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The following Conditions of Sale and, if applicable, the AbsenteeTelephone Bid Form in the back of this catalogue, as they may be amended by any posted notices or oral announcements before or during t

INTERNATIONAL FINE ART AUCTION Lots 4457, 5989, 197200, 216, and 222250 Proceeds to benefit the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland Featuring, Among Others The Estate Collection of Father Paul Plante

ABBREVIATIONS l.r l.l. l.c. lower right lower left lower center u.l. u.r. b.r. m.r. upper left upper right below right middle right Am. Br. Eur. American British European SHIPPING For your conve

William Edward OReilly Auctioneer and Consultant Johanna Moore Sandra Richardson Telephone Bidding Gallery Manager William J. Milliken Auction Expediter Casco Bay Frames Framing and Media Consultants

1 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 View from the Table Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. Oil on canvas 4040 in. 101.6101.6 cm Provenance Frost Gully Gallery, Freeport, Maine label verso with title as above 6,0009

2 ALEXANDER BOWER Am. 18751952 Portland Harbor 1920 Signed indistinctly Alexander Bower l.r. Oil on canvas 3327 in. 83.868.6 cm Property of Lewis C. Allen, Boonsboro, Maryland A copy of a review of an

3 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Oyster Tongers Signed Stephen Etnier l.r. also titled as above and signed Stephen Etnier verso Oil on Masonite 1624 in. 40.661.0 cm Property of a Southern Maine collector

4 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Black Boulder 2 Signed and titled Stephen Etnier, Black Boulder 2 verso Oil on board 2436 in. 61.091.4 cm Provenance Frost Gully Gallery, Freeport, Maine 4,0006,000 9

58 PABLO PICASSO Sp. 18811973 4 Plates from Series 347, 1968 Etchings Each 67 in. 15.219.7 cm image Each 98 in. 24.820.3 cm paper Provenance Private collection, Wayne, New Jersey 5 Signed and dated P

7 Signed Picasso 10 b.r. and marked V 82.R.S. u.l. 2,0003,000 8 Signed Picasso 10 b.r. and marked I 82 8 08 u.r. 2,0003,000 11

9 PROBABLY ITALIAN SCHOOL 17TH C. The Nakedness of Noah Oil on canvas 304312 in. 76.8110.5 cm 3,0005,000 10 ATTRIBUTED TO CHARLES JOSEPH NATOIRE Fr. 17001777 The Secret Inscribed and dated Alla Ricci

11 AFTER JEANANTOINE WATTEAU FR. 19th C. LAssemble galante and Ftes venitiennes A pair of oils on canvas 181225 in. 47.063.5 cm I believe that both are fairly direct adaptations of Watteau composition

12 and 13 EMILIO SIVILLA TORRES It. 18451894 Each signed E. Sivilla Tanger the French spelling for Tangiers l.r. 12 The Marketplace Oil on canvas 81211 in. 21.627.9 cm 2,0003,000 13 The Courtyard Oi

14 F. DE MARIA 19th C. Dancer Signed F. de Maria u.l. Watercolor 1420 in. 35.650.8 cm 1,5002,000 15

15 LUCIEN BERTHAULT Fr. 18541921 Distant City in the East Minarets. Palm Trees. and Domed Building at Rivers Edge Monogrammed l.c. Mixed media on paper 4125 in. 11.414.6 cm Provenance Jordan Delhaise

17 GEORGE ADAM SCHMIDT Eur. 17911844 News Signed G. A. Schmidt l.l. Oil on panel 1519 in. 40.050.2 cm 4,0006,000 17

18 GAETANO CHIERICI It. 18381920 The Mask La Maschera Signed and dated Chierici Gaetano sic 1871 l.l. Oil on canvas 3141 in. 78.7104.1 cm Property of the Estate of William F. Herman, Georgetown, Maine

A copy of a letter that was found just weeks ago in October during the continuing resolution of the family estate after the Chierici was consigned to this auction is available and will accompany the l

19 LUIGI BECHI It. 18301919 Sisterly Affection Signed L. Bechi u.r. Oil on board 710 in. 18.425.4 cm 3,0005,000 20

20 LEON DE MEUTTER BRUNIN Bel. 18691941 In the Studio Signed Leon Brunin, Anvers 87 l.l. Oil on panel 24121912 in. 62.274.9 cm 10,00015,000 21

21 GIOVANNI TOESCHI It. 19th C. Before the Mirror Signed and dated Giovanni Toeschi 1878 l.r. Oil on board 128 in. 30.521.0 cm 2,0003,000 22

22 FERDINAND VICTOR LEON ROYBET Fr. 18491820 Musketeer at the Easel Signed F. Roybet l.l. Oil on panel 2016 in.. 50.840.6 cm 2,0003,000 23

23 BRITISH SCHOOL Br. 19th20th C. Taking Charge Oil on canvas 3628 in. 91.471.1 cm Property of a gentleman, Gardiner, Maine Provenance By descent through four generation in one family 2,5003,500 23A

24 BERNARD CATHELIN Fr. 19192004 Bouquet de Collines, 1962 Signed Cathelin 62 l.r. Oil on canvas 517612 in. 129.5194.3 cm Property of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNutt Provenance Kennedy Galleries, NY label

25 JULES JACQUES VEYRASSAT Fr. 18281893 The Farm Workers Signed J. Veyrassat l.r. Oil on board 816 in. 22.240.6 cm 4,0006,000 26

27 PETER KRAEMER II Ger. 18571936 A Glass of Wine Signed and inscribed P. Kraemer Munchen 1891 u.l. Oil on board 6 x 4 12 in. 15.2 x 11.4 cm Property of a family, Windham, Maine Provenance By descent

29 LUDOLFS LIBERTS Latvia 18951959 A View of Paris Signed Ludolfs Liberts l.r. Oil on canvas 2420 in. 61.050.8 cm 4,0006,000 30 GEORGE HYDE POWNALL Br. 18761932 Fleet Street Signed and titled Fleet S

32 JEAN KEVORKIAN Fr. b. 1933 Vtheuil Signed Kevorkian l.l. titled signed, and dated Vtheuil, Jean Kevorkian, 29 Juin 1986 verso Oil on canvas 2432 in. 61.081.3 cm 1,5002,500 33 JEAN KEVORKIAN Fr. b.

