Get Adobe Flash player Issue 48 Dedicated in loving memory of Zulay bat Bloriya and Aharon ben Esther Distributed In Queens Five Towns Far Rockaway Great Neck Boro Park Flatbush October, 2015 FREE Se

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CHAZAQ Staff Rabbinic Advisor Rav Ahron Walkin www.CHA Issue 48 Dedicated in loving memory of Zulay bat Bloriya and Aharon ben Esther Great Neck Boro Park Flatbush October, 2015 Distri

CHAZAQ is an organization which has but one goal in mind to Build a Stronger Future. Based in Queens NY, and gradually expanding across the globe, CHAZAQ inspires thousands of people yearly since its

CHAZAQ A Time to Laugh and Listen By Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland Mans True Strength A short, scrawny fellow interviewed for a job as a lumberjack. The foreman was unimpressed by his small size, and barely

CHAZAQ The Wig that Sells Itself All Lengths and Styles Kollel Price Available Refer a friend and get 25 gift card Host a show and get a free wig 6463991313 or 6463357516 Fo

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 7 for achievement on a spiritual level when siyata dShmaya, Heavenly assistance, is at his side. A Jews spirituality knows no bounds. One look at the words of the Nefesh Hach

CHAZAQ CHAZAQ RADIO Aside from listening online on Are you a certified HHA Looking for a great job with great pay, flexible schedule, and benefits NOW HIRING HHAs Call Now Jstr

CHAZAQ Maggids Column By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn An OpenHand Policy A number of years ago, I was asked to speak at the Agudath Israel Convention on the topic, Problems and Possibilities in the Secul


CHAZAQ Parenting with a Soul By Slovie JungreisWolff How to Foster Gratitude in Children W aiting on line in a shop, I watch the scene in front of me unfold. A teenage girl has piled the counter with

CHAZAQ Nelly Beck Travel 11510 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375 Tel 7185750017 8006326773 Cell 9172263800 Email Follow us www.facebook.comnbcruises NO ONE BELO

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 14 While getting kids ready for the new school year, we are given the perfect opportunity to cultivate w ithin them this awareness. A nd as we parent our childrens souls we w

CHAZAQ When it comes to late night emergencies... SEASONS EXPRESS HAS YOU COVERED Open 246 the EXPRESS LAWRENCE 50 Doughty Blvd, Lawrence, New York 516.666.9900 LAWRENCE QUE

CHAZAQ When you shop with family, its the closest thing to home. Theres nothing like the feeling of coming home. A smile at the door, a hot cup of coffee and a homemade meal. At Seasons we want you

CHAZAQ Halacha Insights By Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz The Laws of Consuming Bread During the Shabbat Meals T The Amount of Bread One Must Eat he Gemara in Masechet Shabbat 117b states Our Sages taught

CHAZAQ Lowest fares American Israeli Hours Specializing in Flights to and from Israel SARAS TRAVEL DEALS Lowest fares English, Hebrew Russian Speaking Professional Service Working Hours USA

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 20 obligated to recite Birkat Hamazon after eating them or is Boreh Minei Mezonot the appropriate blessing for them, like cake and the like, and one eating them would not ful


CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 22 imately 216 grams, one must recite the Hamotzi Lechem Min Haaretz blessing on it and after eating it, one must recite Birkat Hamazon, just as one would for actual bread. T

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CHAZAQ Jewish Day School Fears A By Yvette Alt Miller nswering the commonly asked questions about sending kids to Jewish Day school. How will your kids get a good secular education They can learn ev

CHAZAQ Surprisingly, the cost of Jewish day school is often less than many people fear. At many schools, a majority of families receive financial aid. There is even a movement in many communities to

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CHAZAQ The Coaching Corner By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Blazing Your Own Path to Success D id you ever look around in amazement at people around you that have achieved extraordinary things, yet dont appe

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CHAZAQ On Wednesday night, September 9th, hundreds of community members joined together at Terrace on the Park in Queens, to celebrate CHAZAQs 3rd annual dinner in a grandeur fashion. F rom the pro

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CHAZAQ Program Highlights Acquire an accredited degree without compromising your learning. Apply 90 of the 120 credits needed for your degree through Yeshiva learning. Affordable, only a fraction of

CHAZAQ Creative Jewish Inspiration By Rabbi Nachman Seltzer The Atlantic Graveyard A True Story T he Atlantic Graveyard has a mystic sound to it. Surreal. Not the kind of place I would have thought

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 36 were firing on us with everything they had. It was a while before our commanding officer sent one of our men out of the relative safety of our vehicle and out into the blo

CHAZAQ ing job this week. Take an extra four hundred bucks. Eventually, my manager was promoted to partner. The bosses opened another car wash in a different part of the city which he was slated to ru

CHAZAQ WE CATER JAPANESE CUISINE Introducing Purple Thai Rice Rolls Available at all Locations ills Forest H Hours Summer SunThu till 11pm ck Great Ne rving Now Se e Beer Win ake S an Manhatt en

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 39 yard. Unfortunately, our seamen were not afraid of anything and were happy as clams to try anything once. Our first day on the ocean was a breeze. A fully stocked kitchen

CHAZAQ Take Advantage of our Historically 7265 MAIN STREET, FLUSHING NY 11367 7182686880 LOW RATES Deal with Direct Lender Call me today for information about New Home Loans C

CHAZAQ FUN PAGE Q What has four wheels and flies A A garbage truck Q What starts with a P, ends with an E, and has a million letters in it A Post Office Q What did the blanket say to the bed A Dont w

CHAZAQ The Shmuz By R Ben Tzion Shafier Its Respect First, Love Second A husband and wife are walking when suddenly he trips. Oy she cries out. Are you OK I hope youre not hurt. Its OK. Its OK, he re

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CHAZAQ Trust and Estates By Roman Aminov What Are My Rights as a Surviving Spouse I received a frantic call earlier this year from a woman with two young children whose husband passed away a few mont

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 47 full spousal right of 13. Not every client is as fortunate. Quite often, I speak with potential clients who, for different reasons, waited too long act on their rights bef

CHAZAQ Recipes By Jamie Geller LIGHT PASTA ALFREDO M y favorite pasta sauces are alfredo and vodka. I find it hard to choose between them. I have been known to order both at restaurants. Hey, someti

CHAZAQ Where Youre the Queen A Project Of The CHAZAQ Womens Division See our collection in CHAZAQ SHOP at Large selection of scarves and accessories to beautify your head wrap Custommade

CHAZAQ Orthodontics By Dr. Zelig Solomon WHAT IS ORTHODONTICS O rthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularitie

CHAZAQ Engagements Ashy Mamane Mishy Duchman Rochel Gluck Gavriel Glick Rochale Zelesniak Isroel Greinemann Avigdor Weiss Malka Shapiro Rachel Miller Avi Roth Shira Zamore Eytan Goldstein Adina

CHAZAQ Ask The Doctor By Edward Ellie Bennet, MD Q Ive been hearing a lot about The Mediterranean diet what is it and how is it good for me I f youre looking for a hearthealthy eating plan, the Me

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 53 olive oils the least processed forms also contain the highest levels of protective plant compounds that provide antioxidant effects. Canola oil and some nuts contain the b

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CHAZAQ Clarity and Peace of Mind By Sarah Yagudaev ITS TIME TO BE YOU T he world needs your authentic selfexpression. IT NEEDS YOU Your gifts, your talents, your unique expression. YOU Think about ho

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CHAZAQ Health Section By Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., N.Y.S. Certified Nutritionist Kugel and Kiddush M any of us find it easy, or at least manageable, to maintain healthy eating habits during the week. B

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