromising your learning. Apply 90 of the 120 credits needed for your degree through Yeshiva learning. Affordable, only a fraction of

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 30 The First Really Dumb Mistake in Marriage This is when many couples make the first really dumb mistake in marriage. Its when either he or she wakes up and says, I dont bel

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CHAZAQ Recent CHAZAQ Programs O ver the past month, CHAZAQ inspired and entertained hundreds of community members via their numerous programs throughout the Queens community. The month of April came

CHAZAQ O n May fourth, CHAZAQ held its first Teens basketball championship game, featuring a high profile match between the CHAZAQ Great Neck team and the CHAZAQ Forest Hills team. Prior to the game

CHAZAQ T hen on Wednesday night May 6th, CHAZAQ hosted a Lag Baomer celebration for the men of the community. A delicious gourmet meal was served alongside words of inspiration and lively dancing. T

CHAZAQ T hen on Wednesday evening May 20th, the ladies of the community were treated to an exciting night out at the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills, as CHAZAQ hosted a flower arrangement class in

CHAZAQ Clarity and Peace of Mind By Sarah Yagudaev The Declaration Of Appreciation W ithout appreciation life feels dull and lifeless Its very important to acknowledge and share appreciation because

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 39 effective and productive than the people who werent. The same study then showed that people who felt valued, appreciated, and cared for they were 43 percent more effective

CHAZAQ Weddings Yossi Herzog Malky Reisman Shimmy Schreiber Aidy Lichtenstader Yair Morris Miriam Geller Mendy Goldberg Mushky Coleman Duvi Gluck Lauren Chornock Zak Levy Gila Hirsch Moshe Hirs

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CHAZAQ The Coaching Corner By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Lessons from the Fishermans Boat L ast summer, during a visit to Chicago, I had the pleasure of going fishing with three of my children on Lake Michi

CHAZAQ Recipes By Tamar Genger Lemon or Lime Frozen Yogurt I love making my own soft serve frozen yogurt in the Summer and one of my favorite flavors when I was in High School and FroYo was all th

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CHAZAQ You work hard to grow your Business... Shouldnt the world know how great you are The Chida Rabbi Sharabi A Announcing the New i th N Rabbi Kaduri Ben Ish Chai Baba Sali What are you doin

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CHAZAQ FUN PAGE Q Why cant your nose be 12 inches long A Because then it would be a foot Q Why are frogs so happy A Because they eat whatever bugs them Q What has one head, one foot and four legs A A

CHAZAQ 10 Things To Do For Summer 2015 The Downtown BoatHouse Manhattan Located at the Pier 26, on the southern end of Hudson River Park on the Westside Highway. Admission is FREE. All season long Pi

CHAZAQ Orthodontics By Dr. Zelig Solomon EARLY ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT C rowded deciduous dentition baby teeth will almost certainly result in crowded adult dentition. More attention must be paid to

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 53 Admission 6 per person, ages 1 up Phone Number 7182732060 The mission of the Staten Island Childrens Museum is to nurture the creativity and curiosity natural to all chil

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CHAZAQ Health Section By Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., N.Y.S. Certified Nutritionist Vitamins for Healthy Skin S everal years ago, the fitness director at the Central Queens Y asked me to give a lecture en

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CHAZAQ Stay connected with Hamodia. The leader in Jewish Media. Subscribe and Save Call 718HAMODIA 7182859132 59

CHAZAQ Protecting Our Children from the Perils of Summer T By Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky he summer months can be a difficult time to cope with for many frum Jews. On the one hand, it is summer vacation.

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 60 Tamuz and Av are the months of destruction for our people. We can see the power of the nations of the world upon us in the relaxation of standards that I mentioned earlier

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CHAZAQ Itiv S Ob ce ddvlp n nut e E i akn ee me t o F l rso s e mo i ay e s e ul ep ni bl r d w bi s y v ee t Lv o t cs me sp otytm i ns e ut r u p rss e i o e Sc l ew r itgain oi n t oknert a o

CHAZAQ June History Trivia Susan B. Anthony was fined on June 18, 1873 for attempting to vote for president. How much was she fined 100.00. Anthony was fined one hundred dollars. However, she never p

CHAZAQ SERVING THE ENTIRE JEWISH COMMUNITY TEL TEL. 718 7612626 E Mail infojewishc com EMail THE JEWISH CONNECTION 7182859132 View the latest issue of www.CHAZ

CHAZAQ HELP CHAZAQ HELP KLAL YISROEL By signing up for Ebates using the link on, Chazaq will benefit 25 after making your first purchase of 25 or more. In addition, Ebates will send you a

CHAZAQ BUSINESS CARD SECTION Hitting your target isnt always this easy. Enhance your organizational capacity with high impact leadership training and support. infoimpactfu

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CHAZAQ The Community is Invited to an Inspirational Evening Featuring Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein Presented by World Renowned Lecturer Monday Night, June 15, 2015 Men Women of All Ages are Welcome

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