Concarneau Charles Fromuth was there, living and painting for many years in masterful fashion in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries when Impressionism was taking hold and Modernism was soon to bre

that appeared on the last day of the exhibition... Returning to France, Fromuth exhibited at the International Exposition of Art and History in Rome in 1911. World War I brought changes to the harbor

36 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Winter, Harbor of Concarneau 1929, Signed, numbered and dated, with artists stamp Ch. Fromuth, No.929.CC, 1929 on center panel l.r. Pastel tryptich 2759 in. 68.6151.8 c

37 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 A Grey Evening in October, 1901 Signed and dated Ch. Fromuth, 1901 l.r. also numbered, titled, signed, and datedNo. 840 CC, A Grey Evening in October, Ch. Fromuth Conca

38 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Road to the Cross After the Rain, 1903 Signed and dated Charles H. Fromuth 1903 l.r. Pastel 3620 in. 91.450.8 cm Provenance Schwarz Fine Art, Philadelphia label verso 3

39 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Sea Rover at Rest, 1900 Signed and dated Ch. Fromuth 1900 l.c. stamped with a monogram and dated Sept. 16, 1900 l.l. Pastel 2418 in. 61.046.0 cm Provenance Schwarz Fine

40 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 A Dock Harmony, Fishing Boats, 1899 Signed and dated Charles Fromuth 1899 l.r. Pastel 5138 in. 129.997.2 cm Provenance Louisiana Purchase Exhibition, 1904 label verso

41 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 A Changed Harbor in Movement, 1906 Signed and dated Ch. Fromuth 1906 l.l. Pastel 241812 in. 61.047.0 cm Numbered 233 CC, titled, signed and datedA Changed Harbor in Mov

42 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 A Veiled September Morning, 1913 Signed and dated Charles Fromuth Sep11913 l.l. Pastel 1819 in. 45.750.2 cm Provenance Schwarz Fine Art, Philadelphia label verso Inscri

43 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Blue Fishing Nets to a Golden Glow, 1929 Signed and dated Ch. FromuthNo. 797cc 1929 l.l. Pastel 291218 in. 74.946.0 cm Provenance Schwarz Fine Art, Philadelphia label

4457, 5989, 197200, 216, and 222250 The Estate Collection of Father Paul Plante Am. 1943 2016 Part One 4457 and 5989 Proceeds to benefit the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland 40

Father Paul Plante was unique. His collection of works of art was extensive. His interest was in both the exquisite quality of the work he collected and in supporting those artists whose work inspired

Paul Plante and the Soul of Art in Maine by Edgar Allen Beem Maine Arts Journal, Muses, Summer 2016 Father Paul Plante, a Sanford native, was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1971. In 1987, he earn

47 PAUL PLANTE Am. 19432016 Fourth of July, Red ,White, and Blue, Hatched in the U.S.A. 19972000 Fourth of July, Red ,White, and Blue, Hatched in the U.S.A. 19972000 Titled as above and each bird iden

48 MARSDEN HARTLEY Am. 18781943 Flowers in a Goblet 3 Signed and dated Marsden Hartley 1923 l.r. Lithograph 1913 in. 50.234.9 cm 2,0003,000 44

49 ROBERT LAURENT Am. 18901970 Sleeping Dog Signed and dated Robert Laurent 1921 l.r. Charcoal 914 in. sight 22.935.6 cm sight 1,2001,800 50 ROBERT LAURENT Am. 18901970 Birds Signed Laurent l.r. Char

51 WILLIAM MANNING Am. b. 1936 Abstract Signed Manning l.l. Mixed media 2020 in. 50.850.8 cm Provenance Frost Gully Gallery, Freeport, Maine 1,2001,800 46

52 KAREL APPEL Am. 19212006 Abstract Figure Signed and dated Appel 75 b.r. and numbered 499 b.l. Lithograph 251712 in. 63.544.5 cm 1,2001,800 53 HENRY MOORE Br. 18981986 Two Reclining Figures Signed

54 HUNT SLONEM Am. b. 1951 Four Hornbills in the Trees Signed and dated Hunt Slonem 86 l.r. Watercolor 2230 in. 55.976.2 cm 2,0003,000 55 HUNT SLONEM Am. b. 1951 Five Parrots Signed and dated Hunt S

56 JEFF KOONS Am. b. 1955 Balloon Dog Blue Inscribed Balloon Dog Blue by Jeff Koons, Limited Edition, Fine Porcelain, Plate number 6132300, Fine Porcelain, MOCA the Museum of Contemporary Art on the o

58 WILLIAM KIENBUSCH Am. 19141980 Notes for a Winter Landscape Signed and dated Kienbusch 73 l.r. Mixed media 341227 in. 87.668.6 cm Provenance Frost Gully Gallery, Freeport, Maine 2,0003,000 50

59 GREGORY AMENOFF Am. b. 1948 Crux Titled as above, signed Gregory Amenoff and dated 1986 l.r. Watercolor 3929 in. 99.173.7 cm 600900 51

60 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Black Trees on Orange Field Signed Bernard Langlais l.l. and signed, titled, and inscribed apparently in the artists hand and inscribed with the artists address 212 18

Lots 6267 BROTHER THOMAS Can. 19291929 Ceramics All pieces are signed on the bottom. Sizes and descriptions are approximate. Brother Thomas Bezanson was recognized during his dictine Monastery in Verm

68 PROBABLY MEXICAN SCHOOL Late 18th C. Three 3 oils on tin 2,0003,000 Saint Jerome 1410 in 35.625.4 cm Head of Christ in Crown of Thorns 13912 in. 33.724.1 cm Head of Christ in Green Crown of Thor

