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Staff Rabbinic Advisor Rav Ahron Walkin www.CHA Issue 40 Dedicated in loving memory of Penina bat Devorah Five Towns Far Rockaway Great Neck Boro January, 2015 Distributed In Queens F

CHAZAQ Thats Life By Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein A GLIMPSE OF TRUTH Why we have dreams and what they really mean W hen I was a boy I dreamed often, and not too infrequently the dream was a bad one that p

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 8 to take action to try to avert the dream coming true. Rabbi Desslers last category is almost identical to his first. Here, though, the dreamer is shown something positive a

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 9 It was worth flying all the way to California just to hear that Suppose, though, that I had never spent the time and effort to write that book. One day I would be standing

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CHAZAQ Parenting with a Soul By Slovie JungreisWolff Calling Parents by their First Names H ayden Mathais, a blond eighth grader taps the FaceTime icon on her phone and says, Oh, hey Dave to the face

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 12 It is considered simply unacceptable. So is sitting in a parents chair without permission, saying No and walking out on a parent, or taking parents clothing and money with

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CHAZAQ Maggids Column By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn Dressed For the Occasion O n a recent trip to South Africa, Mr. Peter Fine of Cape Town told me this poignant story that happened in the Claremont Hebr

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 16 One year, a few days before Rosh Hashanah, Vossy came into the main sanctuary of the Claremont Shul to replace the paroches on the Aron Kodesh with the resplendent white o

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CHAZAQ EZ Taxes By Ephraim Zucker, CPA New Tax Breaks Available to New York Taxpayers This coming year, many New York taxpayers will be facing smaller tax bills, thanks to several recently enacted NY

CHAZAQ Are you looking for an OUTSTANDING LICENSED FIRM Professionals that is experienced in TAXES AMERICAS TAX EXPERTS If you answered YES to the following questions then YOU need another accountant

CHAZAQ Womens Corner By Rabbanith Ruth Menashe Reaching Spiritual Heights Through Our Prayer One of the greatest challenges of our generation is knowing how to use the incredible gift of prayer. Do w

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CHAZAQ The Coaching Corner By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Dont Let Email Become Efail W e all know the reasons that we use our computers and smartphones to send so many of our correspondences instead of shar

CHAZAQ Nachalas Yitzchok Banquet Hall Located in the heart of Kew Gardens Hills 14139 73rd Ave, Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367 For All Your Simchas Bar Mitzvahs Bat Mitzvahs Brissim Pidon Haben Kiddish

CHAZAQ Halacha Insights By Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz The Laws of Tying and Untying on Shabbat T he Mishnah in Masechet Shabbat 73a lists the thirtynine forms of forbidden work on Shabbat. The Mishnah

CHAZAQ forbid tying a knot on Shabbat, i.e. either it is a professional knot or a permanent one. However, a knot which is neither professional nor permanent may be tied on Shabbat. A Knot Intended To

CHAZAQ DO YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE NEED A GOAL or Certified Life Coach will keep you on track. Find out how by giving yourself the gift of a FREE half hour no obligation Discovery session. TAKE THE FI

CHAZAQ scenario for the following reason Whereas regarding twining cotton or other materials one intends to create one entity, i.e. the string or rope, and this bears striking resemblance to the Torah

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CHAZAQ Dating and Marriage By R Ben Tzion Shafier The Princess and the Peasant I n the times of castles and moats, there lived a princess. An only child, her life was to be one of comfort, lavishness

CHAZAQ You are cordially invited to a Special Networking Event by the JEWISH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT a networking group and the Date Wednesday, January 14, 2015 Time 700 PM 930 PM Location Young Israe

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 31 month after month of frigid cold, wearing the coarsest garments that scratch her skin, yet barely keep out the cold. The only source of heat in the cottage is the fire tha

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 33 Until a person comes to grips with these two parts of his personality, he wont understand what makes him tick, and his own motives and drives will remain a mystery even t

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 35 The second part of the book is equally telling. In it, Frankl describes what life was like for him after the war. After spending time in the displaced persons camp, he lan

CHAZAQ SAVE THE DATE AND DONT MISS OUT SUNDAY NIGHT, MARCH 15th, 2015 The Colden Auditorium at Queens College 6530 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing NY Over 2,000 people in attendance Seating Chart for t

