Get Adobe Flash player Issue 43 Dedicated in loving memory of Zulay bat Brucho and Aharon ben Esther Distributed In Queens Five Towns Far Rockaway Great Neck Boro Park Flatbush May, 2015 FREE Impacti

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CHAZAQ NEW AUTO SALES, LEASING FINANCING 2016 ACURA ILX 2015 INFINITI Q40 AWD SEDAN lease for NYC taxes Included for 39m10k Sport seats with perforated Leathertrimmed interior Keyless Access Sys

CHAZAQ Staff Rabbinic Advisor Rav Ahron Walkin www.CHA Issue 43 Dedicated in loving memory of Zulay bat Brucho and Aharon ben Esther Great Neck Boro Park Flatbush May, 2015 Distributed

CHAZAQ is an organization which has but one goal in mind to Build a Stronger Future. Based in Queens NY, and gradually expanding across the globe, CHAZAQ inspires thousands of people yearly since its

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CHAZAQ A Time to Laugh and Listen By Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland A wellknown funnyman once lamented When I was young, I didnt get no respect. One winter, I asked my father if I could go iceskating on the

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CHAZAQ The Chida Rabbi Sharabi A Announcing the New i th N Rabbi Kaduri Ben Ish Chai Baba Sali CHAZAQ JUDAICA PRESS Chazaq Judaica Press CJP will be publishing renowned Judaica works into vario

CHAZAQ Parenting with a Soul By Slovie JungreisWolff Not Gifted Get Over It R esearchers at the University of Amsterdam studied 565 kids and 705 parents over two years to understand what makes kids n

CHAZAQ Nelly Beck Travel 11510 Q u e e n s Bl v d . Fo r e s t Hi l l s , NY 11375 Te l 7185750017 8006326773 Ce l l 9172263800 Em a i l n e l l y b e c k m s n .c o m w w w .NBi t r a v e l .

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 12 the greatest prevention to this egocentric living lies in giving our children selfesteem. When they feel accepted by others in a positive light and do not feel forced to t

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CHAZAQ Announcing our EXPANDED Forest Hills Location with DineIn Availability Dine In Take out Free Delivery Introducing Purple Thai Rice Rolls Available at all Locations WE CATER New to our For

CHAZAQ Maggids Column By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn Sick Leave R abbi Yaakov Bender, Menahel of Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway, New York, told me an illuminating story regarding bikur cholim visi

CHAZAQ 757 3RD AVENUE, FLOOR 20, NEW YORK, NY 10017 TEL 212 2036848 212 7813513 EMAIL INFOBRAHAMOVING.COM WEBSITE WWW.BRAHAMOVING.COM DOT 38788 US DOT 2357509 When you move with Braha, youre choos

CHAZAQ Law Matters By Solomon Shlomo Steiman, Esq. Back Taxes that Can Destroy Ones Business A lot of effort goes into starting a business, and even if successful, there are usually various difficu

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 19 their finances and determining which bills to hold off paying. Apparently, vendors, landlords and employees if applicable need to be paid or they wont be able to continue

CHAZAQ Shouldnt the world know how great you are You work hard to grow your Business... What are you doing to increase sales Who is designing your company ads Who is seeing them What is your ca

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CHAZAQ Halacha Insights By Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz Laws and Customs of the Omer Counting Period I Mourning Customs Observed During this Period t is customary among the entire Jewish nation not to ho

CHAZAQ WIG STUDIO HAIR SALON LaDina LADINA Wigs Robertscissorhands We o er Russian, European, Brazilian, Human hair and Bandfalls. Precuts, Raw, Virgin hair, Straight, Wavy, Lacefront

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 24 counting period. Those who have observed this custom have done so in error, for they have confused this period with the Three Weeks prior to the Ninth of Av during which t

CHAZAQ Protect your world Auto Home Life Retirement JENNIFER KANAREK 7183803300 17918 UNION TPKE Subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., A

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 26 Most people commonly refer to Lag BaOmer as being the day that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai passed on. However, Hagaon Shoel UMeshiv expressed wonder about this, for if so, we


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CHAZAQ Trust and Estates By Roman Aminov Frequently Asked Probate Questions A s a probate lawyer, I am often asked many important questions about the probate process. I have decided to make a list of

CHAZAQ Program Highlights Acquire an accredited degree without compromising your learning. Apply 90 of the 120 credits needed for your degree through Yeshiva learning. Affordable, only a fraction of

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 31 to the surviving spouse. Any real estate owned as joint tenants with rights of survivorship also avoids probate and goes to the remaining living owners. Real estate owned

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CHAZAQ The Shmuz By R Ben Tzion Shafier Shavuos A Craving to See HASHEM And HASHEM said to Moshe, Descend, warn the people, lest they break through to HASHEM to see, and a multitude of them will fall

CHAZAQ CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS BIOLOGY REGENTS HELP 3 Easy Review Books by Sharon Welcher College Teacher, Chairperson, High School Teacher Over 100,000 Chemistry Books Sold YOUR PRIVATE TUTOR at a VERY

CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 35 the base of Har Sinai, they reached unprecedented levels of spirituality. Their outside casing had very little influence on them. Their pure nishomas came to the fore. In

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CHAZAQ CHAZAQ Impacting People of All Ages CHAZAQ has proudly built a reputation of inspiring and entertaining children, teenagers and adults for nearly a decade via their wide array of programs and

CHAZAQ Many of the teens participating in the league have now also joined CHAZAQs afterschool programs for local teenagers, which meets up several times a week in Forest Hills. In the month of March,

CHAZAQ MidMarch featured CHAZAQs third annual Big Event. Though unlike previous years in which it took place at Forest Hills High School, this years Big Event took place in Queens College which holds

CHAZAQ Lastly, on Chol Hamoed Pesach, CHAZAQ hosted a super duper show for hundreds of children featuring Uncle Moishe, Bello, and the renowned band known as 8th day. The boys and girls in attendance


CHAZAQ Health Section By Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., N.Y.S. Certified Nutritionist for Healthier Children Nutrition R ecently I gave a nutrition lecture for parents of children with significant sensor

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CHAZAQ Clarity and Peace of Mind By Sarah Yagudaev I LOVE YOU, CAN YOU PLEASE LOVE ME T he need to be loved is extremely strong in all human beings. Love is what binds people together in an emotiona

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CHAZAQ Continued from pg. 46 2. Speak calmly to your children. Compliment their good behavior. Say please and thank you in order to be a good role model for them. Try to avoid saying anything harsh or

CHAZAQ Engagements Yitzy Rosenbaum Chaya Goldstein Shmuel Meir Klein Gitty Weiss Hudi Zahav Uri Krakauer Suzanne Harris Steven Bernstein Yitzy Feiner Rifka Freifeld Shia Richter Baila Guttman M

CHAZAQ The Coaching Corner By Rabbi Naphtali Hoff Seeing a Different Rea lity T he mitzvah to count the days of the sefirah period offers keen insight into the way that we view our purpose and role

CHAZAQ 7265 MAIN STREET, FLUSHING NY 11367 7182686880 With over 20 years of digital restoration experience we restore any old and damaged photographs. Replace missing pieces, add

CHAZAQ Recipes By Tamar Genger Mini Ricotta Cheesecake I am sure this recipe can be made gluten free since there is so little flour, but I havent tried it yet. This version of cheesecake without cru

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CHAZAQ VISIONS OF HOPE B y O s n a t Ya g u d a y e v Feelings of despair dont belong in my heart Take them away break them apart I refuse to be a victim of solitude and desolation I am will, stre

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CHAZA HAZA HAZAQ CH AZA CHAZAQ CHAZAQ AQ A letter to my grandma By Rivky Shamayev Y Dear Babush, ou are so loved and already so missed. The day you left us was one of the hardest days of my life. E

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CHAZAQ FUN PAGE Q What is the best day to go to the beach A Sunday, of course Q Which building is the largest A The library because it has the most stories. Q What do you call an illegally parked fro

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CHAZAQ Orthodontics By Dr. Zelig Solomon Surgical Orthodontics What Is S urgical orthodontics also known as orthognathic surgery corrects jaw irregularities to improve the patients ability to chew

CHAZAQ Where Youre the Queen A Project Of The CHAZAQ Womens Division See our collection in CHAZAQ SHOP at Large selection of scarves and accessories to beautify your head wrap Custommade


CHAZAQ Ask The Doctor By Edward Ellie Bennet, MD Q I have some warts my hands... Why do I keep getting them W what are WARTS arts are small, harmless growths of the skin and differ based on the ty

CHAZAQ salicylic acid preparation to the wart tissue. Do not apply it to other skin because of salicylic acids potential to injure normal tissue. Follow directions on the package for how long to apply

CHAZAQ Stay connected with Hamodia. The leader in Jewish Media. Subscribe and Save Call 718HAMODIA 7182859132 69

CHAZAQ Living Torah By Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky Raising Sinai T he words resounded like the battle cry of our destiny, we shall do and we shall listen Exodus 198. They were words that characterize

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CHAZA HAZA HAZAQ CH AZA CHAZAQ CHAZAQ AQ T he story of Ruth begins with a famine in Israel. Elimelech, his wife Naomi and their two sons, Machlon and Kilion, leave from Bethlehem to live in Moab. El

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CHAZAQ BUSINESS CARD SECTION Hitting your target isnt always this easy. Enhance your organizational capacity with high impact leadership training and support. infoimpactful

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CHAZAQ Directory of Advertisers AK Studio Aliza Itenberg Allstate All My Children Amity Studio Beer Hagolah Institutes Binah Braha Moving Systems Chabad of Northeast Queens Crowned DJ Yonatan Cohen E

CHAZAQ Help Chazaq Help Klal Yisroel By signing up for Ebates using the link on, Chazaq will bene t 25 a er making your rst purchase of 25 or more. In addition, Ebates will send you a 10