71 ANDY WARHOL Am. 19281987 Portrait of Mildred Scheel Signed and numbered Andy Warhol 5701000 l.r. Screenprint 3021 78 in. 76.255.6 cm 2,0003,000 55

Lots 7277 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 72 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 The Wood Lot, Grays Hallow, Cape North, 1981 Titled and dated as above and signed C. Huntington and stamped Property

73 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 Sunlight, Point Enrage Signed C. L. Huntington, titled as above, and dated 19881991 verso Oil on board 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm 1,2001,800 74 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON

75 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 Valley and Borra de Navidad Signed and dated CH 79 l.r. also titled as above, inscribed and dated Mex. Feb. 1979 and signed CL Huntington, all verso Oil on board

77 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 Warm Day, Chain of Lakes Spring 1972 Signed and dated CH 72 l.r. titled as above and signed C. L. Huntington verso Oil on board 812 in. 20.330.5 cm Provenance Fro

78 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 View of Portland Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. Oil on canvas 1612 in. 40.630.5 cm 1,2001,800 79 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 Marginal Way Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. Oil on

80 ALICE NEEL Am. 19001984 Men from Rutgers Signed and dated Neel 80 b.r. and numbered P.P. Printers Proof 16 b.l. Lithograph 3024 in. 76.261.0 cm 29 in. 74.3.0 cm image paper 600900 61

81 J. THOMAS R. HIGGINS Am. b. 1972 View Through the Bog 1972 Signed and dated J. T. R. Higgins u.r. Oil on board 1511 in. 40.029.8 cm 9001,200 82 WILLIAM THON Am. 19062000 Sloop Watercolor 131216 in

84 DENNIS PINETTE Am. b. 1951 Wave Signed D. Pinette l.r. titled as above and dated 2010 on a label verso Oil on gessoed rag 1414 in. 35.635.6 cm 300500 85 MARGUERITE ZORACH Am. 18871968 Prey Signed

88 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 Mud Time Signed H 80 l.r. and inscribed Mud Time at Old MacDonalds Farm March 1980, Chisolm Inverness Co. Mr. MacDonald wanted to know how to get one of these. He

89 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 The Wreck, Basin Point, Harpswell, 1951 Signed Stephen Etnier l.l. Oil on canvas 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm Frost Gully Gallery label verso 1,2001,800 65

Lots 9096 and 251258 are the property of a prominent Boston family by descent 90 JOEL JANOWITZ Am. b. 1945 Fabro Signed, titled, and dated Janowitz, Fabro, 1985 verso Oil on canvas 1313 in. 33.088.9

91 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Lion Signed Bernard Langlais l.l. Oil and pencil 1518 in. 38.145.7 cm 2,0003,000 67

92 LAUREL HUGHES Am. 20th21st C. Neaptide I Oil on canvas 3011 in. 76.227.9 cm A label verso identifies this lot. 600900 68

93 PORFIRIO DIDONNA Am. 18421986 Untitled Inscribed with the artists name verso Oil on linen 2222 in. 55.955.9 cm 9001,200 69

94 MICHAEL WEYMOUTH Am. 20th and 21st C. Under the Rialto Signed Michael Weymouth l.r. Oil on panel 1122 in. 27.955.9 cm 600900 95 DEBBY GILBERT RYAN Am. 20th21st C. Fish I Signed, titled, and dated

96 PAUL POLLARO Am. b. 1921 Mesa Signed, titled, and dated P. Pollaro, Mesa, 1978 verso Oil on canvas 191223 in. 49.558.4 cm 9001,200 71

The above photo attached to the verso is inscribed Dear John, best wishes to you, Hans Hoffman. Hoffman is the figure on right. 97 JOHN LITTLE Am. 19071984 Title Unknown Signed and dated John Little

98 PHILIP POIRIER 20th 21st C Entrance to the Woods Signed Poirier l.r. titled as above and signed and dated Phil Poirier 95 verso Oil on board 2430 in. 61.076.2 cm Property Maine collector Titled sig

100 CARL SPRINCHORN Am. 18841983 Headed for Matagamon Signed Carl Sprinchorn l.r. Watercolor 172212 in. sight 43.257.2 cm sight Property of the Carl Sprinchorn Admiration Society Acquisiitons Fund Pro


Lots 101 and 102 are the property of a New Enland and Florida family. 101 WILLIAM ZORACH Am. 18871966 Family Picnic on the Rocks Signed Zorach l.r. Watercolor 1522 in. 38.155.9 cm Provenance OFarrell

102 WILLIAM ZORACH Am. 18871966 Stones Signed Zorach l.r. Watercolor 1522 in. 38.155.9 cm Provenance Collection of the Zorach Children Ships Stone Foundation, Georgetown by gift of Marguerite Zorach F

103 WILL CHING Am. 19421992 A Stockbrokers Branch Office Signed Ching l.r., titled as above l.c., and identified Will Ching, October 16, 1962 l.r. Watercolor 1828 in. 45.771.1 cm 1,5002,500 104 WILL

106 PETER POSKAS Am. b. 1939 Dark Water, Study, 2003 Monhegan Island Light Signed Poskas l.l. titled and dated as above verso Oil on Masonite 91211 in. 24.128.6 cm Property of a collector, New York 2,

107 WALDO PEIRCE Am. 18841970 Rubys Siesta Inscribed Merry Xmas, Ruth, signed W. Peirce and dated 45 l.l. Oil on canvas 3042 in. 76.2106.7 cm Property of Colin T. Taylor, Birmingham, Alabama Provenanc

108 WOLF KAHN Am. b. 1927 Golden Sunlight Signed W. Kahn l.c. and numbered and dated 28 1978 in script on the canvas verso Oil on canvas 421252 in. 108.0132.1 cm 12,00018,000 81