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CHAZAQ Other Opportunities to be a Part of the BIG CHAZAQ Event III Group and School Rates for Tickets Must pay in advance, on condition all tickets will be used Purchase 2049 Tickets and receive a

CHAZAQ Recap of last years Big CHAZAQ Event at Forest Hills High School with over 1,000 people Last years flier Last years booklet Last years sponsors Last years ticket Pictures from the First Big C

CHAZAQ Announcing our EXPANDED Forest Hills Location with DineIn Availability Dine In Take out Free Delivery WE CATER New to our Forest Hills Menu JAPANESE Teriyaki Grill CUISINE Japanese Meat a

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CHAZAQ Trust and Estates By Roman Aminov There is hardly a week that goes by that I dont receive a call from a potential client asking me to help them avoid probate. Unfortunately, most of the time,

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CHAZAQ Engagements Azarya Pinchasov and Miriam Yakubov Efrayim Marks and Rachel Bermanski Mordy Aryeh and Taly Leveine Eliezer Haimoff and Ilana Izraelova Bnaya Deutsch and Miriam Goldstein Yehuda an

CHAZAQ Health Section By Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., N.Y.S. Certified Nutritionist Positive Thinking for the Cold Weather N ow that winter is upon us, here are some tips for thinking positively ab

CHAZAQ CHAZAQ JUDAICA PRESS The Chida Rabbi Sharabi Rabbi Kaduri Ben Ish Chai Baba Sali Announcing the New Chazaq Judaica Press CJP is undergoing a momentous project where we are translating th

CHAZAQ Clarity and Peace of Mind By Sarah Yagudaev BETTER LATE THAN NEVER I t is very common and unfortunate for a caregiver to put the needs of everyone else before their own. This may work very w

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 48 When I started loving myself I stopped depriving myself of my free time and stopped sketching further magnificent projects for the future. Today I only do whats fun and jo

CHAZAQ Recipes By Jamie Geller Stuffed Peppers Stuff with either white or brown rice or even cous cous, quinoa, barley, bulgur, orzo, or even broken slightly undercooked spaghetti. This is a really

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CHAZAQ Program Highlights Acquire an accredited degree without compromising your learning. Apply 90 of the 120 credits needed for your degree through Yeshiva learning. Affordable, only a fraction of

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CHAZAQ T hen You Direct Your gaze to Those small o mistake But powerful about Flames which It. This Contain the Post Modern zubd rutHidden World is also Light, utilize the Greek in its Power of this

CHAZAQ Where Youre the Queen Volumizers No Slip Bands Large Variety of Scarves in Different Colors, Sizes, Textures including Pashminas, Sari Scarves, Thin Solid Scarves, Silky Sash... Accessories

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CHAZAQ FUN PAGE Q What do you call sad coffee A Despresso. Q What stays in the corner and travels all over the world A A stamp. Q What do you call a man with no body and just a nose A Nobody nose. Q

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CHAZAQ Orthodontics By Dr. Zelig Solomon Welcome to Our Office W e would like to take this opportunity to introduce our office to you. We wish to briefly describe our philosophy of orthodontics. Our

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CHAZAQ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home By Malka Osher WHATS FOR DINNER I ts 600 p.m. The kids are whining because they are hungry. Your husband is about to enter your home after a long and stressful day

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 64 can even include the family when planning. Some people let their children choose what day of the week theyd like to have their favorite meal, so each person gets a turn an

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CHAZAQ Magic Tricks By Jeremy Pasternak 917 7160398 Easy Find Card Trick After shabbos, just go to, click on Magic Shop, an

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CHAZAQ BUSINESS CARD SECTION Hitting your target isnt always this easy. Enhance your organizational capacity with high impact leadership training and support. infoimpactfu

CHAZAQ CHAZAQ RADIO Jstream app for android, Jewish radio app for Iphone or app for android and Iphones other options of listening include Dialing 401 2836664 Aside f

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CHAZAQ Fairview Nursing Care Center is a leader in quality short term and long term care. Located in picturesque Forest Hills, overlooking the lake at Flushing Meadows, and surrounded by beautiful ga

SAVE THE DATE CHAZAQ SUNDAY NIGHT, MARCH 15, 2015 Dedications in Memory or Refuah Shlema of a Loved one Available... Stay Tuned... Details Coming Soon See ges iddle pa m re for mo details www.CHAZA