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MAGAZINE Staff Rabbinic Advisor Rav Ahron Walkin www.CHA Issue 55 Dedicated in loving memory of Reuven ben Bella MAGAZINE May, 2016 FREE Contributing Writers Roman Aminov R Meir Gavrie

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MAGAZINE SHAVUOS THE ROLE OF CHILDREN AND PARENTS S By Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky havuos is almost upon us. This means that around the world tens of thousands of nice Jewish families are moving into ma

MAGAZINE Now Youve Got A Guy NYC PBA CELLPHONE SPEEDING DWIDUI RED LIGHTS STOP SIGN 9174262WIN 946 2016 Pediatric Experts Diagnostic Evaluations In home or at daycare Evaluations Special Educat

MAGAZINE And when you see how the custom is often observed, they certainly seem to have been justified. How much time do people spend learning, and how much of the night shmoozing or eating or closin

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MAGAZINE Parenting with a Soul By Slovie JungreisWolff Preventing Divorce after Decades of Marriage A fter decades of marriage, couples are splitting up later in life. Experts call this grey divor

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 11 excitement. The passion has been lost. Meals are spent in silence. Days become long. Homes become cold caverns. And many husbands and wives stop trying. They dont take

MAGAZINE energize the business world. Be there. Keynote Speaker Kivi Bernhard Award Winning Speaker Author of Leapordology QA Conference Session Jason Greenblatt Chief Legal Officer for The Trump

MAGAZINE Maggids Column By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn A Day of Designation M r. Yechiel Benzion Benny Fishoff is among the most beloved people I know. For more than six decades, he has served and suppor

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 15 an old woman who offered to take him to Benslovutchs home. They took a taxi and as they were driving the woman suddenly pointed and called out, There he is Benny jumped

MAGAZINE Pretty Party AII your party needs in 1 place lnvitationsCenterpieces Favors Entertainment Photobooth PhotojVideo Dessert s Rivky Shamayev 9173553500 r Birthday Par1ies Showers Kiddush B

MAGAZINE Halacha Insights By Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz The Mitzvah of Visiting the Sick T he Gemara Baba Metzia 30b states that the verse And you shall notify them of the way through which they must

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 19 em likewise rewards one for this even in this world, as the verse ibid. states, Hashem shall preserve him and keep him alive, let him be called happy in the land and do

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 20 Although requesting Heavenly mercy for the individual can be performed even when not in the ill individuals presence, such as by saying a Mi SheBerach prayer on behalf

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 22 in the individuals presence, his name should not be mentioned. It is for this reason that a sick individuals name is changed since the current name could be what is cau

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MAGAZINE Conversations... By Toby Weiss Caring for Holocaust Survivors at EndofLife A s a child of Holocaust survivors, I experienced two dramatically different endoflife scenarios with each of my p

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 25 At the same time, Second Generation Holocaust Survivors do not initiate conversations about advance directives or health care wishes with their parents because they don

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MAGAZINE The Coaching Corner By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Counting from the Harvest Up P esach ended and the immediate, desperate reaction from Jews worldwide was Cookie Monsteresque. Chametz Lest the r

MAGAZINE One of New Yorks leading Anglo Jewish weekly publications Read the very latest on the Jewish communities of New York, Israel and the world. Reaching 200,000 readers each focused on an upscal

Erev Shavuos And Tisha BAv That Fall Out On Shabbos T by Rabbi Eliezer Krohn he first thing I thought of when I realized that Shavuos is on Motzai Shabbos this year was that I would be able to take a

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MAGAZINE A Time to Laugh and Listen By Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland Life Insurance A n eightyyearold man enters an insurance agency in Tel Aviv and tells the clerk he wishes to purchase life insurance.

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MAGAZINE Recipes MINI CRANBERRY CHEESECAKES N eed to make a fun dessert for your next holiday family gathering Make this mini cheesecakes. They freeze well, so you can make them a

MAGAZINE The Shmuz By R Ben Tzion Shafier A Craving to See Hashem And HASHEM said to Moshe, Descend, warn the people, lest they break through to HASHEM to see, and a multitude of them will fall. Sh

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 36 command What makes this question particularly troubling is that this generation understood the gravity of their actions. They lived through the makkos and then kriyas Y

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 37 like putting a fine radio receiver into a concrete bomb shelter. The radio waves are in the air, but the tons of concrete will block them. The way that a person increas

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MAGAZINE Creative Jewish Inspiration By Rabbi Nachman Seltzer Bamba Baby T he smell was the yummiest part of it all. The sheer pleasure of the tantalizing fragrance wafting into the air overcame the


MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 40 the long line of figures on the Shapiro page. She too knew it was only a matter of time until he was exposed for the pauper that he was, not even able to pay for the fo

MAGAZINE WE CATER JAPANESE CUISINE Announcing Our Newest Location in the Heart of Brooklyn 722 Kings Highway Grand Opening Celebration Early June Have One of Our Unforgettable Live Sushi Bars at

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 42 The electric doors slid opened in front of him, ushering him inside with a gust of air conditioned air. He wiped his sweating brow with the back of his hand and fished

MAGAZINE FUN PAGE You Think Money Grows on Trees Moishie Rose had been asking his father for more and more spending money so his father finally said to him, Moishie, do you think money grows on trees

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MAGAZINE Trust and Estates By Roman Aminov Medicaid Planning for Parents in New York A s parents get older, children begin to take on the role of caretaker and assist their parents in making various

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MAGAZINE Orthodontics By Dr. Zelig Solomon What Is a Palatal Expander A palatal expander is an appliance that fits into the roof of your mouth palate. It widens your palate to improve the way your u

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MAGAZINE Clarity and Peace of Mind By Sarah Yagudaev BAD HABIT ME NO WAY How do we drop a bad habit What are they Why do they happen full responsibility for your bad habit. You cant blame others for

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MAGAZINE Health Section By Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., N.Y.S. Certified Nutritionist Step into Spring W ith spring in full bloom, now is the ideal time to incorporate a walking program into your regul


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FAMILY WAS VERY HAPPY WITH THE WAY MARGARET TIETZ TREATED MY FATHER. The care was great and the therapy was outstanding. With excellent food and a beautiful shul, Margaret Tietz takes care of you, the