109 KARL SCHRAG Am. 19121995 Summer Bloom Signed Karl Schrag l.r. Oil on canvas 382612 in. 97.267.3 cm 3,0005,000 82

110 BAYCHAR Am. b. 1949 Untitled abstract Stamped Baychar verso Mixed media 3030 in. 76.276.2 cm My name is Baychar. I am an abstract and conceptual artist. I was born and raised in Maine. Dr. Robert

111 RITA LETENDRE Can. b. 1928 Crecento Signed, titled, and dated Crecento, R. Letendre, 1972 verso Oil on canvas 5060 in. 127.0152.4 cm 8,00012,000 84

112 JOHN PRIOLA Am. b. 1960 Candle, 1997 Numbered, signed and dated John Priola, Candle 1997, 59 verso Photograph 282312 in. 71.159.7 cm 1,0001,500 113 FRANK MOYNE Am. 20th C. A Rose, 1983 Signed, ti

115 ELLIOT ERWITT Fr. b. 1928 Jacqueline Kennedy, Arlington Cemetery Signed and dated Elliot Erwitt, Virginia,Arlington, Nov. 25, 1963 verso Photograph 1118 in. 27.945.7 cm 2,0003,000 86

116 PHILIPPE HALSMAN Latvian 19061979 , 1952 Stamped HalsmanMarylin, copyright Philippe Halsman 81, edition 149250 verso Photograph 1310 in. 33.025.4 cm 1,0001,500 87

117 BOB GRUEN Am. b. 1945 John Lennon, TShirt Signed, titled, and dated John Lennon 1974 l.l, and Bob Gruen, NYC 1990 l.r. below image, l.l and l.r. Photograph 1611 in. 40.627.9 cm 2,0003,000 88

118 EUGENE ATGET Am. 18571927 Cour, 7 Rue Valence, 1922 Printed by, stamped 13 and signed Berenice Abbott verso Photograph 79 in. 17.822.9 cm 2,0003,000 89

119 ANSEL ADAMS Am. 19021984 Evening Clouds, East Side of Sierra Nevada, California, 1962 Signed Ansel Adams on mount l.r. titled and dated with Adams stamp and Property of Polaroid stamp verso Photog

120 EDWARD WESTON Am. 18861958 Shell 1927 Stamped and signed Shell, 1927 u.r. verso stamped Negative by Edward Weston, print by the artists son in handwritten script Cole Weston all center verso Photo

121 BERENICE ABBOTT Am. 18981991 Fifth Avenue Houses, 4, 6, 8, 1936 Signed Berenice Abbott l.r. Gelatin silver print 131210 in. 34.327.3 cm handstamp, verso 4,0005,000 92

122 TOM BARIL Am. b. 1952 Sunflower and Buds, 2001 Signed and dated Tom Baril, 2001 verso Toned Gelatin silver print 2318 in. 58.445.7 cm 2,0003,000 93

123 BERENICE ABBOTT Am. 18981991 Walkway, Manhattan Bridge, 1936 Signed Berenice Abbott b.r. and numbered 4160 b.l. Gelatin silver print 1915 in. 48.938.1 cm 3,5004,500 94

Lots 124 and 125 BERENICE ABBOTT Am. 18981991 Vintage gelatin silver prints 124 De Peyster Statue, Bowling Green, Manhattan, 1936 108 in. 25.420.3 cm Provenance Federal Art Project Changing New York,

126 JOHN GRUEN Am. b. 1946 Still Lifes Portfolio 6 from the portfolio of 10 Each numbered 1060 b.l. and signed John Gruen b.r. Photographs 141218 in. each 36.845.7 cm each This lot includes 6 of the o

128 DANNY LYON Am. b. 1942 Indian Nations, 2002 Signed, titled, dated, and numbered Danny Lyon, Bleak Beauty, 1998, Ed. 25 verso Photograph 810 in. 20.325.4 cm 1st Edition book with photograph. Stamp

129 ANSEL ADAMS Am. 19021984 Fern Springs, Yosemite, 1961 Signed Ansel Adams on mount, b.r. Photograph 129 in. 31.122.9 cm The photograph comes with 1st Edition book, Images 19231974 Edition 194 in cl

130 VERONICA BENNING Am. 19472015 Androscoggin Summer I Signed Veronica Benning l.l. and l.r. and signed, titled as above and completed 2005 verso Oil on canvas 2020 in. 50.850.8 cm 1,2001,800 99

131 PAUL REED Am. 19192015 Orange Circle Inscribed, dated, and signed 27F000 1965 Paul Reed on the stretcher verso Oil on canvas 5440 in. 137.2101.6 cm 6,0009,000 100

132 EVERETT SHINN Am. 18761953 Untitled Reclining Nude ca. 1910 Signed E. Shinn l.r. Sanguine on paper 1422 in. 35.655.9 cm Property of a Connecticut collector Provenance Forum Gallery, New York To th

133 MOSES SOYER Am. 18991974 After the Shower Signed M. Soyer l.r. Lithograph 1813 in. 45.733.0 cm 200400 134 MOSES SOYER Am. 18991974 Woman Standing with Arm behind Neck Signed M. Soyer l.r. Charcoa

135 JOHN STEUART CURRY Am. 18971946 Nudes Signed and dated John Steuart Curry 1942 l.l. Oil on canvas 1810 in. 46.425.4 cm Property of a Connecticut collector Provenance Kiechel Fine Art, London, Nebr

136 WALLACE H. SMITH Am. 19011990 Skating in Central Park Signed Wallace H. Smith l.r. Oil on canvas 2436 in. 61.091.4 cm 3,0005,000 104

Pescaderia Fish Market by Zalce 137 ALFREDO ZALCE Mex. 19082003 Study Possibly for the oil illustrated Signed and dated Alfredo Zalce l.r. Oil on Masonite 7512 in. 20.014.0 cm 1,5002,500 138 DANIEL

