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MAGAZINE Staff Rabbinic Advisor Rav Ahron Walkin www.CHA Issue 58 Dedicated for the Refuah Shlema of Rabbi Moshe MAGAZINE ben Raizel November December, 2016 FREE Beth Midrash Program

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MAGAZINE News from the USA, Israel and around the world VIDEOS PHOTOS SIMCHAS OPINIONS HEALTH ARTICLES Much More Follow On Twitter TheJewishBuzz Follow on Instagram TheJewishBuzz Get Updates on Wh

MAGAZINE Parenting with a Soul By Slovie JungreisWolff The Race to Catch My Flight R unning as fast as I could as the final call blared, I realized I had lost my handbag. Nothing prepared me for the

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 8 First, my inner voice was way too negative today. This is the powerful voice that becomes the reality we create. This is the voice that stops us in our tracks and does n

MAGAZINE Inauguration event of the New Beth Midrash Program with Rav Ahron Walkin and Noach Deutch from Australia 7182859132 11

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MAGAZINE A Time to Laugh and Listen By Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland Tefillah Its Not Just Three Times A Day B arry, a secular Jew, was running late for his job interview in Manhattan. Nervously, he circle

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 13 ed as to daven, for its root word, siach lit. conversing, is an expression of tefillah. Indeed, conversing is the very nucleus of tefillah. A continuum of numerous, non

MAGAZINE Joi Our Uniqu An OnofKin Beth Midrash Program HaRav Ahron Walkin Shlita Rosh HaYeshiva with Warm and friendly environment Close RebbeTalmid relationship Extra emphasis on learning how

MAGAZINE Chazaq hosts Rav Shimon Baadani in Queens O n Thursday, the 17th of November, CHAZAQ had the tremendous privilege of hosting Hagaon Harav Shimon Baadani shlita, member of the Moetzet Chachme


MAGAZINE Recent CHAZAQ Programs Chazaq tour with R Dovid Orlofsky in Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, Great Neck, West Hempstead and various schools Hachnasat Sefer Torah in memory of Aharon ben Esther Post

MAGAZINE Halacha Insights By Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz Laws of Chanukah and Procedures for Lighting Chanukah Candles in Various Settings While Away From Home O The Proper Time to Light Chanukah Can

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 19 as his agent since in this way, the Mitzvah will be fulfilled at the proper time our Sages established for it. Additionally, even when ones wife lights on his behalf, s

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 21 his current location at all, nevertheless, if he wishes to have in mind not to fulfill his obligation with the candles being lit in his home, he may if he does so and t

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 22 Volume 2, Chapter 343, Subsection 11 see also Piskei Teshuvot, Chapter 677, footnote 4 the primary place to light Chanukah candles is where one eats his meals. Thus, ma

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MAGAZINE Seize the Day By Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen Were Almost There Living With Patience, Perseverance, and Purpose A few months back, I had an email exchange with a dean of the American rabbinate, R

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MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 25 formula known as SW to the 3rd powerN. It represents Some Will, Some Wont, So What Next A successful baseball player gets a hit 3 out of 10 times at the plate. Persever

MAGAZINE One of New Yorks leading Anglo Jewish weekly publications Read the very latest on the Jewish communities of New York, Israel and the world. Reaching 200,000 readers each focused on an upscal

MAGAZINE The Shmuz By R Ben Tzion Shafier The Bais HaMikdash Power Source of Spirituality T Chanukah he Bach commenting on Tur Shulchan Aruch explains that the decrees of the Yivanim against the Je

CHAZAQ 10 Year Anniversary Gala Legacy Dinner

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 29 The only cure was for the Jewish people to reach a new understanding of the primacy of the Avodah and to rededicate themselves to the service in the Bais HaMikdash. Whe

MAGAZINE Tamar Genger Recipes PUMPKIN MUFFINS T his is my new mostfavorite muffin recipe, partly because the muffins are absolutely delicious, so much so that my family devoured a whole batch in on

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MAGAZINE In Life, certain things are done only once, make sure they are done right Rabbi Emmanuel Davidoff Your Professional Mohel Also Providing Chatan Call or Text 9175456392 or email Best.Brity

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MAGAZINE The Coaching Corner By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Chanuka... Al Pi Darko C hanuka means consecration, such as the consecration of a home see Devarim 205. During the eight days of Chanuka, we comme

MAGAZINE Continued from pg. 37 needs. Our goal must be to capture the childs essence as much as his intellect. And according to their temperament We must be willing to work with all of our children

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MAGAZINE Orthodontics By Dr. Zelig Solomon Orthodontic Care H aving braces should not cause any major changes in your day to day activities. You can still dine out, sing, play a musical instrument


MAGAZINE Pretty Party AII your party needs in 1 place lnvitationsCenterpieces Favors Entertainment Photobooth PhotojVideo Dessert s Rivky Shamayev 9173553500 r Birthday Par1ies Showers Kiddush B

MAGAZINE FUN PAGE Spot the 11 Differences Q Whens the best time to go to the dentist A Toothhurty Q Why did Goofy put a clock under his desk ed to work overtime A Because he want Q When do you stop a

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MAGAZINE Weddings Engagements Hayley Wise Yuval Mantzur Jonathan Packer Sarah Struhl Miri Inglis Avrumi Rubin Yechiel Barnetsky Chany Wasserman Simi Wasserman Aharon Deutsch Lea Matta Chneor Be

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Chanukah Quiz By Rabbi Shraga Simmons 1. What does the word Chanukah mean A. candles B. triumph C. dedication D. potato pancake 2. The best place to light the Menorah is A. outside your front door B.

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MAGAZINE 8. Jews who assimilated into Greek culture were called A. Greeks B. Maccabees C. Hasmoneans D. Hellenists 9. How many branches did the Menorah in the Holy Temple have A. 6 B. 7 C. 8 D. 9 10.

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MAGAZINE Health Section By Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., N.Y.S. Certified Nutritionist One Day at a Time C entral to the holiday of Chanukah is the concept that spiritual ascent occurs in steady increment

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MAGAZINE Extends their Appreciation to For Enabling the Success of Our Recent and Ongoing Initiative of Providing Jewish Children a Yeshiva Education For Over 35 Years Beer Hagolah Has Delivered the

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