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OCTOBER 2013 IN THIS ISSUE On the Cover Chrysler Fire Power shakes the asphalt at Nitro Night in Escondido, California Editors Page ...................................................................

Editors Page of fun, they are all beime flies when hind us. youre having fun. I Now, as we remember my parnear the ents telling me this end of the when I was a youngster. In year, were my experience,

if there would be interest from enthusiasts and dealers for the package. This includes the design theme, the companies we will be working with on each of the parts and accessories and even what manufa

ere still going strong celebrating our 50th anniversary with spectacular new vehicle packages and a worldwind tour of some of the best car shows on this continent. The grand climax is coming up next m

Cover Story Smirnoff Top Fuel Dragster NITRO NIGHT Where Vintage Front Motor Top Fuel Dragsters Still Strut Their Stuff By Larry Weiner eturn with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when fro

Wild Fang 1932 Chevrolet Exhibition Car. graphics. Adding to the nostalgia of the moment are a bevy of period correct push cars and trucks, each ready to take their place behind one of these rolling

able sound of blown, nitro burning Chrysler Fire Power Hemi engines overpowered the buzz from the spectators, a whopping 40,000 strong. With flames shooting out the zoomie headers, you could feel the

Product Spotlight the same for 2009 2014 Rams sporting touch to your Ram, instantly making it stand head and shoulders above the competition. Manufactured from high quality urethane right here in the

Mr. Norms Feature Vehicle GOING TOPLESS In a Mr. Norms 50th Anniversary GSS Challenger Convertible By Howard Benjamin he original 1970 Dodge Challenger defined the promise of a generation, and that i

spin the ignition, the motor sings, youre alive, life is good, and you realize that all things are possible. Cary and Greg Bosak, two of the owners of Bosak Motors in Merrillville, Indiana not only se

Mr. Norms Member Ride RESURRECTION A 1964 Chrysler 300K saved from an uncertain fate By Larry Weiner Photos by Toshi Akatsuka A ccording to Websters Dictionary, the definition of the word resurrect

black paint was badly faded and marred by long rust streaks running down the sides. Scratches and scrapes revealed white paint underneath the black, the original cream bucket seat interior was nothing

The Chrysler 300 emblem on sail pillar Wheel and tire detail on the 64 300K Bob Mosher, replacing the long lost dual quad cross ram. Additional items include factory hi po cast iron exhaust manifold

Tech Page 21ST Century Alignment Aligning a Vintage Mopar Using the Latest Technology By Larry Weiner riving a vintage muscle car can be a lot of fun. One of the items that can enhance the driving ex

check the geometry of the suspension under dive conditions which are very common when driving on an interstate due to dips in the pavement, uneven road surfaces and braking. It was at this time that S

4 The Plymouth on the Hunter Series 811 Alignment System with the scissors lift in the raised position. 5 Hunter DSP 600 Mobile Console with computer monitor. All information is relayed to the scre

9 The suspension on the Plymouth being measured. Note the red gauge. Attached to the Hunter Self Centering Wheel Adapters are Alignment Targets. The targets work in conjunction with the four highreso

Womens World When they say its a mans world, think again or, just look in your rear view mirror By Linda Mandalas W hen you think of automobiles, whether it be purchasing them, driving them, custom

but know what they want. For example, I first met Teresa, from Minnesota on my Facebook page. She had taken advantage of the first FREEBIE product promotional that I ran on Facebook. It was a Hurst Sh

long tube headers installed, which provided another increase in power. Teresa recently had her Challenger on a dyno and the numbers were an impressive 346 rear wheel horsepower with 391 lbs ft of torq

more about how to improve vehicle performance and the difference between engines. This research lead her to look for a Charger, thats right, vehicle 2. Tamara found her 2007 SRT8 Plum Crazy Charger, s

Specials of the Month Mr. Norms Functional Hood Pin Kit for 2008 2014 Challengers support brackets, all necessary hardware easy installation instructions. These hood pins are specifically engineered

West Coast Report There are many weekly events for car enthusiasts in Southern California. If you are an early riser, Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach or Cars and Coffee in Irvine are the places to

cluded imposing 1940s and early 1950s Whites, Federals, Internationals and Macks. And yes, the Mopar Club of San Diego puts on a big display each year that ranges from 1930s sedans and great examples

coming from one corner might be 60s rock and roll, while a block down, country and western music fills the night air. One night, there was a group that was playing 1940s swing music. Each of the music

N Humble Beginnings Amphitheater on the south side of Chicago the next weekend. Clyde asked Mr. Norm for a set of spark plugs and a pair of seat belts, and in exchange for these items, he would promo

on the sides of the winning car and were so impressed that they wanted to buy a high performance Dodge from Mr. Norm for themselves. The rest, as they say, is history. From this humble beginning, Mr.