139 MITCHELL SIPORIN Am. 19101976 Workmen in Foundry 1930s Signed Siporin l..r inscribed and signed Theodore DreiserSiporin verso Charcoal 111218 in. 29.246.4 cm Property of a Connecticut collector Pr

140 WILLIAM MEYEROWITZ Am. 18871981 Men Working, Gloucester ca. 1920 Signed Wm. Meyerowitz l.r. Oil on canvas laid down on board 1822 in. 45.755.9 cm Property of a Connecticut collector Provenance The

Corey Templeton Photo 141 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 B M Beans Signed A.Chadbourn l.r. signed and dated A. Chadbourn 91 and titled as above on the stretcher verso Oil on canvas 1616 in. 40.640.6

142 NORMAN ROCKWELL Am. 18941978 Winter, Sledding Spring, Schools Out Summer, Watching the Train and Autumn, Back to School Four Pencil Drawings for Brown and Bigelows calendar of the four seasons, 19

143 JOSEPH STELLA Am. 18771946 Still Life with Pomegranate Signed Illegibly l.r. Watercolor 1823 in. sight 45.758.4 cm sight 4,0006,000 144 JOSEPH STELLA Am. 18771946 Flower Signed by the artist in p

145 FRANK C. KIRK Am. 18891963 Harbor Scene, Probably Gloucester Signed FC Kirk verso Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm Provenance Alderfer Auction Company, Hatfield, Pennsylvania, December 7, 2007 A

147 and 148 WILLIAM MEYEROWITZ Am. 18871901 Property of a Connecticut collector Provenance Joan Whalen Fine Art label verso To the current owner 147 Central Park ca.1930 Signed Wm Meyerowitz l.r. Wat

149 STEPHEN PACE Am. 19182010 Main Dining Room 2 Signed and dated Pace 77 l.r. Watercolor 201229 in. sight 52.173.7 cm sight 2,0003,000 150 JOHN LAVALLE Am. 18961971 A Rainy Day in the Market, Tai Po

151 HENRY GASSER Am. 19091981 On the Shore Signed H. Gasser l.r. Watercolor 1112 in. 27.931.1 cm 9001,200 152 HENRY GASSER Am. 19091981 Giant Rocks Signed H. Gasser l.r. Watercolor 78 in. 18.420.3 cm

154 HANS MOLLER Am. 19052000 Whitehead, Monhegan Signed and dated Moller 92 l.r. Watercolor 1824 in. 45.761.0 cm Property of a collector, Newton, Massachsuetts 1,5002,500 155 WILLIAM ZORACH Am. 18871

156 No lot 157 JULYAN DAVIS Am. 20th21st C. Stonington Evening Signed J. Davis l.r. and DAV10 J. Davis verso Oil on canvas 2830 in. 71.176.2 cm Provenance Greenhut Galleries, Portland label verso 2,0

159 DAVID BATES Am. b. 1952 Still Life with Slip Ware Signed Bates l.r. titled as above verso Oil on canvas 3232 in. 81.381.3 cm 15,00025,000 117

160 WILLIAM A. K. MARTIN Am. 18171867 Quoddy Light, Eastport, Maine Signed W. A. K. Martin l.r. Oil on canvas 7711 in. 17.81805.9 cm 600900 161 WILLIAM FORMBY HALSALL Am. 18411919 Sailing Along the S

163 GEORGE GIGUERE Am. 20TH C. The Conjurer Signed George Giguere l.l. Oil on canvas 3324 in. 83.861.0 cm Property of the Estate of Lou and Judi Friedman, Canton, Connecticut Printed by hand verso The

164 HANNAH SKEELE Am. 18291901 Sunrise Signed H.B. Skeele l.r. Oil on canvas 1214 in. 30.535.6 cm 2,0003,000 165 JULIUS LEBLANC STEWART Am. 18551919 Portrait of a Woman in a Sheer Chiffon Headdress S

166 SEYMOUR GUY Am. 18241910 Wading Signed Guy l.l. Oil on canvas 1512 in. 38.130.5 cm 3,0005,000 121

167 ARTHUR FITZWILLIAM TAIT Am. 18191905 Six Baby Chicks Signed Tait l.l. Oil on panel 912 in. sight 24.830.5 cm sight Provenance Alexander Gallery, New York 5,0007,000 122

168 WILLIAM RICKARBY MILLER Am. 18501923 Walking the Dog Along the Shore Signed and dated W.R. Miller, 1880 l.r. Watercolor 69 in. 15.222.9 cm Property of a private collector, New York Provenance Ques

Lots 169176 are from property from a private collection of still lifes, New York. 169 FREDERICK BATCHELLER Am. 18371889 Apple and Chestnuts Signed Batcheller l.l. Oil on canvas 810 in. 20.325.4 cm 90

171 ARNOUD WEDEVELD Am. 18231828 Mixed Flowers in a Porcelain Vase Signed Wedeveld l.l. Oil on panel 108 116 in. 25.420.3 cm 1,5002,500 125

172 MORSTON REAM Am. 18401898 Fresh Raspberries Numbered, signed and dated on an early label in what appears to be the artists hand M. L. Ream as owner, M.L. Ream as artist, and Jany sic 18, 1879 on a

173 ABBIE ZUILL Am. 18561921 Roses with Pitcher on a Table Signed A.L. Zuill l.r. and signed and dated A.L. Zuill 1897 verso Oil on canvas 1016 in. 25.440.6 cm 2,0003,000 174 FRANKLIN MILLER Am. 1843

175 DANIEL EDMONDSON Am. 18301884 Grapes Inscribed, signed, and dated in the artists hand Original by Edw. Edmonson, Jr., Dayton, O 1864 verso Oil on canvas 1714 in. 43.235.6 cm 1,2001,800 128

176 BRYANT CHAPIN Am. 18591927 Fruit Still Life with Peeled Orange Signed and dated Bryant Chapin 09 l.l. Oil on board 101312 in. 25.734.3 cm 1,2001,800 129

177 WILLIAM FRERICHS Am. 18291905 Fishing at the Falls in Carolina Inscribed at a later date William Frerichs, North Carolina verso Oil on canvas 2234 in. 55.986.4 cm Property of a collector, Glenwood

178 RUBENS PEALE Am. 17841865 Still Life Oil on canvas 121219 in. 31.850.2 cm The signature is under an affidavit signed by Gustav A.Berger verso which reads as follows This painting, Fruit, by Rubens

179 FRANK W. SHAPLEIGH Am. 18421906 Mt. Washington from Jackson, NH Signed F.W. Shapleigh l.r. and titled as above in the artists hand verso Oil on canvas 1016 in. 25.440.6 cm 2,0003,000 132

180 JOHN WHORF Am. 19031959 Farewell Signed John Whorf l.r. Watercolor 15 x 22 in. 38.1 x 55.9 cm Provenance Private collection, Boston 10,00015,000 133

181 JOHN PRENTISS BENSON Am. 18651947 The Galleon Signed John P. Benson l.l. Oil on canvas 2442 in. 61.0106.7 cm 2442 in. 61.0106.7 cm Property of Colin T. Taylor, Birmingham, Alabama 1,2001,800 182

184 WARREN SHEPPARD Am. 18381937 Caswells Peak, Star Island, Isle of Shoals Signed Warren Sheppard l.r. and titled as above in pencil script as above verso Oil on canvas 2030 in. 50.876.2 cm Property

185 HOWARD SEWALL Am. 18991975 Townscape with Seated Figure Signed H. Sewall l.l. Oil on board 121210 in. 31.827.3 600900 186 ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM HENRY CLAPP Am. 18791954 Distant Mountains Signed C

188 JOAN MIR Sp. 18931983 Abstract Signed Mir b.r. and numbered 2775 b.l. Lithograph 2620 in. 50.866.0 cm 3,0005,000 137

189 ELIZABETH MURRAY Am. 19402007 Chair Signed Elizabeth Murray 8990 l.r. Etching 10912 in. sight 27.324.1 cm sight Literature The following on a letter attached verso from Universal Limited Art Editi

191193 RICHARD LINDNER Ger. 19011978 191 The Snake Numbered 170250 b.l. and signed R. Lindner b.r. Lithograph 2620 in. 66.050.8 cm 1,5002,500 192 After Noon 1969 Numbered AP b.l. and signed R. Lindne

194 DAVID HOCKNEY Am. b. 1937 Black Cat Leaping plate 25 from Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm Signed and numbered David Hockney b.r. and numbered 37180 b.r. Etching and aquat

196 SAUL STEINBERG Am. 19162004 Four Drawing Tables Four images and the original casing from the portfolio of six Two inscribed and signed Impressions Workshop in pencil b.r. a third the same l.c. and

197200 and 216 The Paul Plante Estate Collection Part Two 197 JAMES ABBOTT MCNEIL WHISTLER Am. 18341913 Chelsea Bridge and Church, 187071 Etching and drypoint 4612 in. 10.216.5 cm image 8121012 in. 2

201 DEDRICK B. STUBER Am. 18781954 Disembarking in a Peaceful Harbor Signed Dedrick Stuber l.r. Oil on board 2026 in. 50.866.0 cm 2,0003,000 143

202 ROBERT WARD VAN BOSKERCK Am. 18551932 Country Calm Signed R. W. Van Boskerck l.l. Oil on canvas 2030 in. 50.876.2 cm 1,2001,800 144

203 GEORGE MACRUM Am. 18781970 The Rose Wharf Signed G. H. Macrum l.r. Oil on panel 1216 in. 30.540.6 cm 9001,200 204 JOHN E. BERNINGER Am. 18971981 Lehigh Canal Between Allentown and Catasauqua Sign

206 THERESA BERNSTEIN Am. 18952002 Folly Cove Studio, Gloucester ca.1920 Signed Bernstein l.r. and signed and inscribedTheresa F. Bernstein 54 West 74th St., NY verso Oil on Masonite 1619 78 in. 40.65

207 GEORGE LUKS Am. 18671933 Two Girls with a Ball, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris and Gentleman Smoking double sided Signed and titled Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, George Luks l.c. Charcoal 6124 in. sight s

208 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. 20th C. Street Scene Signed illegibly perhaps Robl... and dated 1929 l.r. Oil on board 1218 in. 30.545.7 cm 3,0005,000 148

209 WILLARD METCALF Am. 18581925 A Valley Landscape, Woodbury, Connecticut Signed and dated W.L. Metcalf 1919 l.r. Pastel 111210 in. 29.226.0 cm Property of a Connecticut collector Provenance By desce

210 J. FRANCIS MURPHY Am. 18531921 Autumn Landscape Signed J. Francis Murphy l.l. Oil on canvas 1420 in. 35.650.8 cm 1,2001,800 150

211 HEYWOOD HARDY Am. 18611893 The Yearlings Signed and dated Heywood Hardy 1910 l.l. Oil on canvas 2530 in. 63.576.2 cm 2,0003,000 151

212 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Haiti Signed, titled,and dated Stephen Etnier Haiti 35 l.r. Oil on canvas 1620 in. 40.650.8 cm 1,5002,500 213 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 At Work in the Cove Signed an

214 WILSON IRVINE Am. 18691936 Off St. Ives Signed Irvine l.l Original Newcomb Macklin frame. Oil on canvas 2427 in. 61.068.6 cm 7,0009,000 153

215 WILLIAM KIENBUSCH Am. 19141960 Red Door, Skis,and Ski Trails Signed and dated Kienbusch 70 l.r. and titled as above on a Kraushaar Galleries label verso Craypas 8912 in. 20.324.1 cm Provenance Fro

217 FREDERICK CARL FRIESEKE Am. 18741939 Woman Sewing Harbor View verso Signed F. C. Frieseke l.r. Doublesided oil on board 2016 in. 50.840.6 cm Property of a gentleman, Washington, D.C. Provenance Au

218 EMILE GRUPPE Am. 18961978 Winter Fog, Gloucester Emile A. Gruppe l.r. Oil on canvas 3036 in. 76.291.4 cm Property of a Massachusetts family 6,0009,000 156

219 WILLIAM KING AMSDEN Am. 18591933 Trees Blossoming in the Hayfield Signed W.K. Amsden l.r. Oil on canvas 2734 in. 68.686.4 cm 8,00012,000 157

220 EBEN COMINS Am. 18751949 Rockport Harbor Monogrammed EC l.r. Oil on board 1410 in. 35.625.4 cm 1,5002,500 221 AMERICAN SCHOOL Am. 19thEarly 20th C April at work, the head of the Ohio River, Pitt

225253 The Paul Plante Collection Part Three 222 PAUL PLANTE Am. 19432016 Apples Sixteen 2001 Titled verso Sixteen 412412 pastels 412412 in. 11.411.4 cm Overall size 3131 1,2001,800 159

223 PAUL PLANTE Am. 19432016 Three Birds Eyes, 2007 Triptych Three Pastels 412412 in. 11.411.4 cm Overall size 2612 600900 224 ALAN BRAY Am. b. 1946 Ruined Nest, 2004 Signed A.A. Bray l.l. Graphite o

226 PAUL PLANTE Am. 19432016 Widgeon in Liturgical Colors 1999 Four 44 pastels 44 in. 10.810.8 cm Caldbeck Gallery label verso 600900 227 FREDERICK LYNCH Am. 19352016 Stele 19 Signed and dated Lynch

229 MARINO MARINI It. 19011980 From Tout pres de Signed Marini l.r. numbered IIXV l.l. Etching 1612 in. 42.530.5 cm Provenance Neilsen Gallery, Boston label verso 400600 230 JOAN MIR Sp. 18931983 Unt

Lots 231234 BROTHER THOMAS Can. 19291929 Ceramics All pieces are signed on the bottom. Sizes and descriptions are approximate. 231 Brown vase with short neck 94 in. 22.910.2 cm 5001,500 232 Green va

235 BERNARD LANGLAIS Am. 19231977 Elephant Inscribed Bernard Langlais 76 on the base Wood 1314 in. 33.035.6 cm 6,0009,000 164

236 HUNT SLONEM Am. b. 1951 Hornbills, 1987 Oil on canvas 4847 in. 121.9119.4 cm Provenance OFarrell Gallery, Brunswick label with artists name and title as above 4,0006,000 165

237 MARJORIE MOORE Am. b. 1944 Dead Deer in a Tree Signed and dated Marjorie Moore 83 l.r. Mixed media 1919 in. 48.348.3 cm 9001,200 239 PAUL HEROUX Am. 20th21st C. Abstract Signed and dated Paul Her

240 PAUL PLANTE Am. 19432016 Yellow Throat, 2004 Twentyfive pastel images 4 12 x 4 12 single frame 44 in. 10.810.8 cm Caldbeck Gallery, label verso overall dimensions 39 x 39 12 2,0003,000 241 FREDER

243 and 244 J. FREIMAN 20th 21st C 243 Strand of Aspen North Rim Signed J. Freiman l.r. Oil on paper 161912 in. 40.649.5 cm 9001,200 244 Landscape with Water View Oil on paper 2228 in. 55.971.1 cm

245 CARL SPRINCHORN Am. 18871971 Maine Mountain, Winter Signed Carl Sprinchorn l.r. Watercolor 1824 in. sight 45.761.0 cm sight 1,2001,800 169

246 LOIS DODD Am. b. 1927 Flowers in a Goblet Signed and dated L. Dodd 90 l.r. Oil on aluminum panel 75 in. 17.812.7 cm Provenance Barbara Mathes Gallery label verso 9001,200 170

247 CHARLES WOODBURY Am. 18641940 Rocky Shoreline probably Ogunquit Signed Charles H. Woodbury l.l. Watercolor 2129 in. sight 53.373.7 cm sight 2,0003,000 171

248 JOHN CALVIN STEVENS Am. 18551940 Offshore. Delano Park, Cape Elizabeth Signed with monogram and dated 05 l.r. Oil on canvas 1215 in. 30.538.1 cm 9001,200 172

249 CHRISTOPHER HUNTINGTON Am. b. 1938 Whitehead, Monhegan Signed C. H. l.r. titled as above and signed C. L. Huntington verso Oil on board 1418 in. 35.645.7 cm Provenance Frost Gully Gallery label ve

250 ADAMIE ANAUTA Can. b. 1946 Seal, Man, and Bear Numbered and signed Adamie Anauta, C74, 34322 on the bottom Soapstone 111212 in. 29.230.5 cm 600900 174

251 KATHERINE PORTER Am. b. 1941 Secondary Still Life Signed, titled, and dated Katherine Porter, Secondary Still Life, 1991 verso Oil on wood 1716 in. 44.840.6 cm 9001,200 175

252 HERB JACKSON Am. b. 1945 WCXIX Titled, dated, and dated WCXIX 1995 verso 6048 in. 152.4121.9 cm 1,2001,800 176

253 JOSEF ALBERS Ger. 18881976 Impressions 15045 Signed, titled, and probably numbered very lightly and in part illegibly verso Screen print 1515 in. 40.040.0 cm 2,0003,000 177

254 NANCY ANDELL Am. 20th21st C. Marina, Boston Signed, titled, and dated Nancy Andell, A Marina, Guache sic, 1980 verso 3040 in. 76.2101.6 cm 1,2001,800 178

255 KATHY BRADFORD Am. b. 1942 Untitled Signed and dated K. Bradford, 1993 verso Oil on canvas 4842 in. 121.9106.7 cm Provenance A prominent Boston family collection 1,2001,800 179

256 ROBERT HAMILTON Am. 19481981 Unca Bobs Last Sortie Titled, signed, and dated Unca Bobs Last Sortie R. Hamilton, Feb. 2001 verso Oil on board 2424 in. 61.061.0 cm Provenance A prominent Boston fami

257 BARBARA SWAN Am. b. 1922 SelfPortrait Signed illegibly l.r. Oil on canvas 401248 in. 102.9121.9 cm 400600 258 ADJA YUNKERS Am. 19001983 Untitled Signed illegibly l.r. Probably acrylic 3423 in. 86

259 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Stormy Morning, Marl Fishing, 19231928 Signed and dated Ch. Fromuth 19231928 and numbered 881CC l.l. Pastel 2825 in. 71.163.5 cm Artists label verso reads No.881cc., S

260 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Pearl Clouds and Blue Sails, 1924 Signed and dated Ch. Fromuth 1924, No. 645 CC l.r. Pastel 2827 in. 73.070.5 cm Titled and dated on an artists label verso 4,0006,000

261 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Storm Stranded Barks, 1925 Signed, dated and inscribed Ch. Fromuth19251932No. 888 CC l.l. and numberd 522BB l.r. Pastel 291227 in. 74.968.6 cm Provenance Union Artisti

262 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 Medieval Harbor Concarneau, 1932 Signed, numbered and dated, with artists stamp Ch. Fromuth, No. 1009CC 1932 l.r. Charcoal 291227 in. 74.968.6 cm Provenance Schwarz Fi

263 CHARLES FROMUTH Am. 18581937 A Brittany Harbor, October Signed Charles H. Fromuth l.r. Pastel 2412 in. 61.030.5 cm On an artists label verso No. 122cc1, A Brittany Harbor. October, Charles H. From

LOTS 267, 268, and 269 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 Property of Cyndi James, Overland Park, Kansas 264 Mushroom Anchors Signed A. Chadbourn l.l. titled and signed, both as above, verso 940 in. 24.81

267 JANICE ANTHONY Am. b. 1946 The Marsh Signed Janice Anthony l.r. Oil on canvas 1428 in. 35.671.1 cm 3,0005,000 268 JACK GABLE Am. b. 1944 Head of the Charles Signed Jack Gable l.l. Watercolor 1316

269 DEWITT HARDY Am. b. 1940 Model on Bed Signed D. Hardy u.l. Watercolor 10121312 in. sight 26.734.3 cm sight Provenance Frost Gully Gallery 9001,200 189

270 GEORGE DE LYRA Am. 19291999 Man with Red Tie and Glasses Signed de Lyra l.r. Mixed media 8121112 in. 21.629.2 cm Provenance Frost Gully Gallery, Freeport, Maine 9001,200 271 GEORGE DE LYRA Am. 19

272 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 Cat on Radiator with Tray 91 Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. also signed, titled, and dated, all as above, verso Oil on canvas 5040 in. 127.0101.6 cm Provenance Frost Gully

273 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 Vermont Farm Signed A.Chadbourn l.r. signed and dated A. Chadbourn 97 and titled as above on the stretcher verso Oil on canvas 1212 in. 30.530.5 cm Provenance Frost G

275 STEPHEN ETNIER Am. 19031984 Mt. Desert Recollections Oil on board 1624 in. 40.661.0 cm Property of a collector, Newton, Massachusetts 2,5003,500 193

276 LAURENCE SISSON Am. 19282015 Low Tide Signed Sisson l.l. Oil on Masonite 2030 in. 50.876.2 cm Property of a gentleman, Denver, Colorado 1,5002,500 277 LEONARD LANE Am. 19101978 Coastline Signed L

278 ROBERT SOLOTAIRE Am. 19302008 Southport Fire Station Stamped From the Estate of Robert Solotaire, 19302008 on the paper, verso Oil on paper 913 in. 22.933.0 cm 9001,200 279 ROBERT SOLOTAIRE Am. 1

282 ALFRED CHADBOURN Am. 19211998 View of Machias Signed A. Chadbourn l.r. titled, dated, and signed View of Machias, ME 1978, A. Chadbourn verso Oil on canvas 4050 in. 101.6127.0 cm Exhibited BSOMusi

283 THOMAS CROTTY Am. 19342015 Woodpile 2 Signed Thomas Crotty l.r. Oil on Masonite 1515 in. 38.138.1 cm Property of the Estate of the Artist According to the Crotty family this is the last painting b

284 THOMAS CROTTY Am. 19342015 The Farm, Winter Signed Thomas Crotty l.r. Watercolor 102212 in. 25.457.2 cm Provenance Estate of the artist 3,0005,000 198

285 LEO BROOKS Am. 1909993 Artist in Cathedral Woods, Monhegan Signed Leo Brooks l.r. Watercolor 141221 in. 36.853.3 cm 1,2001,800 199

286 ELIOT HODGKIN Br. 19051987 Little Bowl of Cherries Signed Eliot Hodgkin l.l. and dated probably 1957 also l.l. and titled as above on a handwritten label verso Tempera on board 44 in. 12.7 2.7 cm

287 ERIC HOPKINS Am. b. 1951 Flying Over the End of the Point Again Signed Eric Hopkins l.r. and titled as above l.l. Oil on canvas 3648 in. 91.4121.9 cm 9,00012,000 201

288 GEORGE DE LYRA Am. 19291999 Bus Terminal Signed De Lyra b.r. Acrylic or oil on board 2222 in. 55.955.9 cm Property of Brett Canney, Scarboro, Maine 9001,200 202

289 Vivian Akers Am. 18861966 View of Western Maine Mountain Range from Shelburne, New Hampshire View of Western Maine Mountain Range from Shelburne, New Hampshire Inscribed with the size as above and

290 CARL SPRINCHORN Am. 18871971 Beach Scene Signed Carl Sprinchorn l.l. Watercolor 171812 in. 43.247.0 cm Property of a collector, Portland Provennance Estate of the artist 2,0003,000 204



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